The Meaning of Ramazan



We have, insya’Allah ar Rahman, maybe a few days, maybe one week, maybe more, to sit down and to understand that Holy Month that is coming and how we should be doing to prepare. So many are going to ask, so many are asking, ‘what should we do to prepare for Ramazan?’ It depends on what your Ramazan is. What is your Ramazan?

If your Ramazan is to stay away from food and drink and then later to fill up your stomach, twelve hours, eight hours, whatever it is, to jump into the food and then to start eating. If that is your Ramazan, you’re already preparing for it. Everyone, in reality, is preparing for what they want to happen. Whatever that you are looking for you are going to find, so be careful what you want to look for. What are you looking for in the month of Ramazan? Oh, so many will say ‘oh, blessings, Allah’s blessings.’ What is Allah’s blessings to you? For the majority Allah’s blessings; to get more food, nice dresses to wear, nice houses, better, better what? Better dunya. Now we are starting to follow other ones, other ones who are saying ‘the proof that Allah loves you is when He opens up more of the dunya to you. The proof that Allah loves you, the proof that God loves you, is when you are prosperous, you have money.’ So this is another sickness of the heart, where you are going to use dunya as a way to measure your spirituality.

What is it that you are going to find in Ramazan? What do you want from Ramazan? More blessings. What is Allah’s blessings to you? Very few, only a handful is going to say ‘the blessings that I want to get from Allah it is from the life that I am going to aim for that is going to be forever, that it is going to be clean and easy, and good. My aim is that.’ And as our Sheykh says, if you aim for that, the dunya will open for you. But what of the dunya is going to open for you is only the dunya that is going to give you the boost for Ahiret, not the dunya that is going to stop you from aiming for the Ahiret. So what are we looking for in Ramazan? What is Ramazan? What is the meaning of the Ramazan? We are going to feel this year, again, Alhamdulillah, with a little bit more heat, because we are entering into the summer months. What is the Ramazan? What does it mean to you? To majority, it’s to not eat or drink or to have any kinds of activities, that kind, then nighttime to eat and to drink until the next morning and to have all sorts of activities until the next morning. Eh, we pray a little bit here and there.

What is Ramazan meaning to us? I believe it was Hz Abdul Qadir Geylani (qs) who said ‘Ramazan means to burn, to scorch.’ We are feeling a little bit of that burn. What is it scorching? To scorch, to burn, our wrong actions, our wrong intentions that we have done. This is something very interesting, because the action that we are doing itself, it is burning us, correct? But now you have a Ramazan that burns these actions. Are we feeling that heat? What does that mean, the Ramazan is going to burn our actions? It is already given now, in this month, the month of Ramazan that is coming, that your body, your mind you cannot do too much, because this body gets energy, especially if the body is just running towards the desires in this dunya, it gets its energy only from the desires of the dunya. Those ones that their bodies they get the energy more from prayer and zikr, the body will become cleaner, brighter.  There will be an energy that is there that you see, ‘this is not possible through not eating and drinking.’ But for the majority, because of the not eating and drinking, they will become weaker. But that weakness, it is good, because it stops this body, now, from being the tyrant that it is, that it has been for the eleven months.

There’s no more energy, now, for the body, for the mind, to be going into those wrong areas. Now the spirit is more free. The spirit is more free because the spirit is saying, ‘even in this time in this Holy Month, not doing anything but just not eating and drinking, it is going to fill me up with the blessings that Allah swt is sending in this month.’ The spirit is starting to get the energy and the blessings that is reserved only for the Angels. The reason is because the angels, they are not in need of eating and drinking. We are. And if for a specific time you don’t eat and you don’t drink, you are pushing, we are pushing ourselves to be at that level of the angels, which the Evliyaullah is saying in our creation, we are higher than the angels. In our creation, the angels are made to make sejdah to us. And one month in the year, the whole Ummat it is made to observe this together. To open these blessings that is coming down for the entire planet, for the entire earth.


This is not something small. This is something huge.  And this is a huge blessing that is coming down. Not just to Muslims, but to the whole world, to the whole of creation. And in this ahir Zaman, they try to destroy that, showing that ‘we are supporting’, tricking people, ‘oh, happy Ramazan. We like Ramazan too. We must make Ramazan like we make Christmas. Now we are going to have Ramazan sales, twenty-four hours.’ Now, in the month of Ramazan, where you are going to stay away from dunya, staying away from being busy about the appetites, staying away at least to pull yourself back, in the daytime and in the nighttime, away from this dunya, now number one Muslim countries leading the way. Twenty-four hours they are going to pull you, to try to trap you into celebrating this dunya in the month of Ramazan. You are going to see so many commercials on television about food. You’re going to see so many commercials saying, now, you have to, for celebration of Eid, now you have to buy everything, renew everything. Not renew your faith, but renew your dunya. You have to buy new furniture, new this, new that.

Celebration is something else. But when you take it to an extreme, when Ramazan becomes an excuse for you to sink more into the dunya, it becomes wrong. It becomes wrong. Yes, of course we must celebrate, we must make everything a little new, we must feel happy. But you know by yourself what is occupying your heart more. To pull yourself back in this month of Ramazan, to remember Allah, to remember Allah, or in this month that is supposed to be for us to pull ourselves back to remember Allah, you’re remembering our desires and our appetites and our dunya more.

All man has to do is to understand ‘today passed. How much time did I spend thinking about my Lord?’ Thinking. Not going through the motions up and down, not going through the motions just pulling your tasbih. Really thinking about our Lord. ‘How much time did I spend thinking about my grave?’ Ramazan, not Ramazan, bayram, no bayram, Angel of Death is a shadow. It is following us. ‘How much time did I think about my grave? And how much time did I think about what I’m going to eat and drink and wear and buy and enjoy?’ No-one needs to tell you anything. You sit and you judge by yourself. And if you find, ‘ah, I got tricked again today,’ make intention. Make intention that ‘no. Tomorrow I’m going to spend more time to free myself from this world a little bit more, and just to be busy in the remembrance of my Lord,’ which is why Allah swt is saying ‘be with the people of zikr.’

Maybe by yourself it is difficult to do all of this, you are surrounded by people of dunya. I’m not talking about surrounding yourselves with believers or unbelievers, Muslims or non-Muslims. But try to surround yourselves more with the people of zikr, people who remember Allah much. Whether they are standing, they are remembering Allah, they are sitting down, they are remembering Allah, they lie down they are remembering Allah. Whatever activity that they do in this world they are remembering Allah, they begin everything with BismillahirRahmanirRahim. They are doing everything remembering their Sheykh and giving Salawat to the Holy Prophet (asws).

When you are being busy with people like that, your body will be in dunya but your heart, it will be in Ahiret. And Allah looks at what is in our heart. You may be doing dunya work twenty-four hours, working, but your heart is not in dunya. Your heart is with Allah, because now you learn from the people of zikr. We are not saying the people of zikr they are perfect or this or that, there is no mention of that. It’s just that these are the ones that are seeking knowledge, and these are the ones who are looking, searching for their Lord’s Pleasure, searching for His Prophet’s pleasure, searching for the pleasure of the Mubarak ones in whatever that they are doing. And their actions, now, that becomes ibadat. That action becomes ibadat.

Ramazan is almost on us. You can feel the air starting to change a little bit too. Sheytan, they are getting ready to get locked up and they are getting ready, now, to leave wrong things into our lives, so that when they are locked up, we can continue with those wrong things. Try to catch yourself. For some, it is wrong habits. For some, it is to get more angry, more stubborn. For some, to get very impatient. If you are not studying yourself, you will not know yourself. Study yourself. Don’t study books. On the Day of Judgment, we will be given a book, and that is the book of our lives. Open that book. In the Holy Months, this is what Allah swt is giving us, an opportunity to open that book and the Holy Nights, from Raghaib to Miraj, to open that book. In the Month of Ramazan, it is good for us to open that book, to read our book and whenever that there is a mistake, pray to Allah swt to remove it, so that our book will only be filled with good, clean actions and intentions. No one else is going to do that for us. No one else can do it for us, unless we do it ourselves.

Miraj finished, the Shaban, the most important day, Nifsu Shaban, our Bera’at; Allah in His mercy is giving to this nation two weeks, half a month before Ramazan. ‘If you are really carrying the days properly, I’m already making it to be clean and easy for you.’ And our responsibility is to make sure it is clean. We need to study ourselves. Open our books, don’t open any other book. Know yourself. That time, you may know your Lord and you will worship. As long as a man doesn’t know himself, even if he knows the four books, the 104 books, he is still the most ignorant one. Know yourself and you will know every book that is coming, because the secret of all four books, it is in ‘la ilaha illallah.’ When you know yourself and you are understanding what is your ego and what is Allah, you’re starting to understand and put it into your lives, what is ‘la ilaha illallah’?

Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless our Grandsheykh and our Sheykh, that he has left us these teachings. We are asking that we hold on strongly to them, that their support is always on us, so that we do not leave from these teachings that is going to make us to understand what is this life and what is the next life. It’s going to make us understand what is yesterday and what is today and what is tomorrow. To make us always to be with them, behind them, may we always be under their feet, insya’Allah, to be in safety. For us not to lose our faith. May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
23 Shaban 1438
May 19, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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