Be Busy For The Sake Of Allah


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Now, for the first time, you are being put inside like a pressure cooker, and you are cooking. You understand? You are cooking and you are going to feel it everywhere. Like I said before, if you come to a place, to a hospital, a place where they are cleaning you up and you don’t feel that you have to fight against to your ego, ego doesn’t like to get clean up. Some people, Sheykh Effendi says, you clean with just a tissue paper, some people he is saying, you have to use a Brillo.  You know Brillo? Scouring pad, steel wool. Depends, maybe today is simple for us, maybe next year it’s going to be very difficult. Tarikat is always up and down, up and down, up and down, everything is just changing.

(Question from murid:  So it’s okay if a person has a completely different mentality?)

It’s okay. Now, it’s okay to be completely different. In this place, it is welcoming to everyone. Now as long as you are not going to take the rights of others, and I’m going to decide what is that too. It’s not just because you are, right now we are making zikr but you decide to go out there and to make some Karate, a person is going to say, ‘he takes my right because he’s doing Karate.’ Who cares? During the zikr, you are supposed to concentrate on the zikr and not look anywhere. Anything can happen, you are going to look to the one who is leading the zikr. So, when you are fighting, when you are not feeling too comfortable, this is when the medicine is taking effect on you. Sometimes when we are very sick, sometimes when we are very very very sick, the medicine that we are going to take, first our whole body maybe it’s going to reject it, correct? It’s not liking it. So, those things happen in this spiritual way as well. Everyone here, every one of us, this is a crazy hospital, we are all sick. We get different treatment. There are some maybe, I’m saying, okay maybe you are going to help, like a nurse. Some is like assistant. You are going to look to those ones. You are not going to look at everyone. Maybe someone who comes in and he is even more crazy than you, then he’s going to now start to do certain things, and you (murid asking the question) are not crazy, I’ve seen more crazy things. This is nothing.

You see, Ramazan, it’s meaning that it burns you. When you are being burnt you are going to feel some pain. It’s not going to be real if you don’t feel it. It’s not going to be real. If you are finding everything is nice and easy and hundred percent beautiful, we say very good, congratulation, please stay that way for a while because it’s just honeymoon. It’s a honeymoon period. It will pass. The honeymoon is not real too. It’s necessary, but it’s going to pass and now you have some work that you have to do. Insya’Allah. May that work be easy, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman.  So just be easy. No one has the right now to tell anyone, I’ve said this before, no one has the right to tell anyone except for certain people that I’ve said. And even those ones they are under my watch all the time, what they say to other people. Because this place, the Dergah is under the watch of Allah SWT. Allah has put His signature everywhere here. It’s under the watch of the Holy Prophet (asws), the Evliyaullah they are coming and they are going. Mistakes that we are doing, that unintentionally we do, we are not being rebellious, because we are weak, it is easy for them to cover. But when we become rebellious, we become disobedient, we become Sheytanic, that time if we don’t stop, if we don’t take the warning, they just make one smack to us, and that time you go east and west, north and south, you cannot find a cure.

So, it is under the eyes of Allah SWT. But Allah SWT He is looking into our heart. What are we being busy with, into our heart? I’m busy with just worrying. What are you worrying about?’ I’m just worrying because I have all these wrong things, thoughts and actions that I’ve done. Whole day I’m worrying.’ I say, good, be worried. ‘I’m worried.’ What are you worrying about? ‘I’m worrying whether I’m going to find a job or not, whether it’s going to pay me money or not.’ I say stop worrying. That is dunya worrying. Ramazan is not the time for dunya worry. Ramazan  it is when the Rahmat of Allah it is raining. You think the One who gives life to the dead, He cannot give you something that is going to sustain you for your life? He has written your rizq. Ya Razaq, He has written your rizq before He has created you. Don’t worry about that. Worry about other things. Because whatever that you are worrying, it is showing what is in your heart. Whatever that you are thinking always, it is showing what is in your heart. Whatever that you are busy with, that is the worship that you are making.


Allah is looking into our hearts. In this month, we should be a little bit careful. You said, ‘I’m so weak. All these things are happening.’  I say, good. You are weak, you cannot do all these things, then be busy with something else. Go out there, be busy with some construction, be busy with cleaning. How does it feel to clean the bathroom? You feel very good. I had that job for years, I’m still doing that job. Time to time, it feels very good. It cleanses. And I can see, once people start doing that, their face will also change. Because how you are going to change also, to become better, to become a believer, it is not just reading, reciting, making a zikr or things that you understand. So many things are happening that you don’t understand. We fall into the wrong situations and wrong actions with ways that you understand and ways that you don’t understand, correct? So many people do things and I say why are you doing it? ‘I don’t know.’ Were you thinking? ‘no, I wasn’t thinking.’ So when you are going to get fix too, so many ways, it is not through just from the tongue.

So in this month of Ramazan, next half that is going to pass we are just going to be a little bit more aware, when we wake up in the morning, ‘what is in my heart? What am I straight away being busy with? I’m just being busy with waking up and then thinking I have to do this work and this work and this work. Is that work for the sake of Allah? No, it’s just for the sake of my family.’ Be busy for the sake of Allah. Change that a little bit. Because Allah, the One who is taking care of you, can take care of your family too. Allah is saying, ‘Remember Me.’ And try to catch yourself at the time when you are most going to forget about Allah SWT. That’s why, in the Tarikat practice, it’s not really you are sitting down and you are saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ that you are going to remember Allah. It is when you are going to be busy doing things that is involving just your nafs, doing things that is involving just this dunya, if you remember Allah in those times, then it’s going to be there in your heart. That’s why Islam, it is very important especially in Tarikat, when you are eating, when you are eating, not to eat in ghaflat, not to eat also just putting things in your mouth, looking and joking, but to eat, especially now once in a while, once a week you are sitting down with the Sheykh, to eat with Taqwa. To begin, reciting the Bismillah e-Sharif, to begin reciting the Fatiha, to take every mouthful if you can with BismillahirRahmanirRahim. And we can. What is it that is so difficult for us to do?

Sheykh Effendi told a story one time, they serve him food one time, and Sheykh Maulana (ks) was there and the food that they were serving it was off. Everyone who ate it, everyone got sick, except for Sheykh Maulana and Sheykh Effendi. And they asked him, ‘Ya Maulana, you didn’t get sick from the food that they served?’ He said, ‘my son, how am I going to get sick from the food that I eat, when with every mouthful I begin with BismillahirRahmanirRahim and with every chew, I’m reciting the Salawat, and with every swallowing it I’m saying alhamdulillah.’ It is not just being mindful. It’s easy to be mindful. People talk about being mindful, being aware. But to be mindful for the sake of Allah is something else and it’s never ending. It is never ending. That time, whatever that you are doing, it becomes Tafakkur. You are eating, and if you are thinking and you are thanking your Lord, He may open knowledge that you never thought before. So many knowledge in this way, it’s not because you read, or you are trying hard to think, because you are doing certain things well, the things will just open. It will just come to you, to your heart, and you say ‘Allah, Allah, I didn’t think of this before. How beautiful my Lord is.’

So, to put that into our hearts, the remembrance of Allah, you understand now, in the time when we are eating, which is just the animal side of ourselves that is feeding, we are remembering Allah at that time. If you can catch yourself in those times, then in the rest of the time it is pretty easy. It’s not so difficult. It is easy. The one who is remembering his Lord when he’s eating, when he’s working, when he’s doing other things, then that time the question that you asked weeks ago about namaz, you’ll be able, when you are in prayer that time, to know that your Lord is watching you, you are being with Him, and you are just saying, every word that is reciting, is just saying Alhamdulillah. Correct? Every word that we are saying in the namaz, the real meaning  is Alhamdulillah. So that time, you will look forward to the prayer times, you will look forward to be with your Lord and just to say, ‘alhamdulillah,’ without doing anything else, just standing, bowing down, making sejdah to Him. Insya’Allah, that time it’s going to be easier. Because the way of being a believer it is not how they are teaching us these days; you sign up for a seminar, you sign up for a course, then you can become a believer. You go for conferences, then you can become a believer. You give money especially to go to a spiritual retreat, then you become a believer. No. If you are not, number one, amongst the believers and number two, your actions it may be just regular, everyday actions but putting the belief in there, and if you are not with someone who is going to guide you, anyone who takes money put a question mark to his faith. Someone who is calling himself spiritual and he says, ‘I can teach you these things, but it comes at a price.’ No. Because Allah is saying, ‘follow those who ask you no fee.’ Yes, that time you are going to get their heaviness. That time you are going to get their burdens. That time you may get stubbornness, you may get some knowledge also, but the knowledge it is poison. There’s something dirty in that and your heart will blacken a little bit more. You are just being with someone who doesn’t know too much but he’s just very humble, like Bilal, he doesn’t even recite, I don’t know if his Fatiha he recites it properly or not. But Sheykh Effendi is saying, Allah loves Bilal and Bilal loves Allah. He doesn’t pick a fight with anyone. Anyone can scream and yell at him, he doesn’t say anything, and he’s just being nice and easy and being humble. Now who is going to lose, being in the presence of someone like that? No one. You are just going to gain. At the very least you are going to say, ‘astaghfirullah ya Rabbi, I can never be like this. It’s impossible.’ Just to think that way, you are remembering your Lord, you are asking for forgiveness, and you are praying. It takes you away from ghaflat. It makes you to remember.

This is the old way. It is not through going conferences or looking at YouTube. This is the old way. The original way. May Allah forgive us, Insya’Allah. We are weak. But be with the strong one, their strength will rub off to you. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Ramazan 1438
June 9, 2017
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