How We Deal With Tyranny?


Question: How we deal with tyranny?

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Don’t deal with the external tyranny to say who is being a tyrant to me. Whole world is complaining. They are saying, ‘this is tyrant to me. This one said something to me. This one…’ Look to your own self in this month, this month of mercy, in this first ten days of mercy.

Tyranny, it is the opposite of mercy. Tyranny is not showing any mercy. And tyranny, as the khutba is saying, when things that Allah has put high, you put low, things that He puts low you put high, you are being a tyrant. Now that is very wide. Now you look to yourself, how you are going to deal with the tyranny inside of yourself. First, are you admitting that you are a tyrant? Majority are going to say, ‘what me, tyrant? No, I’m such a nice guy. I’m sufi you know. I love everyone.’ You are not even going to admit that. Then, why Allah is saying, recite this prayer, ‘La ilaha illa Anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu mina z-zalimin.’? If Hazreti Yunus (as), he’s saying that he is a tyrant, then what about us?

Why Hazreti Yunus (as) he’s saying that he is a tyrant? What did he do that he’s saying that he is a tyrant? He was a Prophet. He was a Prophet that came and he showed his nation the way. He showed his nation how to face to their Creator, not to be a tyrant to themselves. But they, did they listen? They didn’t listen. Years, decades, hundreds of years maybe he was saying to them. Not only they didn’t listen to him, they started tyrannizing him. Do you think it is easy? So many of you, you complain to me, ‘my son doesn’t listen to me. My daughter doesn’t listen to me. My husband doesn’t listen to me. My wife don’t listen to me. And I’m really fed up.’ You only have maybe a couple of people around you. These are Prophet that they have the whole nations in front of them. Thousands of people. Hundreds and thousands of people, and not a single one, a man, a woman or a child, is listening to them. Something that is common sense, something that makes perfect understanding, they are not listening to them.

Now did Yunus (as), did he curse at his people? Did he ask Allah to send down the azab to these people? No, he didn’t . What did he do that he’s calling himself a tyrant? What did he do? He just said, ‘this is too much Ya Rabbi, I cannot carry this anymore and I’m leaving this responsibility that You have given me.’ Leaving your responsibility. That is cause for tyranny, to his people that didn’t listen to him and he left. And it’s a long story. He went on that ship and those ones in there, they knew who he was. Unusual man. But because of the storm, unusual storm, they understood that something has to be put into that sea. When he drew the straw, they didn’t want him to go down because they know that you are a holy man. But he said, ‘no, I understand. This is for me. All these is happening because of me. My Lord is not happy.’ He went into the ocean and the fish swallowed him. There’s so many secrets why that happened, why it is a fish. And the fish swallowed him. Did he complain to Allah, ‘why are You doing this to me?’ Did he complain to Allah? No, he didn’t. He complain about himself. That he did not carry the responsibility. It is not a simple responsibility. Believe me it is not a simple responsibility.

The fish swallowed him, and he was there for how long? And he was making a zikr,La ilaha illa Anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu mina z-zalimin. – there is no ilahs except for You, and I am one of the oppressors. I am one of the oppressors, oppressing myself.’

Now, if Yunus nabi, if that Prophet, he didn’t do anything wrong, he just decided to take a break from, running away a little bit from his nation, and he’s calling his action as an oppression, an act of tyranny,  and he was punished for that, who are we to say that we are not? When you don’t look to your Prophets as guidance, as role models, than that time you are going to say, ‘I am a Prophet, and I am a guide, and I am an Ilah.’ When you look to them, then you understand where the standard is, where the measurement is. If not, you are just going to go according to what your friends are saying. Friends are saying, ‘what tyrant? You are not a tyrant, you are a good guy.’ You are going to go according to what the television is saying, what social media is saying. You are going to go with what people are commenting on Facebook. Oh, that becomes your guide. That becomes your ayat. That becomes your source of inspiration. Not your Prophet, not your Holy Book, not the Holy people.


In our way, you have to do a lot of work. Welcome to Jihadul Akbar. You have to do a lot of work. Sit down, what is it inside of you, inside of you and me that is a tyrant. How are we  tyrannizing people. How are we tyrannizing ourselves. Like I said, tyrannizing ourselves it doesn’t mean you are going to beat up people, you are going to abuse them. When you are putting value to something that Allah does not put value, when you are putting down what Allah puts up, you’re a tyrant. Now with that understanding, meaning any disobedience that we do, any disobedience that we do, we are becoming a tyrant. You find out. Sit and think. Those are the things that if you understand and you are looking for the key and you can open the door, you can pass through that. And if you are still not understanding and you are taking this sohbet is just theory, is just philosophical, is just listening one ear in one ear out, and you are not taking it, trying to understand, trying to change, you are not going to make any progress. Maybe you are very nice, you are very good with some things but to certain people you are not. Maybe everything is okay, but with certain actions you are not. You have to find. We have to find, Insya’Allah. That time, we’re really making  tauba. That time Allah is saying, because you come to Me humbly, and you understand what you come to Me with, you understand, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, you are in awakening station, you understand what tyranny. When you understand that, and Allah is saying, even if you come to My presence with the sins all the way up to the Heavens, I will forgive you without any reservations.

Especially in these days, Sheykh Effendi had said, Evliyaullah they are saying, everyone has become a Firaun. Everyone has become a tyrant. And a tyrant is never humble. And humility is not about the outside form. It’s never about the outside form. Especially if you are in Tarikat, it’s not about what you are outside. It is what you are inside.  It’s not about, if you are in public everyone is saying. It is how you are at home. It is how you are with your Lord. It is how you are with small group of people. And there is no show, there is no audience, there is nothing there. Humility is when there is no one except for you and Allah, and you sit and you open everything to Him. And a tyrant cannot be humble. And a humble man cannot be a tyrant. And that moment when you are humble, you are understanding your station of servanthood, Allah will raise you. This is the month for that. Don’t be more proud in this month. Don’t be more angry in this month. I’m seeing here and there people become more complaining, more stubborn, more rebellious, angrier, more jealous, more sensitive to anything that he doesn’t like, or she doesn’t like. Yes, that is also a facade, that is also a characteristics of Ramazan.

Everyone is speaking about Ramazan, mashaAllah, like it’s such a wonderful time. It is, it is filled with blessings. But you don’t understand, our ego does not like Ramazan. And if you are not understanding how your ego doesn’t like Ramazan, then your ego will trick you in Ramazan and you think you are such a saintly person doing everything, but your ego has already tricked you. When we are in this state too, I know so many people because they are not eating properly, drinking properly, sleeping properly, they get very sensitive to everything. Correct or no? Are we watching ourselves? We should. We should step back a little bit. We should understand. We should control. We should ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, like what Holy Prophet (asws) had said, ‘there are people, that all they get from Ramazan, from their fasting, is just hunger and thirst. Nothing else.’

Hoja ramazan.passaic.jpg

This is the month for you to understand your ego, understand how much further you can go, how your buttons are pushed. This is the month to watch. This is the month, like what the khutba is saying, you start to understand. Now you have no one else to blame. Nothing. Everything that comes out, is from you. You cannot blame sheytan anymore. It is coming from you. So are you looking at you properly? If we are looking and we are saying, we are still missing in these things, we are still deficient here, we are still wrong here, and we try to fix it, then this Ramazan is going to be full. With that blessings, we can continue for the eleven months. We can continue, at least after Ramazan for seventy days, until the Qurban that is going to happen. And from the Qurban, a few days later, for the Muharram and the Ashura to begin.  Now, it is your spirit that is looking forward to this renewal, times to renew, times to rejuvenate, times to load up.

Where else except in Tarikat you are going to learn this? You are learning this outside? They are giving you a whole calendar to say, ‘now is the time, on President’s day if you fast so much then your spirit is going to go up like this, after that memorial day this is going to happen’? No. Everything in the calendar is just pointing to dunya. Be careful, they are going to make Islamic calendar to be like that too. Ramazan sale, Eid sale, Qurban sale. Everything like I said, if you don’t understand your ego, your enemy, your enemy will trick you. The enemy will make you think you are going on the right way, but you’ve already deviated. You understand?

So Allah has placed Ramazan high. And Ramazan is not the time for dunya. It is not the time for desire. It is not the time for the ego. Ramazan is the complete opposite of that. May Allah make us to become better in this Ramazan. Insya’Allah. Forgive us for our shortcomings. For the sake of the Holy ones, for the sake of our Sheykh, Sultanul Evliya and the Holy Prophet (asws), Al-Fatiha. Amin. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Ramazan 1438
June 2, 2017
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