What is faith? What increases or decreases one’s faith? How can I gain faith and be an Osmanli?


 Question:  What is faith? What increases or decreases one’s faith? How can I gain faith and be an Osmanli? Is there any link between faith and intelligence? Please tell us something about faith.


Don't know too much (2)

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. I don’t know too much. I am going to tell you just a little bit of something, insya’Allah. I am going to speak to you from my own experience. These are very good questions, there are a lot of questions. Some of them, we may have spoken before, you may look. Some of them, Sheykh Effendi had spoken before, you may look, but let me say something a little bit. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the best kind of knowledge is the kind that you experience.’

Now, if you ask me the question, ‘tell me something about your faith,’ I may speak. And I’m going to let you know, first I understood that my faith was in trouble. Because the faith, it is not just something in your heart. The faith is what the rest of the body does. Do you understand? Because the trick that they are playing with us is: ‘don’t worry, your faith, you’re good inside but outside you can do whatever you want. But it doesn’t matter as long as the inside is good.’ But your inside is going to show from the outside. What is in your heart is going to show in your face. And that heart, as the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘there is a piece of organ, a piece of meat in a man’s body,’ and he holds his hand like that (in a fist) and science has discovered that the heart it is as big as your fist, ‘when it is good, the rest of your body is good. When it is bad, the rest of the body is bad,’ which means if you have faith, your body, your actions, your activities it will be good. But when it is bad your activities are going to be bad.

You cannot now say ‘my heart is good but my activities are bad.’ Ego is going to tell you that. ‘Don’t worry, you have faith, but don’t worry about doing this. Allah understands. You can run to do that. It’s okay, your heart is still good. You still believe. You can do this wrong action, wrong action, wrong action,’ and one day you are going to wake up and say, ‘what is it that I am doing everyday that is defining me as a Muslim, that is showing that I am a believer?  What is it? I’m doing as I please. I’m just letting my ego to do as I want. Is this what a believer is?’

When you lose your role model, then you are going to make yourself to be a role model. You’re going to make an idol of yourself and you’re going to put it in your heart. And you are going to say ‘me. I am.’ First you have to wake up and to say ‘my faith is not there. My faith, it is lacking.’ There is a saying. They say, ‘be careful when you meet a Friend of Allah, because he is going to take away your faith.’ The meaning is not that he is going to destroy your faith, but the meaning is that whatever faith you think you had, he is going to take it away to replace it with a real faith. That is the meaning. Yeah, we thought we had some faith until we meet our Sheykh. That’s what sent me all the way from there to here to start looking.

start looking

Once you realize your faith is lacking, you pray, you’re praying, Allah will send you that one the same way that the people, from the time of Adam (as), they are praying for Allah to send guidance and Allah sent them a Prophet. That the Bani Israil, they are very highly intelligent people. When they are in trouble they are praying, asking Allah to send them a Prophet and if the Prophet is not coming, asking Allah to send them a, what? A king, a ruler. Meaning someone that you can submit to. If you are sincere, Allah will lead you to that one, He will guide you to that one.

How did my faith change? How did it become, I’m not going to say better, how did it become more sincere. Sincere means that I’m understanding what is going in and what is coming out. That is when I met my Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani, and I’ve never met someone like him before and there will never be someone like him again. I met someone who had passion, someone who has faith, someone who believes and he lives the way that he believes. Someone who is not making a show, someone who does not take advantage of anyone, someone whose heart is so soft that he can cry, you know what he cries for? Forget about people or women or children or animals, his heart cried when a plant dies because of our neglect.

But at the same time he is so Jalal, sheytans run away from him and sheytanic people will run away from him. And he is an Osmanli. And he’s awoken that faith in me and making me to understand I’m not looking for my faith, I’m looking for his faith. I’m looking to the faith of the Sahabi e-Kiram. Meaning, he’s making my faith and my understanding not just to be about myself and my salvation, to go to Jannat. He’s making it so huge, so wide, so beautiful. It’s infinite. And he’s making us to be active people who is making Islam to be the most important thing in their lives and making us to become active in bringing back the Haqq to this world. Now that you can never get from books, you have to be with someone. That’s why Allah swt is saying ‘be with the Saliheen.’ It is an order. He is a Salih, he is a Wali. He is a king and he is our ruler, dunya and Ahiret. He is veiled, but he is here. He has passed, but he is very, very, very present with us.

When does my faith decrease? When I am with him, when I stop gazing at his face, looking at him following him and I decide to please the dunya or my ego or sheytan, or to be around dunya people, sheytanic people or egoistic people, or to keep company with my ego and not to keep company with people. When there’s people, murids, those ones who are close to him or murids, MashaAllah. Very quiet, not saying anything, not wanting to be with them, but to be with myself, with the ego, with sheytan, very busy. Or with people like that, alive. You’ve seen people like that. They come in, they are very quiet, it looks like they are miserable. You’re miserable, don’t be here. You don’t have to be here. Don’t be here, go. Go anywhere you want, every single one of you. And that’s for me too. If you feel miserable here, don’t stay. But you see them being very happy when it’s not the Saliheen, with malayani. Oh, then the life comes out, eyes are shining. We all experience that, you and me.

We have to wake up and understand what is coming from Haqq and what is coming from batil, not to get confused. When you have a guide like that, you don’t get confused. You don’t. You may not like certain things or you may not understand certain things but you don’t get confused, because Sheykh Effendi doesn’t allow for confusion to happen. May Allah raise his station and always put his feet on our necks. Wa min Allahu taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin. 

on our necks

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Shaban 1438
April 28, 2017
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