The Helpers of Tyranny Are Those Who Support The System of Dajjal



Those ones in the top level, how they can remain at the top level if the nation is not supporting them?  When you talk, like what the Khutbah is speaking, the Khalifah was very specific, he’s saying, ‘which nation is rebelling?’ let’s say Albanians. Did they rebel against the Khilafat? Yes or no? Yes. He will know. If the Khalifah is very specific, what about Allah and His Prophet? They’re going to say, ‘who are those ones, these ones? How much of the people are supporting that, percentage? They know. In fact, let me tell you something, and the whole Bosnian, Balkan area, they have been punished very severely. Let me tell you who one of the heroes is. He was a Muslim, he was an Ottoman, he betrayed and he became a murtad. What’s his name? Iskander Pasha. He became the hero. Who is supporting? Majority are supporting, yes, they were. They were. Majority of the Muslims supporting the tyranny that is happening since, let’s say, the Wahhabism they came up, they’re supporting or no? They’re definitely not fighting it. They are supporting, correct? So how we can say that we are innocent? How we can say?

Maybe that one will be like that guard, the torturer of, who was it, Imam Malik? That that guard is saying to him, ‘there is a hadith, does it apply to me? The oppressor, the tyrant, and his helpers, they are both the same, both are going to be punished.’ I’m paraphrasing. And he asked Imam Malik, I believe, saying, ‘does this include me, because I’m doing this but I’m to do it.’ He says, ‘am I a helper to tyranny?’ and what was the reply? He said, ‘no, you are not a helper. The helpers of tyranny are the ones who wash your clothes, cook food for you, meaning that they are part of that system. They are helpers to zulm, to tyranny. You? You are definitely one of the tyrants.’ Understand? Why do we think, why are we saying, Sheykh Effendi is going on and on about this system, the system of Dajjal? Because we don’t want to be helpers to the system of Dajjal, we  don’t want to be helpers to this tyranny. At least, we must know what is tyranny, what is not. At least we are going to say, ‘our hands are tied, forgive us ya Rabbi.’ At least we’re going to say that. But not to even know that or believe that and think everything is okay is even worse.

No Excuse

So innocent people, Allah swt has already placed His Mercy on them, and that Mercy may be in a form that we don’t understand, because we only look at the Mercy if we get something sweet. If we get something hot there is no mercy. So, but as for the people who are in the time of the Khilafat and they rebelled, and it was only a small percentage of people majority is not, no, that is not completely true, too. When you look at the Khilafat, when you look at the fall of the Khilafat, rise of nationalism, this is not all motivated from the masses, from the grassroots level, correct or no? they are not just oligarchs controlling things. There are people who support them. So in these days, that’s why we’re saying just pull ourselves back, at least think twice before putting your support for this or for this. Are we saying we’re innocent? No. I’m saying we are guilty as well. But we are admitting, we are asking for tawba and we’re trying to pull ourselves out from that. Every time we’re speaking the Sultans’ names, we’re asking for tawba. We’re not even asking from Allah swt. Of course all forgiveness is from Him, but we’re asking forgiveness from the ones that we have wronged. How many are doing that these days? How many? Okay, maybe you can say, ‘those people they were fooled, they’re innocent, they don’t know.’ What excuse do we have? What excuses the Ummat has? We know what is happening to an ant in Russia and we don’t know what is happening in our own souls? What excuse do we have? None.

So like they say also in Turkish, the fish it rots from the head. When the head rots, one way or another everything is going to be rotten too. So first you buy the fish, it is smelly, the head, stinky? No. You have to look, where are you going to look first when you buy fish? Let me test you, if you don’t know. So many of you, you don’t even know how to choose a fish. Now when Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Mevlana are saying, you don’t even know how to choose watermelon, how are you going to choose a leader, correct? Now I’m going to say, how you choose a fish? Just by looking to see whether it is fresh or not. How many of you know? Maybe one person, two. Yeah. So if you know how to choose the fish, now look into your eyes and see whether they are dead or not. Look to see from your eyes whether you’re rotten or you’re not. Don’t fool yourself. Understand? Good. This much is enough. Al Fatiha.



stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Rajab 1438
March 31, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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