Make Sincere Intention To Clean Ourselves In These Holy Months


Hoja and murid

The day begins in sun down and that is the night when the light of the Prophet (asws) was passed from his father to his mother. In the angelic world, it is known as the Night of Wishes. The night when there is no angel left in this world, that everyone they have grouped themselves around the Ka’aba, all the angels in the Heavens they have grouped themselves in the Ka’aba, and Allah SWT  is saying,  ‘what is it that you are wanting from Me O My angels?” And the angels are saying, “we want nothing ya Rabbi, except to pray and to ask for forgiveness for those ones who are remembering this night.” For us. The angels they don’t worship for themselves, they worship for us. They pray for us. And Allah is saying, ‘I swear by My own majesty and My own might, I have already granted what you wish for.’ And soon Insya’Allah, if Allah gives us life, we are going to enter into the night of Mikraj. Where  the Mikraj it is commemorating the ascension of the Prophet to the Paradises, beyond the Paradises and into Divine Presence, to be with his Lord.

The month of Sha’aban, on the 15th , this is the night of Bera’at, the night of accounting, where everything that we have done now, the past year, it is written and it is sealed, and it is send to that world, not to be opened until judgment day. So, we all went to school, you are not studying, not attending classes, not doing anything, but you know the exam is tomorrow, what do you need to do? You need to burn the midnight oil, they are saying, just to crash everything and to cramp everything. So on the night of Bera’at, Allah has made it open. This is the night I’m going to collect all of your deeds. So that night Allah is saying, if you do this few worship to be with Me, it is as if you’ve worshiped the entire year. And now in the month of Ramazan, there is the night of Laylatul Qadr, it is hidden in the last ten nights. Hidden at least in that month.

Islam has five Holy nights, four of them are hidden in these three months that is Holy, if we give value to what our Lord gives value to, when we love those whom He loves, that time we are going to feel that real love that is coming to our hearts. That time we are not going to divide our hearts with these things or that thing. If Allah gives us life, we are making the intention to enter into those Holy nights and to clean ourselves. The angel of death, they are not too far away from us. The angel of death, he has visited so many, and he will continue to visit, today as we sit. And like they are saying in Turkish, taking from the Holy Prophet (asws), when you go to sleep, to understand that the angel of death is under your pillow, and when you are awake he is right in front of you.

To remember death in Islam it is not to be depress, it is not to be sad, it’s not the end of everything. It is a beginning of our real life. It is a beginning of us returning home. This is not our home. This world, this dunya that has been described as the lowest of the low, this is not our home. We are just transiting. We are just travelling. We came from a better home. We are sent to here, to find each other, to know Allah and to worship Him, and we are going back. Every faith, tradition, every religion is teaching that. This world, number one, it is not to be trusted. This world is transitory. This world it is a trick and a trap for you. And all the troubles that is coming to this world right now, all the trouble is because man wants to make this world his home. They are fighting with each other because they cannot share. Because they are thinking we are going go live forever. No man has live forever. But every Prophet that came has taught us, we came from our original home and we are returning back to that home. And Prophets they came and their inheritors they have come, and mankind taking them as guides to follow them through this trap that is in this world, to free ourselves from this world into their own reality, our own reality. This is a trap.

This is the way of spirituality. This is not the way of this world of physicality. When you sit with people of this world, they are going to tell you something different. But when you are understanding that the life, it is not based on what we eat and drink and what we wear, our life is coming from the spirit that we have inside, that once that spirit is out, the body falls. Even if it is 250 pound old man that is very strong, he will fall. We are running everywhere to eat and to drink and to wear and to enjoy from this world. We are running everywhere, teaching our kids, everything is teaching us how to satisfy just the five senses that we have. But the Prophets, no Prophet came to teach us how to live and enjoy from this world, they say, ‘put a line. Don’t pass that limit.’ When you don’t pass that limit, your spirit will become more alive and, one day, you are going to free yourself from the prison of these five senses to return back to your Lord, because He is our return.

One day we will understand, we have not been created different from each other. One day we will understand that before we were sent into this world, there is no such thing as a white person or black person, Pakistani and Afghani, Chinese or a Turk. We were all spirits and that is our original identity. We are sent here as a test to each other too. And we are going to return, not as black or white, Chinese or Pakistanis, no. We are going to return as spirits, which is why the people who are teaching spirituality they have no problems with no one, because they don’t see you as you are. They see you as you have been created. And what we have been created as, like what Maulana Rumi is saying, if man understands the kind of light that emanates from him, that light, if he releases it, it will blind one thousand suns. And Allah has given us that. And He does not place saying ‘I only give it to the whites, I don’t give it to the blacks. I only give it to the Chinese; I don’t give it to the brown people.’ It is given to everyone. There is no separation because we have been created as Hazreti Insan. Hazret means the Holiness, his Holiness. Mankind. This is the reason of our creation, and the Prophets they came to remind us. We have been created to represent our Lord. We have been created to be Khalifatullah, nothing else.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, may Allah forgive us. We are slowly, trying to walk in the footsteps of the Prophets, trying to understand and trying to step on our ego, our biggest enemy. Don’t look to the enemy from the outside. The biggest enemy is always the enemy from the inside. You may put a hundred fences outside, but if the enemy from the inside opens the lock, everything will come in. And the way of the Osmanli Naksibendi order is for us to understand the enemies that are inside. First, it is our ego, nafs, sheytan, hawa our desires, and dunya, this world. Slowly, understanding that and being in the company of the Saliheen, we’ll be able to understand the reason of our creation and to live and to continue the mission of the Holy Prophet (asws). What is his mission? He is Rahmatalil alamin. He is the mercy to all the worlds. The Muslim who is not a mercy to his neighbor is not a Muslim. The believer, the Muslim is the one that everyone who sits with him must feel comfortable, must feel safe, must feel that he is the one who is guarding his honor. These are all the traditions of the Prophets, this is all contained in the spirituality which the world is in need of right now. It’s not in need of more scholars. It’s not in need of more people reading books, it’s more in need of people opening up their heart and reading this book (of the heart) and understanding. That time it is very easy for this world, for all of us, to live together. It’s very easy, because what Allah has created in this world it is enough, not for one billion, not for seven billion people. Seventy billion people if they were to come, we would be able to live comfortably, if only we learn and we share our humanity.

When we say, ‘that one is not human, I am human because of my color, because of my nationality, because of my religion,’ then that’s the time when nothing is enough. That’s the time you have mountains of gold and you see the poor man eating a piece of bread and you snatch the bread from him and say, ‘this is mine too.’ But Islam is teaching, ‘if it is enough for one, it is enough for two. When there is enough for two, it is enough for three. It teaches that the more that you share, the more that you give, the more blessings will come to you. The more taste will come to you. We are hoping to walk in those footsteps as taught to us by our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, from Sultanul Awliya.

Insya’Allah, in these Holy times, it has been advised to pull ourselves back a little bit. Don’t run around too much. In this month of Rajab, this is the month that traditionally they are going into seclusion. If we are too busy and we cannot go into seclusion, take the time, sit somewhere, especially between Asar and Maghrib before the sun comes down, sit and make some zikr. Remember, you don’t know anything, doesn’t matter, just say, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah.’ You don’t want to do that too, sit and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, O my Lord, I just want to be with You. I just want to sit here and to be with You. I’ve been running away from You so much, I just want to sit with You. You are always with me. You are closer to me than my jugular vein.’ Sit and you’ll get the blessings of the seclusion of this Holy times, Insya’Allah. Ask for the tauba, asking for forgiveness, not only from Allah SWT, but from each other. This is the month. Because Allah is saying, ‘Don’t come into My presence with this two sins, everything else I can forgive you, but don’t come into My presence with these two sins: the sins of shirk (partnership to Allah), which Allah, if He wants He can forgive you, who is going to stop Him? But He says, the second sin, don’t come into My presence with the rights of other people. I will not forgive you until  they forgive you. This is a very important thing in Islam, because now, it is to make everyone to become closer and better with each other, to find each other and to ask for forgiveness.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatu. 

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Rajab 1438
April 6, 2017 
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