The Essence of the Miraj is to be in Divine Presence

Auzubillahi minashaitanirRajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim.


Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla, Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel  ni’mal maula wa ni’man naseer.  La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. Tarikatuna Sohbet fil khayri min jamiya.

Our way is based on sohbet, on association. Whose association is it? It is the association of the Holy Prophet (asws). The Pir of our Tarikat, Shah Naqshband is saying ‘only Prophets they give advice.’ Meaning, he’s showing us what kind of manners that we should have. Deen i-Nasihat. Religion it is advice. But he says ‘we are not Prophets.’ We cannot give advice, only Prophets they give advice. So, we give association. We give sohbet. And through the sohbet, insya’Allah, you will awake, you will awaken yourself. You are training yourself to listen, not just to listen, to experience, to be there, because when our Sheykhs they are speaking, they are not speaking. They are experiencing and re-experiencing.

And as much as you are submitting, as much as you are holding on to them strongly, they will also bring you to experience. That you are not there as just watching, you are experiencing. Because one time, there was one Sheykh, he was giving a sohbet. And he was giving a sohbet about Musa (a.s) and Khizr (a.s). talking about what happened in the Quran i-Kerim and opening it up. And his Murids there, they were listening. And then there was one person, stranger coming in, because at that time the Dergahs, on Holy nights like this comes, it’s filled with people. Filled with people, because they say, ‘we cannot come to the Dergah every day,’ so once in a while they come, hoping to get the blessings. Strangers coming in. So that one, one stranger coming in, listening, and he’s saying ‘Allah Allah. Oh, you Mubarak,’ he says, calling that Sheykh the Mubarak one. ‘you speak as if you are the third of us. Allah Allah,’ he’ saying. He’s listening, listening, listening to the sohbet, ‘you speak as if you are there and you are the third of us.’ Who was that who was speaking? It was Khizr (a.s). and Khizr (a.s) will appear in front of a believer, correct? How many times? Once in forty days. But because people are not treating believers with respect, so you missed the chance. If Khizr (a.s) were to appear in front of you, what are you going to ask? Most are going to ask silly things, whatever that is in your heart, you’re going to come out. And most, whatever is in their heart is just simple dunya things. ‘oh, I want to get married. I want better job.’ Simple things. That time when you meet Khizr (a.s) that one who can grant anything that you ask for, just like that old couple they’re only asking for kangal sujuk. One kangal sujuk. Forty years they’re sitting down, having tea after dinner, speaking to each other, one man, one woman, forty years saying, ‘oh, if Khizr is going to come, I know what I am going to say. Oh, I know what I am going to say.’

Our Sheykh is our Khizr. It is enough for us. There is more safety there. And when, you know when you sit in front of your Sheykh, sometimes so many things that you thought was so important to ask, it just disappear. It doesn’t seem so important anymore. Sometimes you don’t remember anything and you just want to sit and you just want to look at him. And you’re happy that time. All your wishes, it as if all your wishes are already granted that time, and you are just going to kiss his hand and go. You think that one is not knowing what you’re asking? You think he’s not able to hook you up? Of course. But when you see, when he sees that you are just happy to be in his presence, that is a form of submission, then that time he says ‘don’t worry. Whatever that you are asking, it has already been granted to you. No one comes in front of us going away empty.‘

Alhamdulillah. Shukr, we are giving thanks to our Lord Allah swt because He has given us time, one more year, to see another Leylatul Miraj. This Miraj must be different from last year’s. It is. Every day it is different. If you make it different, you give it value, Allah will give it value to you. If you don’t give it value, Allah will value that day, that  night. But for the one who doesn’t give value to the things that Allah gives value to, Holy Days and Nights happening, it’s just the same, year after year, you’re not going to make much progress.


So our brother has a question, asking ‘is the Miraj only reserved for the Prophets? What about the Murids? Do we have a Miraj?’ it’s a very big question. It’s a huge question. Very spiritual question, Masha’Allah. Eh, sometimes we may speak a little bit.

Not Murids, believers. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, he is guaranteeing Miraj to every believer. ‘The Miraj,’ he says, ‘it’s not just for me.’ But understand that the Miraj, no other Prophet has made that Miraj. Are we understanding? Only the Holy Prophet (asws) was invited to Divine Presence. And our Holy Prophet (asws), he is saying and guaranteeing that the Miraj that he made, it is also for his nation. The Miraj, it is one of the biggest miracles of the Holy Prophet (asws). It is the event that separates the believers from the munafiqs.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying ‘the prayer, the Salah, it is the Miraj for my nation.’  The prayer itself is coming down during the time of Miraj. Meaning that the prayer was given, five times prayer, originally it was fifty times prayer. It was given to the nation. The tasbihs that we make, Subhana Rabbiyal ala, Subhana Rabbiyal ‘Azim wa bihamdihi, these are the tasbihs, the glorifications, the prayers, of the angels that the Prophet (asws) when he went to the Miraj, he likes what the angels, what they were doing. Some were standing, some were in ruku. Some were standing from the day that they were created until Judgment day, they stand. Some were in ruku from the day that everything was created until Judgment day. Some in complete sujud until Judgment day, and they all have their different tasbihs and the Holy Prophet (asws) is taking that and giving that to who? To us, to our nation.

Wahhabis hate us to say that the Prophet (asws) is alive. They say ‘he is dead,’ Hasha Astarfirullah. Yet no Wahhabi can deny that in the Tahiyat Ahir, before you give Salams, you give a greeting to the Prophet that is alive. You’re giving a greeting to the Prophet, not only the Prophet (asws), and you address him as ‘Assalamu alayka, the one who is alive,’ but you are also giving Salams to who? Ibadullah as-Saliheen. Who are they? The Righteous Servants to Allah. That Tahiyat Ahir was a conversation. Again understanding. Forget about whether we’re going to have a Buraq to fly in the air and all of that, okay? Because all of that is also, you may say it’s just a show, because there is a substance. There was a journey. The substance of the Miraj is what? To be in Divine Presence. Isn’t it?

Everything else, we’re not saying Prophet (asws), astarfirullah, was making a show. But people who want to witness the different Alams, to witness the Paradises, to witness the Malaikat, all that is still a show, because the substance, the zat, the essence of the Miraj, it is to be in Divine Presence, that no other Prophet was called into the Divine Presence except for the Holy Prophet (asws). But the Prophet is guaranteeing that ‘those ones from my nation, the Miraj is also for you.’ And the proof of that is the conversation of the Miraj, when we make the Tahiyat Ahir, it is a conversation between who? The angels, the Prophet (asws) and Allah swt. And that conversation, that substance, you may say, the essence of the Miraj, it is repeated for this Ummat in every prayer.Just to sit, whatever that we have, and to think on it. You will get that value. So next time you make the Tahiyat Ahir, understand it is Allah who is speaking, it is the Angels, it is His Holy Prophet (asws) speaking, and we want to be that Ibadullah as-Saliheen. Meaning that they are mentioning us. SubhanAllah. Allah is mentioning us. The reality is there, one ray came back.

So we have that substance. But we have to be awake to that value. If we are sleeping, then we are not going to understand. Because everything else that happened in the Miraj, the signs of Paradise, and all the honor that is given to the Holy Prophet (asws) that he’s also asking for it to be given to his nation, the more important for these times, in this Ahir Zaman, is to look at the warnings. That when he went to the Miraj, that we can take and to apply for this time, that is more necessary and more important. And he was made to witness how his nation was going to be punished on the Judgment day and beyond in the hellfire, on the wrong things that his nation, we, all of us, that we are still doing. You understand that and you take lesson from that, you will have more benefit from the Miraj than just to read about the different wonders that the Holy Prophet (asws) saw. Because, maybe, that concerns him, it really doesn’t concern us. But what concerns you? What concerns us is what he saw us, the potential, the possibility of us going out of the way. Disobeying Allah and His Prophet’s commandments, going out of the way, deviating from the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (asws), going out of the way and being rebellious. And still, understanding, still, in Divine Presence Holy Prophet (asws) is asking Allah for forgiveness for his nation. We should not be spoiled. We should say that the intercession that Allah swt has granted to him, we must be worthy of that.

Hoja praying.jpg

You know, when Hz Jibrail he was commanded by Allah swt to go to the Paradise of the Buraqs, it is just a paradise, it is just filled with Buraqs and the Evliyaullah they are saying there are forty thousand Buraqs who are living there. And every one of them, they have stamped on their forehead ‘Muhammad (asws).’ He was told to choose one. He went around, then he saw one that was not the best. Small. But he  was sitting quietly while all the rest they were very energetic and very beautiful and very powerful, he was just sitting by himself and he was crying. Jibrail (a.s) thought it was very unusual and went to him and saying, ‘what is the reason that you are crying?’

He (the Buraq) says ‘forty thousand years ago, when I was created, I was in this Paradise when I heard the Voice saying, ‘ya Muhammad (asws).’ From that time, I fell in love with the name and my heart is burning for the love of that name and I couldn’t help but cry, since then until now. And when news reached to us that he is going to choose one of us to be his steed, his mount, his mode of transportation, I cried even more because I know, definitely it’s not going to be me.’ Because of that, Hz Jibrail says ‘now you come.

It’s not so much of what you do, it is your intention. And when the Holy Prophet  (asws), in that area where right now in Quds, where the Buraq was tethered, he was tied, and there is a Maqam there still. Before that, when the Buraq was brought to the Holy Prophet (asws) in Mecca, and Prophet (asws) also had to go through so many tests. Before and after. The Angels came and split his chest open and took out and washed everything inside. Took out especially, from his heart, one clot, one piece of blood there. It is not dirt. It is not impurity, because everything from the Prophet (asws) it is pure. But this Hz Jibrail (a.s), which with him also is Hz Mika’il, Israfil and also Hz Ridwan, four of the Archangels, and they brought thousands of angels with them. They brought water from the Zam-Zam, the well, for the Holy Prophet (asws) to make wudu, they brought water from the Kauthar. Water from the Kauthar, don’t think it is just water, like that. It is a substance water from the Kauthar is able to transform, from this form into a form that can enter into the Paradises, do you understand? Without that water, without that process there, this body cannot enter into Paradise. It cannot go beyond this world. This body is not designed for that.

So they brought the water of Kauthar, they split his chest open and took that piece. That piece was not dirtiness. That piece is what causes fear. He took out fear from the Prophet (asws) so that whatever that he sees now, on his journey, he is not going to have any fear, or anxiety or anything. He’s just going to have his eyes being focused and he’s not swerving  and he’s just going straight. He went through a lot of tests there in the Miraj. There were, once he started travelling from Mecca, there were so many other ones that came close to him with their mouths spitting out fire to destroy him. Prophet (asws) was taught some duas to say, to speak, to destroy them. He passed through several places before he reached to the Masjid ul-Aqsa. First stop they went to and they prayed, they stopped there and they prayed, it was Medina. And they went to an area where Musa (a.s) he was helping the daughters of Shuaib (a.s) to give water to the sheep. He was very tired, but he decided to help them then he went to  a spot and he prayed two raka’ats, which he (asws) did. Meaning that he’s dressed with so many secrets from each spot that he went to.

The other place that he went to was the Mountain, Tur, of Sinai, the Mountain where Musa (a.s) spoke with Allah swt and he prayed there again. Again receiving certain secrets. Then passing by to the birthplace of Isa (a.s). Then finally going to that area that we call Masjid ul-Aqsa where 124,000 Prophets, in some accounts they say they greeted, they came out to greet him. And every one of them coming out to greet him, and they were singing the Salawats that we are singing, the Salawat  i-Ummiye, understanding that the Salawat is the Salawat of Prophets. The angels have a different Salawat for him. The animals have a different Salawat for him. The fish in the sea have a different Salawat for him, and the Prophet have a Salawat for him. And they were giving him that Salawat wanted to enter, he said, ‘let the others enter before me.’ They said, ‘no. You enter, you be the Imam,’ and they prayed. All 124,000 Prophets took Bayat with him. The Ladder then came, then he went. It is a long story.

But in that journey, there were tests. In that journey, when he was riding the Buraq, he heard a voice saying, ‘ya Muhammad (asws).’ He didn’t turn. Then he heard another voice on his left saying ‘ya Muhammad, I have to ask you something. Please.’ He didn’t answer. Then he saw an old woman wearing very beautiful clothes, wearing diamonds and jewels, and saying to him, ‘ya Muhammad, stop. I have to ask you something.’ He didn’t stop. He went. And he saw an old man walking with a cane, looking very miskin and saying, ‘ya Muhammad, please. I need to ask you something. Please help me.’ He didn’t stop. How does he know not to stop? He is the one that answered every Salams from everyone came. He is the one whose heart is softer than any mother. After they passed then he asked Jibrail (a.s), because those four Archangels were accompanying him. And Jibrail (a.s) is saying ‘it is known to you, ya Rasulullah.’ He says, ‘ The first one was unbelievers who asked you to stop. If you had stopped and spoken to them, your whole nation would have turned to be like that. The old woman, with the makeup and the clothes and the jewels, that is dunya.’ Understanding that that time, 1400 years ago, the dunya was already old  and sick. ‘and if you had stopped to give Salams back to them, your whole nation until Judgment day, they would have fallen and sunk into this dunya. And that old man, that was sheytan. He knows that you are merciful and you are kind and you are soft-hearted. That’s why he took the form of a man who is sick and in need of help. If you had stopped, your whole nation would have followed sheytan.’

Why am I saying this? Prophet (asws) was put on a test. Habibullah. He was tested by Allah. Now if you ask me ‘do you want to go on a Miraj?’ I say no thank you. Do you understand? I am happy behind my Sheykh. Wherever he goes, I will be, insya’Allah. Because it is not easy. Forget about Miraj. Just coming to the Dergah, so many of you, tell me you are not put to the  test.  Some almost never made it, some didn’t make it. When it comes to Dergah then other things start pulling you left and right, and what about the miraj?


By ourselves, we are not ready, we’ll never be ready. So by ourselves, if you ask me, let me, if I’m not living in the Dergah for instance, then I’m going to say, ‘let me make my,’ well you don’t come to the Dergah night time, you cannot say isra’, ‘let me not make my journey to the Dergah go through any difficulties, let me not fail in the test,’ because yes it is a pilgrimage. If you are awake, if you are looking at the signs, if you are understanding, If you are sleeping, if you don’t have any belief, it’s just like taking your car and going, driving.  But you understand you are going somewhere for the sake of Allah, do you understand how many sheytan are waiting for you there? Do you understand how much power now that Sheykh has to have to pull you through? So Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, we start from little, small things. Then that time we can make the big journeys.

That Buraq, I was going to say, when Holy Prophet (asws) was going to jump on the Buraq, the Buraq got very nervous and backed away. Hz Jibril (as) was upset with him and said, ‘what are you doing? How dare you do something like this?’ He’s saying, ‘forgive me, I’m very shameful but I was just thinking,’ this Buraq is actually very slick, he’s very smart. Usually when, Sheykh Effendi says, those ones who are short, if for example, they are five feet, they have five feet plans underneath. But only the small ones. Big ones, different. That one was saying, ‘I’m just very sad because on the day of Judgment, he’s going to ride a different Buraq. Not me. So I’m very sad that this is it, this is just going to end, just like that. Holy Prophet (asws) himself saying, ‘don’t worry. I’m going to ride on you  on the Day of Judgment.’ So he’s very happy then that time. And the Prophet (asws) thinking, saying, ‘how I can be riding on this Buraq when my nation on the day of Judgment they have nothing to ride on?’

The day of Judgment, the Evliyaullah they are saying, is fifty thousand years. Do you understand? There are, I believe, five stations. And each station is fifty thousand years. And just to cross the Sirat is thousands of years. To cross the Sirat. This is real. That’s why you need a Buraq. Because the Buraq, wherever the eye is seeing, it is already there. So Allah swt heard the dua of the Prophet (asws) and he made Jibrail (a.s) to say, ‘ya Muhammad, don’t worry. It is already granted to your nation. They are going to ride Buraqs so they don’t have to wait. They are going to arrive on the day of Judgment to that place like the Prophets.’

We are not worth that. Make ourselves to be worth that. But what is that Buraq? Sheykh Effendi and the Evliyaullah are saying that Buraq, it is your ego. That Buraq is your nafs. If you’re riding on your nafs now, you will be riding that on the day of Judgment, no problem. But if you’re not riding on your Buraq now, you think that time the Buraq is going to allow you to ride? You’re in big trouble. We’re going to be in big trouble. How are you going to train your Buraq, how are you going to train it, how are you going to ride on it without a guide? Impossible. And if you have a guide and you’re being rebellious to the guide, it is double impossible.

So, you still want to go? (Sheykh laughs). Only behind our Sheykh, insya’Allah. There are so many things that happened on that day. We can take and with Sheykh Effendi’s support we can open, but these kinds of things you need days to prepare and you need hearts that are at rest to able to speak. So many of you, your hearts are not really at rest because you’re looking at the time because you have to go. That is the reality. I know your intention, so many of you, is to stay. But we cannot open that kind of sohbet if it’s, ‘okay, okay, yeah, very nice,’ then look at the time. ‘I have to go, I have to go.’ So maybe we just reserve to the people at the Dergah, if they come.

May Allah forgive me, insya’Allah, may the highest praises be to our Holy Prophet (asws) on this Holy night only for him, to our Grandsheykh and to our Sheykh, insya’Allah. We ask nothing but their intercession, dunya and Akhirat. To accept our weakness and not to open it on the day of Judgment. To make us to become better ones, clean ones, strong ones, ones who have no fear of this dunya or anything else except for Allah, His Prophet and our Sheykh. To take out hypocrisy from our hearts, to kick out hypocrites from our Jamaat, and to bring good people in, insya’Allah. We’re asking only Allah, through His Prophet and our Sheykh, insya’Allah, we’re admitting our own weakness and our own dirtiness. We are asking Allah to clean us. We are so weak. We have no power over our creation, over our death or over us rising back up again. We are asking the Owner of everything to always make us to be in the Siratul Mustaqim under the flag of SahibulSaif, dunya and Akhirat. Wa min Allahu Taufiq, bi hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah. This much is enough, insya’Allah. Selam Aleykum.

prayer vigil

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Rajab 1438
April 23, 2017
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