We have a lot of energy to run to do things in Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan. How to have that kind of energy in the rest of the months?


Question: Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan, we have a lot of energy to run to do things. How to have that kind of energy in the rest of the months?

Lokman Effendi Hz

When you are working and when you are not disconnected from your Lord, that work becomes a work for Allah. Because Allah swt, just as He has made this whole world as a masjid, do you understand? He has permitted the Ummati Muhammad (asws) to worship anywhere in this world. He has not given that right to any earlier Ummats. They cannot just pray anywhere that they want to, specific places only that are holy, other places they are not. But Allah swt has made this whole world, we can pray, this Ummat, we can pray anywhere that we are inclined to pray. It is a big Sunnat also, especially when you go to places where you know that Muslims are not there, you just pray a couple of Raka’ats there. You get the blessings also.

So if you are now not disconnected from your Lord, you are remembering. You are doing your work; you will remember your Lord. Several ways that you can do it.  Sometimes, people they are working and they make Zikr, they give Salawats while they are working. It’s okay. But I am seeing, so many people you haven’t come to that level yet, because the more Zikr, more Salawats I’m seeing that you are making when you are doing your work, more ghaflat you are in doing the work. If that is stopping you from doing the work, don’t. Because the point is what, are you working or are you making a Zikr? You’re working. The work is more important now. And if you’re running to do the work, to help other people, to help your family, to help other people, you’re running to do the work of Allah. Because you’re not doing it now only for yourself, you’re not doing it just to run for the pleasures of this dunya, you’re running to help others. So that work that you are doing, it is already Allah’s work, do you understand?

So you asked me a question, Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan, we have a lot of energy to run to do things. How to have that kind of energy in the rest of the months?

Allah is not putting us under that pressure, correct? He’s saying three Holy Months. We’re happy. We’re not going to ask, ‘why don’t we have six Holy Months? Why don’t we have eight?’ (Sheykh puts his finger on his lips). Three Holy Months, good. What are the Holy Days, now? In the other months, are there Holy Days? Yes. Concentrate on those days. You want more. Every week there is a Holy Day, more Holy than the two Eids that are combined, Jummah. Then concentrate on that day. The rest of the days, work for the sake of Allah. Remember Him, for the sake of Allah. Than that time, you can have more balance, and you’re not going to swing form one extreme to the other extreme. You’re going to say, ‘okay. Our Sheykh is saying, from the Holy Prophet (asws) saying, every day, the believer his today must be better than yesterday. And his tomorrow has to be better than today.’ What does that mean?

What does that mean now?  Does that mean, now, that when you are praying five times a day today, tomorrow you are going to pray ten times a day? Does that mean the next day you have to pray twenty times a day? No, it doesn’t mean that. There are so many ways now. You can do this when a man thinks, and thinking is only given to mankind, thinking, especially for a believer, it is the most important thing. It is not to follow something blindly. To think and to understand. First you’re going to think about yourself, ‘who am I,’ and understand yourself. ‘I am so-and-so…’ What is that meaning? Who gave that name? Have you discovered yourself? Have you discovered who you are, what is your purpose in this world? Have you discovered your friends, have you discovered your enemies? Are you aware of the enemies that is looking like friends that you are keeping contact with every day? Are you aware of the friends who look like enemies but they are only looking for your own good? Are you aware of that? Hmm.

The believer’s tomorrow has to be better than today. You think, ‘today, I did this wrong. Tomorrow I’m making intention not to do that wrong.’ You win. ‘Today, I did so many things that are right. Yesterday I didn’t do anything that is extra.’ You win. That heaviness, Allah swt is not demanding that from this nation, because this nation Allah swt has created as weak. But what He has created strong in this nation is what? Is our will. So, use that will. Maybe all that you can do, all day long you cannot do nothing, it’s just, for one split second to renew your Shahadat and to make the intention to be a better one sincerely, not just pulling a tasbih, not just making a show in front of people, but sincerely, just you and your Lord and say, ‘I forgot You the whole day today. I’m renewing my Shahadat,’ you think that is worthless in Divine Presence? That means everything in Divine Presence, because the power of that Shahadat can make an unbeliever to become a believer, the power of the Shahadat can turn the unbeliever to become a believer and if dies the next minute he goes straight to Jannat. The power of that Shahadat can clean you. Are we believing in this or are we running to learn and swallow more Quran, swallow more hadith, swallow, swallow, swallow all these things but we are not digesting it. There is no belief. Where is the will? And with that thinking and with that will, you are not going to be lazy, don’t say, ‘oh, you’re saying that, then all I’m going to do is I’m just say Shahadat.’ Then you are just tricking yourself. You’re just fooling yourself. That is not the point.

The point is Allah swt is making it very easy for this nation. He has not made things so easy for earlier nations. He has made it very easy for us. And with the ease, He has given us tremendous blessings. And with that ease, He has opened doors again for more blessings and more Rahmat in Holy days and Holy Nights. A man who is intelligent he is going to say, ‘when the sun is shining, that is the time I’m going to cut the grass and make the hay, not when it is raining. I cannot now sit here and say why Allah is making this rain to come; I want to cut the hay? No.’ He’s going to find every season has it’s different secrets. Every season has its different secrets for worship. Every season has a different secret for you. Now if you understand that, you’re not going to force. You’re going to go according to the season, and according to the inspiration. Some days we can sit and we can make a lot of Zikr. Some days, you cannot. Allah swt is making Zikr to be obligation? No. But at the same time, He’s saying the zikr it is the essence, is the essence of worship. Because the worship, if you don’t remember Allah it is not acceptable. We prayed, you are going to fast, go to the Hajj, you’re not remembering Allah, meaning deep down inside you’re doing it for your own self, for your own sake, for everyone else, not doing it only for the sake of Allah. If you do that, there is no remembrance of Allah in that. You can go to Hajj fifty times; there is no remembrance of Allah there because going there is just to take selfies and to post it there. It’s gone. It’s gone.

Here we are talking about purification. When something is pure, it cannot take any impurity in that. Even if it’s just a tiny drop, it is not pure anymore, you understand? We’re not looking to just drink water; we want to drink pure water. If you just want to drink water just because you are thirsty, you say, ‘we don’t care for pure or impure,’ we say, you go your way. That is your way. But if you want to drink from the pure water, then you have to not look at the purity of the water but you have to look at the impurity of the water and take that out. Then you understand yourself and you’re going to say, ‘today I was impure in this and this. Tomorrow, I’m making the intention,’ just the intention alone, just the will alone, that is enough for Allah swt to bless us, because the most important thing in every action is the intention. And the man who is sincere he is not just going to sit with his intention because he says, ‘if I sit and I just intend and I don’t do anything, I may actually be called a hypocrite.’ Correct? So now he is going to, by himself, he’s going to push to become a bit more sincere and to do the things that is going to make his heart to be satisfied.

So again, the knowledge is to know yourself. Understanding, ‘this is the time I can do this, this is the time I cannot do this so much, I cannot make zikr so much. What can I do, I still want to do it? Maybe I’m going to increase sadaqa. Maybe, I can’t even make sadaqa, maybe I’m just not going to be angry so much, I’m going to smile, I am going to become a bit more patient. Maybe, I’m just going to take things that I don’t like that is happening in my life, someone shout at me, someone said something, someone did something and I’m just going to be more patient with that, to say, well, this is the zakat. This is the zakat, I have such a good life, little bit it is uncomfortable, why am I complaining? Let it be.’ You think Allah is not watching? Allah is watching and He’s looking.

This is what you can do in the rest of the months. Of course, all the months of Allah, all the months they belong to Allah. The three months, the most sacred months, there are five Holy nights, four of them they are hidden in these three months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramazan. I’m saying this and I’m going to continue to saying this, insha’Allah, until the day I die. Preparing ourselves for these months, preparing ourselves, think. We enter to the month of Allah swt. But the first Holy night in the month of Rajab Shahrullah has to do with, who? The Holy Prophet (asws). There is a very big secret to there. Because it is the month of Allah but the two dates belonging to the Holy Prophet (asws). Because the Prophet (asws) he is Allah’s biggest gift. Not only to the whole universe, because he’s Rahmatil Alamin, but especially to us because we belong to his nation. One is about his light that is passing from his father to his mother, and one is about him, and of course his light, passing from here to Divine Presence. But preparation, these are the two Holy nights but if you sit and you just think, don’t go reading too much, you don’t know who is writing all these things, who is the person compiling this. I see so many religious books, spiritual books out there, I turn the page, they don’t even have BismillahirRahmanirRahim. How are you going to continue then, without the name of Allah? We finish these two nights that are Holy, and both these two nights, Prophet (asws) he was sent here not for himself, he was sent here for his Ummat. So the connection there is very clear. He went to the Miraj to meet his Beloved, Allah swt. But the biggest gifts is for his Ummat and every station that he reached to, every gift that was bestowed to him, he says, ‘what about my Ummat? Ya Rabbi, what about my Ummat?’ Fifty times we’re supposed to pray. But he, understanding the weakness through the conversation with who? Hz Musa (a.s). He reduced it to five times. But we get the reward as if we worship fifty times a day.

You’re asking me, what can we do? Just that, to pray, maybe Zuhur or Asr and just to take the split second to say, ‘ya Rabbi, shukr ya Rabbi that you have given me this honor to worship you.’ We are worshiping the same way that the Prophets are worshiping. That worshiping once is like worshiping ten times to you because the reward of fifty times a day is given in that five times a day. Just to think, just to be valuing Allah swt and thanking Him this, means to Allah more than you staying up whole night going up and down, but there’s no passion, the is no love. You’re doing it because you want something, you’re doing it because you’re afraid if you don’t do it, Allah is going to punish you. You understand? Just to think. Simple like that. But Leylatul Raghaib, Leylatul Miraj, it has to do with us. And in the middle of the month of the Prophet (asws), two dates that is in the month of Allah, it’s not, it’s about the Prophet, but it’s not in the month of the Prophet (asws). It’s in the month of the Prophet (asws), the fifteenth of Shaban has to do with us, his Ummat. Leylatul Bara’at.

Leylatul Bara’at it is as if, the most important thing to Allah of course is His Habib, correct? It is clear. And the most important thing to His Habib is his Ummat, do you understand? And now, in the Leylatul Bara’at, Bara’at it is the time when we’ll be given that Bara’at. We must prepare ourselves because that is the Night when every record that we have done through the whole year is going to be sealed and sent. And whatever that we have done for the past year; the next year will be according to that. If we’re running more to dunya and not Ahiret, the next year will be more sunk into dunya. If you are running for Ahiret, even if you are running in the dunya but you are aiming for Ahiret, the next year, after the Bara’at, it will be more open for you to do that.

And in the month of Ramazan, who is it for? Is it for the Prophet (asws)? It is for the Ummat and that Ramazan is the month of the Ummat, and in that is hidden a very special night. The Night that is better than a thousand months, the Night of Qadir. And the Night of Qadir, it is for us, it is for us to understand the greatness of the Holy Prophet (asws) and for us to understand the greatness of Allah swt. That is given to us, do you understand? We cannot live, like what the Turks are saying, treat every night like it is Leylatul Qadir and treat every person that you meet as if he is Khizr (a.s), but you must try. There was a time when they took those words very seriously. When you are saying, ‘now, ya Rabbi, because of that hadith, because of that saying, I cannot do too much, but now let me  just quickly pray two Raka’ats for the sake,’ not for the sake, ‘oh, I want more blessings. And more blessing. And more blessing.’ But saying, ‘ya Rabbi, for the sake that it pleases You, for the sake that maybe tonight it is going to be Leylatul Qadir, I’m just going to pray, for Your sake, quickly,’ you think that action is worthless in the sight of Allah?  That action will be beloved in the sight of Allah. This is for me, first, and for everyone.

Allah swt is not looking for big things that you do once in a while, correct? He is looking for the small things that you are doing consistently because that shows your sincerity. Insha’Allah. This is important. We’re going to enter into Leylatul Miraj soon, Bara’at soon, watch ourselves a little bit, half of the month has passed. If you slip a little bit, make sure you stand up quickly and put more intention, insha’Allah, not to let these nights and these days to pass empty. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, Al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
17 Rajab 1438
April 14, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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