Peace Comes With The Shahadat



Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet. We are asking support, help from those ones that they are in awakening station, the Evliyaullah. They don’t fall into heedless station. If we connect ourselves to them, they may send something to us. Otherwise, there’s so much destruction in this world today and so many people running into those sewer channel, and everywhere dirty channel, sewer channels everywhere.

What’s the most valuable thing for a believer? What is the most valuable thing for us? To say the Shahadat. To live according to that Shahadat. And to go out from this world with that Shahadat. If you did, saying the Shahadat, living according to that and going out from this world with that, you are the winner. You are the most rich one that ever came and it pass. So Shahadat is very valuable, it must have lots of enemies. If you go to an unbeliever and say to him, ‘say Shahadat,’ how do you think it’s going to be? Go to a prisoner and say, ‘say the Shahadat.’ He’s going to say, ‘no.’ He’s still not in awakening station. He did not still understand what is the secret of the Shahadat. If you go to a believer, and saying to the believer, how much you would change the Shahadat? If we give you this room full of gold, would you change it? Of course everyone is saying no in these days, but put it into action and you’ll see what happens.  Because Holy Prophet is saying, in  ahir Zaman, ahir Zaman, ‘in ahir Zaman, those ones their love is going to be dunya. Hubud dunya. They are going to fall in love with dunya, this world,’ so the value of the world, they are going to make them blind and if somebody is saying, ‘I’m not changing,’ you’re already changing so easily. ‘Oh, my job! I cannot pray now because my job.’ MashaAllah. Yes, yes, already dropping it in so many ways. Definitely.

That shows that we have not really understand yet, we are just saying it but through the tongue. We have not understood really inside that how valuable this Shahadat is. If we really understand that, if we come to that awakening station, that time you will put the whole world aside. Definitely. Everything in it. Because Allah SWT is saying to us, yes this world, your wealth, your children, your family, everything in it, it is only a confusion to you.  So that time you will be able to put everything to  a side for Allah and for His Prophet.

What is priority? Priority is Allah and His Prophet. As Umar (ra) came to the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws) and he said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I love you so much, more than anything, except myself.’ And Holy Prophet looked at him saying to him, ‘Ya Umar, if you don’t love me more than yourself too, you have not reach to complete faith.’ And right away Umar (ra) saying, ‘I do ya Rasulullah. Now I love you more than myself.’ That action, you have to take it this way. We have to take it this way. It was just a rehearsal that is happening to remind us, yes I believe, definitely. Umar (ra) always love Prophet more than himself. Because he was always a shield in front of Prophet (asws), saying, if something is going to happen to Prophet, first to happen to me. So that’s showing that he is putting his life in front of the Prophet (asws). All other Sahabis, same way. The Sahabis, they did it. They keep always Holy Prophet’s love more than themselves, more than anything else around. As you know, in the early Islam, so many young Sahabis they give up from their family member. Their family punished them, they tortured them, they took their wealth away, they took everything away from them, they didn’t give up. That was the love connection with the Prophet (asws).

So many Sahabis they left their children, and one incident, of course there’s  so many, but in the war of Badr, that time Abu Bakr son he was on the side of the unbelievers. Abu Bakr Siddiq was with the Prophet (asws), and Holy Prophet knowing Abu Bakr saying, ‘he’s going to look for his son and he’s going to cut his neck off,’ so he changed his place now knowing that if he is fighting on that side, he’s putting Abu Bakr to the other side. This way they will not be confronting each other. Because Prophet is seeing a vision, Prophet knows what is going to happen ahead, and he’s changing certain things although that one coming there to fight against to the Prophet (asws), Prophet putting protection on that one, because knowing that in the future time it’s going to change. And that’s exactly what happened. Sometimes later, he changed. And one day he is talking to his father Abu Bakr Siddiq, saying, ‘O my father, in that war I was praying and running that I will not confront you because if I were to come face to face with you I will not be able to hit you with the sword. And I believe that you will do the same.’ He said, ‘you are lucky. You pray for the Prophet (asws). I looked for you and if I were to find you, I will not hesitate but cut your neck off right away. Cos you were a disobedient one to the Prophet (asws).’ That is, we are talking about Shahadat, that is Shahadat. That is Shahadat saying, Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim. That is the meaning of Shahadat. Now, you are ready to give up everything, for that Shahadat, you are ready to give up everything. That time, Allah SWT makes everything start working for you.


So because the Shahadat is very valuable, we are going to have so many enemies running after. So many enemies that they are going to show that they are in our side, so many enemies that is going to be from our family members. They are going to say to you, ‘Common man, you are still young. Wait a little bit more. When you grow a little bit older then you do what the religion is saying, what Allah and His Prophet is saying.’ Don’t believe them. Because that’s exactly what my mother used to say to me. But my father used to say to me, ‘don’t believe her. Follow my way.’  Yes, so don’t believe them. Show them the proper respect, and what the Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, ‘the individual believer, they are the people who listens, who takes order also from the authorities. Even if they are wrong, you don’t fight back to them. Until they come to forbid you from the way of Allah and His Prophet, that time there is no obedience to them. That time, you have the right to separate yourself.’

So the Shahadat is very valuable and the biggest enemy of the Shahadat is sheytan. Sheytan is going to run from every side, to make us to fall weak on that, and to slowly, because once you start giving up from certain things, slowly you are going to give up from this, from that, from that, Shahadat is just going to be buried inside your heart, just like the fire, the coal is turning and so much ashes is on top of it, it’s not going to be good for anything. It’s not going to be good for you, it’s not going to be good for others. So sheytan is running from every side, especially now that sheytan is seeing that it’s getting closer to the judgement day, and now he knows that he is going to be severely punished after judgment day, and now he’s running on top speed more, to try to remove the believer away from the things that they are believing. Don’t fall. If we do, we will pay price for it. Allah SWT is not taking what He is giving to us. He has made it easy for us. Yes we are believer, we say ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’ He made it very easy for us to say that. As we say, you go out there and say it to people to say the Shahadat, they are not going to say. He didn’t make it easy for them. He made it easy for us. And we are saying, He has given us that Shahadat, He is not taking back, unless we take it out. He dressed us with that honor but if we take it out and if we throw it away, then we will stay without the Shahadat. And that time, yes that time, it is, individual it’s going to suffer a lot. Because having Shahadat and not living according to that, the individual is suffering in this world. Never he is going to find peace. Impossible.

Peace comes with the Shahdat. To you, to me, to every body in this world. If anybody is looking for peace, they have to say the Shahadat. But first, they’ve got to start believing in it, first they have to say through the tongue and they have to believe through the heart, and they have to live according to that Shahadat. Living according to the Shahadat means you have to accept the orders and the laws of Allah SWT and His Prophet. And you have to run, you have to force yourself, we have to force ourselves to do what comes in front of us. Don’t think that you are going to take the book to say, ‘oh,’ as today people are doing, ‘I’m going to learn Shariat.’ MashaAllah. Eh, Shariat is going to come in front of you one day. Every day the Shariat is in front of you. You have to live according to Shariat. You are going to open the book to say? No, you got to check your heart to say, ‘is this okay? Is this okay, what I am doing? Is it going to damage somebody else? It’s just going to give benefit to me and it’s going to damage some other people? Yes. It’s against to Shariat. Leave it. Don’t do it. Because you are carrying the burdens of other people too that time. Other creatures too.

So, before we do something, we were talking about heedlessness before, and Shahadat is making us to become to awareness, to come to awakening station, to understand that Allah and His Prophet is watching us. Don’t forget, Allah and His Prophet is watching us. His prophet is amongst us. Allah SWT is saying to us, ‘that Prophet is amongst you.’ He said in the Quran. He’s continuing. He didn’t change. So, he is watching us. The things that we do good, he is happy with it. The things that we do bad, he is very sad, saying, ‘this, my nation, is doing so many wrong things.’ Yes. So, we should not make Holy Prophet (asws) sad. We should not break the laws of our Lord. That  time you will get the best favors of this world and we prepare ourselves for Hereafter life. The whole aims is not this world. Hereafter life. The believer’s aim should be hereafter life. Not this life. If you are concentrating on this life, you are going to lose. If you are concentrating on Hereafter life, you are going to win dunya and Ahiret. If you are concentrating, just like this, if you are concentrating to plant a wheat to gain more wheat, the straw is going to come free. This world is just like the straw. Nobody plants wheat just to get the straw. You plant one wheat and one comes out it gives seven branches and everyone of them has hundreds. So one, it gives itself up, one seed, it turns and it becomes seven hundred. Allah rewards that one with seven hundreds.

So, we must not plan the seed for the straw. We must plant the seed for multiplying the seeds. Meaning, we must do things for Ahiret life.  We must live according to what Allah and His Prophet left to us. And when we are doing it, we are multiplying. We are sending to the other side. And this straw comes free that time. The straw is this world. You live in it and you get the benefit. We are living in the world,  we are going to get the benefit that everything is around us. Yes. But we are not going to concentrate on that. We are not going to run after that. If you are running after that, Allah SWT has given order to this world also, this world is under the authority and the ruling and the order of Allah SWT. Allah is saying to this world, ‘anyone who is running after you, run away from them. Anyone who is leaving you, running to keep My order and My Prophet’s order, run after them. Give your best to them.’ And if believers they will know that. Believers, they will know that when it’s necessary, when they need something, they are living according the way that Allah and His Prophet is ordering to them, and as soon as they need something from this world, they know how fast and easy it comes to them. If you are saying, why is it not happening that easy for me? Then I’m saying to you, check yourself. Something wrong you are doing. That means you are not living according to that Shahadat. You are living according to the way that you see all other people running and planning and making all these plans to say, ‘I’m going to study this much and I’m going to go here and I’m going to go there and I’m going to make this much.’ You are not going to be able to make it. If you are making it from this side, it’s going to fly to go from the other side.

Check this owner of this building, you will find out that in fifty years, maybe it changes fifty hands. Check everywhere, you can see. This is capitalism. If you don’t know that, just go learn about capitalism, you will understand that nothing is going to stay with you. You are making so much, before you turn left and right, everything is disappearing again. They are making some games, some planning, everything start losing, except the believers. Believers, they are aiming to Ahiret. They are not aiming to dunya. And whatever the situation they are in, they are please with their Allah and his Prophet. So they are happy with it. They don’t have to live in the palace. Believers, they live simple life. When they are living simple life, they are always going to be in comfort. Just like the ants and the chickens. Chickens they get very small pieces and they fill themselves up. The ants they get very small pieces, they fill themselves up. That’s how the believers, Muslims, they should live. They should not concentrate, ‘oh, I’m going to own the whole Manhattan.’ You cannot. Never mind about the whole Manhattan, you cannot buy the corner, that pole there, because the Yahudi is never giving to you saying, ‘this is under my authority.’ Believe it or not.

Sheykh Effendi 11.jpg

So, Insya’Allah, we will wake up. We will come back to our own self, and we will know the value that Allah SWT has just grant to us. It’s a grant. He made it easy for our tongue to turn to say the Shahadat. He made it easy for us to accept through our heart and He made it easy for us in this ahir Zaman, the end of the time, and in this forbidden city, in this sewage lines everywhere in this city, He made it easy for us to come together.  Ten people, twenty people, just to sit, to talk for the sake of Allah, to remember Allah. He made it easy for us. You cannot find more bigger grant than this in this ahir Zaman. In the time of the Prophets, Prophets, the Prophets came that they had not had one follower. They are going to go to Judgment place without a single follower. Yes, their people didn’t believe them. So many Prophets came to this world, they had only handful of people. One of the biggest Prophet, as you know, Isa (as), he had only 10-15 people. And when the actions start happening, even those ten fifteen people run away from him. Yes, there are the true believer, those ones that they follow him a hundred percent. The other ones, they are just making up. He’s not accepting them. They are not accepting him. They are not accepting him as a Prophet. They want to accept him as a god. Hasha astaghfirullah. So, they are not accepting Isa (as) and Isa (as) is not accepting them, that way. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman that’s one of the big incident that we are waiting to happen, for him to return. Insya’Allah, we are preparing ourselves, to be under his service. Wamin Allahut Tawfiq. Wahurmatul Habib. Wahurmatul Fatiha.   

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

May 16 2008
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