Real love it is beyond flesh and blood



La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. Tarikatuna Sohbet wal khayri min jami’at. Alhamdulillah. Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. The Prophets, they give advice. The Sheykhs, they give sohbets. Our Sheykh came and went, he gives sohbet. I speak. He’s telling me, ‘speak and give sohbet.’ I’m not under any illusion or delusion that it is the same as his. No. But because he gives me an order, I have to speak.

I have to speak first from my own experience. Because the best knowledge is knowledge that comes from your experience. There’s too much talks these days. Because people are taking other people’s experience, other books, they are reading couple of things, and they try to pass it off as their own knowledge.

You ask me a question before. That’s a very heavy Murid based question. I may come back to it. How a man has faith? How a man has faith? Because we are seeing all these years, majority claiming they have faith, and majority, whether they are coming into Islam or into Tarikat, saying, ‘because I looked, I found it. I did a lot of research, then I found the faith.’ Faith is from where? Faith has a Creator. We are not the creator. We cannot create our faith. The faith comes from the creator. Allah SWT put that faith inside of us. We cannot claim the faith is ours. It has a creator, it has an owner. Man comes into Islam not because he did so much research, because Allah SWT guided him. Allah SWT looking at that sincerity and He is going to remove the barricades and the veils of that faith so that that faith that is inside of us that Allah gives, can come out. That faith is not from us. Where is that love to Allah SWT? Who puts that love in our heart to love Allah? Who puts that?  We put it? We create our love for Allah SWT?

We are not the creator. We create nothing. Which again these days, man does a little bit of something, he says he’s the creator. Creator is to take nothing and to make something. We are not creator. That love that we have to Allah SWT, he puts it into our heart. Which is why they are saying, Evliyaullah they are saying, we think we are making zikr of Allah but Allah remembrance of us, it is before our remembrance of Allah. He remembers us, that’s why we are remembering Him. When we understand this, then slowly you are starting to submit more. Submit, to give up. To say, ‘it doesn’t belong to me. This is not mine. It has an owner, and that owner is letting me to hold it for a while, as an emanet, as a trust. Now I have to look at this and I have to make sure that I take care of it. Because that love of Allah swt too, way that Allah is describing love, it is different. Way prophet is describing love, it is different. The way the Evliyaullah talking about love, it is different. The way the believers are talking about love is different from unbelievers.   The people of dunya speaks about love, it is different from the people of Ahiret people. People of nafs talking about love, it is different from people of rohaniyyat talking about love. So which love are we talking about? Which love?

a true love

Maybe it seems as if certain people they are going through test in their lives, in Islam or in Tarikat. They don’t feel anything anymore after a while. You come in, you have a full of passion, you have a full of love, who is going to describe what love is? Whose description you are going to take? These days, people only take description from Facebook. They take everything from Facebook. That is a fitnah 24 hours non-stop. So whose love? How are you going to define? You are not with those ones who love Allah; you don’t know the secret of that love. So you come in, you are full of passion, after that you may go. Then you say ‘oh, I don’t have love anymore.’ How do you know that was love in the beginning? Maybe you were just obsessed about it. Maybe you are just fooled by certain things and it just hooked you in. Just like a man may fall in love with a woman, woman may fall in love with a man. So many things are happening, so many people they are saying chemical, it’s just chemistry that is happening. Yeah, that is true too. Then after that, after that goes away, what is there?

If it is real, it has to be more than this flesh and blood. The mistake is people are wanting, thinking that that is love and they want that throughout their lives until they die. That is not real. That is just a sickness. That is just a high. It is not real. So a person comes in, we have all these kinds of feelings, then after that, especially when we are knocking people wall to wall and we are scrubbing them with Brillo, suddenly they say ‘oh, he doesn’t love me.’ There’s no more love, now. Maybe that love that you came with, you made it into an idol and you put it in your heart and you say ‘I must serve that forever.’ Maybe that idol is broken, correct? Your expectations, your understanding of what it is, that has to remove. Of course everything has to change. We think this is food, we think this is drink. Is this real? When we were in our mother’s stomach this was not food to us, this was not drink to us. When we are in the grave this is not going to be food to us, this is not going to be drink to us. When we have passed, in the Ahiret, in, insya’Allah ar-Rahman, in the paradises, it’s a different kind of food, different kind of drink. In the hells there’s food and drink too. May Allah protect us from that.

So which food or drink? Which one is real? The real one has to be from the people of Haqq, they have to show it. They are showing what the Prophets are showing. Prophets are showing what Allah swt is showing, that is real, everything else is not. It is not. So you have built this idol, now, and you are saying ‘this must be it.’ Things have to change. Everything has to die. Everything has to die. That initial feeling, that has to change too, to something that is more real. So people are saying what? ‘I don’t have any love for Allah anymore.’ Because your idea of love is just your chemistry, just bubbling and making a high, you think that is love. That is nothing. That is not love. That is just a chemical reaction that you are just feeling high. Love is submission. Love is serving, love is remembering. Love is sacrifice. Are you doing all of that? No, because all those things, when you do it does not give you that chemistry. It doesn’t give you that high, it doesn’t. If it does everyone is going to run to submit, everyone is going to run to sacrifice, everyone is going to run to step on their ego. Because it’s not a high, you get an understanding. You get a completely different feeling. Then you learn how to distrust those feelings. It’s good, but you are not going to hold on to it. You are going to let it go, because it has not been tested, correct?

So it has not been tested. And Allah swt, some will say, ‘oh, He took the love from our hearts.’ Maybe He didn’t take it. Maybe that love that you have in your heart has to be broken, because it is the wrong love, wrong relationship, wrong understanding of Subhana wa Ta’ala. You understand? It’s easy to say ‘I love you, you love me,’ when the chemistry it is there. What if the chemistry it is not there? What if the high it is not there, the feeling, the passion, like that, it is not there? What if it‘s not there? Are you still going to love? Are you still going to serve? Which is why, for the believer, we are running to serve Allah, what, we are running to serve Allah, we run to worship Him, we finish the Ramazan, we are running to worship, to pray, to make so many ibadats, for what? For a believer, why are we doing it, so that we go to paradise? So that Allah is going to pay us? No.

Why do we do it? Because we are believers. We have no choice. Because whatever that we are doing we are looking, does this make Allah happy or not? It doesn’t make Allah happy. We are going to stop. This makes Allah happy. We are going to run to do. So it is not about how you are going to feel so much. It is what Allah is going to feel. You are taking care of that One’s feelings. Then that time when you are in that situation, you are tested by that, then you, slowly you start to understand why Majnun became Majnun. Slowly you start to understand why the moth will run to the flames to burn himself. Then you understand how with just one glance, you are asking, just give me one look. With that one look, that is already paradise enough. Then that’s a different kind of passion. Different passion, different stepping on the ego, do you understand? Then when that is cleared, he puts another one there, another feeling there that is going to be different from the first.

Then you understand, ‘the first feeling I had it was just childish. This one, am I still going to run to serve him and to please him even when my hands are going to be burnt, even when my heart is burning?’ It is faith these days, isn’t it? Faith these days, it burns from one hand, Prophet (asws) says faith is going to burn in the Ahir Zaman. It’s going to be like live coal. It’s going to burn. The Sunnats of the Prophet (asws), you take it from one hand, you are going to, the believer is going to pass it to the other hand. Pass it to the other hand, pass it to the other hand, it is not going to drop, but it is going to burn. Otherwise, like so many, they are going to jump from one to another to another to another and to another just looking for that high again. They are not committing and they are not making something. May Allah not test us. May it be easy for us, insya’Allah. Wa minallahu Taufiq,  AlFatiha. Amin.

Hoja and murid

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Shawwal 1438
June 29, 2017 
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