Some Murids are very focused on their Sheykh and have pushed everyone away even fellow Murids. Is this a recommended action and how can I achieve this?


Question: Some Murids are very focused on their Sheykh and have pushed everyone away even fellow Murids. Their love is for their Sheykh only. Is this a recommended action and how can I achieve this?

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Understand, whether you are in Tasawwuf or not, you are a ahle Sunnah or sufi or Wahhabi, doesn’t matter, believer or unbeliever, at the end of the day, every single one is going to push every single one and every single thing and they are going to be alone in the grave. Anyone wants to dispute that and say, ‘no, no, Jews don’t die,’ or ‘Christians they live forever,’ or ‘Sufis, they don’t enter into the grave.’ Everyone is going to enter into the grave. Alone. And real understanding of Tarikat, those ones who are giving the real teachings of Tarikat, not social club, not coming together to boast to each other how many visions that they see, not those who are coming to say that they are so spiritual and we are making this much zikr and this is just love, No.  Real Tarikat, every Tarikat is to teach everyone how to die before they die. Because this is Prophet (asws) Hadiths e-Sharif.

So now, according to that, how are you going to be alone in the grave, how you are going to die? Are you going to die before you die? Everyone will have to go through certain stages. I’m not saying it is right to push everyone away, I’m not saying it is wrong to push everyone away and to be the focus of that one who is going to bring you to higher station, to a place of safety. Everybody knows now before you are going to return to Allah, everyone talking, Fana, fana,fana , everybody knows how to say fana fi Sheykh. You think you can enter into the oceans of your Sheykh bringing others with you? You cannot even enter into the ocean of your Sheykh bringing yourself with you. We cannot, then if you don’t know how to do that and you wish to enter into the ocean of the Prophet (asws), that time you are challenging Prophet, you are declaring yourself a Prophet too. And if you don’t understand that, in the presence of Allah you are going to declare yourself an Ilah in front of Allah, because you don’t know how to get rid of yourself and others.

Now, how this is going to be done, it is not according to our ego, it is not according to our idea that we read somewhere and we have to do this. It is not. It is according to that one who has been given that authority to teach you how to do this. For some maybe it’s going to take just couple of years. For some, twenty years. For some, whole life. For some, they say, don’t even worry. Because the idea is to push everything out not from around you, but from your heart. That you can be in the company of hundreds and thousands of people but you are only with your Lord. Man can be completely alone by himself, worshiping, but his heart is circling everywhere else, he is not with his Lord, he is in a thousand places with a thousand people. So to push everyone away it is not necessary to be physical too. It is understanding what are the things that are going to be a barricade in front of me and my Lord, me and my Prophet, me and my Sheykh. There are barricades. If you have the power and the permission, with the guidance of your Seykh, then there are different ways for you to handle that situation. Not necessary to break through that barricade too. Maybe you are coming this way there’s a barricade, don’t go this way then, go another way where you are not going to find barricade.

Once you start understanding what are the veils that separates between you and your Sheykh, and you start lifting those veils, and you are only going to be with those ones that will help you, you are only going to be with those ones who are with Allah, you are only going to be with those ones who are Saliheen, those ones who will not push you away from Allah, they will help you, you want to be in that group always. You want to be following what Allah swt is saying, Be with the Saliheen. Don’t deviate. You cannot go at this alone. Impossible.

So why are the murids they are very focus on their Sheykh? Why are the murids being very focused on their Sheykh? Because we are following the sunnats of the companions of the Prophet. We are following the sunnat of the Prophet (asws), that the Sahabi e-Kiram, they are focused only on the Prophet (asws). They are not focus on their children, they are not focus on their father or their mother, especially those ones who are standing as a barricade. They try to be diplomatic, they try to negotiate, when all those things don’t work, when permission is given, now they leave and they put a saf there. Because they say you are trying to stop me from reaching to my beloved, no it’s not going to happen. So they focus onto their Sheykh. Who is their Sheykh? Holy Prophet (asws). But you know what happens? When you focus on your Sheykh, it is not going to be a situation where it’s only you and your Sheykh. That is a mistake too. When you focus on your Sheykh, and you are running after your Sheykh, it’s not even about how close you are going to be with him, it must always be how you are going to serve him. Which means you are going to look at the work of your Sheykh and you are going to say, ‘what can I do to make my Sheykh’s work to be easier.’ It’s not just asking prayers from him, it’s not even not giving him any problem, which we all do. But you are going to find something, this is the work of my Sheykh, how can I help? ‘I cannot do anything.’ Yes, you can all do something. Every single Sahabi they did something. You cannot be worse than that ant with a broken leg that’s carrying a drop of water to turn off the fire of Namrud. We are better than that. That one who did that, that ant was mentioned in the Quran e-Kerim. We are not mentioned.

You want to be mentioned, be with the Saliheen. That time you are mentioned in that group. You want to be mentioned, then remember Allah. You are going to be mentioned. So when you look and you focus on your Sheykh that way, and you listen to him, then it’ll be very easy for you to do this. Maybe you are going to live in a place where everyone is opposed to your understanding and your way and you feel just like leaving everything, and the Sheykh most of the time is going to say, ‘be patient, don’t.’ Because you being there, it is a blessing for them. Because that is their link and their chain, their connection to something that is true. You are suffering, you are so removed from everything, doesn’t matter, it’s not about you, you understand? It’s about the work. Every Sahabi e-Kiram, they went through that too. Then after a while, because everything changes, the Sheykh may say, now leave everything and come.

Our focus is our Sheykh. Because the Divine Help comes through to the Prophet (asws) and to those who represent him, and our Sheykh is one of those who represent him. Nothing comes directly from Allah SWT. If you understand that, then welcome to you and you are on the way to Tarikat. You are on the way to getting direct blessings that is not going to explode you. You’ll be able now, you understand the power, the power doesn’t come from that waterfall that is producing hydro electric power, that power doesn’t come from that waterfall, it does but it is not for you, that power does not come from the power station that is in the city, you cannot now to say, ‘I want to charge my camera and to go to the power station to charge it.’ That power now you understand, it is coming from your house, just a wall, very humble, and you just have to put it in, however much you want, you take it from there. If not, you are going to be in big trouble. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
25 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 24, 2017 
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