What is understanding? How do we understand?


Holy Association1

Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This Tarikat it is based on sohbet, it is based on association. And only with the association that you will find bullets against to sheytan and your ego.  The different between association and ibadah. The association it is ibadah, it is worship. But so many times, people are making worship but it is not an ibadah. Meaning they are making worship, but they are not understanding what they are doing. And they are not understanding why they are doing it. They are not understanding, ‘who am I fighting against in order to worship?’

The sohbet is to make us to understand our worship. Because there are veils between us and Allah. Evliyaullah is saying, seventy thousand veils. Don’t be too busy with those numbers and all these kinds of things. We are not even passing through one veil. But we must understand what those veils are, the curtains, those hijabs, those things that obstruct us. What is it that is stopping us from being with Allah? There are so many. Even with the ego, there are millions of tricks of the ego. It’s not just ego. Understanding milions. And so many they are not even understanding what it is.  They can understand through a reading of a book. But when we say even when you are sitting like that, you are sitting with your ego. Even when you are speaking like that, you are speaking, ‘no I’m not speaking with my ego!’ How we can begin to understand if you don’t even see yourself?

So you ask a question: what is understanding? How do we understand?

Understanding comes from what? From who? Does it come from us? Understanding comes from Allah. Understanding, it is part of knowledge. And Allah’s name is al-Alim. He is the One who is going to give. We don’t have to look anywhere else. We have to look to Allah. We don’t say it is coming from us. That is also an ego.

So, people can understand. But at which level they are understanding? Are you understanding at an animal level? Are you understanding at an ego’s level? Are you understanding from a Sheytanic level? Are you understanding from an angelic level? These are all different kinds of understanding. How do you want to understand? How are you going to understand? You will not understand if you don’t have sohbet. Because if you don’t have sohbet, then you are going to understand according to your ego. Because there is nobody there to guide you. You are saying, ‘I have the map. I have to go there.’ You are not taking any guides, you are not taking anyone who has gone back and forth, hundreds of times to show you the way. You say, ‘no. I can read.’ Now you are going to go by yourself. You will get lost. So many of us we travel up and down to New York, correct? You are saying, ‘I don’t need a guide to show me because I have my GPS. How many people they get lost even with the GPS? Because they don’t look anymore. They look only to that machine. And that machine says turn left, even if there’s nothing there, they turn. And there’s so many people, they get into accident just because the GPS is saying turn, there’s nothing there, they just turn. This is also understanding. But it is a wrong understanding. It is a lower level of understanding. How are you going to understand properly? How are you going to understand?

We are not going to say we are going to  understand according to Allah understand. It is impossible. How are we going to understand now? According to how that Prophet has been sent to us and he is making us to understand. He’s making us to live.  He’s making us to go through his sunnat.  Which means that he’s making us to try to understand being from his nation, through his eyes, through his tongue, through his ears, through his heart. So in order to have real understanding, you have to understand the way that the Holy Prophet (asws), how he understands. We will never be like that. We will never be like him. We will never be a hundred percent, but because you are following the sunnat, so now the ego is going to, you are going to put a block there. You are going to put a veil there. The dunya, you are going to put another veil there. Your ego, you are going to put another veil there. Sheytan, you are going to put another veil because you are following your guide. The guide is the Holy Prophet (asws). So how you are going to understand, it is through him. It is through his eyes.

sheykh white.jpg

We are following a Sheykh. Sit over there, behind quickly, get up ( Sheykh speaks to a murid). You are interfering in the sohbet and you are interfering with other people too. That is also ego. Ego is saying, ‘don’t move. You sit over here, you sit over here.’ That is also ego. It doesn’t matter. Now, you know that the situation, how it is. If something is happening too, he’s watching everything. Why you have to interfere? You are someone? Huh, this is the whole point. People keep thinking they are someone. You may think, ‘oh, I’m nothing.’ But people are quick to say, ‘I’m nothing. I’m no one. I’m nobody.’ But their action is saying the opposite. Actions is declaring themselves. That is another trick that so many they are lost there. ‘no, I’m very stupid. I’m very stupid one, but, blah… blah… blah… blah… blah….’ ‘I’m the lowest level one, but blah…blah…blah…blah…blah…’ but they do. So they are just playing games.

Now, a guide is not just there to tell you, ‘please my dear. Please my sweetheart, walk here or there.’ He is going to guide you. If you are going to fall of the cliff, he’s not going to speak with nice words. He’s going to scream, he’s going to yell, he’s going to pull you. Just like that man who is sitting under a tree and he is sleeping, and another man on a horse, he is an Evliyaullah, and he’s looking at that man and he saw snake going inside his mouth. But the man is sleeping. Snake goes inside his mouth, the man on the horse saying, ‘this man is going to die if I don’t do something.’ He ran on the horse, the horse just started running to the man, and he took his whip and he started whipping the man. The man is sleeping. The man just got up and he’s saying, ‘why are you doing this to me?’ He says, ‘get up!’ He’s whipping the man and the man got up and he says, ‘what do you want? What wrong did I do to you?’ ‘Get up and run!’ he is saying, ‘run!’ And the man started running. ‘Why are you hitting me? I don’t know you!’ ‘Run!’ he is saying ‘there is no time! You don’t understand.’

‘Now stop and eat all those rotten apples. Eat!’ he says ‘eat.’ He started eating it. Whipping him, ‘eat!’ when he stops. Then he says ‘now run again!’ He started running. After running for a couple of minutes, he threw up and when he threw up, he threw up all those apples and he threw up that snake. Then the man realized ‘oh. I thought you were sheytan. I thought you were a tyrant. I thought you were the one who is just an oppressor. But now I know you must be sent by Allah to save my life.’

Our ego is worse than that. So many people don’t even know there are snakes inside of them, majority think they are angels, and when something is being said ‘oh, me? You’re talking to me?’ So now, whose understanding are you going to take? If you take the understanding of the man who is sleeping, he is lost. He has destroyed himself.  If you take the understanding of the man who is riding on the horse, now you have a wider understanding. So whose understanding? The understanding that we want to have is understanding coming from ilahiyyat, it’s not coming from nafsani understanding. It is not coming from dunyawi understanding. And to be able to get that understanding, you have to be in sohbet and you have to be having a guide and you have to be able to serve and to live and to understand and to watch and to observe and to put yourself there. More that one is saying something and more you’re putting yourself up, putting that veil, more difficult it’s going to be. You are stopping all the work now. Maybe that one, after a while he’s going to say ‘you know what? Don’t worry. Sleep. Go to sleep. It’s okay. You don’t like it, right? You’re cursing at me, you are saying things to me even if I have explained it to you, and I have explained it to you, sleep.’ And that snake is just going to kill us.

Allah SWT is saying, ‘the servant becomes beloved to Me, the servant becomes beloved to Me,’ when what? ‘When he starts fulfilling all his obligations,’ all obligations that we are supposed to do and when we do them, all the prayer and fasting, everything that we’re supposed to do, the hundreds of good actions that we’re supposed to do and the hundreds of wrong actions that we’re supposed to leave, always the wrong actions, they don’t talk about it right now, that we are supposed to leave. You’re doing that, you become beloved to Allah. But Allah says ‘but My servant comes nearer to Me,’ (to a murid) this is tied to the question that you have yesterday and your question too, to be near to Allah, Allah is near to us, how do we become near to Allah? He says ‘My servant comes nearer to Me when he starts doing things that I did not make obligation to him.’ That Allah now does not have to put a law to say ‘you have to do this and you don’t have to do this,’ now your heart is working. You don’t have to wait for Him to say anything, you already know. This is when your heart is working.


This is what Sheykh Effendi is trying to teach us here in the Dergah, your heart has to work. If the Sheykh has to tell you everything to do, what good is that? It is still a donkey. Your heart is not working. The whole point of Tarikat is for your heart to work. And Allah is saying ‘once you start doing things that I did not put a law on you, your heart is working, you will come close to Me.’ What happens then? What happens then? Allah is saying ‘I will be the eyes that you see. I will be the tongue that you speak. I will be the ears that you hear. I will be the hands that you touch. I will be the feet that you walk.’ Do you understand? That Hadith i-Qudsi, that Hadith i-Qudsi continues. We are not going to cover that right now.

But you become lordly, you become near to Allah, Allah will dress us with those Divine Qualities, we are not divine. Allah is Divine. But Allah’s Divine Quality of say, Rahmat, He will dress us with that, we will have more compassion. Allah’s Divine Quality of Sabr, ya Sabur, you will become more patient. We are not going to become more angry, we are not going to become more lazy, we are not going to become more stubborn, more arrogant, more ignorant. It’s impossible. It is impossible the person in Tarikat is going to become that way. If you are that way, you are in the wrong way. Either you’re following the wrong Tarikat or inside the Tarikat you’re not following it, you’re following your ego. Because it is impossible, when you are doing everything that is correct, that you are supposed to do, and you’re doing more than that, that you are not going to have an understanding of what your Lord wants from you, that you are not going to have an understanding of what your Prophet wants from you, that you are not going to have an understanding, at least, of what your Sheykh wants from you. Your heart has to work, the air has to change. It will come to you, because the whole point is for our heart to open.

So now, what understanding? Be the eyes of your Sheykh or let your Sheykh be your eyes. Let your Sheykh be your ears. Let your Sheykh be the tongue. All that is meaning now, our example is the Holy Prophet (asws). When we are following our Sheykh, our Sheykh is following the Prophet (asws). He’s teaching us sunnat, he’s teaching us Taqwa, how to have that, easy way, shortcut, easy way. So when you do that, then you start having a bigger understanding. You don’t do that, you will just be stuck with a donkey understanding, that’s all. You’ll just be stuck. Twenty years you are going to be in this way, twenty years you are going to have a donkey understanding, because you are not looking with his eyes, because you refuse to. And we start with very simple things. You’re not speaking with his tongue, meaning, Sheykh Effendi is saying what, in Ottoman Turkish, in Turkish they say ‘put the tongue behind the heart.’  You don’t just speak, you put the tongue behind the heart. You check the heart. When you speak, it has to be from the heart.

So if you are not understanding how to follow the Sunnah of your Sheykh, how are you going to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (asws)? This is not to make people to become robots, no. This is not to make people to become exactly, to imitate, no. Everyone has their own uniqueness, everyone has their own secrets, everyone their own blessings. And this is the miracle, this is the miracle, because if we have two billion people following the Holy Prophet (asws), this two billion people will still remain separate and still remain attesting the unity of Allah and the Oneness of Allah and their own uniqueness. Because even when you are disappearing, you appear after that. You never just disappear and you finish for nothing. You appear. And when you appear, you will be that real self. Not this fake self that we have, that real self that Allah swt had Created on the Day of Promises, and more and with more openings, with more blessings, with more secrets. Because it is not just to copy someone, it is to find our reality. It is not just to copy someone walking from here to there, it is to find our direction and our destiny, to our destination. This is important. Otherwise, when everyone is thinking with just their own ego, even if outside they are doing everything correctly, but inside there is still their ego that is just holding up, like that you are not going to change, you are not going to gain anything, you’re not going to have any understanding.

I gained, sitting with my Sheykh I gained, with his blessings, watching how he talks, what he thinks, how he thinks, how he deals with people. Everything that I’ve learned, it is from him. Everything good that I’ve learned, it is from him and it is necessary in this way. If you’re not doing that, then why are you here? Why we are here? Especially for this Jamaat because we are not just like I said before, the Sheykh is driving, we are not just sitting in the back also, enjoying the ride, because the Sheykh may say, now, ‘there are so many people that need rides, now. What are you doing, sitting in the back? Come and watch me, how I drive.’ Because there are so many people that they need a ride, they need to be transported. They need to be protected from this dunya to mawla, because that is the function of the Prophets. It is to bring people from this dunya to mawla in safety. And it is the function of this Jamaat, the function of this Tarikat. It’s not just to sit and to play music and to be happy. It is to learn.

On the Day when people are going to fight with each other, the real believers, on that Day of Judgment, the real believers, they are not going to fight with each other. They are going to find people to save. So if we don’t have that characteristic right now, don’t think right now, ‘oh, I’m such a high one, on the Day of Judgment I’m going to give shafa’at.’ That is wrong. Stay away from being those ones who are just going to fight with one another. Look at yourself now, are you fighting with people now? Ah. Then you are probably going to fight in the hereafter. You’re feeling good and easy and calm. Whatever comes, you do what is right, you know what is wrong, you stay away, you don’t put anger in your heart, then that time we can be nominees for those ones on the Day of Judgment that their job is like the job of the Evliyaullah, the job of the Prophets which is to give shafa’at.

Insya’Allah, we have some understanding. When you have that understanding, it will change. More excuse we put, more excuse we put, more hijab we’re going to put, more veil, more purdah that we are going to put there. We should not, insya’Allah ar-Rahman. The whole aim is for us to return to our Lord clean. May Allah, for the sake of Ramazan, make us to be clean, insya’Allah, and whatever wrong actions that we have done so far in this month, we are asking from His Boundless Mercy and His Boundless Forgiveness and His Boundless Love, for the sake of the Prophet (asws) and our Sheykh, to forgive us and to make us to be clean, insya’Allah, and strong ones, to grant us more patience. Wa minallahu Taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, this much is enough. Insya’Allah, have a good Ramazan. Next week, next few days that are coming, they are very precious days. Don’t run after more shopping and eating and drinking and watching nonsense things. Run to fill up the masjids, run to make your house to become a masjid. Don’t make your house to become a grave, make your house to become a masjid and sit somewhere and make more ibadat, don’t talk too much with people, pull yourself back, insya’Allah. These are the days of itikaf, everyday make the intention when you are waking up, ‘I make the intention, today I am going to be in itikaf.’ Every time you pray, you say ‘I am making intention to make the itikaf.’ Then do as much as you can. We are weak ones, but it is very easy for Allah swt, with His Boundless Mercy to forgive us and to bless us, and for the sake of the Beloved ones, it is very easy for us to be granted that Mercy, insya’Allah. Wa minallahu Taufiq, bi Hurmatil habib, bi Hurmatil Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
21 Ramazan 1438
June 16, 2017
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