Live The Way You Believe

Auzu billahi min ash‐sheytanir rajim
Medet Ya Seyyidi Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet

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We are asking help and support from SahibulZaman Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim adil al-Hakkani to send to us something that we may speak and it will give benefit to me and to you. Those who are listening, hearing, understanding, taking the words and applying to their life, definitely it’s going to work. Those who are just listening but they are very happy with the knowledge that they have, I say, stay with your knowledge. You don’t have to take it. But you are coming here every time, empty the glass. No matter what you know, doesn’t matter, leave it in your house. Bring the empty glass, we can put more things in it, if you bring it empty. If you are coming with your own knowledge, whatever it’s there, you are not going to take anything, cos it’s filled up. Everything that is coming, it’s going to overflow. It’s not going to give any benefit to you.

That’s what happen to Muslims. 21st century Muslims, they are reading a lot, those that they are running in the way, they are claiming that they are Muslims, good ones, holding tightly to the orders of Allah and His Prophet. This is what the claim is. And when we look at their life, first  thing is, they don’t even have peace. You are going to be a servant to Allah Jala wa a’la SWT and you are not going to have peace in your own self? Something wrong somewhere. Definitely nothing wrong with Allah,  nothing wrong with His Prophet, nothing wrong with Islam. Something is wrong with you. Because you are trying to fix Islam, the lifestyle that you are living, you are trying to cut, chop here chop there, and to say, ‘well the time is like this now, and even Prophet said to fix yourself according to the time.’ MashaAllah. So that’s what happen to Muslims.  So they are not Muslim Muslims, they are not Christian Muslims, they are not Jewish Muslims.

‘How are you talking like this Sheykh Effendi? Huh? ‘Yes, that’s the truth. And the problem is if they will be a Christian Muslims, we find some way to fix. But it’s no Christian Muslims, no Jewish Muslim, they are secular Muslim. And so many is saying, ‘I’m a communist muslim.’ MashaAllah. That’s why Muslim today, they are able to make khutba like that to say, ‘mould in, disappear, don’t show yourself.’ Don’t show yourself what? There’s an open war in America against to Islam? Why you are not showing yourself? If I see you in the street, Holy Prophet is saying, give selam. Spread selam. If you are giving selam to each other, then the love start becoming together like this (strong) and spreading. And we are holding tightly to the foundation of Islam that time. Just one word of the Holy Prophet saying, ‘give selam.’ Give selam to each other.

If I see you in the street, I don’t even know if you are Muslim, Christian or Jew. Definitely you don’t look like a Jew, because the Jew is carrying that ugly clothes that he thinks that it’s the clothes that Musa was wearing, but even though that it is not, they are holding their tradition so tightly. Yes. The Christians, the nation, the general public they lost the way but at least the Priest and the Cardinals and the Popes, meaning when we comparing to Islam, their Imams and their scholars, and their Sheykh, they are not walking around with suit and tie. They have their identity and they are carrying.  But the Muslim Imams, when you look at them, you don’t know if they are imam, if they are gigolo or another one, let me not say that part, they will be bothered by that. From where are you getting this? Whose tradition is this? Whose sunnat is this?

Islam is not applying only to the Imams but it’s also applying to the whole nation of Muhammad. The man they want their wife to be covered, but they open themselves up. MashaAllah. You don’t have Islamic outfit to wear? Why are you copying the unbelievers? What are you getting from that? You become better believer or worse?Which category you are falling into when Holy Prophet is saying, Islam is going to deviate. Jews they have deviated seventy-one different ways, one stays Siratul Mustaqim, seventy is in the wrong way.  And the Christian, seventy-two different ways, one is staying in the right way, the other seventy-one is  in the wrong way. And Islam, Muslim, they are going to deviate seventy-three  different ways. One is going to stay in Siratul Mustaqim, the other seventy-two,  their road is leading to Jahannam. And Holy Prophet is saying to us, they asked, ‘Ya Rasulullah, which one are those?’

“Those are the ones that they are holding tightly to my sunnat. And the sunnat of my Sahabi.” And this Islam began strange and it is going to end strange. Beginning strange means, Islam began strange, thirteen years in Mecca, there’s only handful of people believing in Islam. Don’t think that oh, hundreds and thousands of people right away they accepted the Prophet. He was the Prophet. He was the Prophet of the Prophet. He was Habibullah. He was the Rahmatan Lil Alamin and he had a whole bunch of ignorant idiots in front of him, challenging him every words that he is saying, trying to say otherwise. And where did that lead them?  To Jahannam. Where do you think Abu Jahil is? You think he is sitting in Paradise now? Where do you think Abu Lahab is? He is in Paradise? What is it that they did? Are you understanding? They went against to the words of the Holy Prophet saying, ‘You are wrong! We are right.’ And they went directly to Hell. And when they came to the Badr war and Abu Jahil is finished from the first war, goodbye, and they throw their dead body into a well, not given burial to that. And Holy Prophet came and he stand up of the well and he is speaking to them, saying to them, “So, did you find now, did you find the promise of Allah? You see, I have found, Allah promise me and He help me with the angels, three thousand angels came down from the Paradise to help me. Now did you find what Allah has promised to you? That you are becoming disobedient, did you find it now? Do you like it now?” He’s talking to them. And Hazreti Umar (ra) looking and saying, “Ya Rasulullah, aren’t they dead?” And he said to him, “Ya Umar, you are not hearing me better than them. Only thing that they are doing, they cannot do, they cannot respond back. But they hear me very well.”


Three thousand Angels came to help three hundred believers. Three hundred believers. Because they stood up for Allah’s sake. They were ready for the whole Islam was going to be finished. The unbelievers they will win, Holy Prophet and all his three hundred thirteen they would be finished, and Islam will be finished. And today you will be responsible still. You will be responsible still from the Islam, but Holy Prophet cry for us, for our self saying, “Ya Rabbi, if You are making this handful of people to disappear from the earth, the nations that is going to come later, how are they going to know Islam? They are still going to be responsible. Ya Rabbi, we need help.’ And as Allah promise him, three thousand angels came to help.

Nation of Islam now is almost 2 billion. More than so many other faith. Even more than the Christianity because Christianity deviated in so many different ways. Where is the Muslims  if Mahdi is taking the Takbir by morning? How many of you are going to leave and run after him? Are you ready? Of course not. But Allah promising again, saying, ‘I have supported with three thousand angels and I am going to send five thousand more down.’ That five thousand didn’t come down yet. They are going to come to support Mahdi (as). They are coming to support Mahdi (as) So where are you as of believer? Which side you are? Are you sitting in every corner and backbiting and slandering, and lying and cheating to your own servant to the whole world? Or you are just preparing yourself? Are you worrying only for this dunya? So many is. So many. So many Muslims. ‘Sheykh, pray for my son.’  What do you want? I’m praying, he’s a good guy. ‘No, he should be a doctor.’ I say it ‘s okay, he can be a shepherd.  We need shepherd too. ‘No! My son? My son has to be a doctor.’ Okay, we pray. The son becomes doctor, the father complains again. What is it that you want? You lost your mind? You lost your mind. You have no peace with your own self. You don’t want to leave any peace to anywhere. Well, don’t pass your limits, whoever you are. You are going to be punish. Can be your son, your daughter, this, that, but Allah Jala wa’ala has given different identity to each individual. Each individual has different secrets. Respect and love is something else, being a servant to Allah Jala wa ‘ala is something else. The way you are, that’s what you will receive.

The nations, the way you are carrying Allah’s order, Allah Jala wa’ala put that kind of leader to rule you. If you are an obedient ones to Allah Jala wa’ala, Allah put His most obedient ones there to rule on you and to bring you from more hell to the Paradise. If you are disobedient to Allah jala wa’ala Allah choses the worse ones amongst you to put that one to be ruler and to bring more trouble to you. Because you are disobedient to Allah. And we became disobedient to Allah SWT. Muslims became disobedient, Muslims male and female became disobedient. Young ones and old ones they became disobedient. They are only opening their hands asking for dunya only. Never asking to become better servant to Allah Jala wa’ala.

People they are not checking their level of faith to see which level it is. Everyday you check your car, you get into your car and you check the gas gauge to see how much gas you have inside. Worse comes to worst, it’s just going to finish, you are just going to get stuck on the road and you are going to walk to the gas station. And you are showing so much care to that gauge. Are you checking your gauge to see which level your faith is today when you get up? Or you are just fooling yourself to say, ‘I am a faithful one,’ but you are running to do what the unbelievers they are doing. Has to be different. Lifestyle has to be different. They cannot be same.

Islam it is a lifestyle. Islam teaches us how to live. Holy Prophet has been sent to teach us how to live on the earth. What is the expectation? What Allah Jala wa’ala is expecting from us? And He sent Prophet to us to show us. We cannot just run, saying, ‘I do as I like.’ Just like unbelievers. You cannot do as you like. If you are an intelligent man, if you are a man with a faith, you cannot do as you like. You got to do as Allah likes. You got to do what Allah wants. Not what you want. Cos what you want is wrong. Because you go according to your ego. What your ego says is wrong. The teacher of your ego is sheytan. Sheytan is whispering left and right. So when the man is running to do what his ego wants, he cannot have peace. Impossible. Because he’s not having peace, he’s running around and spreading the sickness. Don’t. Don’t do it. Because you are damaging your own self.


So we came to this world to know the main reason why Allah Jala wa a’la has created you and me. The males and females. What is it? Why He has created us? ‘To know Me and to worship Me.’ This is the main reason. He didn’t create you to make buildings. He didn’t create you to make new cars. He didn’t create you to make new roads, to wear new clothes, to have new phones, to have computer, to become robot to computers. That’s what happens to 21st century people. Whatever they have invented, later they became slave to that. Males and females, sitting (being busy with their phone), messaging, ‘why are you not sending me message back? Don’t you see I’m sending message? Why are you not sending message back? You have a phone. Why?’ Sitting over there watching the phone. Males and females. They lost their mind. ‘I am calling you, why you are not answering? Where are you? How many times I have to call you? You have a phone next to you, why are you not answering?’ They became slave.  The mankind became slave. You have a computer, why not opening the computer, to sit in front of MSN, to play around, joke around, da, da, da, da… They are learning knowledge from the computer. MashaAllah. Ninety percent of the people sitting in front of the computer games. I didn’t know that they have games in there too. Now I heard that they have games. I didn’t know that the phones they have games. SubhanaAllah, I’m watching people and I said they cannot be sending message all the time like this. I see, they are playing games. Ohh, I became very ignorant. I have this technology in my hand but I never know that they have games. That’s why you have been created? To sit and play games? You are taking the life for a game?

The life is very fragile. If Azrail comes to you now, whatever you collect in this life, that’s what you are going to take and go out from this world. What did you do to yourself? Did you build Paradise? Or did you build hell to your own self? Check your lifestyle. Check your deeds. Check the intention of your deeds, and you will find out. You don’t need to be a scholar. You don’t need for Evliya coming to tell you this is what you are going to. Check what you are doing. Did you live for Allah today?

When you get up in the morning, did you get up in the morning saying Allahu Akhbar first, I’m living for You. You order to me, before anything else, I am coming to Your Presence. I am keeping my promise to You. Did you do that? If you did that, definitely your day is going to become better right after that. If you didn’t, the worse is waiting that day. Make intention for next day. Next day is coming. No. The following day is coming. No. Next day is coming… you are so intelligent, going to school, educating so much, you cannot even earn money? So easy. No. They are running for dunya, no money too. So why are you living for? You are not living for dunya, you are not living for Ahiret. Why are you living for?

That’s what happen, 21st century people, became slave. To who? We are speaking to Muslims, not non-Muslims. If you are unbeliever, you have no problem. You got to live the way that you believe. You are not believing anything. I said don’t sleep night time too. Days is twenty-four hours, don’t waste half of your life sleeping. Run and do everything because this is the only life you have that time. After this, your life is finish. Disaster is waiting. So twenty-four hours, run to make enjoyment that time. If you are not living that way, you cannot be showing good guidance to your own children. You are responsible for them up till the maturity age. You are responsible to show them the right way. The right way has been shown to us through the Holy Prophet (asws), through his lifestyle, through the lifestyle of Sahabi e-Kiram. If you follow them, we will find safety in this dunya. We enter to our grave safe, and beyond that, eternal life becomes safe. If you don’t live that way, tomorrow it’s going to be worse than today. If you are following what Holy Prophet is ordering, your tomorrow has to be  better than today. Your today has to be better than yesterday.

Every time you are getting one more step closer to your grave, more happiness comes to you. More enjoyment comes to your heart. Because you are getting closer to meet, the reunion with your love one. All other love are fake anyway. People (are saying), ‘I love you and you love me,’ and next day, ‘I will choke you in the court.’ So much love. One word, everything disappears. Just like a needle. Putting one needle and the balloon empties out. That is not a love. That wasn’t a love there. There was no love. It was only selfish, egoistic desire. You had what you have, now, I don’t love you anymore. Allah, Allah. So easy. You love me today, tomorrow you don’t love me. Allah Allah.

So today’s people they lost everything. 21st century people. If unbelievers they do it that way, it’s okay. Believers, cannot be. Believers, they love each other for Allah’s sake, dunya and Ahiret. In dunya maybe they are far distance away from each other. It’s okay. But their heart has to be together. So we lost that too. Muslims, they lost. Because we left the role model. Our role model is our Prophet. Our role model is our Sahaba e-Kiram. We left them. We change with something else. We change with unbelievers.  Unbelievers became our role model. So before it’s too late, because still we have big chance, hope, no matter what situation you are, even if you are in the worse situation, you are still taking the air in and you are giving out, chances giving to you to turn around. And don’t delay for tomorrow. That’s how sheytan is coming, saying, you do it tomorrow, it’s okay. You don’t know if you are going to reach for tomorrow. Make promise today, hold on tightly today. And say, tomorrow I’m going to try to become better servant to You Ya Rabbi. At least make the intention. When the intention is correct, alhamdulillah that time the help will reach to you. Otherwise, you know your life. Everyone knows their lives that every passing day is becoming more worse and more worse. Just because we left Allah, we broke our promise to our Lord, and we choose different lifestyle. That’s not what Holy Prophet came to teach us.


Holy Prophet came to teach us how to live in the face of earth the way that Allah wants us. Not the way that our ego wants. If you do it that way, you will become a winner. If you don’t do it that way, live as you like. You are free, up till the last breath. But your life is only three breath.  You took one (inhale), you don’t know if you are going to give it out the next one. And tomorrow is completely unknown. So live according to that. Don’t forget, angel of death will come to you,  it’s not because you are sick or because you are old. Angel of death will come to you because the breath of life that Allah has given to you, has finished. It’s counted. So every word, every breath that you are taking in and you are giving out, is calculated. So watch what comes out from your tongue. This tongue either puts you into Jahannam or Jannat.

Abu Jahil couldn’t move his tongue to say Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. He didn’t became witness to the truth. He didn’t accept the truth. He didn’t say that Shahadat. He found himself in Jahannam. Bilal e-Habashi, or so many other Sahaba e-kiram that they were slave of that time, that it was impossible for them to come out from slavery. Because they say the Shahadat, Allah Jala wa’ala keep their names with the Golden Alphabet everywhere. Look at the miracle. America, you think people in America they didn’t hear about bilal? He was a black slave. Nobody knows where he was. What give him honor? The Shahadat. And that Shahadat, that he live according to that Shahadat. He didn’t just say the Shahadat and to say, ‘I live as I like again.’ He say the Shahadat, as soon as he say the Shahadat, they were open target to the enemy. The enemy was strong. They didn’t hide themselves like mouses, to the corner. They say the Shahadat, and they walk with the honor of that Shahadat. The enemy attacked them left and right, but Allah protect them always. Allah protect them then, and Allah is protecting them now. And their names have reached to us. Their names is above anything else. The Prophet’s name is the most mentioned name on the face of earth, ever, and all those that they follow the Prophet. Do you still want to see a miracle? That is not enough for you? So many kings they came to this world, they ruled the world, but if I tell you go and find them in the history books, you don’t even find. Who is these slaves and they came? They were slaves, and Allah keep their names up and He is keeping their names up.

This is a country that the people they don’t believe in Islam. Three hundred million, maybe two hundred fifty million, they heard about Bilal al-Habashi. And Allah Jala wa’ala gave you freedom. Your name is going to be written in the books. Either a good believer or a bad servant. Good servant or a bad one. Sheytan is also a servant, but he is a bad one. So don’t follow the example of sheytan. Later, you are becoming partner with that one in Jahannam. And  you have not been created for that. So I’m watching time to time, people they are running making confusion everywhere, in small community, small groups, they are just making confusion trying to find something in it for themselves to find happiness. You are not going to. Don’t stick your nose into something that doesn’t concern you. That’s the best knowledge. Don’t interfere to the knowledge that it doesn’t concern you. Look what is for you. Prepare yourself to become better servant. Make your Paradises to grow better. Build batter palaces in your Paradises. Everyone running to build better houses in dunya. It’s only temporary. If you are building or not, if you are living under rent or not, or if you don’t have anything, you are living in the shelter, you are still alright. Build the Paradise. Because that’s the eternal life. And the good deeds, good actions and good intentions that you are doing in dunya, that’s how you build your Paradises.

So, if you are a believer, live like believer. If you are an unbeliever, live like unbeliever. One day something may reach to you. If you are an unbeliever and you are living just like unbeliever, by mistake you may do some good thing to a friend of Allah and he is looking at  you and he pray for your behalf and you will find safety. Don’t be a hypocrite. No man can help you that time. No Prophet can help you that time. The place of the hypocrite, it is lower than unbeliever. So wake up to  yourself, take this life very seriously. Life is very fragile. Soon as angel of death comes and hid you, you are out from this world. You will understand that time what you did but it will be too late. So before it’s too late, make sure that you understand, make sure that you will build better life Hereafter.

Wamin Allahu Taufik. May Allah SWT grant long life to our Sheykh and to all those ones that they are showing guidance to us in this ahir Zaman, in this dark times, and they are trying to keep us in Siratul Mustaqim. If you follow their advices,  we will stay in Siratul Mustaqim. If we don’t follow, definitely we will fail. If you are failing, don’t think that Allah is failing. You are failing. You are just losing. Fatiha. And we are here one more day, Allah Jala wa’ala gather us together here to remember Him. To remember our Lord through His Holy names. And remembering through our tongue Insya’Allah that will enter into our heart and that will occupy all our body, and that time Insya’Allah we will live for Allah, not for our ego. And if you are living for Allah that time you will be able to show a lot of tolerances surrounding us. We don’t look at other people’s mistakes, we look at our mistakes. If somebody is doing wrong to you, you don’t question that one, you question yourself to say, ‘what I did wrong that Allah SWT punishing me through this one?’ What I did wrong that Allah is punishing me through my son? What I did wrong?  That’s how it goes.

If you are not being a good servant to Allah jala wa’ala, Allah is going to punish you through your love ones. That’s how it is. Allah love you, care for you, He gives you everything, and you are not caring back, you are not showing that love back. Okay, He says, you will taste that. You will love that one and that one will show arrogance to you. Will you like it now? You don’t. So correct yourself with your Lord. Not the way that your ego wants, the way that Prophet came to show. Live according to that. That time you are going to see everything surrounding you is being correct. Allah is going to fix it. Not you. You cannot do anything. So let’s renew our faith saying, Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.


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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

October  2011

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