Ahle Shukr, He Is The One Who Is Busy with Himself



How many out of billions of people in this world, that sincerely they are giving shukr to Allah? Because the ahle Shukr he is an ahle Jannat. The one who gives thanks to Allah is already in Paradise. No matter what happens to him, no matter what happens around, he is giving shukr and he has found peace. He has found peace. The one who says, ‘I give shukr,’ but he hasn’t found peace, he has not given shukr.

Salamun Qawlan Mir Rabbir Raheem. SadaqallahulAdzim. Salams, word from your Lord, the One who is most compassionate. The one who is giving shukr, he is just seeing the mercy of Allah everywhere. He is not seeing, complaining against to his Lord. Like so many majority complaining,  ‘why is this happening to me? Why? Why? Why? Why?’ Whereas we know from that ayat, Allah SWT is saying, to know that every good thing that comes to you, it is from your Lord, and every bad things that comes to you, it is from your ego. ‘why? Why? Why? Why?….’ The ahle shukr, he is seeing the mercy of Allah, he is seeing the secrets and seeing the wisdom in everything that is around him, and he is busy with that. He is seeing evil, he is understanding the wisdom of it, understanding the secrets of it, staying away from it, he is giving shukr to Allah. And the one who is an ahle shukr, he is very busy with himself. He is not busy with others. He is busy with himself because he is saying, ‘today I wake up, what are the favors of my Lord am I going to discover today? How am I going to give more shukr to my Lord?’

Everyday he is discovering more about his Lord. Everyday his heart is more open. Everyday his faith increases. Faith. He is not running after knowledge. In these days, knowledge that puts nothing but doubt and confusion in you. He’ s running after faith. ‘how am I going to give more shukr?’ He doesn’t complain. He sees something, now not with his ego to see whether I like it or I don’t like it. He is going to understand whether Allah is liking it or not. And if he sees something that he knows Allah doesn’t like, he takes it as a lesson to himself, for himself. He’s not going to be so busy with others. That time, when you are running to be a thankful servant, when you are running, chasing after the compassion and the mercy of your Lord, even when you see something wrong, that time, especially amongst believers, you are going to cover. You are going to say, ‘I don’t understand.’ You are going to cover. You say, ‘that is for me. It’s not really for him. It’s for me. I have that wrong characteristics. That’s why Allah is showing it to me.’ He’s going to be busy with himself and his Lord.

When you see other people being busy with others, that is a sign that Allah doesn’t love him. To be busy with things that do not concern you, to be busy with the knowledge that doesn’t concern you, that is a sign Allah does not love that servant. Check what are we busy with. Are we busy with the work, with the job that Allah has given us, that our Prophet (asws) has given us, that our Sheykh has given us? What is your job? To cook. Be busy with that. What is your job? To clean. Be busy with that. What is your job? To lead prayers. Be busy with that. What is your job? To go to the barn. Be busy with that. What is your job? To make zikr. Be busy with that. Be busy with yourself and your Lord. Don’t be busy with others. We came to the top of the mountain to remove ourselves from the busy-ness that doesn’t concern anyone, doesn’t concern us. We should not be on the top of a mountain to be busy with things that is not our concern. That time you are going to find with every breath you are going to find the mercy of Allah and you are going to find the shukr. With the step that you are saying, ‘ah, today I’m walking. Good. Shukr Ya Rabbi.’ With every blade of grass or the color of the tree you are going to see and you are going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, Shukr.’  

peace. Dergah.jpg

When you see some things that  are not good with others, you are going to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, Shukr because you have protected me against that action, and I’m praying for that one Ya Rabbi, for the head to turn around, for them to wake up.’ You are not going to be too busy telling each other what to do too. Because you are busy with your Lord. That time, wherever you go, there’s going to be peace. Peace from your Lord. Not peace from this dunya. Not peace from satisfying your nafs. Not peace from chasing after hawa. Definitely no peace with making friends and serving sheytan. Because they are telling you, ‘you are fighting so much against your ego man. Just make peace. Don’t fight anymore. Make peace. Make peace with your nafs. Make peace with sheytan. Make peace with dunya. Make peace with your hawa. Then you’ll be happy.’ No. Make peace with the Creator of peace.  Ya Salam. Make peace with Allah. Once you stop fighting Him, because in reality complaining is fighting, challenging, saying ‘Why?’ instead of looking to see, to ask yourself that question, ‘why am I doing this? What have I done that this  is happening to me? What I should do? What is this teaching me?’ when we are busy with that, the peace that we have, everywhere you go, you are going to find peace. The people of peace are going to be around you. People of fitnah they are going to run far away from you. Then from very far away they start attacking you, you say, it doesn’t matter. Because my peace is not from you. My peace is not making peace with you. My peace is from Allah.

We must be thankful servant. We must find there are billion things everyday to be thankful to Allah for. We must find it. Because the believer he is not sleeping. He’s awake. The believer, with everything that is happening to him, he’s going to say, thank You.

May Allah make us to be ahle Shukr, Insya’Allah, make us to be simple obedient servant, make us to be happy ones. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of our Sheykh, Sahibulsaif Sheykh Abdulkerim el-kibrisi el-Rabbani. May Allah raise his station higher and higher in these days. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Shawwal 1438
July 7, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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  1. Hatice Kaufmann-Elmanzalawy says:

    Ameen al Fatiha

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