Allah, The Best Of Creator


hoja lokman Hz

Allah is the Best Creator. There is no other creator. Allah is the only creator. What it means to be a creator? Allah is the creator, He is the only creator but He is the best of the creator. Do you understand. It is not saying that there are other creators and He is the best. That is our understanding. This is also coming into Arabic grammar, correct? When it is meaning like that, it is not showing that there are other ilahs, that Allah is the best.

I was maybe thirteen years old and this person asked me a question, he didn’t ask me a question, he asked other people, because it was like a big meeting like that, a conference, and saying, even I was saying La ilaha ilallah, it is saying that there are other ilahs, correct? It sounds like that, there is no ilah except for Allah, because this in one way, people are saying, Jews, Christians, unbelievers, Allah is just one of many. A Christian still today believe, majority of them, that Allah is a different god. They say, ‘you pray a different god, we pray a different god.’ The Hindus they have so many gods but they believe in that one god that is above everything but they don’t pay attention to that one. Because it fits them in their hierarchy, in terms of belief. Other religion they say we believe in this god, this god, this god, this god.

When we say La Ilaha Ilallah, that there is no god except for Allah, it is not saying there are other gods and we deny them, there is only Allah. There is no competition. It is saying to the root of the problem, nothing else exist except for Allah. Nothing else exist. Not only that there are no partners to Allah, because so many religion it is very difficult for them to believe there is only one Allah. Very difficult. And if they believe there is one Allah, they make that Allah an image of themselves. They believe that is one but they make it an image of themselves. It’s very difficult for them to say, ‘Allah. Lam yalid walam yulad. Walam Yakul lahu kufuwan Ahad. ’ They cannot. Because the makhluk, when he is only thinking, that because he sees his own reflection, so everything else has to be a reflection from himself. That’s when he mixes it up.

Let me give you an example: a man and his kid, say they grew up on a house and they never go out. The man use to go out, now he stays with his son, they never see anyone else, they never know anything else, the kid has never seen anything else, no creature, no man, no nothing, no women, only seeing his father, it is like us, what we see and what we know is only this, five senses people are trapped in, their five senses. They don’t think that there are others. The only creature that that boy see is a little mouse. And the father sometimes when he tells a story of the outside world, and he tells a story of this huge creature called an elephant, the only way that the child can understand that is to compare the elephant with the mouse. His  father is going to say, ‘there’s one big creature and it has big ears.’

He says, ‘really? Is the animal like a mouse?’

‘Yes, but it’s very big.’

‘Ahh, like a big mouse.’

He says, ‘yes, like a big mouse. The ear is very big, like a fan.’

‘I don’t know what fan is, father.’

‘Eh, the mouse ear but bigger. The nose is like this and long.’

‘Like mouse nose but longer?’


Everything is according to that. You understand? Because that child, that kid, us, we are trapped with that five senses. But is the ability to know beyond that five senses inside of us? Yes it is. Of course it is. When we are in our mother’s womb, there’s no other universe. Correct? When we are a kid, there’s no other universe. When we grew up, there’s no other universe. When we die, in the grave, that is another universe, but these are all just stations. And these are different stations, not in a straight line, it is like a circle. Because we didn’t begin in our mother’s womb. We began before.

Mankind, ruh, Hazreti Insan, is not the last to be created. Is the first to be created. We are older than anything else that Allah SWT has created. We are a secret with Allah. And the secret was only revealed by Hz Adam (as), that with the revelation, reveling of that secret of Hazreti Adam, of Hazreti Insan, it cause confusion. Even the angels they were wondering, what is this creature. So now, Allah SWT in order to make us to understand Him, He has sent now His messengers who have been there to Him and going down to the world, and to speak in the language that they, not in the language that is from Higher language, in a  language, in an image, in a picture that they understand. Even those who believe that there is only one lord, the Ahle Kitab, even those who believe that there is only one Lord, they are still stuck calling Allah SWT, calling Him Abba, Baba, father. That the only way for them to understand is, elephant? Like a mouse right? Oh, like a mouse. That’s why people are thinking, up till today, Allah is just like a man, hasha astaghfirullah, but bigger, more powerful. Correct? I’m not making stuff up. They are painting it in the church, in the Vatican, showing Allah, hasha astaghfirullah, as this old man with a beard, with naked children around him reaching out to this naked man. And now you are wondering why things happen in the church?

So now, Allah is saying, again in that Surahtul Ikhlas, describing Himself, okay all you understand is that mouse, yes He is like that. Elephant is like that, but it is not like that. Do you understand? Don’t get stuck thinking that elephant is like that. It is similar but not like that at all. And if you are insisting that it is like that, like a mouse, you are wrong. So we are thinking now, Allah is saying, Qul Huw-Allahu Ahad Allahus Samad, describing Himself, but Allah is saying, even the description I’m giving you, even the description that you are thinking, I am away from that description. Allahu Akhbar. So La ilaha ilallah. That is one zikr, that’s why in the Naksibendi way we start with La ilaha ilallah. When you say ‘La’ to the other Ilahs, that they are not in existence, we are making them to be, there is no reality between them but we make it real to ourselves. It is not real, it is not next to Allah, but we are putting it next to Allah, you understand? Now Allah is saying, that is not, whatever that you think it s, no it’s not, that’s why in the Naksibendi way we start with La ilaha ilallah and then we go into ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ The Creator. He is the best of the creator. He is taking from nothing to make it into something. And He is the best because He didn’t just, because you have to understand people also have different ideas about creator. Some saying, like the ancient people, some of them they believe yes there is one Allah, yes. But the say, ‘they create us and then He hide Himself and He is not interested in what is happening. Correct? There are some who is saying, it is created and then they just sit back and they just watch us doing whatever we want to do, fighting with each other. Just watching us. They are not. They are not interested, meaning the creator does not have all the other sifat that makes Him to be the best, that He takes care of us, that He has more love and mercy towards us, that He warns us.

return to Allah

Allah SWT has created mankind to know Him and to worship Him. This is our work. If we do everything else but we are not knowing Allah, not worshipping Him, we miss the reason of our creation. This is why we are in Tarikat. To know, Insya’Allah. This much is enough. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Zul Qaida 1438
July 28, 2017 
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