Endless Troubles of 21st Century Muslims



The Muslims that they are claiming, number one, that they are the community leaders, that they are the Imams, they are the Sheykhs, they are watching, they are so silent. If you tell them get up three oclock in the night and make some Tahajjud, they don’t. But they get up three o’clock in the night to watch football games. That’s what happen to Muslims today.  Should we go a little bit more far? No. That’s enough. Just to know, that is enough. So tell me now, how healthy your Shahadat is going to be that time?

The Shahadat has to force you, definitely to get up night time and to make at least two raka’at tahajjud prayer for your Lord. How are you going to do that? You are sitting up till two o’clock in front of the computer. Chatting? Chanting? Chatting and chanting with each other, meaning backbiting. Meaning going back and forth and talking so much nonsense. If it’s not the computer, this phone now (Sheykh points to a mobile phone) and that’s why everyone is saying, ‘technology is great.’

Technology has separate believers, and it is no good for believers then. If something is separating you from Allah, that is no good for you. Before, at least people they didn’t have computers and  phones and anything, they couldn’t go to sleep night time, they sit down and they take their tasbih and they say, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah….SubhanaAllah…Alhamdulillah….’ Now because they have technology, they are denying Zikr! Whole Muslim world denying zikr. And so many Ayats of Allah SWT openly saying to remember Allah. How are you going to remember Allah? Remember Allah through His Holy names. You cannot just sit to visualize, just like you visualizing another man. You have to remember Allah. So the Shahadat must be very important and very valuable for a believer. And how you are protecting the Shahadat? First step saying, as soon as you say the Shahadat, you enter to the border line, you enter into Islam. Now protect the Shahadat, five times a day, five daily prayers. Morning time get up, say, ‘Allahu Akhbar.’ Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar. By zuhr time, ‘come to My Presence,’ Allah is saying, Subhana wa ta’ala, ‘renew your faith again and be in My presence.’ You should be happy making two raka’ats shukr sejda everyday, that Allah SWT counting us from believers and He is making us to say the Shahadat more easier than those people that they are not saying it and He is accepting us in His presence. For that reason, you have to be able to make two raka’at sejda, ‘Shukr Ya Rabbi, that in this kufr time, in this jababirah time, in the tyranny time, that the people from individuals to the top leaders all became tyrants, You are accepting me to come to Your presence. Thank You Ya Rabbi.’ That’s what we have to do. That’s what we have to say. That’s what we have to run after. And if we do that, that time we are going to find, definitely happiness in our own self because you are building your relationship with your Lord. You are keeping your promise to your Lord.

People they are not happy today. Why? And they are not keeping their promise to Allah SWT. We have promise to our Lord Allah SWT. In the day of Creation, He ask, ‘Alastu birabbikum, who is your Lord? Who do you worship?’ He puts us all in His presence when we were in the spirit world, and He ask us, saying, ‘who is your Lord? And who do you worship?’ And we say, ‘You are Ya Rabbi. You are our Lord and we only worship You. And we ask help from You.’ This is what we say. We promise to our Lord. We speak to our Lord. That speech is continuing if you’re becoming into awakening station. If you are in ghaflat, you have forgotten. You have forgotten your Lord and Allah is leaving you to yourself, and now you are in trouble. The man is in trouble because he disconnects himself  from his Lord. Allah is not leaving us but we are leaving Allah. For that, man is suffering day and night. Not only day time, now is night time too.  Not only day time, now is night time too. They cannot sleep, today’s people. Going to bed, but they cannot sleep. Yes, you may have too much money and with that money, you may buy the best bedroom set, saying, ‘my back is hurting, my leg is hurting,’ buy the best one, pay thousands of dollars, but you cannot buy sleep. When you are laying on it, now whole thing starts coming in front of you, and you are alone by yourself because you disconnected yourself from your Lord. Because you turn and you became friend with your ego.


On the day of Creation, Allah SWT has created us and has spoken to us, and saying to us, ‘who is your Lord?’ and we said, ‘You are. You are our Lord and we worship You and we ask help only from You.’ But when Allah SWT created ego, He puts ego in front of Him and say, ‘who are you and who am I?’ and the ego says, ‘You are You and I am me.’ Ego declares Lordship. And Allah SWT giving orders to His angels, ‘take this ego, put it in the fire. Punish this ego through the fire, Jahannam fire.’ And it’s screaming and crying in the Jahannam, fifty thousand years. Fifty thousand years later, He said, ‘take the ego, put it in front of Me,’ and saying again, addressing to ego, ‘who are you and who am I?’ Ego is saying, ‘You are You and I am me.’  And Allah SWT ordering His angel, saying, ‘ take this ego, put it in the cold side of the hell.’ It is another way of burning. Fifty thousand years punishment there. Putting it out again, declaring Lordship again. Ego. When Allah SWT know what He has created, of course He is teaching us, saying to us the characteristics of the ego, teaching us and saying to His angles now, ‘take this ego and put it in the valley of hunger.’ And soon as they put the ego to the valley of hunger, three days later ego repent, went to sejda, saying, ‘O You are my Lord. I am a creature. You are in need of nothing but I am in need of You. I am in need of Your sustenance. Without You, I am nothing.’

That’s why our Lord saying, Allah SWT,  He has put that ego in this box here (the body). He has put the spirit there too and saying to us what Holy Prophet is saying, they came from the war and saying, ‘now we are turning from the smaller jihad to greater jihad, the biggest war.’ ‘And what  is that biggest war Ya Rasulullah?’ when they ask. ‘Fighting against to your ego.’ That is the biggest jihad, biggest war. And how are you going to fight against to your ego that you don’t know ego, you don’t know the tricks and the traps of ego first. You don’t know how to fight back to ego. First you have to learn what is ego, and you have to learn what kind of weapons you need, what kind of ammunition do you need to fight back to this ego. Otherwise, the ego is going to fool you.

What is happening today is fooling billions of Muslims. They are saying, ‘oh, I am a good Muslim. I am praying. I am giving zakat. More than that, I am opening masjid. I am running masjid. I am in the board…I am this and I am that…’but ego is also saying, you are doing all this but you got to do what I want too. And he’s running, doing that too, now the man become slave to his ego, servant to sheytan. Because the teacher of ego is sheytan. Sheytan is very clever. What did sheytan say to our Lord Allah SWT? He said to him, ‘make sejda to Adam.’ He said, ‘no, I’m not making sejda to Adam. You make a mistake. It is wrong order.’ This is what sheytan said. Only one time. How many times a day you are saying that? Look at yourself and understand. Say to yourself, ‘am I accepting making sejda to Allah.’?

Allah SWT kicked sheytan away from Divine presence because he didn’t make sejda to you, to a man, to Adam (as). He was making sejda to Allah SWT, but he said, ‘no , I am not making sejda to Adam.’ And because of that, he was kicked away from Divine presence and he was kicked out from Paradise. Now Allah SWT ordering to us, saying, ‘make sejda to Me.’ How many times a day we are making the sejda? If you are doing five times a day, you are just doing the order. You are in the borderline.  Original order is fifty times a day. When Holy Prophet (asws) went to mi’raj, Allah SWT has given present to this nation, nation of Muhammad saying, ‘tell My servants to come to My presence fifty times a day.’ Original order. If you break that down, fifty times a day, the day is twenty-four hours, roughly calculation in every half hour you are supposed to be coming to sejda. But no, Holy Prophet went back asking to reduce it and reduce it and reduce it, and five times, five times a day. And that is for who, the sejda that we are making? It is not for our Lord. It is for protection to our own self. Protecting our own faith. Protecting our own Shahadat. Because sheytan is aiming, running from every side to steal the Shahadat, to take it away from you.

If you are coming five times a day, in front of your Lord Allah SWT, Allah is saying to us, as soon as you are saying Allahu Akhbar, all the sins and all the wrong things that you did, it’s falling down. I am renewing you. You are going back out, sheytan is going to attack you again. Come back again to zuhr time. You will be clean again. You are going out, asar time come again. Sheytan is attacking back and forth, and one day, you finish today. Alhamdulillah.  Let’s see what’s waiting for me tomorrow.

This is how believer they are supposed to be thinking. They are supposed to be worrying. Yes, everyone is worrying , from seven years old to seventy years old, from males to females. They have everything but they are worrying. World. Worldly worry. Endless worry you have. Endless troubles you have. You have to have worry, yes, the Ahiret worry. Worrying of Ahiret. You have to sit down and think to say what will happen to me now if Azrail comes to me and I’m going to go out from this world, am I ready to go? You are ready or not, you are going to go if the time is coming. But are you preparing yourself for that? Are you preparing yourself for Azrail, for Azrail when he’s coming to take you. Are you ready for that? That’s why Holy Prophet saying to us (asws), when you are coming to the prayer, when you are praying the Zuhr prayer, make intention as if you are not going to meet to asr prayer. If you are praying the asr prayer, make intention that you may not reach to mahgrib prayer. If you are praying Maghrib prayer, make intention that you may not reach to Ishak prayer. If you follow just this order of the Holy Prophet (asws), all our worldly worrying is finishing. Because Holy Prophet is not saying to us, ‘sit over there and think what’s going to happen to us tomorrow, and what’s worrying waiting for you tomorrow.’ Worldly trouble.

strangerin this world

Tell me, isn’t that the Muslims today all in trouble because of the worldly matters? Isn’t it? From young to old. Did you ever seen somebody, I didn’t up till this time, I have so many people going back and forth asking prayers and dua, and I say yes, we pray Insya’Allah. But I never find, except one person one time came to me and looking at the person, I said this person is going to ask me worldly problems too, he’s saying , ‘Sheykh, I have no worldly problem, but I have one problem. I am not making progress.  I am not being a good servant to my Lord, and that’s what I want you to pray.’ And I said, ‘how much money are you making?’ he said, ‘I’m not making too much. One day I’m finding work, one day I’m not finding.’ How many house you have? He said, ‘I don’t have house. I don’t have rental house too. Some days I’m in the streets, some days I’m….’ Huh! That man is the most smart one. Yes.  He’s worrying, because he’s saying to himself, ‘I’m not making progress in the way of Allah.’ The rest, complaining and having problems. What is it? Worldly. Dunya. ‘I have a house, but I cannot keep up with mortgage.’ How much mortgage you pay? ‘four thousand dollars, Sheykh.’  I said, sell the house and buy a cheaper house and don’t have mortgage. ‘No, I like this house. It’s nice and it’s big.’ MashaAllah. Is that what  your Prophet had? Say, Say. Is that what the Prophet (asws) had? He had a palace and living in it? So you lost in one side of the game, because you are not living like your Prophet. And if your aim and if your guide is your Prophet, then you have to say, ‘who cares who says what.’ I care my Prophet.

One time, Holy Prophet (asws) was travelling and they just made one bed for him from the date leaves. And he slept on it. When he got up, the leaves behind his back is leaving the signs, and Umar (ra) is saying to Prophet (asws), ‘Ya Rasulallah, this Kisras and the Kings and all these wrong people they are living the best life on the earth. Please, give us permission that at least to make one bed for you that you can sleep comfortable in it.’  He’s saying to him, ‘Ya Umar, don’t you want the dunya for them and Ahiret for ourselves? The dunya is for them. Ahiret is for us, ya Umar. He said, if your back is getting too luxury, you are not going to get up for the Fajr prayer.’

Yes, ask yourself now how many times you are getting up for Fajr prayer. Don’t fool yourself. Fool the world but not yourself. Say, ‘am I getting up for Fajr prayer for Allah’s sake from that luxury bed?’ If it’s not, get rid of that bed. Because that bed, it is an enemy to  you. It’s keeping you away from Allah SWT. And the Fajr prayer is the most important prayer has to be in your life. The way that  the day begins, that’s how you continue. You are going to get up and to present yourself to your Lord early in the morning, saying, ‘I am in Your presence. And as I promise You Ya Rabbi, I am keeping you priority. I only worship You. I just get up from the bed and I came. I’m worshipping You. And now I am asking help from You.’ And your work is not going to work that time you think? Hmm? It’s going to, hundred percent. But we have other worries. We have worries, dunya, although that we say, comparing to today’s Muslims, the Muslims that they came a hundred years ago or two hundred years ago, we are all living just like Firaun. Firaun they have big palaces. Your house is just like Firaun’s house. Say to me that it’s not. It is. Firaun didn’t have this much of luxury, to press the button to have heat, to press the buttons to have light, to have the buttons to have air conditioning, to press the button to cook your food, to open the refrigerator like the supermarket is right in front of you, you don’t have to do nothing. Yes. And we forget. We are forgetting that with all these luxury, we are forgetting our Lord. How sad you are supposed to be. Definitely, you have to be sad.

Yes, you have to be unhappy. But the unhappiness again is because of worrying for dunya again. Saying, this one has better car and I don’t have it. I must run to have a better car. This one has a better house and I don’t have it. I must run to have a bigger house.  This is what happen to Muslims. So tell me, whose sunnat is this? From where you learn this? I am asking Pakistani guys, did you learn this in Pakistan? The Indians of Hindustan, did you learn this in India? I went to India I have seen the lives there, how it is. And I’m asking Bangalestan people, did you learn this in Banggalia? And I’m asking to Turks, did you learn this lifestyle in Turkey?  The Arabs, where did you learn this?

Who is your role model? It must be the unbelievers. The lifestyle that unbelievers they are living. That’s the worrying that we have. That’s the worrying that the Americans they have. They say, normal American life, American dream, you have to have a house, you have to have a car and you have to own a mortgage. So you are going to work all your life to pay for it. Because they are not really caring for ahiret.  It’s not only they are not caring, they are not believing. But you believing and living that kind of lifestyle is worse than them. Yes. And that time, definitely you are going to have problems. We have problems. Endless problems you are going to have. If your problem today is two, tomorrow it’s going to multiply, it’s going to become four. Next day it’s going to multiply. Following day it’s going to multiply. Only way out, you have to turn around saying, this is a wrong way. This is a wrong road. I must follow the sunnat and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (asws) and his Sahabi, not only the Prophet.

The Sahabi e-Kiram, how they have lived on the face of earth? So many of them when they came to the Holy Prophet (asws), when Holy Prophet came with the Shahadat and saying, calling them to Allah, so many young ones especially they came, they left their parents. Their parents they were very upset with them, just like today. But at least their parents they were mushriks and they were kafir. Now, families are Muslims, they are very upset with their children because they go around the Sheykh to learn their religion. They say, ‘you don’t need it.’ From where are you going to learn? From television? Or from you? If you know the religion you will not live that kind of lifestyle, anyway. What Holy Prophet is saying, ‘Din I Nasihat. Din is advice.’ And you have to find somebody to give you advice. If you don’t find somebody to give you advice, your ego and your sheytan is going to give you advice. And without association, you cannot learn that.

The first aim and the first attack that the sheytan in the jababirah time when they came, when the Khilafat came down, they started first, today so call Turkey, they started there. What they did first thing? They said, ‘we have won the war.’ I said, you win the war, who was the war for? Why this people they rise up in Cannakale? They went to a war for what? To protect their wealth? They didn’t have any. They ran to protect their religion. And the mothers they sent their children to the war zone. They didn’t cry for them. They said to them, ‘if you turn around and you leave the war zone, never come to me again and in the Judgment day I’m going to hold you by your neck.’ Yes, and these people, we are the grandchildren of those ones and they give everything for Allah’s way and the only thing that they have is their life, they give their life too for Allah’s way, for their religion, for Islam not to come down. And what we did right after that? They close all the schools, not the secular schools, don’t make no mistake, they close all the schools, what are the schools? The Tekke and Zawiyas and the Dergahs. Tekke and Zawiyas and the Dergahs, these are schools that are training man to be a man, training woman to be a woman. Training man to know himself. Training children to know their Lord. That’s what it was. And they shut it down. And until today, until today! it’s against the law of that government. Soon it must come down. Because if there is no school to teach children the way of Allah and His Prophet, how are they going to be raised?

You know how they are raising? They are going to secular schools and they are all getting mixed up now. They don’t know what to do. So, we are in big trouble, Muslims. Yes. Because we lost our own identity. We lost our own self. Because we left our Prophet. We left his way. We left the way of the Rasulullah (asws). We left the way of the Sahabi. We left the way of Tabi’in. We left the way of those people, righteous people that they follow the way of the Prophet (asws). Because we left the way, it cannot stay empty there, something has to replace. We left the way of the Prophet (asws) and we turn our face towards the west and we are learning lifestyle from the west.

Islam is lifestyle. Islam is teaching you how to live, from the cradle to the grave, from males to females, how they are going to live according to the laws of Allah and His Prophet. Not according to your ego. Islam is teaching you what is ego. Islam is teaching you what is the spirit. Islam is teaching you what is dunya and it’s teaching you what is Ahiret. Islam is teaching you what to expect from this dunya and it’s teaching you what to hope and  to prepare for Ahiret. If you don’t have worrying for Ahiret life, then you have endless worrying in dunya and that dunya problem never is going to finish.

So, as you know today, from single individuals to families to communities, to nations, doesn’t matter what they call themselves, Muslims or Christians or Jews or believers or unbelievers, they all living miserable life. They are all in trouble. From porters to the president. Everybody is in trouble. No one is happy. How are you going to be like that as of believer? If you are a believer, how are you going to have a life like that? Because the worrying, as you say earlier, dunya. Dunya troubles. And we left Allah, we left His Prophet. We left our religion. Because of that we have endless troubles. Only way out, back to our religion. Turn around, whole tightly to Islam again. BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Innaddina Indallahil Islam, it’s only one religion in the presence of your Lord: Islam. ‘Make sure that you come to My presence with that,’ Allah SWT is saying, Make sure that you come to Me saying La ilaha ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah, otherwise I am not accepting the religion that you are preparing your own self. I sent you religion, I sent you prophets, I sent you laws, how to live in this world, how to protect yourself and how to go out from this world.

We just make Salat Al-Janazah Al-Ghaibin, we make jenazah prayer. Jenazah prayer for those people who pass away during this twenty-four hours that in these days life became so unusual that people’s parents they die and they know one week later. They die in the house and they learn one week later that their parents die, because disconnection happen. Just like westerners. They say, ‘we have mother’s day one day a year.’ And Muslims now, they are upset with their children because they are not coming to visit them on mother’s day or father’s day or veteran’s day or valentine’s day, or this day or that day. That is only for capitalism. They make these days for business to continue. But do you understand that in Islam mother’s day is everyday. Father’s day is everyday. You have to look, the olderly people. You have to look after them. Not like the unbelievers, soon as they become old,  take them and put them into the nursing home. ‘we cannot take care of this one anymore.’ Oh, you cannot take care of your mother anymore, you are right, you are so busy. But your mother takes care of you, nine months inside her stomach, and years clean your under, feed you everyday, but now you cannot take care of your mother. From where you learn this style? From the Prophet or from unbelievers? Form unbelievers. They say we are making better house for you, bring your mother and your father here, we take care of them, and give their wealth to us, we can take care of them, don’t worry. We give them a little bit more better injection to kill them more fast, this way we take their money.

se giving sohbet.jpg

Wake up to yourself O Muslims. If you are a Muslim, that means you are a believer. That means believer means carrying responsibility. You have responsibility between you and your Lord. You have responsibility between you and your family members. You have responsibility between you and your community. You have responsibility between you and your nation. You have responsibility between you and your neighbors even if they are unbelievers. We have to know all these. We have to learn all these step by step we do. There is no other way. More you know, more you learn, more you are sincere with that, more happy you are going to become. You are going to say that, ‘yes, the problem that I was thinking that it was problem yesterday, today it’s no problem because now I’m seeing something great in front of me that at least I’m running for Allah’s sake and I’m happy for it.’ Then happiness is going to come to you that time. When you are running for Allah’s sake, then the happiness is going to come to you. When you leave Allah’s sake and you are  running for yourself, and Allah is saying, you don’t want help, I leave you to your own self. And you stay by yourself, to your self. And Allah is saying, Subhana wa ta’ala, we have created the  man very weak.

We are all weak. We all need each other. We have to learn how to live with each other. You have to learn how to love and respect each other, how to love and to watch the rights of each other  from individuals to the presidents to those tyrants that they are in the country now they are thinking that they are going to rule forever. All tyranny is finishing. If you have some tyrant inside of yourself, get rid of it, otherwise you cannot live in the time of Mahdi (as). Mahdi (as) is not accepting any tyrant with him. You have to be clean ones. You have to worry other people’s problem, not only you, ‘me and me and only me.’That is unbelievers, they live like that. Not believers.

WaminaAllahu Taufiq. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, this much should be enough for us for tonight. If it’s not enough, you talk after the zikr, then we listen. For somebody who is saying, I am intending to become better servant to my Lord, better nation for that Prophet, better human for other people, this should be enough for you and for me. Insya’Allah ar-Rahman. If you want more, we have Dergah in upstate. Come, we speak to you everyday. Should be. Necessary. Because man is taking, and if he is taking and he is using, he’s going to need more. We have more to give, that time. Come. But this much is enough because you are worrying so much for dunya, what’s going to happen on Monday, Monday is work and now we have rent to pay, we have this to pay, we have that to pay. Yes, that is coming to an end too. In these days, so many unusual things is going to happen in this world, we just enter into that. No man and no power can stop that. We enter to the new beginning now. New way of Islam. Flag is going to open soon. The Prophet’s flag is going to open. No power can stop that. Islam is going to rule on the face of earth everywhere. Everyone who is living on the face of earth, taking the air and he’s under the sun of Allah SWT  and living on this earth, they must say Allahu Akhbar. That is Allah’s right on you. That is Allah’s right on us. And saying, yes, if power is given to you, you must run to do that.

WaminAllahu Taufiq, Bihurmatil habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha.  

se wake up O muslims.jpg

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Efendi Hz
Khalifah of Sultan Evliya Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim al Hakkani (qs)

OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York,  2011

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