I heard about the big war that is going to happen, is this war physical or spiritual, and how do we prepare for it?


Question: I heard about the big war that is going to happen, is this war physical or spiritual, and how do we prepare for it?


This war is going to be a physical war. It is not a spiritual war. It is going to be a physical war, but it will have spirituality in it. The war of Badr is a physical war, the first war in Islam, it’s a physical war correct? But it was also a spiritual war. Because it is between Haqq and batil. Why you think Allah is sending thousands of Angels there? Thousands, not one. You think one angel cannot defeat those thousand mushriks?

One, do you think the power of one angel is not able to defeat this whole world if it were to rebel against Allah? But Allah sends thousands. Why is that? Because where the ego is, where disobedience is, sheytan is there too. And this is sheytan’s home-ground. This is not a home-ground for the believers. This is dunya, best friend with sheytan, ego and hawa. This is their home-ground. Understanding there, how many billions of sheytan must have been assembled in the Badr. Sheytans to be there, working so hard to kill the Holy Prophet (asws) and to kill Islam. So, it is both. You understand? And the big war that is going to come, it is both.

It is physical, those evil ones, they are going to use those physicality here, they are going to use technology and everything, maybe. But they are going to have also the Sheytanic power that is going to be there, the sihr that is going to be there. The believers, if they are not collecting light, right now collecting light, then in that time when they are using the evil, we will not have any power to use against them, we will not have any spiritual power to work against them. There’s going to be so much confusion, so many kinds of weapons that they are going to use, so many different kinds of creatures that they are going to use. If we are not fighting against to our ego now, we are not going to be prepared for that. Impossible.

That is how you are going to get light. If you are not fighting against your ego, you are not going to be trained. You’re making zikr, you are reciting Quran, you are praying, you are doing everything, but you don’t know the enemy inside, that the enemy just may kill you at any time, they’ll say, ‘we  don’t trust you because you didn’t deal with the enemy.’ You understand? They say, ‘go back because you are untrustworthy.’ Those ones who are concentrating on their ego, their sheytan, this dunya and the hawa, and they are fighting as much as they can, they will not get fooled by dajjal, they are going to find more light and more power because  they were in training, then that time, it’s very easy for them to open things for us. You have done the ground work. Very easy for them to open. Doesn’t mean now we are going to, people are also accusing us, ‘this is like a training camp,’ they say. I have to force people, because they are so chubby, to go up the mountain. What training ground? Because they are so chubby and it’s no good for their health. I’m saying, ‘go up the mountain. Walk around a little bit.’  And they are saying this is a terrorist training camp. Allah, Allah. Come, you are going to see for yourself. Maybe they are going to say our peacocks are also terrorist, our emu also, our cows. Those people are no brain people. So many these days, no brain people.

To stay away from the fitnah, it is training. Because dajjal comes with fitnah. Dajjal comes with confusion. Don’t be confused, be certain. So many things coming, cut that away. Don’t be busy with confusion. Be certain. Stay your ground. Be busy with yourself. Be clean. Be simple ones. You do something wrong, run to do something right. Don’t be busy with other people. Yes you are training for them.

We are not here looking for titles. Sheykh Effendi has not trained us for that. We don’t want it personally. We are here to do the work. We are not here to run after titles. It has never been our concern. So those ones who are saying, ‘oh I’m general of Mahdi, I’m this….’ it doesn’t matter for us. You can claim yourself whatever that you are. When the dust settles then you will know who is in front, whether it’s a donkey or a horse. But we are here, we are just being busy with ourselves. But you know what? The more we are busy with ourselves, more people are going to be busy with us. That has always been the way. More we say astaghfirullah, we turn our head, more they are going to come. That’s also part of our training. You understand? Because Allah is with the patient. So, be patient, Insya’Allah. WaminAllahu Taufiq al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Shawwal 1438
July 7, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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