Peace is taken away from disobedient children of Adam



Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim Medet Ya Seyyidi, Ya Sultanul Awliya, Medet. We are asking help and support from our Lord Allah SWT, and trying to escape from the tricks and the traps of the sheytan. And when we are doing that, we are making our intention to be here for our Lord, for His sake. We are here for His sake. That time our association becomes a Holy association, Holy gathering. And it will be supported through Heavens.

If your association, if your gathering is not for the sake of the Lord Allah SWT, no blessings and Rahmat coming to that association, only zahmat, trouble and problem comes to that association. Especially in these days. Because people, they are gathering together, of course, American now, everyone is saying, ‘Thanks God it’s Friday!’ When I first came to America, I’m hearing they say, ‘thanks God it’s Friday.’ I’m saying, MashaAllah, these people they are celebrating Friday. They are so happy because it’s Juma’a. But I didn’t know that they were saying thanks Gods it’s Friday because the work they finishes, they are taking their pay and they are going to run wild for the next two days, Saturday and Sunday, until they lose every penny and they are going to come laying down face ward to their bed saying, ‘what we did? we go work tomorrow. Monday again. Arghh…’ and Monday they are getting up going to work half crooked, like this and like that. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, then they say, ‘ thanks God it’s Friday,’ again. They are happy again, and since then I am watching it’s continuing. Never stopping. It’s maybe thirty five years now I am here. Thirty five years, Thanks God it’s Friday. But they are never saying, Thanks God today is a Holy Friday. But the sheytan fool the Christians a little bit, saying to them, ‘once a year you must say Thanks God it’s a Holy Friday.’ Tauba Ya Rabi. Astaghfirullah.

Okay, we understand those. What about Muslims? We are talking to Muslims. I’m not talking to non-Muslims. If that was for non-Muslim, I will speak different language. I am speaking now to Muslims. Who is Muslims? Those ones saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’ You are believing now. You become a believer. Saying, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah,’ you are witnessing and accepting and saying there is only one Allah Jala wa’ala SWT, and I am also witnessing and saying that the Muhammad (asws) he is His Prophet, the last Prophet and the seal of the Prophet. And I am believing that angel of death is going to come to me one day, and I’m going to go to the grave and I’m going to get up for Judgment Day, and I’m going to be question for everything that I did in this world. The things that I earn with the halal way, I’m going to be question. Things that I have earned haram way, no question, it’s punishment to that.

So run as you like again. If you are intelligent, because Allah SWT is saying to us, who is intelligent? That one who has a mind to think. To understand what is right and what is wrong. That one who understands what is right and what is wrong. That one who understand what is sin and what is holy. The one who understand what is bad and what is good. The one who understands what is his rights and what is other people’s rights. That one is intelligent. Now that one is responsible. If you don’t have that understanding, you are not responsible. You will be counted from the category of four legs creature. You know those ones? The animals. You never want to be from that category. Because tomorrow in the Judgement day, yes we are going to get up and we are going to come to the judgment place and we will be questioned for every actions that we did, but now only the actions but the intentions of our actions.

You may run to do something good, but what is the intention? Fits to your ego, that’s why you are doing it. You are getting the reward in dunya anyway. Don’t expect anything Here after. Only thing you are getting Hereafter reward when you are doing things for the sake of your Lord. When your association becomes Holy, when you become a person who is comfortable, that one who is doing things for the sake of his Lord. When you do things for the sake of your Lord, you will be always happy. If you are doing things for the sake of your ego, don’t expect happiness. It only comes to fool you. If the day is twenty-four hours, five minutes, ten minutes, blinking your eyes saying, ‘honey I am yours,’ this dunya saying, ‘look I am with you.’ You get very happy but you turn left, turn right and you see, ‘this dunya is fooling me again.’ And you start getting sad. Because you are understanding that you got fooled and the sadness is overtaking you. And Holy Prophet is saying, alaihi salatu wa salam, ‘O my nation, when the sadness comes around you, then say, ‘La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim, Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel.’

Sheykh Effendi Hz

Say. So easy. Say it., Allah is my wakeel. Allah is my witness. Allah is the One that I trust. Allah is the One that I hold. He is enough for me.’ When you say that, you start feeling comfortable. The comfort comes surrounding you. The darkness goes away from  your heart. Light comes to your heart. Because you are falling into the hopeless situation because your heart now is dark. Darkness coming around. Your heart, meaning it stop saying Allah. Your heart is busy with something else. You cannot do that. If you are doing that, there is a price to pay. And the price is you are never going to be happy.  You are just going to get fool by sheytan, just like I say, five minutes, ten minutes, two days, three days, in one week or in one month one week, in or one year one month, the other eleven month your life is going to be miserable.

Say, are you finding people today that they are very happy with their life? Look at yourself. Look at your family members. Look at the things that is surrounding you. Look at your friends. Look at your workplace. Look at your bosses. Look to your president. Look to the Kings. Sadness is everywhere. Because, one thing, people they are leaving things aside for Allah’s sake, and they are running for their sake. And that time, the happiness is going to run away from you. Peace is going to run away from you. Because Allah jala wa’ala SWT, especially for the 21st century people, because they became so disobedient ones to Allah SWT and they are finding so many things to say that, ‘this is our Lord. This is my lord. The monkey is my lord. I come from this. I come from that…’ just not to say Allah created me. That’s the direction that the sheytan is saying. Why you are believing to this monkey man who came several hundred years ago and he came out with the idea saying, ‘I think we are coming from monkey.’ Why you are believing on that? Who is he? Is he a Prophet? No. Why you are believing on that one? Why you are accepting what that one is saying? You are not questioning yourself. Because sheytan is saying, ‘this one is saying something that it fits to my job better.’ And he’s making everyone saying follow this one.

Ego, never accepting to say ‘I have a lord. I have a Creator. I have a Master. I have  a Owner.’ Ego is always declaring Lordship. That’s why, those who is running away from Islam in the beginning, why are they running away? They like to be everything other than Muslim. Buddhist, yogi, boggi, running everywhere, but they say, ‘we don’t like Islam.’ Why you don’t like Islam? They say, ‘we like Maulana Jalalludin Rumi. He’s a very nice guy.’ That’s what they are saying. ‘very lovely one. He’s full with the love.’ That’s how much you know. Yes, he’s full with the love but his name is Jalalludin. Ah, you think sometimes people they say, Sheykh you are upset, you are angry, always you are very tough. Huh, so you want to live with Jalalludin Rumi? Hmm, he has a Divine anger. Yes when people they were doing things that is not pleasing Allah Jala wa’ala, he was very upset with them. That’s what his name is Jalalludin. But he’s saying again, ‘come again. You just broke the laws of your Lord and you fall out from Divine laws. Come around again. Whoever you are, whatever you are, if you break your promise one hundred times, doesn’t matter. If it’s one thousand times, come again.’ But what is he saying too? ‘Leave your ego outside and come again. Make promise again that, ‘O my Lord, I’m going to live for Your sake.’ Not coming inside with your horse, with your donkey. Your ego is your donkey.  Where do you see a palace, at a King’s presence, man is entering with a donkey or a horse. He has to keep it outside.


So that’s what Islam is teaching. Islam is saying, first leave your horse out and clean yourself physically and spiritually, to know whose presence you are entering and come in. Leave every dirtiness outside, what the ego is accepting. If we are doing that, we will be happy if the whole world is not happy. You will be happy inside the fire that time. Is that what happened to Ibrahim (as)? Yes. When Namrud, he didn’t like what Ibrahim (as) said to him, challenge him, and Namrud saying, ‘this is a trouble maker. So make a fire, it has to be a huge fire, such a fire that the world has never seen, and we are going to throw this one inside the fire.’ And they make a fire that they couldn’t even go near to it. So they are thinking, ‘how are we going to put him inside?’ So that time sheytan came and showing them the way saying, ‘put him on this side and push this and he is going to fly in the air and he is going to fall inside the fire.’ Just like this new machine, new weapons that unbelievers they are making. That they are pressing the button here, rocket is moving, falling somewhere, it’s killing so many people, so many innocent people dying from it. Who is going to pay the responsibility of that now? But Islam is saying, if there will be one thousand prisoners, for instance, and all of them they have a death penalty, they are found guilty and they have a death penalty, they are going to be hanged and they found the way to escape from the jail and they got into the ship and they are sailing in the ocean, they are taking off, Islam is saying to the government of Islam now saying, but there is one innocent person inside that ship that he is not guilty, so you have no right to say, ‘these ones they all have death penalty so let me sink the ship and kill them.’ There is one innocent. So you cannot kill them. You have to find another way to stop them.

So these wars today, do you think it’s Islamic? And Muslims they are getting so happy also, especially this Pakistanis that they lost their mind when they left India anyway. When they separated from India and they say, ‘we are Pakistani.’ Why are you leaving the whole India to the hands of Hindus to rule the world? Because that’s the way they want it. Anyway, they are getting so happy now, ‘we build the atomic bomb. We have atomic bomb too.’ And the other squareheads ones, the Iranian ones, they are running to build that, and I say why are you doing that? For what reason? Are you going to use that atomic bomb as of Muslims? They may use it on you,  are you going to use it on them?’ So you are going to hellfire together that time. Dunya and ahiret is finish. But as I say in the beginning, Muslims they became so heedless, they are falling into ghaflat, biggest ghaflat that now east, west, north and south. And our Lord is saying, ‘O children of Adam,’ generalizing everything, saying, ‘wake up! Get up from ghaflat.’ If you are not getting up from ghaflat, from heedlessness, than you put yourself into a trouble that you may never come out from that trouble again. Because this life is given to us to live for the sake of Allah SWT. Not for our own ego.

heedlessness is forbidden

So the people in 21st century, they have left the way of Allah and his Prophet. And Allah SWT He is not happy. Do you think He is happy with us? No. He cannot be happy with us. Because we are not happy with each other anyway. How is He going to be happy with us? We are complete disobedient ones to Him. Sheytan became disobedient only one time. He was doing so much worshipness. And only one time he became disobedient and he was kicked out from Divine presence. What about us? So much disobedience day and night. So because of that, Allah jala wa’ala  saying to us, ‘it doesn’t fit to My majesty station to punish you with something. You are so weak creatures.  My job is kun fa ya kun. If I want, I will say ‘Be,’ it happens. ‘Disappear,’ and everything will disappear. But, I have put you into existence. For that you left the way. And because of that, I am sending you the weakest punishment. I’m just lifting the peace away from you.’ Anybody found the peace? Where is it? Look for it. It’s lifted, and there is no peace.

There is no peace amongst children. There is no peace amongst children and parents. There is no peace between parents. There is no peace, olderly people. There is no peace with the young ones. There is no peace with the Christians and the jews and the Buddhist. There is no peace with the unbelievers. There will be peace with the monkey believers, you think so? No, they have no peace. No peace. Peace went for vacation. Disappear. And the world is looking, saying, ‘where is the peace? Once upon a time we had peace.’

You didn’t find the peace yet? Find those ones who have peace, they give to you. So, it went for a vacation. Where is it? Let’s look for it. No. It’s only those ones that they are happy with their Lord, Allah SWT opening different channels to them, and saying, ‘it is in your hand. Anybody makes you happy, open from that one the channel too. It’s okay. If they are making you happy, they will make Me happy.’ Saying to His Prophet. ‘if you are happy with them, I am happy with them. If you are not happy with them, I am not happy with them. If they are happy with you, I am happy with them.’ Are you happy with  your Prophet? If you are so happy, how many times a day you remember your Prophet? How many times a day you are giving Salawats to your Prophet? Do you love your Prophet? Of course. Do you love your Prophet more than anything else? ‘I cannot do.’ So the peace is not going to come around you. You have to love your Prophet (asws) more than anything else.

Understand when Umar (ra) came, and saying, ‘ya Rasulullah, I love you more than anything except myself.’ And the Holy Prophet saying, ‘Ya Umar, if you do not love me more than yourself too, you have not reach to complete faith.’ This Wahhabi they fool everybody saying, ‘so much love to prophet? No brother, you have to have love to Allah.’ Leave the love of Allah. We didn’t reach to that part yet. First, you have to know the love of your Prophet. And you have to give that love, complete love to that Prophet (asws). Prophet didn’t say (asws) to Umar (ra), ‘Ya Umar, you got to love Allah more than myself and you.’ He said to him, ‘you got to love me more than yourself too.’ Understand that? Don’t let the wahabbis to fool you. That’s why they are very unhappy, those ones. Because they are sitting in Mecca and Medina, one of the most, supposed to be, has to be the protected city, the angels they are moving up and down, non stop, other things moving up and down too, I’m not entering there now. But especially in Medina, I feel like a feather when I am in Medina. I feel like if I kick my feet to the floor, I’m going to fly in the sky right away. All the heaviness, Holy Prophet is taking away (asws). But they are sitting over there (looking angry), ‘don’t go over there making prayer.’ They are unhappy, making everybody unhappy. Sitting with the Prophet there. Yes. The Prophet is right there. Same, just like Prophet was alive, or he just pass from this world. Same. His physical body is there. And the Prophet is saying (asws), ‘when you are giving Salawat to me, and you are distance away from Medina,’ he says, ‘there is an angel standing right next to me. And that angel is speaking from as much mouth that the mankind is living on the face of earth, and that angel that time when somebody give Salawat to me, ‘Allahuma Sali ala sayidinna Muhammad,’ right this minute, this second, angel is saying to the Prophet (asws), ‘Ya Rasulullah, from the children of Adam, from this generation, from this tribe, the son of this man just gave you Salawat.’ The Prophet will be notified by the angel, alaihi salatu wa salam. And you are sending Salawat to the Prophet, do you think he’s stingy like you? You give one Salawat, he’s sending ten back to you. And as much Salawat you give to the Prophet (asws), that much you will be known in his presence. The angels they say to him, ‘Ya Rasulullah, this generation from this one, just today has reached to the top level, he gave you this many Salawat.’

Nation of Muhammad

Rush, ran and fight for that. Not for this dunya. Rush, run to enter into their book, one day that your name is reaching to the top, you make more Salawat than anybody else. And that day, Holy Prophet knowing, saying, ‘okay, special blessings I’m sending to that one.’ Then you will be protected. Yes. You will be protected that time, dunya and Ahiret. Otherwise, if the Prophet’s protection is not reaching to you, don’t look for another protection. It’s not going to reach to you. Because Allah is saying, Subhana wa ta’ala, if you are making My Prophet happy, I will be happy with you. If not, don’t come to me saying you have reached to Me. You don’t know Me. You are only running with your ego. I put a Prophet to you, from one of your kind. For what? For us not to say one day, ‘well  he is a prophet, he was angel, we are not. So we are capable to do so many things.’ No. That Prophet was an orphan. Grow up orphan, from mother and father, has nothing. Physically he didn’t have nobody helping him, and everyone starts attacking him when he said, ‘La ilaha ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah.’ When he declare that, everyone start attacking him. He was Muhammadil amin up till that time. When did Abu Jahil got upset? When he said to him, ‘La ilaha ilallah. And saying this word, and enter to Paradise.’ He didn’t say to him, you are saying this and you are entering to Hell. He’s saying to whole mankind, saying, ‘leave everything else that you worship. Leave all the idols that you are worshipping. Not only the physical idols that the people they build with the wood or metal or other kinds of object they use. But anything that you have idolizing in your heart, meaning that anything that you love in your heart, more than Allah SWT, that is what you are idolizing.

So, what Holy Prophet is saying, ‘you must love me more than  anything else. That time, you are not idolizing anything and Holy Prophet will take you to Divine Presence. We cannot go to Divine Presence by our own self. Allah has a protocol. And only way, that is the time and the connection, your reality is connected with the Heaven stations, and from the Heavens, light is coming to your heart. And that is the time in dunya, you will be very happy. Doesn’t matter what comes around you, saying, ‘thank You Ya Rabbi. This has come to me from You. Thank You Ya Rabbi. This is good for me, that’s why You send for me. Thank You Ya Rabbi.’ You are always being a thankful servant. Because you are being a thankful servant, our Lord saying that time, ‘you are being a thankful servant then I will put more favors, I will increase my favors on you. Anywhere you turn, this world will work for you. And I will bring you to that station that when you say kun fa yakun, it happens to you. I will give you that permission.’

Where are we O Muslims? Are we living that kind of Islam? You know where we are. So wake up. Come around. Turn around, say, ‘Ya Rabbi we have forgot the promise that we gave to You. And we left our Prophet. We left his way. And we left the way of the Sahabi e-kiram. The way that they submit themselves to the Prophet (asws) and we lost. For that we are asking forgiveness for this Holy Month of Rajab that we are coming to the end, closing, slowly, and Insya’Allah we are going to enter to the month of Sha’aban, the month that is specially for the Holy Prophet (asws), more blessings coming during that month too. And during that month, on the fifteen of sha’aban will be the night of bara’at, that your calculation, whatever you did from last bara’at to this bara’at will come to calculation, and everything will be redirected again. So what the pen is going to write in this bara’at until next bara’at you cannot change it. But the pen is going to write the way that you move the whole year. If you make the intention now to change to become better servant to say, ‘ya Rabbi, I’m making intention to live for You.’ And things, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman will work for us. If you are making intention to live for this dunya, this dunya has nothing to offer anymore too. Everything already gave out. It’s finished. Don’t run for dunya, because those who has it in their hands also, they are going to lose it. Things are going to change completely in this dunya. WaminAllahu Taufiq. We are asking support and protection for us, for ourselves, for our love ones, for our Sheykh, for those ones that they are making intention to change to become better servants. Ya Rabbi. Fatiha.

se and murid

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

16 Rajab 1432

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