Knowledge Comes With Responsibility


Sheykh Lokman Hz

The cruelty that is happening in this world right now, it’s on large scale, massive scale. We cannot talk about the state of affairs of this world without bringing in the Khilafat. We cannot. Because the Khilafat is the most important thing in Islam and majority of the Muslims they have forgotten that. It was so important that after the Holy Prophet (asws) passed from this physical world, the first question, the first issue, the most important one was who was going to be his successor, who was going to be his Khalifah. Harzreti Abu Bakar al-Siddiq, by general consensus. He did not rush to take, he did not rush to want it. But all the signs was showing enough for the high level Sahabis to say he’s the best candidate for that and it’s given to him. That Khilafat, the ruling of the Muslim community, through the Quran and through the Hadiths then continued for one thousand four hundred years. Some Khalifahs they don’t do so good, some they do very well, but we are not here to sit and to judge them and to say this one is a drunkard, this one is this, this is that. Because at the worse time of the worse Khalifah, Islam was still rising. The unbelievers could not penetrate and the law and the rules of Allah SWT was still holding.

The state of the world today is gotten this bad. Never before it has happened like this, especially to Muslims. Because 1923, they destroyed, they abolished that maqam of Khilafat. Because the Muslim says we don’t want to be under the Khilafat anymore. We want to be self-determine. And what the world has witnessed since the time of the Khilafat being removed, an institution that for over one thousand three hundred years, all the collected and the collective wisdom and ruling and signs and education and knowledge and power that was collected, suddenly it was just destroyed. And the Muslims then became headless. Since that time, the world entered into one world war, two world wars. And war did not end from that time until now.

Continuously in every corner of the world there is a war that is happening. Punishment of Allah on this nation because we refused His Khalifah. Are we going to be responsible for what is happening? We are all responsible for what is happening today. What is it that we have to do to make ourselves free from this responsibility? Number one, we have to ask Allah for forgiveness. Number two, we have to know what are the ways in which we are actively  contributing to that kind of confusion, we have to try to pull back. We all pay taxes here, I’m not saying to anyone, don’t pay taxes. It is your law. It is the law and it is the right, we are living in this country, but understand that our taxes is also going to be used for things, maybe to harm other people. I’m speaking very softly about this matter. We know that. Once we know that we have some sort of responsibility to say, ‘Ya Rabbi,’ at least now you are connecting your daily life with your spirituality. It’s not separate to say, this is life, this is life, I’m working, I’m eating, I’m drinking, and this is spirituality. I’m not eating, I’m not drinking and I’m worshipping. No, because it has to be together. Then you are going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, forgive me, my hands are tight. I cannot do anything. But it is not my intention for this.’

For majority of the people, do we have any rights to stop anything that is happening in this world? We don’t. We are not responsible for it in that way. If someone has power, if you have power, if you are say, a governor or you are a senator, or if you are a leader, then that responsibility first falls on you. It is one of the things also, every time something happens, they try to make the common man to be responsible. It’s not. Pollution,  oh if everyone is responsible, if everyone just recycles, it’s not going to be pollution. Which planet do we live on to believe that kind of crap that is coming? Everyone can recycle and do everything, and I’m not saying everyone don’t recycle, you can recycle, but what are all these multi national corporation doing on a everyday basis?The whole world if they try to do something good, the already destroyed that by the pollution and the emission  that is released into the air. Because  this world, they are trying to make us think that this world is like, I don’t know, American Idol, if anyone just vote in and we can change the world. It’s not. There’s only a handful of people who rule this world. And usually those people who rule the world, from the outside it’s just a front. There are people behind, and behind and behind. And they have not just come out like that. They have always been like that for a very long time.

Sheykh Hz

So, the confusion that is happening in this world, is very large scale. That if the tyrants that are ruling, if they are not removed from office, then there’s nothing that we can do. The removal, and Allah is already saying also, it is not up to us. The Heavenly power must come. And every religion, every faith, tradition is talking about that clash that is going to happen, that last battle that is going to happen, between Haqq and Batil. This is not between Muslims and Jews, Christians and Muslims. No. This is between those who believe in truth and  those who don’t believe in truth. Labels in this time, they don’t matter so much. We have so many Muslims who don’t believe in this. So many Muslims, they’ve lost their humanity, so many Muslims, looking at what is happening around the world, and saying, ‘we support that.’  There’s so many Muslims who support Trump. And there are so many so call unbelievers, they are supporting what Islam is holding high, what the Prophet (asws) is holding high. So when the time comes, it’s not going to be so easy to label anyone.

It is not about the labeling, it is about the spirit that is going to come. Whatever that the spirit that is there, it’s going to show. Dajjal is going to come. One of the signs saying Ka Fa Ra, kafir, on his forehead. It’s not what people think, it’s going to be ‘Ka’ ‘Fa’ ‘Ra’. Whatever he does, you are going to see, you are going to know that it’s coming from unbelief. It cannot be from truth. He will look like a saint, he will look like a Prophet, he will come with that charisma, but his action is going to be something completely inhuman and it’s going to be clear for those ones who believe. Those ones who don’t have belief, they are saying, ‘why not? why not kill people who are not of our color? Why not?’ They are saying. ‘we must make everything great again.’ It is clear. But to those ones who don’t have belief, they say he is our messiah, which dajjal is going to say, he’s going to come and proclaim himself, first to be a Prophet, then to be a messiah. And to some, he’s going to say, ‘I’m really Allah coming in flesh.’ Which is not so bad, it’s not so hard for people to believe. Majority of the people already believe that a man is a god. It’s not so difficult then that time.

Question from a murid: Is Dajjal a person or an ideology?

Ideology usually comes from a person. There is a great argument about that also and especially Sayyid Qutb is very big on this. And Sayyid Qutb is like ideologically very Wahhabi and he’s saying certain things that are very dodgy, he believes in. He says, for example, Heaven and Hell they are not places, they are not physical things, they are just ideology, concept, and they are saying, Mahdi (as) is just a concept or dajjal is just a concept, sheytan is just a concept. And this, our alims and our ulamas for over a thousand years, they’ve already laid it out very clearly. What is interesting in Islam is, these notions of, let’s say, secular thoughts and secular philosophy,  that is injected into Islam, we didn’t just discover it this year or this century. That was already hashed out in the first few century of Islam when they first came into contact with the Greek philosophy and the Muslims were the one who revive Greek Philosophy. If not for the Muslims, it would have been lost to the whole world. So all these ideas, can Islam be without, can  revelation happen without a Prophet, all those things have already been answered. So the Muslims have moved on from then to build a civilization.  So they don’t just sit down, argue with each other.

So, the dajjal, it is clear from the Prophetic tradition and also from the ijma of the alims and the umalas and the saints also that he is a person, but just as before the last Prophet came, there were thousands of Prophet that came before him, before the dajjal appears, there would have been ninety-nine small scale dajjal that would have established his ideology, his world view, his reign, before he appears. So, we may say for example Kamal Artaturk, in the eyes of religion, in the eyes of the spirituality, he is one of the dajjal. Do we need to be a Saint or a scholar to know that for example Stalin or Mao Tse-tung is one of the dajjal? No. Bringing again, destroying things. So they would have established his reign, his ideology, the way to look at things, before he appears.

fitna of dajjal

Question from a murid: So how much do we interpret, for example he has one eye…?

It is not a physical interpretation. It’s not. We have to understand also the hadiths and the riwayats about dajjal, the anti-Christ, and Isa (as) coming and Mahdi (as) coming, these are coded. They are not literal. Because the same hadiths that we are reading, it’s the same hadiths that the evil ones they are also reading. And what is the use if Allah SWT is giving highly sensitive information, telling the believers how to guard themselves in this time, if He’s also giving that highly sensitive information to the enemies. Correct? We don’t know what the US military is doing, we don’t know what the President is thinking, we don’t’ know what their plans are, today, next year, twenty years down the road. We can’t say we have a right because we vote for him. We understand that these are secret information. Then what about Lordly information that concerns that. So it is coded and it is not given for everyone to interpret also. And sometimes, false interpretation they are out there, but the ones who are holding on to the truth of that, to the understanding of that, they don’t even interfere in trying to correct because majority they are trying to get this kind of knowledge, but when we ask them, ‘if I tell you what is happening, what are you going to do with it?’ If we know, they ask, when is Mahdi (as) coming? If we are told that he is going to come exactly, specifically in  a certain date, what are we going to do with it? What are we  going to do about it? Majority are not going to do anything.

So the knowledge comes with the responsibility. But, whatever that is available to us now through the hadiths, and the Prophet (asws) used to talk about the dajjal so much, a lot. A lot. It wasn’t just a little bit here and there. A lot. That the Sahabis thought that dajjal was right behind them hiding in the date trees. The ideological part is to know that ah, the appearances are near because the general climate of things are turning towards that way. For example, one of the signs of the last days, where the tradition goes, you will see the naked and barefoot Bedouin racing with each other to build tall buildings. And that is pretty apparent. Oh, Dubai is finished. Dubai is like Dajjal central. Don’t look at New York or look at London. Unfortunately, people are going back to the origin. You see if you are not holding on to the traditions of the Prophet,  you hold on to your origin, your origin of jahiliyah, one thing that’s going around, that’s viral, is what? The maid that is falling of the balcony, She’s holding off the balcony, she was holding on like that and she has her mistress, let’s say, the one who is her employer, this arab women, was recording that and calling other people to see. She’s not helping her, and she fell. This woman, she’s a servant, let’s say and she’s falling off the edge of the balcony, she’s holding on to it with one hand, it’s not a movie, it’s a real life, it really happen, then her employer, this woman is just recording that. I’m not going to go into how the Arabs, especially in Saudi Arabia and the emirates they treat non-arabs, especially people who are darker skin than them, and they treat them very badly, they beat them up, they torture them, they do everything. They are going back to their Jahiliyya, their ignorance, their tyranny. It doesn’t matter if you go up and down hundred times a day praying. Doesn’t matter you are circling around the Ka’aba, but if you don’t have that humanity, it doesn’t work for you. You are worse one in creation. So instead of saving that woman, she’s just recording it. And the woman fell and broke her arm. That is humanity is lost.

So, the signs are showing to that, is pointing to that. Islam is not a apocalyptic religion also that we are like, ‘Oh, end is coming. Repent! Repent!’ No. We are saying every night you may die. You may not wake up from your sleep. Repent. And every time we pray, especially in the Naksibendi way, after you give salam, the first thing you say is ‘astaghfirullah.’ And you are saying astaghfirulah for the mistakes that you have done in your prayer. It’s not outside. It’s so important for us now to have that connection with our Lord and to say ‘Astaghfirullah.’

So the signs are there. So many of them that are coming. But we have to hold on tightly to our Prophet (asws), and to those ones who are representing him, then we may read, because who is also interested in issues of Mahdi (as) and dajjal? Unbelievers they are very interested in that too. There’s an organization, you know that one, jihad watch, oh, they are collecting every information out there about Mahdi (as). So, the bani Israel, the Yahudis, the Jews, they have all that knowledge. Muslims are sleeping too much.

So it’s not literal. It’s something else, meaning one eye is open, one eye is close, that’s all figurative knowledge. In fact, like I said, the Evliyaullah, the friends of Allah saying, Dajjal physically will appear as someone fill with charisma and beauty. He will look very beautiful and attractive, and he will attract, especially a lot of the woman. He will be dressed like a Saint, like a Prophet. Islamic spirituality is the only one that says, look inside, don’t look outside. Sheytan is not this (with two horns) and tail. That’s not sheytan. Too hung up on that. That’s what’s happening. And Insya’Allah, may Allah protect us from the confusion of dajjal. It is a confusion. He is not going to say this is all good, this is all bad. He’s going to confuse. Insya’Allah we will not be. Hayr.

prayer of a believer

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Rajab 1438
April 6, 2017 
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