Sincere Hearts That Are Remembering Allah


Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla, nawaitul riada, nawaitu suluk. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. Medet ya SahibulSaif. 


We are asking permission and asking support from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani. Has to be. To support us, if it’s necessary, for us to say a couple of things, for us to learn a couple of things, in these Holy times, in these last few nights. We are still looking for Leylatul Qadr. We are still treating this night to be Leylatul Qadr. We are treating tomorrow night to be Leylatul Qadr. We are treating the last few nights, especially, very Holy. Especially in the last night of Ramazan, which majority of the Muslim world they don’t observe it. Last night is for them to go completely crazy, completely wild. It’s like an animal that has been chained up and now it becomes completely wild.

The reason why we are chaining up our ego is so that the ego becomes tame. When you unhook it, you say ‘sit’, it sits, ‘stand’, it stands, ‘sit’, it sits, ‘jump’, it jumps, ‘stay’, it stays. The reason why we are putting a chain around our ego is not for when the time comes, you remove the chain and the ego just runs more crazy and more wild. But this is what is happening, because the whole month of Ramazan now, it is not looking to see how you are going to make your ego to become even more obedient, how you are going to have more control over the ego, because every day, now, in the month of Ramazan especially up till the bayram time, everyone is looking forward, ‘oh, we can’t wait until Ramazan is over to enjoy! We can’t wait until Ramazan is over to eat! We can’t wait!’ pushing, all the nonsense televisions, twenty-four hours in Muslim countries making people to be awake to look at stupid things to make them to become more stupid and more idiot. To have their love to pull towards more dunya and more desires. But the last night of Ramazan it is called what? Arafah day. Coming from which word? Arafah. Arafah means what? To know. It is to come together, like it is on the Arafah day for what? Hajj. It is one of the Holiest nights. No one is looking. Maybe Leylatul Qadr is there. Definitely, the way that it works it is when everybody is looking for it, it is not going to show its face. When nobody is looking for it, it will show its face to see who is there that is awake, correct? Allah swt is not coming down to the last level of Paradise during Zuhur time, when everyone is awake, everyone is alert. Not Asr time, when people are more alert and more free. He is coming to the time when majority they are sleeping, unaware, not wanting to wake up and Allah is saying ‘I am there. When everyone is rushing to go to this direction, I am not there. I’m telling you which direction I’m going. I am going to be there.’ So maybe, it’s going to be. That is our intention anyway. Do you understand?

So these are Holy nights that we are entering into. What does it take now, for us to celebrate like this? What does it take? It took one whole month to plan this? It took thousands of dollars to plan this? One, two three, if the believer’s hearts they are clean, the Paradise is going to come out because you have Allah. What do you need? You need just one carpet on a field and you have the sky. You sit, it’s already a part of Paradise. You sit with three people you make zikr, it’s already Paradise. This is it, huh? One of our brothers came to me and said ‘I really feel that this is, this is,’ he is saying. ‘I am feeling.’ I said, yes, it is. And the characteristic of the people of Paradise is when they see another one that is understanding it is Paradise, that paradise becomes tasteless. That one’s understanding of Paradise becomes more Paradise. Do you understand what I’m saying? Because the Paradise it is not for anyone, it is for the people. Paradise, it is empty, it is tasteless without the Ahli Paradise.


So if there is one Ahli Paradise, Ahli Jannat, who sees another Ahli Jannat, that Paradise becomes even bigger, because another Ahli Jannat is there, another Sultan is there. The palace and everything that is in the land, it is tasteless without a Sultan, and when there is a Sultan, then it becomes a palace. But Ahli Jannat is the Sultan is not going to say ‘this is mine.’ When he sees another one understanding the beauty and saying that ‘you must be a Sultan too,’ oh, that time whatever that they shared, it will be multiplied even more and they want everyone to come, because it’s more and it’s more and it’s more. It is endless that time. It is endless not because of the place, it is endless because of your heart because your heart is endless. Since when it is outside? Since when anything is outside? It’s inside. It is in our heart, everything is there. You want to find hell, it is in there. You want to find paradise, it is in there. Be with the people of Paradise.

So we are looking for Paradise in these last few nights. We are not looking for dunya. We are looking for Paradise. If you are spending your time with the people of Paradise in the month, then you don’t want to let them go. If you spend time with the people of Paradise in the month, then that time, like what the poet is saying, even with one loaf of bread we share between us, one loaf of bread underneath the trees, the book, meaning the Kitab of Allah, meaning your hearts, and ashq, wine meaning ashq, and you beside me in this wildness of this dunya, but this dunya becomes a Paradise. This is what we are aiming for. We are not aiming for this dunya. We are aiming for Paradise. So we are feeling it tonight, alhamdulillah. It’s not us. We are right next to the Maqam. We, we are people still with the toilet inside of us. They, they have finished that. So insya’Allah, understanding them, step by step, it is easy for them to take us with them. But you have to submit you will, you have to submit your will, slowly you have to learn. You have to submit you will. You do everything properly, submit your will. You want to do that. Don’t do that. You want to jump, don’t jump. That is your will, you are not submitting it yet. You’re still thinking something. I’m still saying openly ‘don’t.’ What is stopping you from doing? What is stopping you from following? Submit it, pull back a little bit.

SLH pull back

May Allah forgive me, insya’Allah. May Allah always keep us together with our Sheykh. We should be busy with this. Like I said, it doesn’t take anything. This is free, this is free. Because people put their hearts in it, it feels nice. You can make all this to be from gold and jewels and everything, but because it is coming from the ego, it is very ugly, very tight. Definitely, this is not the best according to these eyes but according to the heart now, once you are preparing that ground to remember Allah, the angels they will come down to you. Angels will descend, rank upon rank they will come down. They will circle, they will cover, they will beautify it. That time, that area now becomes a light that reaches all the way up to the Arsh. Not just a light coming down, it reaches all the way up. Why are the angels coming down? Because they want to see Allah. Allah is not in any place; Allah is not in any shape. But Allah swt is saying to the angels, ‘if you want to see Me, you cannot see Me. Your light, you are made from light,’ angels are made from light. ‘But if you see a little bit of the Divine Light, you are going to be burnt and thrown into nonexistence. If you want to see Me go down into the earth, find the hearts of the believers, find those ones who are remembering Me. You will find Me there, you will see Me there.’

So many are making tawaf around the Ka’aba. While they are making tawaf, they are taking pictures, taking selfies. Still stuck in an animal, haiwan level. Still not understanding Allah is looking at you, the Prophets, the angels they are looking at you. Why are you busy with the world looking at you? Why are you showing yourself to the world? That time, when you are understanding that, you are not going to be showy anyway, because you understand ‘more is show, more I am opening up my own dirtiness. I have to cover, I have to become more humble. I have to understand I am such a dirty creature. Please cover me with Your Mercy.’ You are not going to open. You are circling around, what are you going to gain? Nothing. But the sincere hearts that are remembering Allah, the angels are going to make tawaf around your heart. That time, yes. And all other ones they are going to come, and they just sit and they just look at you.

The other ones, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, putting calligraphy in your house, the other ones looking, calligraphy they are seeing, they are sitting down, they are just staring at that calligraphy and they are making zikr. Other ones circling around, they come. That’s why the houses that has calligraphy a different feeling, different air, very nice. Especially if the calligraphy is made by Saliheen, by good people. Especially. If you don’t have, it’s okay. But in the old days, Saints they were making calligraphy. Sultans they were making calligraphy. Believers. They are not doing their calligraphy for money. That is already finished, it is corrupt if you make that for money. Just as you have an isnad for anything, they have an isnad also of the calligraphers, reaching all the way up, then to one of the twelve secretaries of the Holy Prophet (asws). It was like a way, a path, a brotherhood. Not only they have to be clean and they have to be pure, they have to follow Pure Ones, and everything that they have has to be pure. They were taking their pens that was made from wood, they were taking it and they were putting it in the Maqams to be there for some time for it to be blessed before using it. The ink that they were using is the ink that is made from the lamps that they are burning in the masjids, and the soot that is coming out and the wind that is blowing, and the Ottoman architects they are geniuses, making sure that when the wind is blowing, all of that soot, all of that blackness is not going to stain the masjid, it’s going to pull it towards one room, everything is going to be collected there and they are taking that soot, they are mixing it to make ink to write the Quran. And that ink, people were racing, especially in the Ramazan, especially in the time of the last ten nights, they were putting lights everywhere, correct? People were rushing to buy that, to illuminate.

People were rushing to clear each other’s debts, people were rushing to ask forgiveness from each other, people were rushing to become clean. They were not rushing to buy things. They were not rushing to max out their credit card. They were not rushing for malayani in this month. Those rich ones, they are going to go to the stores and they are going to say ‘you have anyone on your books that is owing you money, on credit?’ he says ‘yes.’ ‘Well, how much is it?’ ‘It is this.’ ‘I am paying. But don’t tell him I am doing this. Everything has to be anonymous,’ because once you reveal that you are doing it, ‘X’. All your good works is thrown, back to your face, because you are doing it for show. Because Prophet (asws) is saying ‘what the right hand is doing, the left hand must not know.’ Nowadays, following unbelievers, ‘oh, you put fifty dollars; you have to put your name there. You put ten; you have to put your name. You have to show. It’s good, you see, you have to show then other people are going to do the same thing too.’ Masha’Allah. You just figured out? 1400 years Muslims were sleeping, they don’t know how to figure out how to be generous? This is the month of generosity, insya’Allah.

That is what they were doing. Look back to our ancestors a little bit. Understand, then we are going to learn. Otherwise, you’re going to be always trying to make your own thing, it’s turning into a very corrupted, unusual, extraordinary, ugly creature. Alhamdulillah. So we learn lessons, insya’Allah. Do you understand? And Allah, forgive us and bless us, insya’Allah, we are trying. And may our Sheykh be happy, insya’Allah, with us. Wa minallahu Taufiq, AlFatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Ramazan 1438
June 22, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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