Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz – Our Role Model. Mewlud Mubarak!




Selamunaleyküm Şeyhim Efendim
Hürmetle Ellerinizden Öperim
Doğum gününüz Mübarek Olsun
Analar Yiğit Doğurur
Allah cc Sizden ve Atalarınızdan Razı Olsun

Evliyalar Sultanı Şeyh Nazım el hakkani hazretlerinin Rızası ile,
Sahib-us Seyf Şeyh Abdulkerim hazretlerine verilen Sancağı bu güne kadar Şanı ve Şeref’i ile Taşıdınız
ve daha nice Hayırlı işler yaparak Güzel günler görmeyi nasip etsin Yüce Rabbim.

Peygamber sav Sancağını Kaldırın
Ümmeti Muhammedin Birliğine hizmet edenlerden olun
Sağlık sıhhat afiyette olun
Allah cc sizi şerlilerin şerrinden fitnecilerin fitnesinden muhafaza etsin
Hanenize huzur
Hak Yolda Hizmette gücünüze güç heybetiniz heybet versin

Selamette olun Efendim

(English Translation)

Selam aleykum my Sheikh
Kissing your hands with respect
May your birthday be holy (mubarak)
Mothers give birth to valiants (brave men)
May Allah (svt) bless you and your ancestors

With the permission of Sultanul Awliya Sheikh Nazim el Hakkani,
with glory you have carried the Flag that was given to Sahibul Saif Sheikh Abdul Kerim.
May Allah grant us to see good days with doing more and more good works.

May You raise the Flag of the Prophet.
May You be from those who serve the Ummat Muhammed.
May You be healthy.
May Allah protect You from the badness of the bad ones,
confusion (fitnah) of the confusion makers.

May Allah give peace to your home.
May He give strength to your strength, heybet to your heybet.

-Mustafa Hoca

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He is our Elder, our Hoja, our Emir and even more, our Guide, our Hazrat. Indeed, he is the one heavenly supported with madad for our whole yamaah.

A royal prince endowed with an uwaysi heart keeping company with the Great Ones, Custodian and Commander on our realm of a Mission of none else than the Sahib of the Heavely Sword, at a time none other than the hardest part of Ahir Zaman.

An Ottoman. A Sultan. Khalifa of Sheykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi Hz. Authorized by Grand Shaykh Abdullah and Shaykh Maulana themselves, as per the words of Sultan al Awliya.

And Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi ar Rabbani said of him, merely a couple of days before leaving to his final trip, which was just a bit more than 40 days before he was veiled from this world: “Kiss his hand; when I am not around, follow him, follow him even if you think that he is making a mistake”. That is: beware and know you all that he is to me a trustworthy one! From the lips of a Siddiq. Allahu Akbar.

Shukr alhamdulillah.

– Nureddin Cueva
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O you who sacrificed all,
to walk in your Beloved’s Way.

O you who gave up all within yourself,
O you who even gave your name.

O you who travels the Dervish road,
while we try to stumble behind,

O you who shows us Servanthood
who has forgotten “me” or “mine”

O you in whose heart dwells his Beloved,
Sheykh Sultan Abdul Kerim

O you noble Prince of Tarikat,
O you Shepherd of the murids.

O Khwaja Lokman Efendi,
Let us walk and follow; may you always lead.

– Omar Siddiqi
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mehmet stewart.jpg

Mevlid Mubarak to my beloved Sheikh Lokman Hoja Effendi.

The day I met Lokman Effendi felt more like a reunion than an introduction. He walked into the Osmanli Dergahi and my heart jumped. He is a rare man in this ahir zaman. He is a sultan living in an age where reality tv stars are honored and saints are not. Where others preach violence, he teaches peace. Where others teach hatred, he preaches kindness and compassion.

I pray that Allah preserves him for us, gives him support, and grants him the patience necessary to always stand at our head. When I stand before my Lord, let it be in the shade of his shadow, IA.

I love you, sheikh. Mevlid Mubarak. It is an honor to be in your service.

– Mehmet Stewart

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Almost 5 years ago on Shaban 10th 1433, we received the news that our sheykh, Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani Hz. had been veiled from this world. Through all of the grief and confusion in that day, I have one set of memories that stands out most of all.

Lokman Efendi, our sheykh, called every member of our jamat, person by person. For over an hour He called and He gave people the news and sat with them as some wept, some sat on the other line silently, some asked, “what do we do now?”

On that day and in the days, weeks, months, years that followed I have seen that compassion and care for this community from Sheykh Lokman Efendi grow exponentially, his leadership to cement and become a foundation for us to stand on. Lokman Efendi, you are my sheykh, my qibla, my protection.

You are my role model because you show me every day what it means to be a man, a Muslim, and a murid.

– Hasan Siddiqi
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Selamunaleyküm Şeyhim Efendim
Hürmetle Ellerinizden Öperim
Doğum gününüz Mübarek Olsun
Sağlık sıhhat afiyette olun
Allah cc sizi şerlilerin şerrinden fitnecilerin fitnesinden muhafaza etsin
Hanenize huzur
Hak Yolda Hizmette gücünüze güç heybetiniz heybet versin
Selamette olun Efendim
– Rafia Yucel Bulut
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Adil zaman.jpg

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

Seyh Lokman Effendi is my role model because he has shown me the meaning of humility, loyalty, and submission.

Mawlid mubarek, ya Sultan. May Allah continue to bless you as you walk the path of His prophets and saints.

– Adil Zaman

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MH - role model

Halife Lokman Efendi my biggest role model because He taught me how to serve Seyh Efendi Hz.

– Mustafa Hakkani

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HG mewlud.jpg


Sheikh Lokman Efendi is my role model, because he is inspiration. He is my role model, because I don’t want to be like myself, I want to be anything like him. I want to be like those who love him and serve him. May ALLAH swt protect him, and make me of those who respect and serve him

– Hashim Ganibeg

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murat osmanli.jpg


Sheyh Lokman Efendi is my role model because meeting him changed my life completely mine and my family looking at him I see a real servant of Sheyh Efendi and Allah svt that is the only way we can try to become one looking at him , I could go on like this for ever , I want to say thank you for everything u do for all of us .

– Murat Osmanli

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sultan yilmaz


Lokman Hoca Efendi Hazretleri is my role model because I sincerely believe that he is Sahibul Saif Sheykh AbdulKerim Hazretleri’s Khalifa and he follows Sahibul Saif’s Way 100%. InshAllah I will obey and submit only to him until I die.
We are happy and full of appreciation for having Lokman Hoca Hazretleri as our guide and leader. Especially in these dark and confusing times he lights our way like a beacon and Elhamdulillah we trust him as we trust Sahibul Saif to keep us on the Siratul Mustaqim.
Happy Birthday to our Lokman Hoca Hazretleri!
Thank you Lokman Hocam, Allah sizdenrazi olsun!
May Allah CC be pleased with you!

-Sultan Yilmaz

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shahid gordon


Sheikh Lokman Hoja Efendi Hz is my role model because in him I see Islam. When last I saw him I was in tears as He spoke. I could hear through him the Prophet (saw) the words he spoke were the most powerful words I’ve ever personally heard come through anyone’s lips. I felt so undeserving to be among the mureeds who have him as Murad. He is my role model because Allah swt has chosen him to be. I pray I can remain his obedient servant and that through me he may see fit someday to reach others. I strive to be like him. My role model, my Sultan, my beloved Sheikh. May Allah raise his station. He is a leader of men. He has known me before we came to this place and he sought me out. Through him I might know myself and through that I may know Allah. A gift that I will forever attempt to show my gratitude for, Insha’Allah.

-Shahid Gordon

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Lokman Efendi is my role model because he is keeping his promise to Seyh Efendi and has dedicated his life to the Way. May Allah (swt) protect him and allow us to serve him and respect him Insha’Allah.

– Omar Siddiqi

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Lokman Hoja Efendi Hz is my role model because He is my Sheykh & is the most intelligent, sincere, humble, caring loving Man I have met in my life. His manners is immaculate! Hoja has taught me about manners, sincerity, honesty & everything that has to do with purifying the heart. I am so lucky & grateful to be His mureed.
May ALLAH SWT raise the stations of Sheykh Lokman Hoja Efendi Hz higher & higher, May He send Hoja more support, more power & strength Ameen.>-

-Usman AbdulRauf Naksibendi Hakkani 

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Sheikh Lokman Efendi is my role model because he makes me want to become better. Just by being around him, praying with him, listening to his sohbets. Makes me realize that I have a lot of shortcomings and i need to work on my self. Because we spent time with him in the dergah,we learn so much from him, he is very kind, and caring, he puts us before himself. He has dedicated his life for the sake of Seyh abdulkerim efendi. All he hopes to do is please his sheikh. He carries this jamaat and protects us, without him we’d be lost, he is our shepherd protecting us from the prying wolves. Seyh efendi loves all of us. But we all know he has a special spot for sheikh Lokman Efendi in his heart. May we always stay in your service. alhamdulilah our sheikh left us a treasure, a true man of Allah to hold on to
in these confusing times.
– Cherkez Mehmet
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hyder ali.jpg

Selam Aleykum Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz is my role model because he teaches me that, to be of help to others is the thing which gives us value.

Allah SWT says in Surah Ya-Sin, ‘Follow those who ask you no wordly fee’. I have never met anyone who didn’t ask some wordly fee to be associated with them (doesn’t have to be money), except for Sahibul Saif Al Rabbani and his Khalife, Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz, in the tradition of Sultan ul Awliya, and the Holy Prophet ASWS.

In having the honor to be in the company of Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz for so many years he didn’t ask a single penny from me or anyone else, but he has always generously helped us. He has always been a helper to me and my family, and to so many who know him. To those who value him and to those who do not, alike. He is a helper! His hand reached to me in so many incidents that saved me from the fire of this dunya and akhirat, and I think the disaster I would be in if he had not reached to me in that time of need. And I think, in those times, I didn’t even ask him. I couldn’t move because of the mess I was in, and he reached to me and he continues to do so.

He only ever taught us how to value Sahibul Saif QS correctly, and to be serving his Holy and noble mission, the mission of the Holy Prophet ASWS.

In thinking of Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz, I ask what have I done to deserve his company, his presence in my life, his himmet, his prayers in the early hours of the night, standing on his feet to pray for me and you, what did I do to deserve this blessing. The answer is nothing.

But I can do something.

I’m reminded of Seyh Lokman Effendi’s words, “Each and every one of us, we should ask ourselves, What can I do to be of some use to someone else, to be of service. How can I help? The only value we have is to help others.”

I can do this, Insh’Allah. I can Honor him and Respect him as Sultan ul Awliya Seyh Nazim Al Hakkani QS has said. Truly, He is Ottoman. We should. The Khalife of Sahibul Saif Al Rabbani Hz, The carrier of the forgotten Sunnah, the helper of the ummah, Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz, May Allah grant him strength and hifazat always.

On this blessed and holy day, the birthday of Seyh Lokman Effendi HZ, we thank you, Ya Rabbi for creating him and making us to know him.
Please help us to serve him correctly and to be a servant of his noble mission. I thank you for the day that I met him and I ask that you keep us all with him closely always, no matter how far our physical distance. To always be under his holy feet, and to understand the value of this.

Congratulations to all the believers on this holy day! Jeeve Jeeve, Seyh Lokman Effendi Hz, Jeeve! Mawlid Mubarak!

– Hyder Ali

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Sheykh Lokman Effendi is a role model for me because he has taught us how to serve, how to run in the way of Allah, and how to have proper manners. In these dark times, he is our light.

Mevlid Mubarak inshAllah!

-Faisal Hasan 
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Sheyh Lokman Hoja Effendi is my role model as he leads by example strongly each and every every step on the way of Sahibul Saif Seyh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi ar Rabbani qs.

Many many Birthday wishes to him.
Mevlid Mubarek.

 -Aslam Khan
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mudassir ali

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Seyh Lokman Effendi is my role model because he shows us how to be a men in islam. He shows us how to be strong and to carry ourselves properly in these dark days and confusing times. Seyh Lokman Effendi teaches us how to be hard on ourselves and to be easy onto others. There are so many of us who come to Seyh Lokman Effendi with our problems, and he has a helping hand for all of us. He cares for everyone of us, prays for us, and takes away our burdens, making it light for us. We are weak and we know without his support we cannot do anything. May we become stronger and better ones in his service inshAllah.

– Mudassir Ali
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Lokman Efendi is more than a role model to me, because he very clearly showed me the very essence of this tarikat, which is our intention and our claim for this tarikat must have proof, and that proof is through our service.

誕生日をおめでとう わがあるじ様よ

Follow those who ask you of no fee, they themselves are righteously guided. (Surat Yasin, 21)

– Jeremy Cheng 
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sakib majid.jpg

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Seyh Lokman Effendi is my role model. I never saw Shaykh Mawlana or Seyh Effendi but I see their reflection through Seyh Lokman, from how He prays to how He walks it’s clear to see He is in the ocean of the Sahibul Saif. He is humbly making the service not claiming anything but when your around Him you see things that are very unusual and the way Shaykh Effendi spoke of Him in his farewell video speaks volumes. InsALLAH we can be good ones to Him and not burden Him as much as we do.

Thank You Ya Seyh for all your prayers, madat, himmet and for making our dunya and Akhirat so much easier. If I write Your praise till Qiyamat it will still not be enough may I die at Your feet with You pleased with me.

Mawlid Mubarak Ya Seyh

– Sakib Majid 
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Shaykh Lokman Effendi is my role model because what I see in him is what Sahibul-Saif Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi wants to see from us; To become good murids to our Effendi, to show respect to him, to keep his honor high and serve him. May Allah swt bless Shaykh Lokman Effendi tremendously for allowing us to learn from him and continue the mission of Sahibul-Saif Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi with him.

Edep Ya Hu!

-Rouj Chalabi

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Shaykh Lokman Hoja Effendi Hazretleri is my role model because he is not apologetic for this religion. He holds Islam high and has given his life for Sahib ul saif Shaykh Abdulkerim. He believes the words of Allah in the Qur’an that “I have perfected your religion for you”. He holds tight to the shariat and the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

May Allah send more support, protection and guidance through Shaykh Lokman Hoja Effendi Hazretleri. May we stay with him in this life and the next. May he have a long life. May more people come under his guidance.

Mawlid Mubarak to Shaykh Lokman Hoja Effendi Hazretleri.

– Sohaib Rashid

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Seyh Lokman Efendi is a role model to me because he shows me how to be a servant to my lord and how to earn the pleasure of Allah and his Prophet in these dark times. He is the biggest blessing that Allah (swt) has given to me, my family, and to the whole world. Without him, I would have gone astray and lost. May Allah (swt) bless Seyh Lokman and for us to be with him continuing the mission of Sahibul Saif. Mevlid Mubarak

– Jafar Ali

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Sheik Lokman Effendi Hz. Is my role model because in these dark dark times He Hz is like a Light House that emits from Himself so others can be Saved. 

-Tariq Mahmood Hakkani

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Seyh Lokman Effendi is a role model for me because when I fell he showed me the way to stand and stand up right. He represents the truth, the justice, the love, the mercy, the majesty of Holy Prophet asws and Allah SWA
Mevlid Mubarak!

-Shamil Jalal

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Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz. is my role model, because he is the best one following, serving, representing, really loving and close to Sheykh Abdul Kerim Kibrisi Hz. He is his sole Khaliphah and anyone knowing him can attest to this. For those who are not yet aware of what it means, this means that he is the dragon of the Majesty and Beauty of Islam in our time.

He is Sheykh Effendi’s mirror for us, his hands, eyes, feet and voice among us. He is the osmanli. And the sole one still giving not mere words but ongoing powerful sohbet and the sole one holding at the same time a real yamaah. That is to say, as per Shah Bahauddin Naqshband’s words on the tariqa: the proof of the nakshibendis in our time.

He gracefully knows me and my family deeply, he guides us, he keeps us with hope and provides us himma and gives sense to our lives.

Without him I simply do not think of anyone else whom I could turn to with my family when we are in need of either sohbet or nasiha or understanding or himma or, the core of all, someone that can put our issues truly in our Sheykh Sultan’s hands, interceding for us in his Court.

In this day of his Mawlid, may Allah grant him a long life, healthy life, and may we never separate from him. 

 -Nureddin Cueva
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Shaykh Lokman Effendi Hz is my role model because he is the Guiding star, the Ark of Noah, the Sword of haq against batil, the rope of Allah in these end of times. A true inheritor of Prophetic light. A beautiful rose with endless colors. Thank you Ya Sultanim for everything.
– Mehmet Jamil
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 Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

Sheykh Lokman Effendi is my role model
Because you are the one who taught me who my ego was I still have alot to learn but Ya Sultan you are the most patience one. When I see your blessed face I feel peace in my heart I feel safe and protected when I hear your Shobiet. Ya Sultan i am a weak one when I do good it is all from your help and your prayers when I fall down it is always because my own Ego. But you always tell me to get up and show me where I fell so I may watch myself next time.
Shukur El Hamdulliah for everything Sheykh Lokman Effendi may Allah raise your station and send more power to you may we all become more pleasing to you & Sheykh Effendi. Amin.

– Qasim Bashir
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Sheykh Sultan Lokman Effendi Hz is my role Model because he’s my savior he saved me thank u Ya Sultan, may I always be under ur feet iA & show proper respect Amin.

In reality you are the servant of Seyh Efendi, Ya Sultan.You are the one who has identified Seyh Efendi to us, Ya Sultan.I don’t want to live without Ya Sultan I don’t want to live without you.

Ya Sultan with you I have found all my heavens.Now I am not worried about any other heaven. All the distance have been erased. All the distances have lessened. Now all the helplessness has come to an end.Time has given me such comfort.Now I am not worried about any other comforts.I don’t want to live without you Ya Sultan,I don’t want to live without you.Your love is my faith. You are my King, Ya Sultan.

Thank Ya Sheykh to be in my Life.

” Medet Destur Ya Sheykh Sultan Lokman Effendi Hz Medet.”

-Zeeshan Shahzada

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BRR, Sheykh Lokman Effendi is my role Model because he leads by example, and he is the best of examples in Sahibul Saif’way. SAHIBUL SAIF held him to highest of standards and trained him in the toughest manner to carry his work. I am always thanking our sheykh Lokman effendi for his patience in my shortcomings and for keeping me grounded in this tarikat, reminding me that, it is the hizmath that is most important and best way to keep to yourself connected to your sheykh.

Thanking you always and kissing your hand.

– Asghar Ali
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Why is Shaykh Lokman Effendi my role model.

The answer is simple, he is a servant of Allah. Is there proof? Yes, be in his company and he will show you to come back to your own self, and the reality is that there is a mission ahead and the journey is long and to keep the way strong. Shaykh Lokman has taught me how to keep Islam high and put others first. Not be selfishly stuck with our ego’s but there is a higher purpose, we have to keep moving. When I first saw Shaykh Effendi, his character, charisma, edeb and strength and love for Islam made me to question how will I ever be able to follow this man correctly. He has so much strength and being with him gave us that strength but Shaykh Lokman Effendi made it easier for us to understand and serve. He taught us, he made us to think and reflect how we are going to be around a Saint, how to have edeb outwardly and inwordly. Shaykh Lokman is the hand that Shaykh Effendi used to reach to so many people, and we see how many people are coming into Islam with love and understanding that has been missing for so many people. He is truly a reflection of Shaykh Effendi and I see this everytime I see him. Mevlid Mubarek! May new ways open for us to become better servants to the way of Sahib Sayf Shaykh Effendi and the Siddiq of our time Shaykh Lokman Effendi.

-Junaid Osmanli

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Shaykh Lokman is my role model because:

The Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) was reportedly asked: “Which of our companions are best?” He replied: “One whose appearance reminds you of God, and whose speech increases you in knowledge, and whose actions remind you of the hereafter.”

-Rand DU Jass

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Although I had never met Seyh Mawlana or Seyh Abdulkerim, my only connection to them is through Seyh Lokman Efendi. He brought nur (light) to the west coast and has revived the way of the prophetic tradition for us here. He is my role model because he speaks truth in a time of confusion, teaches us how to control our ego and continue the hizmet. May we hold on tight to the rope of Sahibulsaif through Seyh Lokman Efendi. Mawlid Mubarak Seyhim!
-Sayed Boyis Sadat
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I was lost he made me find myself in srathel mustakeem I am with him just Be dust under his feet
He is the one who lead us with Seyh Abdulkerim’s Destur
Basimin Taci Seyh Lokman Efendi
-Erdem Osman Ozdal
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Thankyou ya sultan for holding us tightly in this time of confusion all over the world our nafs can denay as much he can butt your words always puts comfort to our hearts .Thankyou for always being there for me .you are my role model caz your are the only door to sahib ul saif .May Allah raise your station higher and higher and always keep me under your feet. Ameen
-Bakhtiyar Hakkani
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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz is my role model because he is a real man of Allah (swt). I have never seen Sheykh Effendi Hz but I see his teachings and his light in his Khalifa Sheykh Lokman Efendi. My Sheykh Lokman Effendi is the real Sultan of this time, when I first saw him, I knew that Allah (swt) has forgiven me because I am in the sobbhet of His friend. My Sheykh Lokman Efendi has taught me about the real Islam, he is the ocean of our Sheykh Effendi. Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz is never concerned about tittles, he is only concerned about the work of our Sheykh Effendi. My Sheykh Lokman Efendi reminds of my Allah (swt) and our Holy Prophet (saw). Even though I am a born Muslim, before I met my Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, I didn’t know about real Islam, may my neck and my life be sacrifice for Sheykh Lokman Effendi’s work Ameen. I am a weak one but when my Sheykh looks at me he cleans me up, Thank you for putting up with me my Dear Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz.

Mawlid Mubarak Ya Sultan Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz, may my family and I be sacrifice for your work. Ameen

-Ghazanfar Khan
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Lokman Hoja, I don’t have to mention his name. Everyone knows. Thanking  him especially that he is always covering my place. When I’m not around, he’s covering in every way. Alhamdulillah, so many trying  to not respect his rights, but you should, because he is also in a very high stations. He is not showing.


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  1. hakkani7 says:

    Mash’Allah! Allah Razi Olsun for compiling! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Mehmet Stewary says:

    Mashallah, Allah raise up our Sheikh, protect him and honor him dunya and akhira.

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