Following the Straight Path



A brother is saying, ‘I don’t want to leave (the Dergah).’ I said, ‘maybe you won’t leave. You are going to stay up here, you are going to move here.’ We’re saying also, this place is not a Paradise. But Paradise it is never a place, it is what you bring inside it. First, we have to be people of Paradise, then that place is going to be Paradise wherever it is. Hz Ibrahim (as), he made the fire to become a garden, a rose garden, a Paradise. Because he is ahle Paradise. Because he is Halilurrahman , the friend of Allah, and Allah turns then, that place, so easy, although it is against to the nature of fire to be cool, Allah says, ‘be cool for Ibrahim (as), for my friend.’ Although it is against the nature of the knife to cut, the knife did not cut. It means that Allah SWT can turn something that looks completely one thing, into another.

Depending on who is in it, what you bring. Paradise is what you bring. This place, if you have Paradise in your heart, and you want to live like ahle Jannat, this place is going to be Paradise for you. But if you have so much anger, and resentment, so much arrogance and stubbornness, so much jealousy, that time you can be here ten years, you can be here every holy days and holy nights, but because of that ego that is inside of you, this place is going to be hell for you. And there are those who say, ‘it feels very heavy, this place.’ Yeah, of course it has to be heavy for your ego. If it is light for your ego this is not a Dergah. But it has to be very light for your spirit. Saying, ‘I’m here, now I can worship. I’m here and all those things that is bothering me when I am not here, people and situations and thoughts, it just goes away. Then I am free. Now when I am free, then I have to start fixing myself that is inside. Everything is going to come out a little bit.’

So when the Holy Prophet (asws) he brought Islam, did the believers, did they live free and easy in Mecca? They did not. They had a community, correct? Did they have a community? Yes. Did they have a Jamaat? Yes. But they did not feel easy. And for that faith to survive, for that faith to grow, the order for hijrah was given.  Even before the order for hijrah was given, do you think that the people there they did not want to leave? They wanted to leave. Because their children were dying in front of their eyes, from starvation, just because of the love of that Prophet. They did not put their children in front of their Prophet, they did not put their fathers and their mothers and their loved ones.

Here, we are looking at the Sahabi e-Kiram as our role models. We are not looking at anything else. We are not looking to the television to tell us what Islam is, or newspapers, or internet articles. We are looking at the companions of the Prophet (asws), because we want to be in their association. We want to be in sohbet. Because after the Prophets, the ones who have the highest level of faith, are his companions. If you want a different kind of belief, there are thousands of different kinds. There is only one kind of Islam, but different kinds of faith of that Islam, there are thousands in this world right now. You can pick it. But it’s not Siratul Mustaqim. Because Siratul Mustaqim, Allah (swt) has already made it clear what is Siratul Mustaqim and what is not. Sirat alladhina an’amta ‘alayhim Ghayri’l-maghdubi ‘alayhim wa la’d-dallin. Not Siratul Mustaqim, the straight path according to you or you or your father or your mother or your family or the internet or your culture or your understanding, it is the path of those whom Allah has favoured. That is Siratul Mustaqim. Whose path is that? The Prophets. The Holy Prophet (asws) and the Sahabi e-kiram and the Tabi’in, those ones who follow him, that is Siratul Mustaqim. Those who don’t follow him, they can say that this is the path, this is also sirat, it is a sirat, but it is not mustaqim, it is not straight. And with that faith, you cannot cross the bridge.

Alhamdulillah, this is why we are here. If we are happy with our faith, we will not be here. If we are satisfied with our faith we are not going to look for a guide to guide us. We are here because we are not happy with our faith. We have Islam, we have iman, we are practicing, we are doing this and we are doing that. But why are we here? We are here because we know that the Islam that we had before, it was not sufficient, it was not enough. It was not an Islam that the Prophet brought, and he showed to the companions, and those after him, continuing. Holy Prophet (asws), when the order of hijrah was then given, when his companions then understood, how many years they were in mecca? 13 years? They understood what is faith and what is other than faith. What is faith in the Prophet (asws), in Islam, and what is other kind of faith. Those were the people, fourteen hundred years ago, you cannot shake them for anything, because of their binds to their clan, to their fathers, to their mothers, to their traditions, to their nationality, to their class. You cannot shake them for anything. But for 13 years, the Prophet (asws) made them to walk through so many paths, to make them to understand what is real faith, and what is faith to other than Allah.  That they understood then, that this faith to the Prophet (asws) and to Allah it is beyond, it is priority to anything else. And those were the people that they put their clan, their families above anything else. Then when it is ready, and they moved, and when they moved, they did not bring this nationalism with them to say, ‘this is my family,  that is your family.’ When they moved, they moved as a community, saying, ‘we are equal, you and me. We are from different tribes, we are brothers.’ Although those ones, they are in Medina, they are completely different, ‘we are still brothers. You are the Ansar, you are our helpers, we are the muhajjir, we are the ones who made the hijr.’

So the Prophet (asws) is bringing them new paths, new ways, new connections. In reality it is not new. Because that connection through faith, is something very very very old, very ancient, very real. Before we were sent down to this world. The connection through blood, through nationality, through language, through father and mother, it is very new. It just happened when we are here. But we have been created before anything else was created. Where was that bond? that connection? Where is that community? That community still exist in this world and those who are seeking for the Ahiret will find that community. ‘oh, I’m black, you are white.’ Our spirit has no color. We are a community. ‘I am Pakistani, you are afghani, we fight with each other all the time.’ It’s okay, we are brothers now. You find real connection. But to live that faith now, what he’s saying (Sheykh points to a murid), he wants to move. Why is that? Because in order to live that faith, to keep that Islam, to make it easy for us to worship, as the Prophet was given the order 1400 years ago.

Those of you who migrated here, you have made the hijrah. You are making one of the most important sunnat of the Prophet (asws), to leave everything that is familiar to you, and to come to something that is completely unfamiliar, maybe, physically, but spiritually we are one family. Eh, families go up and down. It’s okay, but we cannot break, because you say, we are the same. We are going to work. We are going to live with each other and we are going to make this place into a Paradise, with what we bring.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Shawwal 1438
July 21, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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