How do we check if we become a servant of dunya?


Question: How do we check if we become a servant of dunya?

servant of Allah

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur. It’s very easy. What you are busy with serving, you are servant of that one. You wake up and you think about breakfast, who of us not thinking about breakfast, sometimes, most times? But you have to pass, you cannot spend the whole day just thinking about breakfast, thinking about lunch or thinking about food. You wake up you think about food, after you eat you are still thinking about food, dinner time you think about food, you go to sleep you think about food, or you think about your job, or you think about your love ones, or you think about your career, or you think about earning money, and you are thinking, while you are thinking all these things, you are busy in that day trying to achieve it, for itself. You are serving, but you are not serving your Lord, you are serving that dunya.

What keeps you away from Alla, that is your dunya. You wake up, we’re supposed to, that’s why five daily prayers, Allah SWT could have just said to us either pray less which original order is fifty times a day. Fifty times a day meaning there are times in the day of 24 hours that if you cut it into fifty times, there are specific times in that 24 hours, fifty times that you are supposed to connect to Allah SWT. The Evliyaullah they know this. They do this. Reduced to five times. But He could have said pray five times a day only in the morning time or only in the night time. Why the five times a day is cut in five sections of the day? When you first wake up, when the sun is highest, when the day  is weaning, it is getting weaker, night time is coming, when night and day it is almost equal but night is a little bit more, when night and day it is coming, and day is completely disappeared and it is completely dark, that is Ishak time. When Fajr times enter between night and day and just little bit night is not complete and just a little bit of light, the Fajr enters. Specific, very specific time. Hasn’t change in fourteen hundred years. Why Allah is cutting up into all these different times?

We are busy with this world, yes, but Allah is saying, ‘now turn to Me. Don’t turn to this world. Take this opportunity now to run and to jump into that river that clean us up. Turn to Me. You need this in this time of the day, because in specific time of the day different things are happening to this world, different things are happening to you. Different activities are happening in this world and in the Heavens, and you need to connect to Me.’ For example, the time that is before zuhr, it is forbidden for us to pray, correct? Why is that? The sun is the highest there and that is the time that the earlier nations when they deviate they will use that time to worship. Because different activities, like I said, it is happening. Same thing with Asar. You pray Asar but between Asar and Maghrib time especially closer closer to Maghrib, it is forbidden for you to pray. It is only after that that you can. So there are forbidden times for us to pray because now, different channels are opening, wrong things are coming, don’t mess it up.

So how do you know that you are a servant of dunya? Look at yourself, do you wake up thinking about dunya? Do you spend the whole day thinking about dunya? And do you go to sleep thinking about dunya? Especially if that dunya is not connected to ahirat. Man can say, ‘I’m only working whole day. But I’m working for my family.’ Breh, then what’s the difference between you and the unbelievers? They are all working for their family too. But the man is working the whole day and the reasons why he’s working it is for the sake of Islam, it is to support other people, not just thinking for his family, it is to help in the way. Then that time, his heart is not, in reality happy even with the work, because he’s saying, ‘ah, if only I can stop all this and just worship.’ Correct? Those ones they are saying, no, you are helping other people, you are providing, you are helping poor people, say yes we have to do but if only I can stop this and just make prayers, make zikr and read Quran, like all this other people are. It is much harder for them. But their heart is not in that work. And even they are putting everywhere they feel very bad after that. They feel very bad. They say, ‘I’m not praying enough. I’m not doing enough.’ But we say, the service that you are providing now, it is better than those who just worship for themselves and they are not helping the people around them.

There is no balance. But you see in Islam, we have to remember this, there is no such thing as balance. That’s a very non-Muslim, Buddhist concept. Of course. In Islam there is priority, what is first, what is priority. Balance is this and this must be the same. Do we say we want a balance of Haqq and Batil? Are we making balance of Haqq and batil? Allah is saying that? Which Book is saying that, which Prophet, which Sahabi, which Saint is saying Yin and Yang, Haqq and batil? We understand that there is wisdom behind the Haqq and wisdom behind the batil. We understand why they need to exist. Allah is not saying ‘destroy sheytan.’ We know why it’s existing. We are not even saying destroy our ego, but put our ego under our feet. Put Allah high.

So there is priority. It is not balance. Once we know the priority, this is more important, this is okay but this is more important, then it’s okay. Otherwise we are always going to be playing see-saw. Like this one day, like this one day, like this one day, like that one day. Huh, then you are going to be imbalance whole day. Whole day you are going to be psychotic. But if you know, this is what I have to do, I don’t care for anything else, this is what I have to do, you are going to be sure you are going to be doing that. This is my aim, this is my mission. Even if people are not liking it, people are not understanding, I’m not going to let that to pull me back. I finish this first. When that is okay, I deal with the second one, I deal with the third one, I deal with the fourth one. Insya’Allah, with that, we will understand and we will know.

Knowing this dunya, knowing your enemy, it is important. Because the dunya is not just what you are searching for. Dunya is not just gold or titles or this or that. There’s so many other things. It is one of our biggest enemies. Insya’Allah, if we understand our enemy we can defeat it. You cannot understand, you cannot. Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Zul Qaida 1438
July 28, 2017 
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