Shahadat Of A True Believer



Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, when a group of people coming together, first remember Allah SWT, remember His Prophet, then whatever you are talking, talk that time, even if it’s worldly business, that time the blessings come there because you are putting Allah and His prophet there.

One more thing that we lost, Muslims, one more sunnat, sunnat is not only the outside appearances, but the lifestyle, what Prophet (asws) he was doing while he was living, what kind of way that he was teaching to his Sahabi to follow. And when they follow him, alhamdulillah, they take the best from his life, they became the best one and they passed from this world, no doubt that they went to the best place. No one can reach to the level of the Sahabis. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. But we have one good news for us, for ourselves, for people of ahir Zaman and the Holy Prophet is saying one day to them, he was sitting and talking, making sohbet and saying to them, ‘I cannot wait that day that I’m going to meet with my brothers.’ And the companions of the Rasulullah (asws), his Sahabis were saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, aren’t we your brothers?’ He says, ‘no you are my companions, you are my friends in this world. My brothers they are going to be those ones who’s going to come in ahir Zaman, in the end of the time. Everything is going to be against to them, but they are going to run to hold on tightly to my Sunnat, and they are going to take that and they are going to apply it to their life. Those are my brothers. I cannot wait to meet them in the Ahiret.’ So that is for us, Insya’Allah. Because we are not only ahir but ahir of ahir Zaman, the people that is completely in the end, that we came. So let’s renew our Shahadat to be witnessing each other that yes we are saying this Shahadat. Doesn’t matter what others call you that time, kafir, unbelievers, namrud, yezid, doesn’t matter. Don’t look what they say. Look what you say and what you believe, and how you live. That’s what is important.

So let’s witness to each other that we are saying the Shahadat, and when we are saying the Shahadat, no one has the right to call us kafir. If they are calling us a kafir, Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, ‘when you are blaming somebody with a word, that word comes out from your mouth and it reaches that person, those people. If they are not carrying what you just said, that word starts moving away from them to the east. There’s a barricade that comes in front of them, so it cannot go no more. And the words start travelling towards the east and the doors of the east starts closing to that words. It starts travelling to the west, the doors of the west close to that word, it starts travelling up, the doors in the skies close to that words. That words has no place to go but to go back to the person who say it.’ So that’s why Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, ‘if you are calling someone who is saying the Shahadat, who is saying the Kalimah e-Tauhid, La Ilaha Ilallah, if you are calling that one a kafir, that word may come back to you.’ So we must, every association, you and I, every time we come together, before speaking we must remind each other  to say, ‘let’s say the Shahadat,’ to renew our faith. That’s another sunnat, that’s another order from the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘O my nation, renew you faith.’ That’s enough.

se shahadat

Renew your faith. Saying, Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. The man is saying these words through the tongue openly, finish, you cannot call that one a kafir. He may be doing wrong things, it’s okay. But that word still makes him, through the tongue, a believer. Maybe he’s a hypocrite, he’s hiding it inside. Doesn’t matter. You don’t see the heart. People that the west, pointing finger saying this one is a kafir, should we go along with them to say ‘yes they are kafir’? They are saying the Shahadat. Can’t you see.

Allah SWT is teaching lessons to all mankind through an incident that happened, but the man is still sleeping. Once upon a time, there was a strong man, a strong tyrant man living in middle east Dergah. He also came from one village, he grew up, he was a little boy. He grew up, so many incidents happened in his life, slowly, with the help of some friends and some of his enemies, he became the leader of the country. And he has a bless name, Hassan or Hussein, The bless name, Hassan and Hussein and they call him Saddam Hussein.  He was saying through the time and he was a believer. He was doing so much cruelty maybe, so many wrong things maybe, but he was a believer. Through the tongue we have to look to say he is a believer, he’s believing. His lifestyle and his actions does it fit to the Sunnat of Rasulullah (asws)? Or does it fit to the sunnat of the Sahaba e-Kiram? So many it didn’t fit. But we still, right now we still cannot call him kafir. He passed from this world. Those friends that Allah SWT saying, ‘don’t make your best friends from the Christians or the Jews,’ don’t make your best friends from the Christians or the Jews. The best friend, meaning the one that you can trust hundred per cent. He says, don’t make them your best friend. Work with them, make business with them, but don’t make them your best friend. Who is saying this? Am I saying this? So many Imam is afraid to speak this now. Allah SWT is saying this to us. Do not make them your best friend. Why? And it is obviously right in front of us.

Saddam made them to become his best friend. They were dealing together and they were tyrannizing so many believers. Through the hands of unbelievers, giving guns to that one and he was tyrannizing the believers, and they were behind, watching and playing angel. And some goes hugging them and saying I felt like I’m hugging a saint. Who? The worst tyrant. The more tyrant than, who knows, ever came, maybe. Because his head is empty too that one. He cannot even believe he hears that somebody is calling me a saint. He would be surprise. And that one was his friend too. But in the end they all came together, like jackals and up till they bring him to the rope, they didn’t rest. Why you think they did that? Because they finish their business with him. Their worldly business is finish with him. So if he stays around, then he’s going to speak some more things that is not going to be good for them. So they should be getting rid of him. And they did.  But Allah SWT showing lesson to you and to me that that one that everyone is running to saying he is kafir, he’s unbeliever, he’s this he’s that, he’s not knowing in the last breath of his life that they are taking him to the place that he built to hang other people. He himself he built it, he gave order and he built it there, that thing, and he ordered so many people to be hanged there. When he was building that place, he didn’t even think one split second to say, ‘one day I may be here. This people they may be hanging me,’ he will not build that place. He didn’t think. He exempted himself from that saying, ‘I cannot be here. Impossible.’

And the history circled around and came, and the people that he hanged, their children came saying, ‘now we are going to put the rope around your neck because you hanged my father.’ And they were saying to him, ‘now you are going to hell.’ Look how sheytan is playing with the man up till the last minute. Be careful, you and I we must be careful. Don’t think that you and I that we are more smarter than that one.  No, maybe we are holding tightly to the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws) and his Sahaba e-kiram, and we are applying their sunnat lifestyle to our lifestyle, that time you may say. You don’t even say again that time, but you just be happy saying, ‘alhamdulillah I am trying to live according to the sunnat of the Sahaba e-Kiram.’ You don’t go around bragging saying, ‘I am better than Saddam Hussein,’ too. No. So, they bringing him up, step by step, knowing now this is a small room. Think on it. Not the world camera’s watching. Nobody’s watching. And they are provoking him saying to him, ‘now we are going to put the rope around your neck. Once upon a time you hanged my father here. And I want to put the rope around your neck and you are going to hell.’ And he’s still turning around and giving answer back to them, ‘watch your tongue. Keep your tongue. You better know when to speak and how to speak and why to speak.’ Keep it to yourself. Don’t speak to everything that people they provoke you to speak back and forth. There is no end to that.

Holy Prophet hold his tongue like that (Sheykh hold his tongue) saying, ‘promise me two things: your private part and your tongue. Promise me these two things. I will be waiting in the front door of the Paradise to bring you in.’And that one they are provoking him and he got used to giving answers giving back and forth and continuing, but he’s not thinking that these are counted minutes for my life. I wasted all my life for nothing. And I’m going, and these are last minutes of my life. He didn’t think on this. That’s how much sheytan is running to keep people until the last breath. Busy with them, with talking back and forth. One says this, one says that. That’s why Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, do not argue even if you are right. Stop the argument. And say to them, when those ones they come to you and they are attacking you, Allah SWT is saying that they are attacking you, and they are being tyrannizing you, say to them, ‘salams to you. Peace to you,’ and walk away. Leave them. He says leave them to Me.

So that one is coming and they are putting the rope around his neck, I am seeing and you have seen it, and if you didn’t see it, go, it’s everywhere still, they haven’t removed it from the internet. I like to see it time to time. It gives me understanding to say, you are not any better than this man but look what happened. So many they were around him once upon a time, praising him, up till the last day, they were running in the streets saying, ‘our life, our blood, our children is for you Saddam! We die for you!’ and next day, they all grab him and put him into the rope. They ran first. If you are depending on people putting you up, next day they are going to put you down. If you are holding on tightly to the rope of Allah, those people that they love Allah and His Prophet, they will die for you that time. Definitely. They will die with you that time. Because they know that the course is the same. We are running for Allah’s sake.

So Saddam he was going on the rope, they put the rope around his neck and he is still giving words back and forth with them. I’m watching, and saying SubhanaAllah, how ignorant, how tyrant the man can be to himself. Yes, up till last minute, the breath of life is finishing, still fighting back with the people knowing that, ‘one minute later I’m not going to be here. These ones they are all going to be here but I am not. Who knows where I’m going, what is waiting for me. What is expecting?’ Do we think about that? Maybe we should think. Like on the rope or any other place, we are going to die. Do we think what’s going to happen to us? Do we think how angel of death is going to appear to us? How angel of death, what kind of face he is going to appear to us with? Is he going to appear to us with a mercy or with the face of, the kings they can shake and they can fall down from their places. Prophets they were shaking. Prophets they are shaking from the appearance of Azrail (as).


Yes, so the Saddam, all of a sudden, instantly he woke up, he said, ‘what I’m doing?’ to himself. And he started saying Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammad….the life is gone. He was hanged. It’s there.  Watch it.

What did he do in the end? The most powerful man that came on earth once upon a time, right? You are going to deny that he was not powerful? He was one of the most powerful one. That the whole world came together to bring that one down. Whole world came together to make that one to become worse tyrant. Whole world came together to bring that one down. One of the most powerful man that came to earth. In the last breath of his life he woke up. Must be he did something right in his life. Some thing he did right in his life. And who knows maybe there is a Saint right next to him, touching him saying, ‘wake up. Say the Shahadat. Leave everything else.’ Then, that’s what happened to him. He believe in this Shahadat. That’s why the last breath of the life he hold on tightly to that and he went.

You are going to go, and I’m going to go. Doesn’t matter how you are living now, the most important thing, how you are going out from this life. If he didn’t believe on the Shahadat, he wasn’t going to say it in the last minute. Do you think that he will say it? So now he knows that the rope is around his neck, he knows that there is no way turning back, he knows that the last seconds of his life, he knows. So that is the time he woke up. The Mercy of Allah has reached to him. The mercy that reached to him, who knows what touched him there and he hold on to Shahadat tightly and he went out from this world. We are not going to sit and argue  and talk what is happening to him now. That’s between him and Allah SWT. We can only say good things to believers when they pass from this life. We should not run to become together with unbelievers to curse at them. No.

So, this Shahadat is our life. The Shahadat gives life to us. The Shahadat is for this dunya. Shahadat we must take it with us to the grave. Shahadat we must grab to the Judgement Place, with this Shahadat. If we do that, we will become the winner. Dunya,  dunya world is gone. Today, today again is gone. No matter how much you have earned, today is finished. Everything that you have earned, either it is in the bank or it’s out in the street that you’ve invested into the cars or to the houses. What you have earn for Ahiret, everything is sent to your grave. That’s what you are going to find tomorrow when you are entering into the grave. So when we get up in the morning time, first thing we have to say, ‘O Ya Rabbi, I am making intention to live for You. Everything that I’m running to do, I’m doing it for Your sake.’ That time go to your work, go run after everything, you are going to find that worldly work that you are doing, it’s becoming blessing to you in Ahiret. We are not saying to you, as some people making confusion, we are not saying to you don’t go to work. We are not saying to you don’t go to school. We are not saying to you change your lifestyle completely to become monk. That’s not accepted in Islam anyway. The man has to work and to earn. I am over fifty years old, I’m still working. Everyday I’m working. I work ever day, every day I’m working, I’m going with the animals, I’m checking here, I’m checking there, I’m doing, I’m doing work. Yes, to earn the food to eat. Nobody is going to say in the judgment day, I feed this man. I earn my eating through working. Yes. So that’s what we should do. That’s what we should do, but the priority has to be Allah. When we are working for dunya, priority is to Allah, to please Allah SWT. This is what we should run. And if we are making intention, Allah SWT is going to make it easier for us.


Intention is the most important thing. In the judgment day, we come to the judgment place not according to our action, according to the intentions of our actions. You are all here now. Definitely I have no doubt that any person coming here now tonight or any other night or definitely you already know me long time that you are not coming here that you are going to make business. You are not coming here that you are going to earn dunya. You are coming here for Allah sake. You are coming here to pray, to make zikr, to listen to couple of words that is coming to us, Insya’Allah from our Sheykh and it gives benefit to you and to me. That’s why you are here. If it’s not giving any benefit, huh, if I tie you here with the chain, you are not going to be here. Especially these young generations. Young generation. The elderly ones, there’s no problem. Elderly ones, their lives is gone anyway. They have no place to go. They go to masjd. Yes. But the young ones, they have so many things out there waiting for them. MashaAllah to you.

Those ones that Holy Prophet is saying, when sheytan came one time and Allah SWT sent sheytan and he appears in the association of the Holy Prophet (asws) and he is saying to the Holy Prophet (asws), ‘I have been sent here from your Lord ( that miskin he didn’t say from ‘my lord’) to you, saying I must give correct answer to every question that you are asking Ya Muhammad.’ If he were to say ‘Ya Rasulullah’, he’ll finish also, he will win. But he didn’t. And Holy Prophet saying to him, ‘who do you hate most in this face of earth?’ Hasha astaghfirullah, he says, ‘you.’ And he says, ‘second, the young generation, young people that they are with you. I hate them the most.’ He said, ‘I try every side, I cannot reached to them. That drives me crazy.’ So many other questions has been asked but this is most important for us to understand.

So sheytan is not going to be too happy. Of course you are not here for business, you are here for the sake of Allah, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, to learn, to understand. So difficult the world is right now. The mankind makes it so difficult. How we are going to live in it? The man doesn’t know how to live in it anymore. The wife and husband doesn’t know how to live anymore. Wife and husband doesn’t know how to treat their children anymore. The children they don’t know how to behave with their parents anymore. Everything lost. All this lost because we left Islam. Holy Prophet came to teach us how to show respect to our parents, how to show respect, male and female to each other, wife and husband what kind of respect they have to show to each other. Yes, they are not slave to each other.  They must love and care to each other. But today’s world, completely change. Mankind lost their direction. And because of that we are having so much problems day and night.


We must turn back to our own original roots. We must run back to Islam. We must hold on tightly to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (asws). We must run to carry any sunnats that it is easy for us, we must run to carry it. Because if we do one sunnat, we will be having so much Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, especially if it’s a forgotten sunnat. For instance, forgotten sunnat, one of the forgotten sunnat is putting kohl in your eyes. That is forgotten sunnat. Muslims, they feel shame to do that. They feel shy to do that. They say, ‘how the westerners they are going to think about us?’ What do you care what the westerners they are going to think about you? Why you don’t worry to think how Prophet is going to think about me? How the Rasulullah is going to think that I’m carrying his sunnat?

So that  is one of the forgotten sunnat. Don’t listen to what anybody says. Is that a sunnat? Yes.  Yes, you know it. Yes. So, do it if you can. If you cannot do it, don’t attack others. You are attacking the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws) that time. So, if you think that you have that much of luxury, welcome. But you are going to become sure one day. Doesn’t matter. That is the Prophet (asws). Unreachable maybe. We are going to reach to the Prophet (asws) through the sunnat that he has left to us. And especially, there is a hadiths for that saying, forgotten sunnat. Forgotten sunnat is saying also, one of the forgotten sunnat of Rasulullah (asws)  which so many people today, so many imams, they are  attacking this too (Sheykh holding a miswak). This is a forgotten sunnat. Only handful of people they are doing it. If you do it, you get, what Holy Prophet (asws) say? ‘if you are keeping one of my forgotten sunnat in ahir Zaman, you will be getting the rewards of hundred martyrs.’ Hundred martyrs rewards you will be getting. So run to do whichever the sunnat that is easy  for you, run to do. We are not putting obligations to you of course. It is the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws). More we do the sunnat of the Prophet (asws), more we show our love to him. More we love to our Prophet (asws), more Allah SWT loves us.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, this much should be enough for you and for me for tonight. If we hold on tightly to these words, we will become the winner. As we say, if Saddam Hussein were to hold on tightly to the Shahadat that he said in the end, if he were to hold on tightly to that Shahadat, he wouldn’t go out from this world like that. So many leaders of this world came, and when they pass from this world, yes the westerners, the westerners definitely they make feast and celebration. When the Sultan Mehmet Khan, the Conqueror of Istanbul, when he passed from this world, those westerners they come together, they start spreading the words saying, ‘the big Eagle has just passed away. The eagle has just died.’ And the Vatican declared that we are making celebrations for three days and three nights. They played with the bells of the Churches. Three days and three nights, making celebrations that that one who is representing Islam passed from this world. And, Islamic world, they just bow down in front of him. Yes, the Muslims they bow down in front of him. They put their head down. He didn’t make unbelievers his best friend. He said to them, he said to his generals one day, he took one of his beard and he said, ‘you see this beard. If this beard knows where I’m going, what I’m going to do, I will shave all the beard and I will burn.’ And he said, ‘I don’t spread words around. Unbelievers they are watching.’

So he was a nightmare to unbelievers. He also say the Shahadat and he has live according to that Shahadat. He came in front of the door of Istanbul, Byzantine Empire, and the world is looking at him saying, ‘a small lunatic kid, 21 years old. He came here and this water they are going to swallow him.’ And he said, ‘yes, either this Istanbul is going to take me or I’m going to take this Istanbul. Because this is the word that has reached to me from my Prophet and I am ready to die for this.’

Sultan Mehmet Fatih

Insya’Allah we are ready to die for that Istanbul. We are going to take that Istanbul back. It is in the hands of unbelievers. Insya’Allah we are going to open the Khilafat from there again too. So many is saying that it’s not going to come. Look how fast it’s going to come when second time conquering of Istanbul. Insya’Allah we will be in it. That time, it doesn’t take weak man because so many evils and sheytans are going to be there. Strong man comes with the strong faith. Hold on tightly. First, our Holy Prophet (asws) was loving the flower too. He was giving the best for everyone. But when the time came, he pulled the sword and he went out there. He didn’t hesitate taking the heads for Allah sake. So that’s what the believer is. The west is trying to get rid of this spirit from the Muslims, of jihad. And Allah SWT is saying to us, that We are ordering you Jihad. Because time to time, you become so lazy. You become so attached to this world. And Jihad makes you to wake up to understand that you are living for Allah sake. And the jihad, yes the biggest jihad that you are going to make, is with your nafs, with your ego, fighting back to your ego. That is the biggest Jihad.

So Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, no Jihad of course, before the Khalifah. Don’t go around killing somebody to think that you are making jihad now. No Khalifah is appearing now. There is Khalifah, Allah SWT is hiding that one, He is not giving order for jihad. When that one is going to give order for jihad, either this world they are going to accept Allah SWT, taking His words putting on top of their head, or they are going to go out from this world. You like it or not. This world belongs to Allah. His name is going to be mentioned everywhere must be. Shahadat must be everywhere. La Ilaha Ilallah must be everywhere.  And that’s what the believer they should live for. If Allah gives me the power, I must put the name of Allah everywhere. That’s what you are supposed to be living for. That’s what you are supposed to be living for. That’s what you are supposed to be living for. The unbelievers they don’t like it. They should find another Lord, they should find another world. This belong to Allah. This place belong to Allah. And  they are living in it, last breath is counting. As Holy Prophet is saying to us,  one period of time Allah SWT has given to the unbelievers to rule. Their time came to end. Don’t say, ‘how? They still look like they are in the power.’ They lost the power. It came to end.

So, wake up to yourself. Keep the zikr in your heart. Keep your heart powerful. That’s how you will reach to Mahdi (as). Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, that’s how you’ll reach to him. And Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, yes Isa (as) coming down with the sword. Definitely.  He didn’t have sword in his hand. They run to hang him. They couldn’t. But he’s coming down with the Divine Sword, to fix everything, to make everyone to say, ‘say Allah,’

Wa minAllahu Taufiq. This much is enough for you and for me. Fatiha.

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

October 2, 2011

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