Live Your Faith



Belief. How are you going to believe? Everybody is saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, increase my Iman. Increase my Iman.’ What do you think it is? It’s like a gasoline that you put inside and it increases? What is faith? What is belief?

So what is belief? Where do we get belief from? ‘Oh, belief is in me.’ Nothing is in you. Nothing is from you. Nothing is from us. If you say belief is from me, you’ve already made a shirk that time. Belief comes from who? From Allah. Isn’t that one of His name? Mukmin. And He gives belief to  whomever He wishes, He gives belief especially to the ummat of His most beloved one, the one who is asking. The one who is not asking, He gives that belief too. It is in there. But it is not from us. It is from something else, someone else. It is from our Creator. So to look for belief, thinking you by yourself, you read couple of books, you argue couple of times, these days you go on YouTube, see couple of videos, then you are going to get the belief? You are not going to. Never it has happened that way. Never it will happen that way.

With everything, there is a protocol. It may look like it’s so direct, but with everything, there is a process and there is a protocol. This whole world is showing us that there is a process and there is a protocol. Correct? Everything in this world is showing us, whether in this natural world, or the world that man makes for himself. There is a protocol and there is a process. The rain, it just doesn’t come down directly. These days people don’t even understand where the rain comes from. And we say the rain it is coming from the Paradise. You say, ‘no, it’s coming from the cloud.’ The sun, we say there is a process. ‘No, the sun just shine, just like that.’ I was speaking to some murids last week, I think he is listening too, saying, does the sun shine directly  to us? Do we get direct sunlight? He says ‘Yes.’ I say, No.  If we get direct sunlight, we are all going to be burn to pieces. Nothing left, not even any piece. Correct? The sun has to be filtered through so much to reach to us, that what reaches to us it is just enough for us to live and to be useful and to be beneficial. If we do more than that, it’s going to harm us. If we are coming from a world, country, a nation that is not seeing too much sun, and you decide to move and go to a place where there’s too much sun, and you are there twenty four hours, you are going to get so much sickness and disease. Those ones coming from a lot of sun, suddenly they go to a place where the sun maybe couple of hours a day, so many months of the year, something is going to hit them, it’s not going to be too comfortable for them too. So everything has a law. Everything has a process. What about our belief? Wahabbis they are saying, everything is direct from Allah SWT. Not even the sun is shining directly to us. And it is not shining through thousands of different ways. It is through one way. One law that is there.

So this is the month of Allah. If we are looking to increase our faith, what is it that we have to do? How do you look for that faith? We are speaking a lot about cleaning ourselves and emptying ourselves. That is a first step. That’s not the only step. There are so many steps now. It’s just the first step. We have this house, we have this masjid, we want to make this building, say it is your home, we want to make this building, you buy a house, into a home. You buy the house, is that already a home? No. What do you need to do? First thing that everybody does, is you have to clean up. You have to take out everything that you don’t need, everything that is dirty. Then what do you need to do? You need to fix. Correct? It’s clean, but the roof is leaking, the basement there’s water, there’s this and there’s that. So you need to fix. What happens after you fix? Everything is proper now. That’s the time you need to fill it up. What do you need to fill it up with? Things that say: this is a home. This belongs to me. This place and this is my surrounding. You bring in your couch, your kitchen sink, your fridge, everything that is making it. So you have everything there. Is it still a home? You have everything there, power is working, everything is complete, the building, it’s complete. What else does it need then to make it into a real home? What does it need? The people. Haah, that time you need to live there. You can just make it and you don’t go. That’s not a home. In America they call it vacation house, correct? It’s not home. They are just passing through. You don’t feel like you belong. Correct or not? You need to live there. You need to adapt to that home now and you need to make everything to work.

heart is thirsty

Say our heart is like that house and we want to fill it up with faith, first you clean, you take everything else out that does not belong there. Don’t think it is so simple. Tarikat is not a, we say, a weekend seminar that you listen to couple of lectures and they give you questionnaire and you tick in a box: Did you get rid of your anger today? So tick here. How about jealousy? I have. If you have not, please state the reason why. Forty days what you are going to do. No, no, no. It’s not like that. Of course they are making Tarikat to be like that. That you just sit and you listen to seminar about purifying yourself and you come back purified. Of course some is saying, with one gaze of the Sheykh, you can be purified. Yes, for those ones who submit, those ones who under the gaze of the Sheykh they melt and they submit, not those ones who stand up with their ego. So we are talking about faith. We clean, we fix our heart, we put Allah there. Then what do you need to do? Just like in the home, you need to live there, so now the heart has to be pumping with that, and you have to live your faith. If you don’t live your faith, it is just philosophy. Emotions is just illusions and delusion.

First step, yes, we are talking about cleaning. Then how are you going to put faith in there? What are you going to do? Faith is not something that you can find in books. If it is, Imamul Gazali, he would have been the one who is the highest in faith at that time when he was the highest scholar in all the Muslim lands. But he himself says, ‘I have lost my faith. I don’t believe. I know everything about the religion, but I don’t have faith.’ And he had a crisis of faith. He can answer anything in matters of religion. He can answer, whether it’s fiqh, he can answer whether it is history, he can answer whether it is to do with Islamic civilization and the knowledge of Islamic civilization, but he ask himself and he says, ‘my belief is no longer there.’ He had a crisis of faith. So it’s not found in books, definitely not on the internet.  What did he do to find faith? Did he read some more? No. What did he do? He looked, and he search, and he found the people of faith. And by being with the people of faith, he found faith, because that is the protocol, that is the process. That Allah SWT gives everything, faith included, first, to the Holy Prophet (asws). You cannot take directly from the Prophet (asws) too. You will burn. You cannot take directly from the sun, you will burn. If you just extend your hand like this and the sun is coming one millimeter closer to you, you will burn. Everything in this world is going to burn.

You see how delicate the process is? Are we understanding how delicate the process of faith is? It’s not so easy. We are talking about real faith. We are not talking about just monkey see and monkey do. But it’s good. There’s nothing wrong with that. Taqlid is also part of your faith. You repeat and you imitate. That is the first step. But beyond that, you want to have real knowledge, Prophet (asws) is saying,  the best knowledge is the knowledge that you experience. So when are we going to experience faith if we are not sitting with the people of faith?

So the faith is given then to the inheritors of the Prophets, the Saints and the Sheykhs. Be with them, learn from them. Be with the Saliheen. They will teach us our faith. We all thought we all have faith. Let me speak for myself, I thought I have faith until I sat with Sheykh Effendi. Correct? Did he try to impress us with anything? Nothing. A Saint and a Sheykh does not try to impress you. He doesn’t impress. If he is, he’s not a real one. Did he try to impress you with his knowledge, with his books, with his lineage, with his this, with his that? Nothing. Those who are following them, we don’t talk about that too. We may have but we don’t talk about it because our Sheykh is not speaking about it.  What made our faith to increase when we are sitting with him? What is that transmission of faith? Because those ones who have faith,  they are sitting with Allah, they are sitting with the Holy Prophet (asws), they are not separated from them. And if just physically you are sitting next to them, you are going to get the same blessings, you are going to get the scent of the roses with them. Both, I’m talking symbolically and also literally. How many times you sat with Sheykh Effendi and the smell of roses coming, he’s not putting anything on. One time, I remember, we went to visit someone, they love him very much and that they are showing to him and he love them, he prayed on the sejadah, and that sejadah, the place where he put the forehead smell like roses for seven days. It was strong. We’ve noticed all these karamats from our Sheykh, we don’t talk about it too much.

sheykh zikr

But the people of faith, they have signs. They don’t need to show up the signs to you. They are a sign. And the biggest sign is when you sit with them, you just want to become a better person. You just want to become a better person. And part of being a better person is knowing how great your Lord is and how ungrateful you are. That is a first step.  So we did not know faith until we have met our Sheykh. Then, being with him, understanding how his heart was beating and how he was moving, his actions and his intentions, his mission, make us to become closer and closer to him, gives us more and more faith and reason to believe, and a mission in this life and Hereafter that is bigger than what we can ever imagine. Has nothing to do with illusion and delusion. And he did not have to open up any Karamat too. In fact, if anything, this way especially the way of the Naksibendi order, especially the way of the Osmanli Naksibendis, Sheykh Effendi is forbidding, thousands of times, for people to be busy with mystical knowledge, pretending to hear from different areas, pretending to see different things, summoning Saints from their graves, he is forbidding it and he is saying people who do that, either they are charlatans, they are pretenders, they like to fool people, or they are sleek like a snake. They have nothing. Because if you have something, you know that the moment you speak, that secret is out, you don’t have it anymore. Do you understand? Then you will understand that even if they give you something, the more I don’t speak, the more they will give. More you don’t speak, more they are going to give. I’m not saying things like that, but he is forbidding us.  Especially when it deals with creatures of the other realms. That is very low level. For that, you don’t have to be a Sheykh, you don’t have to be a dervish to be busy with that. Turn on the television and you see today everyone is interested in that, everyone is doing it. You don’t even have to be a believer. The man can make another man to levitate right in the street. What does that mean? That means, in these days, that is one of the tricks and the traps of dajjal. He’s going to use that, people who run after that kind of knowledge, they are going to be tricked by him because he is going to offer it.

What is Mahdi (as) going to bring? Shariatullah. He’s going to revive the forgotten sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws). With that, you will have more faith. Be with the people of faith. Be with the Saliheen. Sit with them, learn from them. Be sincere, it will be very easy that time for that to be passed to your heart.  It’ll be very easy, because you already have that. But, like what we said yesterday, if you are looking for something else, and not for that, whatever man is looking for, he is going to find. May our faith in our Sheykh increase Insya’Allah. That is our only prayer Insya’Allah, for today. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Rejab 1438
March 31, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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