Honor comes with the one who has honor


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Before Tarikat we didn’t know what was what. Some they were running around tracks making graffiti. Some they were running around fighting with people. Some they were running around doing this and that. But make no mistake, that was not our reality.

Make no mistake that that was not our real self. And those who say, ‘you were like that, so we don’t believe in your change,’ when you are showing them clear proof of your change, not to show off, but because if you sit next to someone who makes perfume, you are not making perfume but you are sitting next to someone who is making perfume, you are going to get that nice smell. That’s a proof. It’s a smell, you cannot make it up. You are going to make that nice smell. Those who are saying, ‘no, that is not your real self. Your real smell is this bad smell that you have before you came,’ that one does not have mercy in his heart. That one is not understanding that people change for the sake of Allah, people change for the better.

Let me say it in a very nice, delicate way, whatever we are, whoever we are, we must not forget that, yes, where we came from. Don’t let that to stop us. That is only to give us a reminder so that we are not going to think that we are something. And when, like our brother here he’s remembering the mercy of Allah and tears fall from his face, that is more beloved to Allah than whole night that you are going up and down worshipping for weeks, for months, without feeling anything. Because now you cannot fake that, really. It’s coming. Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘cry for the sake of Allah. If you cannot cry, make yourself to cry.’ I mean some they are crying 24 hours nonstop, that’s the time we say don’t cry so much. But especially now, especially for the man living in this time, they are only seeing how much we are standing straight, they are not seeing how much we are in sejdah crying and begging to our Lord to forgive us.

We don’t need to make show about that anyway, and you shouldn’t. But never forget, whatever that we came from, that is not our real self. Because our real self is, in reality, it is not here, it is in Divine Presence. Just as the real sun is not here, it is day time now, after the zuhr we see light everywhere, we say the sun is out. But the sun is fix. It is only some rays that is reaching to us. You think our spirit it is weaker than that sun? The power of our spirit and the light of our spirit it can turn off one thousand suns.

Don’t you know that Hazreti Adam (as), our grandfather, that we were with him, in him, he was the qibla for the malaikats, for the angels, he was the qibla, he was their direction that they all make sujud, sejda to him. To who? To us, our reality. But we came out from that mess, we are saying shukr, we are doing a couple  of things, don’t think we are doing anything again. If our Lord is not sending us support, we cannot even breathe in, we cannot even breathe out, we are prisoner between two breaths. Without our Lord help, we cannot even move one finger. Believe that, understand that. No matter how great we are, never forget out own weakness and our own dirtiness. As our Grandsheykh Imam Rabbani (qs), he was giving sohbets to the Sultans in Hind, so everyone is reading his sohbets, what did they call? Mektubat. But understand, it is very good but those are sohbets to Sultan. We are not sultan. We may take something. It is good. But it is meant for the Sultan and the emperors. And in one of his mektubat, in one of his sohbets, in one of his writings, let me put it delicately because we just finish the jumma, he said, ‘Never forget, Ya Sultan, no matter how great you are, never forget, you are from dirtiness of your father and you enter into this world through the dirtiness.’ Sit and understand. When you get upset, when you get angry, when you get proud, sit and understand. Pull yourself back. That is our reality. That is our physical reality.

So yeah, our brother he is very moved because he’s listening to the khutba and he’s thanking Allah, because he said, before we didn’t know what honor was. Same, yes, I didn’t know what honor was. Nobody knew. That’s why one of the saying of the Evliyaullah is what? Be careful when you meet the friend of Allah because he will take away your Islam. He will take away your Islam. We thought we had Islam before we met, correct? We thought we had faith, and until we sat with our Sheykh, then we realize, oh, what kind of faith was that? We didn’t get worse, alhamdulillah. We get better understanding that. But once you start doing that, understand that your ego is going to go crazy, it’s going to start attacking you. Definitely it will. Sheytan will attack you even more. Definitely. Dunya will pull you more. Definitely. Because now, you are fighting the Jihadul akbar. They are not going to just sit. They are going to stand up. They are going to start attacking you. That is the time when you must fight back. Because honor does not come from people. Honor does not come from this world. Honor does not come from wealth. Honor does not come from lineage. So many wives of Prophets, it didn’t save them, their marriage to Prophets. So many children of Prophets, it didn’t save them, that lineage. So many uncles of Prophets, it didn’t save them. Honor does not come from this world. It doesn’t come with titles. Honor comes with the one who has honor. And that one is going to show you what it means to have honor, what do you need to carry to have that honor.

We are weak and dirty ones. Allah, with His Mercy is pulling us out from that dirtiness, and putting us here on top of a mountain. It’s clean here on top of the mountain. Sheykh Effendi says, ‘don’t bring your dirtiness up here.’ There’s clean air in the mountain. Don’t bring your dirtiness up here. Don’t bring your dirtiness in your mind, your heart, in your actions, in your words. This is a clean place.  Get rid of it. Because this place in reality is not yours and mind. It has an owner. And they are saying, ‘Come to this clean place. But be clean.’ If you come to a clean place but you are not clean, that place is going to be dirty. It will not do anything to you. If you are clean and you go to a dirty place, and if you are clean and you have power and you go to a dirty place, that place will be clean. Because the clean one will say, I cannot live like this. I have to do something. And he will clean that place.

We are praying for everyone in this world that they are looking for justice and they are looking for truth and they are looking to end the oppression and to end the tyranny, we are praying for everyone who believes and who don’t believe. For those who don’t believe, we are asking that they turn around and they come to accept. May Allah keep us with His beloved ones, Insya’Allah. May Allah never make us to lose our faith with them, to take out doubt, to take out unclean thoughts and intentions from our hearts, to make us to become real and clean and sincere with them. We are asking for forgiveness for all those who have passed in our family and love ones, we are asking for safety for them and we are asking for safety for all those who are going to come into this world, we are asking safety for those who are sick, we are asking safety for all those who are under oppression. And may Allah wake our hearts Insya’Allah. Wa minallahu. Taufik Al-Fatiha.

cleanse oneself

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Zul Qaida 1438
July 28, 2017 
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