How do you control impatience?


 Question: How do you control impatience?


How do you control impatience? You control impatience by being patient. What causes a man to just get up and just to do things without thinking? What causes it? Sheytan causes it, sheytan rushes. And that is the characteristic of our ego too, man rushing to do things, because you’re in ghaflet, because the ego never wants to think. Sheytan never wants to think.

Sheytan definitely doesn’t want you to think, because once you think, you’re opening your heart and the Divine Voice may come, the divine voice from the Holy Prophet (asws) may come and the Holy Voices of your Sheykh, the Angels they may come, so he says ‘don’t think, don’t think,’ because intelligence is part of faith. When you don’t have too much faith you’re going to be rushing, definitely, because faith is, also, looking to those ones who have faith, taking them to be the role model. Sheykh Effendi rushing to do things? Never. Never he rushes. We rush, but we are watching him, he is slow, deliberate, he is waiting, he is thinking hundred different ways about one single thing, and then he waits for something from Divine Presence to come. He doesn’t rush. But rushing, coming from sheytan.

So what causes it? Sheytan causes it. You sitting, which way do you want to be, Rahman or sheytan? You can be with sheytan, you can rush. You are just going to crash and burn that time. That’s all. The ego, the ego doesn’t think, the ego just goes. Whatever makes it feel good, it’s just going to do. Who thinks? The men of religion. Who thinks? People who have faith. Who thinks? Those ones who are servants to Allah. Because Allah swt is describing in so many ayats of the Quran e-Kerim saying ‘think.’ Think, think. Stop to think. Understand and think. Don’t just go according to from your stomach. Think. Pause for a while and watch and understand, because we have been created to think. And intelligence it is part of the faith. Three things were brought to Adam (as). Three gifts Allah swt gave to Adam (as) and He’s asking, Allah swt giving the Order saying Adam (as) can only choose one, one gift, one present. Allah sent him Intelligence, Faith and Modesty. Intelligence, Faith and Modesty. That question before, intelligence and faith and how important intelligence is, this is tying into that question.

When it was brought to Adam (as), he chose Intelligence. And the Angel who brought those gifts to him, saying to Faith and Modesty, saying ‘you have to go, you have to return.’ They refused. They said ‘we are not going to return, we are going to stay.’ ‘But this is Divine Order, you have to go. He has to choose only one.’ ‘No,’ Faith is saying. ‘I cannot go because Allah has given me an Order; where there is Intelligence, I have to be.’ So, you have Intelligence, Faith is going to be there. Then the Angel said to Modesty, ‘then you may go. You have to go.’ He says ‘no. Because Allah gave me an Order; where there is Faith, there is Modesty.’ Check your Modesty. You don’t have modesty, you don’t have faith. You don’t have faith, you don’t have intelligence. That’s why you see people they are, something is wrong with them and they just go off. You’re seeing, this doesn’t fit into someone who is modest. Modesty gone, faith gone, intelligence gone. They say the most disgusting things and you say ‘did you think before you say these words?’ ‘No.’ Then you are friends with sheytan. We have nothing to do with you.

Think. Who is going to be your role model to think? You have your Sheykh. Look to how he thinks. This is how we’re going to understand, we’re going to connect. This is how we’re going to enter into the oceans of our Sheykh. This is how we’re going to follow in his footsteps. This is how we’re going to make fana. These are the steps. Not to just make billions of zikr and then to have some sort of fantasy. That is not that. Like I said, how are you going to follow the Ahli Bayt? How are you going to show love to them? How are you going to show love to the Prophet? How are you going to show love to the Sahabi e-Kiram? Exactly as the Prophet says, be ready for hardship. May Allah give us more strength, insya’Allah. We are asking for more patience, we are asking, insya’Allah ar-Rahman, may Allah give us more patience and more faith, more intelligence and more modesty insya’Allah, especially in these Holy Months, wa min Allahu taufiq, al Fatiha.

May Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Shaban 1438
April 28, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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