Ramazan is to teach us how to become ahle Jannat


Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This way continues with association. Sit, listen, open your heart. Don’t be busy with the dunya or your ego. Leave everything aside. Open your heart and listen. Try to remember how it was the first time you listen to the sohbet, and how your heart was moving. Try to remember the first time that you are sitting for the zikr and how your heart were shaking.

Remember. Remember the times and the situation you were in that makes you to look for the zikr of Allah and the sohbet of the Prophet, and the sohbet of the Evliyaullah. Remember. Don’t forget. Because if you forget, you are not going to be grateful. There’s not going to be any shukr. You get spoiled. Once you get spoiled, they can give you the best things but there is no taste. There is no taste. And because there is no taste, because your heart is circling somewhere else, you are going to stop remembering how the dunya tasted like, and you are going to start remembering just how your ego felt when you were in dunya. That is a very dangerous situation.

This is part of a Tafakkur. If you are remembering properly, your ego is not going to trick you that way. Because you understand and you look. Like what I was saying, so many have come before and they have left, they have deviated. I sit and I say, ‘that could be me.’ What did they do? What am I doing? Are my actions the same as theirs? If it is, then I will be from that association. I will be one of them, I will deviate too. Guard myself.  Because we are not separate from them. So many of them they are better than us. But once you stop remembering, you forget and that taste loses,  everything becomes routine. Then nothing is of value anymore.

This is the month of Shaban. Every year we are celebrating Shaban, alhamdulillah. Every year we are reminding people Bera’at is coming where our fate is going to be decided. Don’t filled these days to make our fate that is going to be decided, to be a bad one and a heavy one for the year to come. You want to get upset? Get upset with yourself. Don’t get upset with other people. Get upset with yourself. That you are continuously forgetting. Some, they get upset with others. But when you see where is that anger coming from it’s not from truth, it’s not from Hakk. It’s just from your ego.  And the ego it just wants to destroy, it just wants to hurt. Some, they are blaming themselves, but because you are not listening. First you have to listen physically. You are not taking that physical listening, then because you are so sensitive to how weak you are, when you don’t listen to the physical words of the Sheykh, that’s the time your ego is going to speak very loudly to you and you are going to listen to those words. And you are just going to make up your own theory, and you are just going to make up your own reality. We say, where is this reality coming from? Are we speaking? No. But I’m seeing this, this, this and this. And we say, when you don’t listen, you cannot listen properly with the ear, physical, you are not seeing with the eye physical properly, how real is that reality now that you are feeling?

Sheytan busy, never resting, always trying to pull us out. Like I said before, in the month of Ramazan there is no sheytan, they are all locked up. What do you think they are doing right now? They are relaxing? No. Right now, they are running after every believer especially, to train the ego. They are doing it, running around extra hard to train the ego, so that when it leaves for thirty days, the ego will know exactly what to do. It’s as if sheytan is right next to the ego and the ego can continue being disobedient, the ego can continue being destructive. Sheytan doesn’t need to be there. That’s why you find there are some people during the month of Ramazan they become more Sheytanic. They become more impatient. They become more angry. We say, what happened? This is supposed to help you. But no, because they are not preparing for Ramazan.

Allah SWT is giving us Bera’at to prepare for Ramazan and for the rest of our lives, to say, ‘if I die,’ (may Allah make us to reach to Bera’at) ‘but if I die after Bera’at then at least I’ve cleaned all the actions that I’ve done before this Bera’at, and I’m looking to see what kind of year that I want.’ What is the year that you want? So many they are looking just for this dunya, just for their ego, just for their desires. What is it that you want? When death strikes us, we forget everything else. When sickness strikes us, we forget everything else. When you get just one toothache, that time you forget about everything, all your problems, all the people, you’re just remembering that toothache, and that toothache, at least it is a sign that Allah is making us to wake up and to realize what is real. All the things we are getting so busy, getting so upset, they are not real. It’s not even true. It’s just a reality that you make to yourself.

We should get ourselves ready for Bera’at so that we can enter into Ramazan clean. What is it that we want from Ramazan? We want from the month of Ramazan, to be free from our desires, to be free from our ego, to be free from this dunya, and to be free from sheytan. Allah SWT is already helping us with sheytan. He’s locking him up. With all the rest, are we locking it up before Ramazan? We are not. In fact, before Ramazan happens, more people they become more egoistic, they run more to this dunya, they are running everywhere to satisfy their desires, so that during Ramazan time now, that’s what they are going to continue. Allah is giving us the Bera’at to say, now think. You just finished the mi’raj where Allah SWT is complaining to the Holy Prophet (asws) about his ummat. Where they are hiding this, especially all the punishment that he has seen his ummat is suffering from and will suffer from. Are we reading those parts, to take lessons from it? Like I said, the ship is sinking, this world is sinking. When the world is sinking, you must take a warning. That is not the time to be gazing at the stars. That is the time now you must prepare yourself because when it sinks, to hold on to something that is going to keep your alive and afloat.

Allah SWT is complaining to His prophet (asws) about his ummat. Are we understanding that? From the backbiting to missing the prayers, to being Firaun, to taking the rights of others, everything is described there. What do you think that is for? Who do you think it is for? For the Prophet (asws)? It is for us especially in this ahir Zaman, to see are we there. Everybody when you hear accounts of Paradises, oh you wish to be there. Some saying, ‘I’m already there.’ When it comes to the Hellfire and the punishments, ‘oh, I’m not there.’ This is not the behavior of a believer.

We finished the Leylatul Mi’raj. We are going to enter to the Nisfu Sha’ban, into Bera’at. We don’t have too much time. Then from the Bera’at until Ramazan, Allah is giving us now, like this, like that, when you turn left and right, it’s already entering to Ramazan, and you’ll be ready to collect the blessings of Ramazan. What is the blessings of Ramazan? Like I said before, the blessings of Ramazan is to understand how easy and how joyous and how blessed it is to be free from your desires even for a few hours. To be free from this dunya, to be from sheytan and your ego. That time you are no longer pulled by the gravity of this world, you are feeling something, you are preparing yourself to be ahle Jannat. This is what Ramazan is teaching us. To prepare, to become and ahle Jannat in the month of Ramazan. Not to become ahle Jahannam. Words going back and forth, not caring how the words are going to destroy people, running after slander and gossip non-stop. Then that Ramazan is going to be just like doing something and getting no rewards. As the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, there are people who are going to enter into Ramazan and they are going to fast but all they get from their fasting is just hunger and thirst. Nothing else. Now is the time for us to catch ourselves a little bit. Insya’Allah, with our Sheykh’s help, we will be able to do it. We are weak by ourselves. I’m a weak one, I’m the weakest one. And more you rely on that one who is strong, more that strength is going to be sent to you.

May Allah forgive me and bless you, Insya’Allah. May Allah bless all of you. May we wake up. May Allah take fear from our hearts and make us to worry about Ahiret, not about our ego and this dunya. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Shaban 1438
April 28, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)




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