Seek Guidance In The Path Of Allah


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Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This Tarikat it is based on association. With the association, with the sohbet,  you can learn how to turn the wild beast that is inside of you,  your ego, your nafs, your nafsu amara to become nafsu mutma’in. If there is no sohbet, you are going to lose it. Holy Prophet (asws) he was not just delivering the Ayats that is coming from Allah to his ummat. He was not just doing that. He was also showing them the way and how to live this ayat. He was not just showing people his lifestyle. But he was showing people how from his lifestyle when they take it step by step, those ones who were burying their children alive in the hot sand, they became Sahabi. Through the sohbet, through association.

Go up and down as much as you want, recite Quran as much as you want, make zikr as much as you want, yes, but if the man is not thinking and understanding why he is doing, his ego and sheytan will trick him. Because Allah SWT has given us that intelligence, that ability to think that is not given to the animals and He has given us qualities that not even the angels they have. If a man sits down and he starts thinking and understanding he will come close to Allah. If a man he’s praying but his heart is away, he is not understanding that enemy that is inside of him. He’s reciting Quran but it’s not pass his throat. There are so many people who pray and they recite Quran and they do so many things but they have not even understood what is that enemy inside of them, they have not understood what is that anger that is forbidden by Allah SWT, the jealousy, stubbornness and the arrogance, characteristics inherited from sheytan. If he is not understanding that, if he has a drop of jealousy or anger and stubbornness in your heart, you cannot enter into Paradise. Entering into Paradise is just reciting 24 hours? Going up and down 24 hours? Which is why Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, one hour of meditation, don’t get mixed up it’s not meditation according to other ways, not to sit like this and like this, no, no, it’s not that kind of meditation. The word is Tafakkur. Fikr, to think. One hour of thinking it is better than seventy years of worship.

How are you going to think in today’s society? You are out there, how are you going to think? We are already slaves to the dunya. Dunya has owned us. You are working nine to five, you are already own by your employer. You cannot do so many things. You come out, you walk on the streets, you are together with your family, so many Sheytanic elements that are around you, it cannot give you any peace of mind to think. Use to be, when I was growing up, it is during my time that you see so much technology happening, I’m not that old but I remember when pagers first came into the world. Everyone was so excited. Everyone was carrying pager, correct? Before it was only doctors. Now everyone is important. Oh someone page for me, I must find a phone, I must call. Then from pagers, everyone had mobile phones, but the phone is twice as big as this tissue box. You are holding it, very special, ‘huh, I’m very important. Call me.’ Then it got smaller and smaller, then it became  a phone. But now, not just a phone, it became the computer. During my time too, seventies, eighties, the computer started to rise. Computer was like this (huge box),  now it became in your hand, in the palm or your hand and even smaller they have. So technology is not leaving you alone. Eh, you’re saying, ‘it’s reminding me of Allah, my Facebook account.’ Subhana Allah. Maybe ten post for malayani nonsense, one hadiths, one ayat. Okay, say one out of ten, nine of them they are hadiths and ayat and things that are reminding you of Allah, but if there is one that is there that is making you to forget, it’s finish, malayani. You become slave to technology.


Used to be, it’s going to come, all the bans is going to come. Soon I’m going to ban hand phones also at the Dergah.  Because I’m sitting and I’m watching people, couple of people it’s important. Going back and forth, 24 hours? No. Some people during zikr time they are opening it, they are checking. What is so important. Breh, you are coming here to free yourself from slavery of the dunya, why are you bringing your dunya here? Instead of having your cell phones, have your tasbih in your hand. That is a reminder. Reminding you of Allah. Because you are pulling. Sahaba e-Kiram they have tasbih? Of course they did. They are doing different kinds. They are even throwing stones to make their tasbih into the center, that certain parts of the world, in China, in India, in Pakistan, they are still doing that. Different Sunnats. They have one string belonging to the Holy Prophet (asws) also from Hz Abu Hurairah (ra), he’s tying knots in that string. That is the early tasbih.

What is that tasbih for? It is to remind you, okay you are engaging yourself in life, you are talking but you are holding it, you say, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah…’ you stop, you start being busy with other things, you remember because this is holding, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah….’ These wahabbis they are saying, ‘no, use your fingers.’ Use your fingers like this. I’ve never seen anyone talking to me and they are doing like this (zikr using the fingers). Never. All my life. Yes, that is a different kind of tasbih that you do when you are calling for the thirty-three, SubhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah, AllahuAkbar. Something else. Yes, that is also a sunnat. But not any sunnat that you can mix and match.

Now we come to the point where everything is so jumbled up, it’s so confusing that the little seven years old boy, now he’s going to make fatwa about Islam. Hiding behind his keyboard, challenging over one thousand year of tradition. Why is that? Because the man says, ‘I don’t have to follow anyone.’ Man says, ‘it is between me and Allah. Breh, what happened to the Holy Prophet (asws)? Isn’t your kalimah Shahadat, the second part Muhammadur Rasullah? Oh, you become Quran-alone people. You become those ones who are Ahli Quran, only the Quran, they don’t take the Hadiths. They even dare to say that our kalimah Shahadat, Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu, the second part it is a shirik, because you should only say Allah. Why? ‘Quran alone. We don’t take the Hadith. We don’t take the Prophet (asws).’

You think this only happened today? No. It has been happening for over 1400 years. There was a group of people that they said ‘we are not going to follow anyone,’ because they see themselves better, ‘we are not going to follow Hz Ali, we are not going to follow Hz Muawiyah. We are better, we only follow Quran.’ And they actually went to war, they pierced the mus’haf with a spear, like that (raising it) and they go to war. They say ‘we don’t follow any Khilafat. We don’t follow anyone in front. There is no such thing as a Holy person, a learned person, a teacher, a representative and a successor to the Holy Prophet (asws) to teach us. It’s only me and Allah.’ You know what is that, when you say it is only you an Allah? You are making partners with Allah, saying ‘we are buddies, not you.’ This is what it means.

Hz Ali (kw) stopped the war with Hz Muawiyah and he says take them down. Finish them, because this is going to lead to a lot of tyranny, yes, and terrorism. Sometimes, for 1400 years, some group comes up, same idea, the authority cut them off, go down. Just like a snake coming out, knock on the head and it goes back down, knock on the head, it goes back down. Of course, because when man is not understanding his ego, the ego that the Evliyaullah are saying, seventy times more powerful than sheytan, the ego has the power to disobey Allah swt. Sheytan disobeyed Allah swt how many times? Once. Our ego disobeys Allah continuously. Not understanding the dunya, not understanding our desires and not understanding sheytan. Four enemies. That one, he may be going up and down, reciting Quran, even making the zikr, but not understanding his ego, his ego, sheytan is going to be his Sheykh.

So, there have always been groups using religion for the ego, using that, perverting it, corrupting it. ‘No there isn’t.’ Of course there is. If there isn’t, why Allah swt is making us to recite forty times a day ‘Ihdinas Siratal mustaqeem, siratal lazina an amta alaihim ghairil maqdhubi alaihim waladhallin,’ making it clear to us, oh, why are we reciting if we are not understanding? You don’t understand because you don’t think. You’re just like a donkey, reading and carrying books, accumulating more and more and more and more knowledge and not thinking and not understanding and not practicing it. ‘Keep us on the straight path, guide us on the straight path,’ you’re on the straight path, why you need guidance? Why you need guidance if you’re on the straight path? Just like those ones who are saying ‘I am already in Islam. I’m a Muslim. Why I need a teacher? My teacher is Allah.’ Oh, you became Prophet.


If you are on the straight path, Siratul Mustaqim, why are you asking Allah, we are not asking Allah, Allah is ordering us to ask Him, because this is the Words of Allah, this is not our words. Why Allah is making us to say ‘Ihdinas Siratal mustaqeem,’ keep us on the Siratul Mustaqim, keep us on the straight path, guide us on the straight path. It didn’t stop there. It continued, what Siratul Mustaqim? Allah is saying ‘the Sirat, the path, the way of those whom we have favored,’ because everyone is going to claim that their paths, two billion Muslims, two billion paths to Islam, because everyone says ‘this is my own path.’ Secular Muslims saying ‘my own path,’ feminist Muslims saying ‘my own path,’ hipster Muslims saying ‘this is my own path,’ so many different kinds now. ‘This is my path. You don’t tell me what to do.’ But Allah is saying ‘no, no, no, not any path. The path whom Allah has favored.’

Whose path? The Holy Prophet (asws), and the path of those who follow his sunnat and the sunnat of his Sahabis. Then Allah is saying ‘not the path that they have deviated, like those that they were in the Siratul Mustaqim, they were in the straight path, but they deviated.’ Who are they? Who are those people? It is very clear, those ones that they were following the Holy Prophet Isa (as). Deviated. ‘And not the path of those who,’ what? ‘They have pulled Your Wrath, Your Anger,’ the path that they are following seventy Prophets of the Bani Israel. So there is a path, there is a way. We are asking for guidance in this way. This is what the sohbet is going to give us, the guidance. Holy Prophet (asws), what was he doing? He was holding conferences to teach people about Islam? Or he was writing books, having book signing? Or he was having seminars?

He was sitting and he was talking and he was explaining, and he was living his life, and whatever instance, incidences that happened in his life, the wahyu comes, how is he going to respond, because the hadith, it is explaining the Quran. The lifestyle of the Prophet (asws) is explaining the Quran because the Holy Prophet (asws) is the walking Quran. Today, of course, there are so many who are even claiming that they have a higher faith then the Prophet (asws), higher faith than the Sahabi e-Kiram, higher faith than the Imams of the Mahzabs, because we live in the Ahir Zaman. When you don’t have a teacher, when you don’t have a guide to just guide you, I’m not talking about those ones who are earning money by writing amulets, they say ‘my son, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, sahib, pir sahib, he is looking for a job, but years he’s not finding a job, must be jadu, okay, black magic.’ ‘Ah,’ that one says, ‘very good. Give me three hundred dollars, I’ll write you something, you wear I around his neck.’ Oh, easy fix. Everything is black magic. Where is your ego? Maybe that one is just a lazy one. Maybe that one is not moving. Maybe that one got spoiled by the mother. So many times it’s happening. No, those ones that they are going to teach you the fear of Allah and they are going to teach you the love of Allah, those ones who are going to teach you about yourself. The one who does not understand his self, he doesn’t understand his Lord. Understand?

May Allah make us to come out from our ignorance, and to take out all arrogance from us and to hold on to the Prophet (asws) and his waris, may Allah not make us to be alone with our ego and our sheytan, to keep us in safety in this Ahir Zaman, to be able to live clean and simple life and strong life with our faith Insya’Allah, preparing ourselves for what is going to come. Wa minallahu Taufiq, al Fatiha. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
11 Zul Qaida 1438
August 3, 2017 
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