The Pleasure of Allah, That is Our Maksud


Sheykh Lokman Doa

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying the pleasure of Allah, that is our Maksud, that is our meaning, that is our aim. So I asked before, who is happy? Everybody says that they’re happy. It’s good. Whichever of the favors of your Lord can you deny? If you have nothing, you think you have nothing, Ohh, you have everything. I’m asking this one ‘why are you happy?’ He says he’s happy to be with me. I’m saying ‘but I’m washing you up twenty four hours. Are you sure?’ He says ‘yes.’

I’m saying don’t be with me. Be with our Sheykh. And if you see me doing what he is doing, stay. If you see me not doing what he is doing, you have a responsibility to say. Say, and this is what we always say, speak something that is going to give you benefit. But a lot of people, they want to speak without giving themselves benefit, hiding behind things and speaking. You may do that too. I’m not going to stop you, no one is going to force you. So we are speaking. Be happy; be happy for the sake of Allah. Be unhappy for the sake of Allah. That’s enough.

Be unhappy because today, we may say, we’re not doing too much for the pleasure of Allah. We are not doing too much for the pleasure of our Prophet and our Sheykh. Be unhappy because of that. Don’t be unhappy because you cannot get what you want, because maybe not getting what you want, it is a blessing. Definitely it is a blessing, because majority of the people they don’t know what they want. If you ask them, ‘what is happiness and what is it that you want?’ They say ‘it’s the same. Happiness is getting what I want.’ That’s the ego again, because we are thinking that we are the creators of happiness. But happiness has a Creator. It is Allah swt Jalla wa Ala who is the Creator of Happiness. If you try to look for happiness anywhere else other than through Him and through those one that He is happy with, you think that you are making a Jannat but in reality, you are just building up a Jahannam.

You are looking for Allah’s Happiness, you are having so many problems, but you are looking to Allah and you say, ‘You know, ya Rabbi. I’m only asking You for help, I’m only complaining about my own weakness that I cannot carry this.’ That time, like Ibrahim (a.s), when you say, ‘Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel,’ you are going to find relief in the middle of the most harsh an hardest situation. You are going to find a rose garden in the middle of the fire. And that rose garden in the middle of a fire, ah. Then you say, ‘if I was thrown to the fire one thousand times, I’m willing to do that because I’m going to find the garden again and again.’

We are asking Allah to be happy with us. How is Allah going to be happy with us if we’re not looking to see what makes Him to be happy, if we’re not looking to see what make His Prophet (asws) to be happy, if we’re not looking to see what makes our Sheykhs to be happy? That time, what you’re going to gain, also, it is only temporary, it will pass. And just like a drug that you take, you will get relief one hour, twenty three hours you are going to get a big headache and a regret. Just like a drug, you’re going to be so hooked for that just for a few moments of that happiness that you want you are going to, what? You are going to give up and waste your whole life.

We are looking for Allah’s happiness. We are looking to the hereafter life.  We are not looking for this life so much to find happiness. We’re looking in this life to make Allah to be pleased with us and in that trying to please Allah swt, He is giving us more peace, more ease, be happy and be grateful and be thankful servants. When we are running to please Allah swt and we are not finding too much ease and comfort, again be grateful, again be happy because this is what all the Prophets they went through. This is what the Evliyaullah they go through. They are running to please Allah but they don’t get any peace, really, in this world.

I was speaking the other day, we always pray and we’re asking ‘ya Rabbi, make it easy for us,’ meaning that we’re asking Allah not to make it difficult for us. But we are also asking on top of that, for Allah to give us more strength to carry whatever that he’s giving us. And that is important because the one who is weak, the smallest thing can finish him. The one who is strong, the whole world he can put on his shoulders, his knees are not going to bend at all. Because the strong ones in the way of Allah they are in reality the weakest ones. Because the strong ones in the way of Allah they understand how weak they are and they’re looking for that source of strength. They’re not looking to themselves to give that strength, they’re looking to the ones that Allah swt has given that secret of strength from, and they take it from that, and every time they’re saying ‘my cup is empty. Fill it up. We’re asking for your help.’ Then that time, endlessly it will come. Once you start thinking it’s coming from you, one day you are just going to finish and you are going to come out empty. Some of us, we have to learn this lesson quickly, some of us we have to learn this lesson in a very difficult situation. Some of us we have to pay a very expensive price for this, to learn this. It is not coming from us.

The more that you are submitting, the more that you are relying and leaning against and asking help from those ones who have that help, the more strong you are, because you are leaning against pillars, you are leaning against Kutubs. You are leaning against those ones who are holding the earths and the Paradises intact, do you understand? Lean against them. You will be strong. As much as you want to lean, you lean. It’s not going to make you weaker. It’s going to make you stronger. So don’t ask from yourself. Don’t think that it is coming from yourself. Ask from those ones that Allah has given. Ask from Allah swt. The supply is never-ending. Make sure your connection is strong.

Wa min Allahu Taufiq, bi Hurmatil Habib, bi Hurmatil Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

pleasure of Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Shaban 1438
April 27, 2017
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