Why must the Murid live in a community?


Question: Why must the Murid live in a community?



It’s not that a murid must live in a community, mankind, if you are a human, you must live in community. Because Allah is giving that order in the Quran saying, ‘be a Jama’at.’ He didn’t say, be alone. Because in reality, the only one who is alone is who? Allah.

You can know that you are different from other people, you can know that you are singular, you are unique, but it doesn’t mean that you are alone. But Allah is alone. There is none that is like Him. So it’s not the murid who must live in a community, everyone must live in a community. Even modern psychologist they understand, people who don’t live in a community, you are challenged mentally. It’s not healthy. It doesn’t mean living in a community 24 hours you have to be with people, you have to he..he..ha..ha being nonsense with them. No, it doesn’t mean that. There are times when you want to be by yourself, there are times you want to be with your family, there are times you want to be with close friends, there are times you have to be with everyone. But it is important, because if you don’t have a community, if you are not in Jamaat, you will not discover yourself, you will not understand yourself, you will not see yourself. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying what? The believer, he is a what? A mirror to another believer.

A believer is a mirror to another believer.  How are you going to know yourself if there is no mirror that is in front of you? If there is no physical mirror that is in front of you, your eye that can see everything and everywhere cannot even see itself. So it is important to have a mirror. It is important to have brothers around you, sisters around you. Yes, it goes up and down. Of course it is. Yes, you are not going to get along with everyone all the time. This is normal. This is human. You’ll learn how to get along even if you are not in agreement 24 hours.  It’s okay. But it doesn’t mean that because you disagree, now you have to hate people. It doesn’t mean because you disagree, now you have to go out and you have to make confusion. It doesn’t mean that you disagree now you have to go and you have to destroy. It doesn’t mean that. Learn how to live like human.

Why are the Ottomans our role model? Why are we saying that we are Ottoman? Because the Ottomans is over 72 Kingdoms, different religions, different people, different nationality. They never try to make everyone to be one nationality because it’s easier to control, they said keep your nationality, and everyone was getting along for hundreds of years. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Kurds, Turks, Arabs, they were able to sit down, eat together, work together, take care of each other’s children and live like humans because in reality we are no different from each other. The different is only when we are in this world. Our spirit they are the same. So if you don’t live in a community, you’ll always going to think that you are very very very very very special from everyone and you have all the excuse. Like I said, I’m not saying that you have to be 24 hours to be with people. I’m a very private person. I value my privacy. But when my privacy becomes, for example more important than to be with people and to help people, that is when it’s going to be trouble. Because you have to see what is your work, what is your role in this community too. What is your work, what is your role, what is your job? For some people, it is to work. For some people it is to make others laugh. For some people it is to talk, for some people it is to cook. For some people it is to make trouble a little bit so that others will wake up, correct?

You see, a Tarikat it is like that beautiful forest. Every kind of flower, you see everything is growing by itself and the beauty comes from that. And they are saying, let it be for some time. But, there is that gardener. That gardener is going to make sure that everyone has their rights to grow. How are you going to understand that gardener,  how is the plant going to understand that gardener, how is the plant going to understand ‘you, you always cut me, but you, you let that one to grow all the way up. I don’t understand this.’ How are you going to understand? For you, you are that kind of plant. For you, you are that kind of plant.

Insya’Allah, the Prophets have been sent to their nation and the Prophets have always maintained close ties to their nation and their nation is their jama’at. We are created to be in jama’at. If we live in jama’at, for the murid now to come deeper into the jama’at, not just to meet your friends or your families in these days, especially in this country, once in a blue moon, for holidays to come and then ‘hi how are you?’ If you think that that texting is keeping each other close too, 99 percent of the time is not to keep each other close but to give each other more jealousy and more envy. ‘Look, I’m eating this. Look, I’m wearing this. Look I’m having a good time. Look, I’m showing off.’ Oh MashaAllah. You like. I like. You like. I like. That is not real. We know, and that’s attracting nazar, and that’s making everyone to just show off to each other. That is not real. Now, to be a murid in a community, yes, now you are going to go deeper. You are going to understand yourself. You are going to understand your brothers and your sisters, because if you cannot get along here in this world, you cannot get along in Paradise. If you can get along here, you can get along in Paradise, it’s easy.

We are not fake. It doesn’t mean we are just going to smile and happy with each other all the time. No. You are just like a family. You learn how to get along. Correct? And you say, ‘okay, I’m very fed up but I’m not going to cut my tie. I’m very fed up with this one but when it comes to eating together, we eat together. And when there is someone coming to attack us or something, we all come together.’ Because Islam is jama’at. Modern life it is concentrating on individualism. Individualism. And it’s making people to be alienated from each other. Making people to say, ‘you are very special. Nobody understands you.’ What do you think you are? You think you are an ilah?

What is it that we are doing right now that has never been done before? What is it that we are feeling right now that has never been felt before? Why we think we are so special? But the ego is going to say that, ‘don’t tell people your problems because they never understand.’ Ego is going to say that, ‘no, don’t open your mouth, that one cannot help you. No one can help you. You are all alone.’ Bringing people into a depression, hmm, and the ego is not going to stop, sheytan is not going to stop until you kill yourself.

You think a man will have depression if he’s living in a community? A real community. You think the man will have depression when he feels very tired, he feels very fed up with himself, he feels very depress, then he comes out and he sees this little child in front of him and the child is smiling at him, and saying, ‘please play with me.’ When he goes and he sees the little lamb there or the dogs or the puppies, or someone is crying and he says what’s happening, and he says I can’t find my shoes. And he says, ‘let me help you.’ Or someone is poor and starving but they are still smiling and say, ‘alhamdulillah.’ You think that depression is going to stay? You think that craziness is going to stay? That’s why Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘visit the sick often.’ Go to the cemetery often. That, you can find it, all of that, in a community. But when you are individual,  when you are alone, you will choose where you want to go. You are not going to see all of this. You become more selfish.

If the man has a heart, no matter how difficult things are, if comes out of his house and he sees a cripple, an old man with no legs begging on the street, because he is thinking so much, because people who have depression they think a lot, right? Then he’s going to look at that and he’s going to think too. But when the reality of this world is not shown to people with that condition, when in reality people who have depression, everything is given to them, they have enough clothes, enough food, enough friends, enough fun, enough money but there’s something that is missing because that is something that is coming from the spirit, it is coming from the soul, it is not satisfied, because it is not finding Allah. Because the peace is only coming when you are saying ‘Allah’ and when you are finding Allah, if you are on that way of finding Allah, you are going to be in a community. And in that community of finding Allah then you are going to see so many other different kinds of people with so many needs, so many wants, so many things that they don’t have, that you have, that you can help in the way of Allah that will take you out.

Yes, if we don’t share, it will become like a fire to you. Correct? That’s why zakat, if you don’t give zakat, that zakat is going to be what in the grave? The angels are going to turn your money into gold but that gold is going to be hot, red hot, and they are going to make that into a necklace and they are going to make you to wear it and you are going to burn. That is just property. And if you have things that you have, good things that you have, good thoughts that you have, and if you are not sharing that, it will become a burden to you. Oh yeah, you have to share. Share your smiles. Yes, sometimes you have to share also your sadness and your depression to those who are able to help. That time they can.

Insya’Allah. May Allah help us and may Allah forgive me. I’m not trying to make it to be very, I’m not looking down on people who have this. We all have it. And this is also a sickness that is also afflicting first world country. Not third world country and we are trying to understand where it’s coming from. From our way, we all have it every now and again. We’re all speaking from some experience. And we are saying, we walk this road, maybe there are other roads, but we walk this road and it’s working for us. If you like, walk on this road with us. That’s all we are saying. WaminAllahu Taufiq al-fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Zul Qaida 1438
July 28, 2017 
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