I am very afraid of my Bera’at because there are bad things I did I don’t even remember. How do I pass Bera’at?


Question: I am very afraid of my Bera’at because I know what bad things I did in the last year. I am afraid there are bad things I did I don’t even remember. How do I pass Bera’at?

Hoja berhati2

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. I think I just gave you the answer in the sohbet, and what I spoke about yesterday. It’s good, to be afraid from your Lord. Because very few people now they are afraid. Believe me. Because it’s very trendy and fashionable now to say, ‘oh, you must love. Allah doesn’t judge. We judge each other. But Allah is most forgiving. Allah doesn’t judge anything. You do whatever you want. He is going to forgive. Have no fear. Fear of your Lord, that’s low level.’

We must have fear of our Lord. That fear is the, some are saying, it’s the beginning of our wisdom. But it’s a different fear. The fear has to come from that love, that you don’t want your Lord to be unhappy with you. You are doing things to make Him happy and you are understanding what makes Him unhappy. But the punishment of Allah is also real. The punishment of Allah in this world and the next is very real. People are not speaking about that side anymore. Ohh, the way that people are talking about the love of Allah, you think this whole world is blanketed  with love. But this whole world now has become more and more cruel, more oppressive, more selfish. More they talk about love, more selfish they become. Why is that? Use to be, especially majority, they’re just in the masjid and everywhere, they just talk about the fear of Allah. But the people had love. People had more understanding and more compassion to each other. They are talking about the fear of Allah, talking about the punishment of Allah, so much in the old days, making it tight if you start listening, read some of the things, oh. But the people had more compassion and intelligence and modesty. And they have more forgiveness for each other.

Now everyone, they are just talking about the love of Allah, but people are becoming more stubborn and arrogant and oppressive to each other. Because the balance is gone. The check is gone. Everyone can do as they like. And Allah is letting us for right now, saying, ‘I’m going to give this hundred years to dajjal and dajjalic people, to spread confusion. You will run and you will do as you like.’ Like we said in the khutba, in the old days you do something, earlier nations, you wake up, the sin is going to be written on your forehead. Don’t think it is not there. It is there. The Evliyaullah they can see that. They don’t have to see, Sheykh Effendi is saying, they can smell your ego. They can smell, everything comes with its own identity. May Allah cover us, Insya’Allah and not open it and put us to shame, to keep our honor high.

But people now  are just very stubborn and becoming more arrogant. In the old days, you do a little bit, Allah is showing. But in these days, especially in this nation, especially in this ahir Zaman, Allah SWT is withholding everything. So people are running around to do the worse kind of confusion and it seems like nothing is happening to them. And nothing is happening to them.

Oh, what do we have? So many things. Unheard of things. Now, point by point you are going to see your whole faith is being dismantled. ‘Eh, it’s okay, everything is the same. Everything is equal. Fourteen hundred years, everyone got it wrong, we got it right. Man and woman they are equal. Same. Woman to lead the prayer, it’s okay. You can do it. Fourteen hundred years nobody figured it out. They are all very stupid.’ MashaAllah. Astaghfirullah. In ahir Zaman suddenly you find out something. Of course. This is different kind of Wahhabism.  Now, point by point, easy you can say things and do things that is against fourteen hundred years what the Prophet has left. Now they can even dare to say whatever sheytan has put into their heart, because in reality, whatever that we are not opening, Allah is closing. You may have all the wrong thoughts, but Allah is Sattar, He is closing. But once we say to someone, there is a witness. It’s very difficult now. In the court of law too, you can do the crime, but you have no witnesses, you may get away with it. But if you have a witness then you are finished. What if you have the whole world to witness you? Allah. How?  Allah is trying to cover you in every side, but still you are insisting. Don’t say Allah is punishing.

So now they can stand up and they can start cursing at the Prophets. They are cursing. They have been doing that for years anyway. Muslims are sleeping. Once certain things are open up it’s also another agenda that is happening. They have been saying that for years. It wasn’t too long ago that you cannot say those things. Especially you say those things openly, there is a law. But now, everyone is saying. One person is saying, ‘I don’t like what  Abraham (Hz Ibrahim as) did to his wife.’ They are saying he’s deadbeat, and calling Hz Sarah, using different words for that, and questioning Allah. This is not questioning, this is making confusion. This is having so much hate and things that come to your mind, whatever sheytan is giving, you are just saying. There is no filter. There is no check, there is no balance. You think you are the only one in fourteen hundred years you ever thought something like that?

But no, because now it’s all about an audience. Whatever you do you have an audience. Everything is now for show. You are not looking that Allah is looking at you. The angels are looking at you. The Prophets and friends of Allah looking at you. You are looking to the world. Because if it’s a real question, sincerely that you are asking, the answer comes to you. Because you are looking up to Allah SWT and you are saying, ‘I don’t understand this.’ The answer will come to you. If it’s not going to come to your heart, it is going to come through a sign. If it’s not going to come through a sign, it’s going to come from a person. Because that is also the Divine Protocol, that Allah is going to send you. He said, you are sincere, you want to understand, you will understand. You are not sincere, you don’t want to understand, you just want to make confusion, and to spread fitnah, if forty Prophets come down to speak to you, you will never follow, you will never believe.  So now it’s not a question of questioning, it’s a question of ego and insincerity.

Islam is not ruling. It will. Allah is promising. Holy Prophet (asws) is promising. We must be busy with ourselves, not in this holy months to start cursing at Prophets. Hasbeenallah wa nimal wakeel. 124 000 Prophets there are, and they have to attack Khalilullah, KhalilurRahman, Hz Ibrahim (as). You are really trying very hard to pull the anger of Allah, special kind huh? Allah Allah. But it must be because the beginning is wrong. May Allah remove us from confusion, Insya’Allah. Wa minallahu Taufik Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

Lokman Effendi - Sincerity

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Shaban 1438
May 5, 2017
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