In a previous sohbet, you said that we should not be alone. What should one do if one is forced to be alone due to lack of community or psychological issues?


Question: In a previous sohbet, you said that we should not be alone. Shaitan has a way of attacking those who stay alone. What should one do if one is forced to be alone due to lack of community or psychological issues?

Shyekh Lokman Effendi Hz

If you don’t have a community, Allah has given so many ways for us in this ahir Zaman to connect. He has given us technology to connect. I’ve never seen a person who’s alone and he doesn’t have his laptop in front of him or his phone to check something, to be part of that community, whatever that he chooses to be. Physically there is no one there, there is a reason. Maybe the people there are just going to confuse you and maybe people there they are just going to poison you. Everyone has to go through a period of being separate, then later you’re going to have a period of when you’re belonging to the Jamaat, later you may have a period of separation from that. It changes every time. It is with the Holy Prophet (asws). It is with the Sahabi e-Kiram.

If you have certain psychological issues, then be with your Lord, be with His Prophet and be with your Sheykh a little bit more, and understand that there is no separation now. ‘Oh, this is spiritual, this is not psychological. This issue, the Sheykhs and the Prophets have nothing to do with this, they cannot help, this one only doctors can help, if I take certain medicines then I’m going to be okay.’ No. Everything is interconnected. A lot of the time, psychological issues is coming from the spiritual issues. Everything is coming from the spirit anyway. Slowly, if you understand what that issue is spiritually, then you may use, maybe we’re going to say, stay with that kind of treatment from the doctors, but put a certain check over here, put check over there, don’t just take it and run with it. Maybe we’re going to say, on top of that, there are certain things you have to do, certain prayers that you have to do, certain things. It is important. Insya’Allah.

The loneliness, it is not whether you are physically with people or not. It is what you feel that is inside. And who do you want to be? If you are, so many people they are lonely, most alone when they are with other people. Some people, when they are with themselves, they are not alone. There is a time for doing things together and there is a time for doing alone. Maybe you’re so used to being alone, you think it’s okay, good; you are an expert at being alone. Now pick up the skill of how to be with other people. That is also a skill. Be in a Jamaat. Don’t worry; you’re not going to lose that part too. In fact, this is necessary, so many murids. Learn how to be in a Jamaat, because it’s a different skill. Don’t worry, proper time, things are going to change. Have the sincerity, it will change. Not to worry, Insya’Allah. Wa minallahu Taufiq, Fatiha. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

sheykh lokman effendi

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Shaban 1438
May 5, 2017
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