How are we going to explain Islam to unbelievers?



InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, with our Sheykh’s permission, we may speak a couple of words. Whatever that he’s sending to our hearts, whatever that is fitting for us to learn, for us to know, he will send and we will take, insya’Allah. 

Now, there’s so many questions, it’s not fitting for tonight. Not fitting for this situation, not fitting for people who are watching here and at home. That, by itself is ma’rifat. To know what kind of knowledge fits where. Not every kind of knowledge you can fit everywhere, ever time. InsyaAllah, we are asking our Sheykh to send us something useful.

You have a question (Sheykh speaks to a murd). Say your question:

Murid ask: What way we should follow when we explain to the unbelievers about Islam.

I’m going to rephrase your question:  How are we going to explain Islam to unbelievers?

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Prophet (asws) is saying,  the best kind of knowledge is the knowledge that you experience. You understand? It’s the knowledge that you experience. The best kind of Islam that you are going to explain to people, is Islam that you experience. Don’t talk about the Islam that you read somewhere or you watch somewhere, or you see a movie, or  someone is telling you what it is. You read a nice lecture, you are trying to remember everything. No. Speak about the Islam that you experience. So before you can even speak about Islam, make sure you experience it first. What is your experience of Islam? Then you can start. Because you are speaking from what? It’s the best kind of knowledge. It’s something that you experience. And especially now, if you are asking from the position of people who are in Tarikat, in our Jamaat, we are here because we are re-experiencing Islam. Correct? Some of us, we come from non-Muslim background. So many of us we come from Muslim background, but you can easily say, what Muslim background? It’s Muslim by name, Muslim by blood, but  not Muslim by faith. Really. Even if you have some sort of a faith, like this, like that.

What is faith? Faith is something that you put in your heart. It’s not on your head, it’s not in your hand, it’s not what you wear. It’s in your heart, it beats, It gives you life. So even if we have some sort of a faith, it wasn’t really in our hearts. That’s why we are here. Because we met our Sheykh and we see the faith that is coming from his heart, and we say we want that kind of faith. And he says, ‘come, I will teach you, I will show you.’ And when he  hits that, suddenly our hearts become alive and we say, ‘yes, this is what I’ve been looking for all my life. The belief, the questions that I have that can be answered and it makes sense.’ Not only the answers make sense, you see a person living those answers.  He’s not going to say, ‘no, no, no. You can’t ask question. It is a mystery. No don’t ask those question, you just have to accept. If you don’t accept, you are going to go to hell.’ No. You see him living that life. And what is he showing? What love is he showing? The love to his Grandsheykh, the love to the Holy Prophet (asws), the love to Allah.

Like I said, now this faith is in the heart. You know when you love someone? It’s in the heart. You are always remembering it. Everything you do, is for the sake of that one. You eat something and you say, maybe I should get also another piece for my love one. You see something nice and you say, why don’t I show this to that one too. You wake up with hope, you go to sleep with peace. We know all of that kind of earthly love. But there is a Creator of that love. God, Allah, is not love. Allah is the Creator of love. He creates that love. And in order to get that Divine love, then you have to go through that channel, the Divine Channel. If you are trying to get love but you go through a dirty channel, you are going to get dirtiness. There are people who say, ‘yes we love.’ But they love themselves. They only love their desires. They love it when people are nice to them. When people are not so nice to them, they hate them. They only love people who are like them. They only love people who are in the same understanding. Different people, they’ll say we do not love them. They are not even people to begin with. That is not love.

islamic love

So how are you going to explain? How you going to talk? Talk about your love to Islam. Talk about your love to your Sheykh. Talk about your love to your Prophet. Why? Because this is the only thing that matters. Because with that love, people that who are here, you see in that love transform you. Before you used to do so many wrong things and now you see yourself stopping from those wrong things. Whether those wrong things are harming yourself, or harming other people, you stop doing it. You are not stopping completely, it’s okay. Some things, it takes so many years to kick in, some things it takes your whole lifetime. But at least you are on the road. You are on the road. Not only you are on the road, you are not alone. You are on the road, you are on this caravan, you are on this karavan and there is a leader there.  So anything that happens to you, somebody is going to say you are on the road but look at you you didn’t fix yourself hundred percent. You say, I’m just on the road, I’m in the caravan, I’m not the leader. I’m just sitting there and I’m trying. I’m not perfect, I’m not looking for perfection. And once you speak from your experience, people will understand. Do you know? Do you understand? Because that is the best kind of knowledge. Because when you speak to people now, everyone is so fed up especially in these days, with headlines, with news, with videos, with books, nobody reads anyway. They are just with so many post, facebook, macebook, all these kinds, they are sick and tired of that. There is no real human contact. So when you have that human contact, speak. Don’t think that, ‘oh I’m here to bring light to people. I’m here to bring Islam to people.’ No. There is the owner of that light too. It’s not you. Don’t put yourself on any pedestal to say that you are better than anyone. We know where we came from, and if it’s not because of the mercy of Allah, we are going to stay there.

It’s not so much of what we are doing, it is the intention. Now this is beyond grace, okay, where the Christians themselves they call ‘grace.’ This is beyond that. In Islam we call it Rahmat. But Allah is saying, ‘you take one step to Me, I will take ten steps to you. If you come to Me walking, I’ll come to you running.’ And that desire to meet Allah SWT, Allah Himself has put that into every human being that He has created, from the beginning up to the end. That desire to meet Allah is not from us. It is from Him. He has put it in all of us. Black, white, brown, yellow, everyone, man, woman, doesn’t matter, believer, unbeliever. He has put that. And that desire is there. That longing is there. That intention is there. That love is there.

So when you speak, and you look at the person, and you are trying to understand who is this person, where is this person coming from, how is this person’s life, what was he looking, and so easy you may speak. So easy. Don’t give them lecture. Talk about how it helped you. Understand?  They are not your responsibility. Like I said, don’t think that you are there to give them. No. Allah is the Turner of hearts. He is the One who is going to give hidayah, guidance or not. It’s not you. We are not authority to people. Our duty is to say, someone ask us, we say. That’s it. Don’t put yourself under that pressure, and Allah is not liking it if you are arrogant and you are proud. Because that faith that He has given us, He can give to anyone, and if we don’t take care of that faith, we may drop it, and people whom we look down on, history has shown in fourteen hundred years, those enemies of Islam, in the next generation they become believers and they become even stronger believers than we ever hope to be. So don’t take anything for granted. Don’t take our faith for granted.Because that faith too, it is Him. It is Allah SWT who is giving us that faith. We are not the ones who make that faith. He’s the One who gave it to us. And we say, ‘Alhamdulillah, Thank You.’ and it’ll be very easy. Because we are just being honest, we are just being real. We are just saying this is what happened to me. That’s the best way to do it, understand? This much is enough. Wa minAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.  

Islam - believers

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
16 Rajab 1438
April 13, 2017
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