Will we be given signs of the coming of Mahdi (as)?


Question: Will we be given signs of the coming of Mahdi (as)?

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Of course there are. Definitely there are. Mankind is sleeping. Hazreti Ali Karamallahu Wajhah is saying, ‘ Man is sleeping, when he dies he wakes up.’ But he takes that knowledge from the Holy Prophet (asws). Forget about the coming of Mahdi (as), forget about Holy Prophet (asws), astaghfirullah, but let’s put that aside. Every night, everyday, there’s so much activity that is happening in the Heavenly sphere. Because what Allah has granted to this nation, He has not granted to any nation that He has created. Not to any Prophet, not to any nation.  What is it that He has granted to this nation?

You see the Bani Israel, they were given seventy thousand Prophets, coming from the line of Bani Israel. The total number of Prophets is only a hundred and twenty four thousand. Seventy thousand were given to the Bani Israel. But their biggest night, the night, the day that is most Holy to them where they say Allah is most closest to us, is only one day. But today they are still celebrating, like this or like that, it’s called Yom Kippur. The biggest Yom, time. But Allah SWT is giving to this nation, the nation of Muhammad (asws), that He says, every night, in the last third of the night I will descend the Heavens. Allah is coming down to the lowest Paradise, and Allah is addressing this whole world, saying, “I am here.” When you go to Hajj, you say to Allah, LabaikAllah Huma Labaik. You say, ‘here I am O my Lord. Here I am at your service.’ But in reality, can we do anything to serve Allah? Allah is not in need of anything, and everything that we think we are doing, it is for us too. It is not for Him. The prayer, the prayer it is for us. Fasting is for us. Zakat is for us. Hajj is for us.

So Allah is coming down, the last third of the night, addressing us and saying, “I am here. Who is awake to ask Me to forgive him? I will forgive. Who is awake to ask Me to bless? I will bless, I will give.” This is Hadiths e-Qudsi. But mankind is sleeping. Do you think now, when our Lord, Allah SWT is descending, and don’t be a Wahhabi to say that Allah is descending like this. That means He is power, He is Rahmat. Understand? We are not going to enter into His essence or his Zat. No permission, especially in this time. People are very confused. They are getting their knowledge from internet. They are getting their knowledge from Yahoo and YouTube. Knowledge of high spirituality, you think you can get it from that machine? That one minute you are seeing spirituality, another minute you see forbidden things. No. Do you think Subhana wa Ta’ala when He descends, that this world is not going to change? There’s not going to be any signs?

There are. Special events that are happening. For example, the Holy Prophet (asws) when he was born, it is known and there are certain groups of people who study that very well. They know that. That kind of knowledge especially is given to the Bani Israel. They know. There is one big Rabbi, in the time of the Prophet (asws), and he was in the house, he came out, he was in the house, he came out two or three times. And one of the Sahabis was there with him and he was not in Medina, in Mecca, he was somewhere else. They asked him what is making you to be so anxious? And he is saying, ‘we are looking at the signs and it is known to us that the last Prophet had been born.’ They were trying to get the prize of the last Prophet, which is why they sent their deeply rooted families and they put them in Mecca and Medina, in different places, hoping that the last Prophet will come from the Bani Israel. Allah’s plan is something else.

So, with Mahdi (as), yes, there are certain signs for that. We don’t want to enter it too much. There is. Whole world must shake. The entire galaxies in the cosmos must shake. Because when Prophet (asws) he went to the Mikraj, what do you think he did? He went there and straight to Divine Presence? What is this world? What is this galaxy? What is this world compared to the Paradise? What is the Paradise compared to the footstool of Allah? What is that compared to the Arsh? What is that compared to Divine Presence? If we are trying to understand according to this (brain), it’s going to blow up, you understand? Just this world, this world, there is a Mountain of Qaf that Quran e-Kerim is speaking about. Where people are thinking Mountain of Qaf is just some mountain somewhere. These are the words of the Prophet and the Saints. It’s not meaning that mountain. It was asked from the Holy Prophet (asws), What is the Mountain of Qaf? He said the Mountain of Qaf, it is this space that is surrounding you. And they asked, space that is surrounding us? What does that mean, ya Rasulullah?  He said, ‘imagine a desert, endless sand, and you take a ring and you throw it into that desert,’ he said, ‘that ring is your world, and all that desert, endless seas of desert, that desert is the Mountain of Qaf.’

You understand? Now that, compared to the footstool, that compared to the Qursi, that compared to the Arsh, you cannot even think, you cannot imagine. That’s why in Islam, there are certain restrictions to painting and depicting art. Because these things if you try to do it, capture it like that, it will lock you in. Don’t you see, people think that angels they are white people with blonde hair and white wings. That’s what they say the angels. But the Angels in Islam is completely something else. So many saying they are seeing angels. When we say describe, they say that one that you saw on TV. The Prophet (asws), when he saw a split second, just a split second of the form of Jibril (as), he fell sick. He got sick because this body, our physical body now cannot take that kind of Heavenly energy. You understand? Our body cannot even take a different atmosphere, different pressure. You go down into the ocean, certain depth, you don’t have special apparatus around you, you will implode. Correct? You cannot even go up to the sky without special things around you, you will explode because of the pressure. Now we are talking about the appearances of something from Heavenly region that is coming to you, their radiation, if you are not careful, if you are not prepared for it, it’s just going to melt away.  It’s just going to finish.

So, certain events are happening. Right now, certain events are happening. As long as we are preparing ourselves for it, we will find safety that time. Everyone is speaking about Mahdi (as) but very few is speaking about dajjal. When you are going to understand, when you speak about dajjal, how much this whole world has been overtaken by it already, now, to try to free ourselves from it, this is an obligation. At least, not to agree with the things that are happening in this world right now. You understand? Insya’Allah. But it’s happening. It happens.

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Question from Murid: How do you give signs to SahibulSaif Hz and GrandSheykh that you care for them?

Give them salams. That’s why in Islam, Prophet (asws) says, ‘give salams to each other. It’s showing your love for each other.’ Because in these days, so many they are shy to give salams to each other in public. Don’t. Say SalamAleykum. Aleykumsalam. Then, according to what is opening.

Allah SWT ask Musa (as), ‘What have you done for Me ya Musa?’ And Musa (as) he’s one of the biggest Prophet that Allah SWT has ever created. He was given a Book, he was given a nation and he was given the title: The one who speaks with Allah, Kalimullah. Don’t think he spoke to Allah directly. The only one who spoke to Allah directly is the Holy Prophet (asws). Musa (as) spoke to Allah on top of this mountain through a burning tree and the sound that is coming from that tree, and he is speaking. And Allah ask him, ‘What have you done for Me ya Musa?’ Musa (as) saying, just like us we are saying, ‘we pray Ya Rabbi.’ He says, ‘that pray Ya Musa, it is for you. It prevents the fire of Hell from reaching to you.’ ‘What have you done?’ ‘I fast ya Rabbi.’ ‘Fasting it is for you.’ I give sadaqah, zakat. ‘Zakat it is for you. Hajj is for you.’ Then he’s at a loss. He says, ‘I don’t know ya Rabbi. What can I do for You?’ And Allah SWT says, ‘love those whom I love, and leave those whom I leave.’ Do you understand? That’s how you are going to do something for Allah SWT. And the one that we are supposed to love more than anything else, is who? Our Prophet (asws). That he is saying, ‘if you don’t love me,’ his own hadiths, ‘more than you love your father and your mother, and your parents and everything that you love, you have not reached to complete faith.’

So complete faith is loving the Prophet (asws). But he doesn’t stop there.  Because so many people are thinking, ‘I love the Prophet.’ So the Prophet says, ‘you love me, you must love those whom I love too.’ You cannot say you love me but we are going to hate Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, for example. There are some who do that. No you cannot. You must love my inheritors. So, our purpose here, whatever small way that we are going to carry the sunnat, sunnat is not just wearing a turban, wearing a jubbah. Sunnat is having the manners of the Prophet. Having good manners. Once you have that good manners, and you are next to an unbeliever, and the unbeliever cannot help but fall in love with the Prophet (asws), because of the manners, then that one indirectly is accepting that Prophet. You understand? Then on the day of Judgement, Allah is going to ask, is there anything that this one has done, that anyone is witness to? Something good, you may say, this one liked the sunnat that I was carrying it. Then he may be pulled out from difficulty and will be put to safety.

Insya’Allah, may Allah keep us in safety. We don’t know how our end is going to be. We don’t know whether we are going to pass this world in safety or not. We must keep it strong Insya’Allah. Never look down on anyone. Allah is the One who is the Turner of hearts. Not us. Don’t try to go around to make dakwah. Not necessary.  The dakwah is you. You are eating properly, you are speaking properly, you are dealing with people with justice properly, nicely, beautifully, you are making the dakwah already, without saying I’m making dakwah. You understand? That time you will find a peace in your heart that no one else can take. No one can take it from you. Insya’Allah. SelamAleykum waRahmatullah. Hayr.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Rajab 1438
April 6, 2017
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