Focus On The Journey Ahead



If you are living for the sake of Allah and to use to benefit the world surrounding us, that time, this world is giving some value. Otherwise, we are falling into the hands of sheytan, through the tricks that he’s making, this dunya, for us. And especially in this century, because this century is the last period of the time on this face of earth that Allah SWT has created time to everything, the man has a life, the children has a life, certain amount of time, this everything that He has created has to come to an end. And we are finding, through every Holy Books, that this world that we are living in it is not that young. It’s getting very old and it’s reaching to its destiny, to come to an end.

We are not the beginning of the children of Adam on this face of earth. We are the last period of the last Prophet , the seal of the Prophets also came and passed fifteen hundred years ago. And Holy Prophet is saying, ‘between me and the last day, it is only one and a half day left.’ And he’s giving description saying one day in Divine Presence, in the presence of Allah SWT, is one thousand years, half day is only five hundred years. So that period of time is almost up too. From the time that the Prophet came declaring the Prophethood and up till now, we are approaching to the fifteen hundred years. Every signs in the world that they are saying, we are seeing through scientific people, through intelligent people that they are using their knowledge only with this world, they are telling us that it’s not too much left of water, it’s not too much left of air, it’s not too much left of this, of that. That’s enough sign also showing to us that this world is coming to its end. But the most important thing that we have to think now, our own.

One must think to himself first, where I came from and where am I going? And Allah SWT has not created us for this world. He has created us and send us in this world, but our reason of creation is not for this world. Our reason of creation is for Paradise. And we have to do some activities, we have to keep some orders of our Lord Allah SWT to reach to that place. And Allah is making it easier for us, sending 124 000 Prophets to this mankind, to show the way from dunya to Ahiret, from this world to Ahiret. Every Prophet coming to show their nations how they are going to go from this world to Ahiret, clean without a heavy burden, carrying a heavy load. In this world, everyone is carrying loads. I’m watching people walking in the streets, I’m not seeing anybody anymore walking empty hands. Everyone has some bags in their hands. If he’s not carrying anything, just carrying one briefcase, ‘I am important man. Look, I have a briefcase in my hand.’  Some, I’m finding some women walking in the streets, carrying so many bags coming out from the store, like a gypsy woman, walking around with bags, going around with bags. Everyone became porter, carrying something back and forth.

This is not the reason of our creation. The world and the tricks and the traps of this world is not finishing. But our life is finishing. Especially in these days, with this fake calendar, fake calendar, they say 2007 years ago Jesus came, so we have the beginning of our calendar on this date. No. They are not knowing when Jesus came, Islam is coming, how Jesus came, but they are not accepting, so they are making some fake calendar and they put some dates saying Christmas, this is the day that Jesus was born. And I just heard the other day, somebody told me that Americans they are spending 20 billion dollars just for Christmas. Has to be. Capitalist system has to give some dates to people to run after to buy and sell. That is not what Islam is telling us. Allah and His Prophet saying to us, take something if you are going to use, if it’s necessary. Don’t go around getting the heaviness of the world. Because the more you are getting the world in your hand, more you will be attached to this world and you don’t want to leave the world. So, just take what is necessary for you. Live with that. Lead a simple life, and when the Azrail comes, the angel of death comes to you, this time easily you can leave everything and go.

In order for us to be able to live like that, we have to follow the footsteps and the teachings of the Prophets. Every Prophet that you hold on to, this is what they are teaching. No Prophet ever came to collect the world. But we are watching their nation running after collecting the world. Jesus never had anything anyway. He didn’t have anything in this world. Moses didn’t have anything, no other Prophets, or Holy Prophet (asws), they only have very little, what is necessary for them, but their nations, they are running after this world, top speed. Who’s fooling us with that? Sheytan.  Sheytan is saying, ‘keep yourself busy. Work. Work. You must work. You must get this, you must get that. You know that man has this, you must have it too.’ Ask yourself, ‘do I need it?’ No. Why do I have to have it? But it became a custom now saying, ‘you must have it.’ New things coming out, new telephone is coming out, you have to get rid of the old one. I went one day circling around a garage sales, I found this telephone (old mobile phone) and I say, ‘hmm, nice telephone. I might use.’ Garage sales. I asked, ‘how much?’ The guys said, ‘three dollars.’ I said, ‘too much. I give you two and a half dollars.’ And he said, ‘just give me two dollars.’ Hahaha, (Sheykh shows his phone). Better than every phone. Two dollars. Everything in it. No headache. Not too much computer things inside. I open (the phone), speak and close. Not to have so much headache.

That’s what they are doing. To keep you busy. Keep your mind busy with these things so that this way, you don’t have time to think of your end. But you think or not, every single day, we are approaching, we are moving towards our end. If you turn back and look behind, everyone of you, you will know, sit and think, say to yourself,  do I remember myself when I was ten years old? I’m not going lower than that. So many people don’t remember yesterday. But think a little bit. Say, how I was at ten years old? Oh, I did this and I did that, just like yesterday. You remember. Your memory just become like yesterday. And today that we are in it right now, when the angel of death is going to come to us, we are just going to turn back and look saying, ‘just like yesterday, we came to this world, and we are going out.’ But you must make sure that we don’t go empty hand. With this empty hand, we are going to go like this. Yes, we should go empty hand like this. But we should send something to our grave. And that grave, what you are sending is not material. It’s not accepting any material. Every good deeds and the good actions that we are doing for the sake of our Lord, we are going to find it there.


Once upon a time, yes Iskander, Alexander the Great, he ruled the world. He came all the way from the west, he reached all the way to east, to China. He conquered the whole world, one man. And if you don’t know, that man he passed from this world when he was over thirty-five years of age. Thirty-five years of age you didn’t even build one tent yet. The man has conquered the world in thirty five years of age. And he passed from this world. And one time, Alexander he was reaching all the way to the end, to China, and now he’s looking there’s no other way to go and he’s showing his majestic power to that people in that part of the world and making a show, today say they are making parade, some kind of parade, and he’s army is passing and everyone is watching. Everyone is watching and say, ‘O, what a great King this is.’ And he’s watching that one man he is sitting but he is not looking towards where the parade is. He’s sitting and his back is behind the parade side and he’s looking to other side that there is nothing there. Alexander kept saying to himself, ‘What kind of foolish man is this? I have this big parade I’m putting, everyone is watching to see and that one is looking behind, he’s not seeing anything, sitting back, his back to me and to my army, to my parade.’

He went to the man and say, ‘O strange man. What are you doing? What are you looking? Why are you looking this side and not looking to that side to see what I have?’

‘Ehh,’ he said, ‘I have divorce this world and you and everything in it long time ago. I have no desire to look.’

So he said, ‘how did it happen? That you don’t even have the desire to turn your head to look at it?’

That man is saying to him, ‘yes, I’ll tell you the story of what happened to me. Once upon a time, I was travelling also, that I was someone who is always admiring and looking at this kind of majestic power. Anywhere there is this kind of parade, this kind of show, I was there first, looking to take in the treasures also, eating and drinking and enjoying myself. And one day I was travelling and I’m coming near to one city, and I’m rushing to go night time,’ in the old days people they have to rush in to the city, evening time the city they close their castle gates so the people they will be feeling safety. If they are outside of the castle gate, and there is all kinds of rebels and attacks and they will be taken by those ones. So people they are rushing to enter to the city before the gates are closing. So the man is saying, ‘I ran and I reached to this city but I had no place to go and there’s a kind of church that I found, only the door is opened to that church, and I enter inside,’ and in those days, in these days too, people they don’t leave their dead body in their house,  traditional Islam if your family member died and if there’s still time to bury that person, you bury that quickly, if it’s not time, night time, you leave the body inside the house, right in the middle and right next morning you prepare, by noon time you bury. Now you need to get so many license, much trouble. Even dying is a trouble matter. Anyway, in the old days, those people they will not still keeping the bodies in their house and they will bring it to the church and in the church there is a special stone and they  lay the body on top of the stone and they keep it there to prepare papers. Cos this things is always advance, they have to have so much show, preparing nice clothes, putting some wig and some colorful paint job in the body, everyone has to pass by seeing. So they have to spend some time in the church. This is not in Islam. Muslims they are doing it the same way in these days. It’s forbidden. Now, he entered into that church and make intention to sit there whole night long until next day to continue my journey.

“And I was sitting in the corner of the church, by morning time the priest came opened the door and say, ‘what are you doing here?’ how do you enter here?’ he said I was escaping from outside, I don’t have no place to go, so I enter here and I spend the night. He said, ‘you spend the night here with these two dead bodies? He said up till that time I didn’t realize, he’s showing to me there’s two dead bodies on the stone. And he’s saying to me, ‘you must take some example, you are sitting here all night long with them. This one’ he says, ‘this one,’ I see two bodies completely naked  with only one cloth covering their private part, and he’s saying to me, ‘you see this man, this man was one of the king of this place that he hide, and we are keeping his body here. And this one sitting right next to him, he was the porter of the city.’ And he’s saying, as soon as he said that to me, I looked and I said to myself, all night long I spend time until morning with one porter and with one King laying down in the same place together. And I sit down and I start thinking, all this show is for nothing, for this King and this porter is laying down on the same stone waiting for them to be buried for tomorrow. For that reason, that night, I divorced this world, and every kind of parade. Now any parade I see, I look to the other side. I am busy with myself, thinking when that day is going to come to me, how am I going to go out from this world.’

That man is giving some lesson to that Alexander. That’s why Alexander, before he die, he gave order to his people, saying, ‘when I die, make sure that you put me right in the middle of the big palace and call all my people to come and visit me, passing in front of me and going. Before you bury me and wrap my body but leave my hand out. And they are going to ask you, put two guards here, they are going to ask. ‘Why is the king’s hands opened and out of the coffin?’ Say to them, even Alexander is going out from this world with empty hand. He cannot take anything with him.

Take lesson to themselves. We must take lesson to ourselves. Whatever we have now, we are going to leave it and go. Don’t concentrate on this world so much. Concentrate on where you are going. Doesn’t matter what you believe and how you believe. If you are real Christian or real jew or real Muslim or real man who’s serving his lord, must think that. Otherwise he’s going to get fool by this world, and that is the tricks and the traps of the sheytan. We should not get fooled by it.

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we are asking safety from the hands and the tricks and the traps of sheytan, we are asking shelter from our Lord Allah SWT, to protect us, to give us the understanding what we have just say and to take that and to apply to your lives, and to live according to that. The knowledge is not how much you know. The knowledge it is how much you are taking from the things that you know and you are applying to  your life. That is important  knowledge. All other knowlege is also going away.

Wa minallahu Taufiq bi Hurmatil habib. May Allah SWT grant long life, strong life to our Sheykh and to all those people who is trying to do the work of Allah in this world, who is preparing the Heavenly Sultanate, Heavenly Kingdom of this world. The sheytan’s kingdom must come down. It is now shaking. Sheytan is going crazy. He cannot escape and all those who is helping sheytan’s kingdom must come down with him together. Doesn’t matter what power they have, doesn’t matter if they are united nation or the nations that they didn’t unite, the end is coming. End is coming. All those nations running, supporting saying democracy, democracy is coming to an end too . Kingdom must be coming.


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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

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