The Evliyaullah Speak the Words of Haqq


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Sheykh Mevlana (QS) may Allah raise his station, Sheykh Effendi SahibulSaif, may Allah raise his station, may their feet always be on our neck, they have been warning the nations, the ummah of the Prophet (asws) East and West, North and South, Muslim and non-Muslim, about this ahir zaman, all their lives. I’m not talking yesterday. I’m not talking from ten years ago. I’m not talking that they are talking about ahir zaman just because of a few YouTube videos. No. They’ve been speaking about it. And this awareness of ahir zaman, it did not start with them too. How the Evliyaullah is going to do something that Prophet (asws) never did?

This thinking of ahir zaman and to watch out for the fitnah, the confusion of ahir zaman, it started all the way from the Holy Prophet (asws), fourteen hundred years ago, speaking about dajjal and the fitnah of dajjal. Because this world is ending. Our lives are ending. Holy Prophet (asws) he did not come into this world saying, I am the first Prophet. He came as the last Prophet. Although he is sayyidil awwalina wal akhirin, but that is different, talking about his time here on this world. He came as a Prophet of ahir zaman, as a Nabi of ahir zaman, for the ahir zaman.  A hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets came and a hundred and twenty four thousand prophets have been talking about Holy Prophet (asws), the last messenger, and the conditions of the ahir zaman. So it is not just from thirteen hundred years. It is from our father Adam (as), saying, ‘your mother and I we came from Paradise, you were born here from this world. Our home is not this world. Our home is Paradise. I’m a man but I’m also a Prophet. I’m your father but I’m also a messenger from Allah, and this world will go through so many changes and if, after I pass, the last Prophet were to come, accept him. Hold on to him.’ Some of them they believe. They say, ‘we hear and we obey. Some of them, they did not, they were the children of Prophet, first generation in this world, they did not. They say, ‘you have grown old. You are delusional. You start to imagine things. This world is all that there is, the five senses that we have is real. There is nothing else beyond that. You are getting old father.’ They are saying.

So from that time, already it split. And the splitting is not Allah who is splitting people, like some they believe, Allah for whatever reason prefer one son over another son. Adam (as), for whatever reason prefer Habil instead of Qabil. They say it’s arbitrary. There’s no reason. Just like that. No, our Lord Subhana wa Ta’ala He does not do anything without a reason. Everything that He has created from the smallest atoms to the insects to the biggest galaxies, there is a reason. And it is for man to discover what that reason is, it brings him closer to his Lord. It makes him to understand the greatness of his Lord when he can find the greatness of his Lord in the smallest atom, when he can find the greatness of his Lord in the biggest galaxies. So from that time, there was already a split. Because those who are saying, well Allah just prefer one over the other, Adam (as) just prefer one over the other, Ibrahim (as) just prefer one over the other, what do you think this is? Children? Child’s play? We are talking about Haqq.

So from that time, the children of the Prophet Adam (as), there’s already a split. Some believe, some didn’t believe. And that continued, that continued, that continued. 124 000 Prophets, some believe, some didn’t believe. Some believed, most didn’t believe. And some, like what our Sheykh is saying, ‘on the Day of Judgment, some Prophets they are going to stand on the Day of Judgment, they will not have one single follower from their ummat. Not one behind them. All of them rejecting. And the Holy Prophet (asws) will have the biggest nation who is following Haqq.

The Blessed Beard of Holy Prophet (asws)

So it is. There’s been a split there. Every Prophet came to talk about the last Prophet and to talk about the conditions of the last days. And the Holy Prophet (asws) talked about the conditions of the last days, and the Sahaba e-Kiram talked about the conditions of the last days. And from time to time to time, from the Tabi’i to the Tabi’i Tabi’in to the Tabi’i Tabi’i Tabi’in continuing until Judgment Day, there are those who are going to talk about the conditions of the last days and to take lesson from it. It is not stopping people from the nations from establishing things Islam, the practice of Islam in this world. It is not saying, give up on everything and just wait. Holy Prophet is saying, ‘even if you know the world is going to end tomorrow, your job is to plant the date tree,’ and the date trees take forty years, forty years for it to grow and to give fruit, he says, ‘your work, your job is to plant date trees, you know Qiamat is tomorrow, plant the date tree.’ But he has spoken about the conditions of the ahir zaman to his Sahaba e-kiram down to the very last details. And Sheykh Mevlana, Sultanul Evliya and SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim, has been speaking about this all their lives.

Prophet (asws) said, ‘I am the last of the Prophet. My nation is the last nation.’ He says, ‘between me and judgement day is only one and a half days.’ Only one and a half days left. I’m like a Prophet that is sent in the time of Asar. Asar time, before you turn left and right it’s already Maghrib. And because the muslims are believing in this and understanding the value of time, that Allah SWT is swearing on, they were able to bring Haqq, they were able to bring justice, they were able to bring the Mercy of Allah and His Prophet to this world. They did not wait, they ran. They did not run for dunya, they run for ahirat.

Some time ago, they started to become very popular, everyone is talking about dajjal, everyone is talking about ahir zaman,  Arrival, Marrival, everyone is speaking about, ‘oh these are the signs.’ But you know when something that is not supported by the Evliyaullah, even if it is some knowledge, it will just finish. There is no intention, there is no action, there is no goal, there is no destiny, there is no support. If there is support, even if it’s small, you believe in it, even if it’s a couple of people, it will sustain. It’s not only just going to sustain, it will start growing. So a few years ago, everyone is talking about ahir zaman, ‘oh this is dajjal, this is anti-christ, this is this, this is that.’ What happen? What happen now? Gas finish. Finish. Because they are taking the gas from themselves, not from the highest sources. They are driving the car from themselves. It’s not something that is given to them. Where are you going  anyway with that car? Do you know where are you going?


So it’s done, it’s finished. It’s not fashionable anymore so much to speak about ahir zaman, to speak about Hazreti Mahdi (as), to speak about dajjal. It’s not fashionable anymore to speak about the conditions of the ahir zaman and how to prepare yourself for that. Because everyone seems to have found a second wind, second chance, Arab spring. Spring time. The world is shifting. The geopolitical nature of the world is shifting and everyone is saying, ‘now is a big chance. We can do so many things.’ Some Muslim nations that used to be the seed of Tarikat, they say, ‘we cannot now speak about Mahdi (as). Don’t. He’s going to come maybe hundred, maybe a thousand years. But don’t speak as if he’s coming now. Don’t speak about dajjal as if he is hiding behind the date trees. Because now is a big chance for us to jump into this dunya.’ Make no mistakes, we are living in the last days. Whether you believe in the ahir zaman or not, our death is staring in front of us. Are we preparing for that? Are we living according to that? Are we having the conditions around us to remind us of death? Oh, everyday we are surrounding by just life, and just the pleasures and the treasures of this life. The man who is not reminding himself of death, that one doesn’t want to meet his Allah.

We just prayed the jumma prayer. Because Sheykh Effendi is putting it in the sohbet, in the khutba, to remember that, we are remembering that little bit more. And when you are meeting death, who do you want to meet? What are you taking with you? What is your feeling? Are you rushing to meet or are you reluctant to meet? Because you have so many things and people holding you back. Nothing belongs to us. Not our children, not our wives, not our husbands, not our belongings, not our bodies, not our breath, not our life. It doesn’t belong to us. It has to return to the owner. Believe in this and think like this. Then that time you are not going to become so emotional, so involve, so controlling over the things that are around you. It is an emanet to you, it is a trust that you have to take care of but you are not going to say, ‘this is mine,’ because nothing belongs to us. Then that time, when you understand Allah is the Owner, you are not going to have so many headaches too. You are not going to have so many stresses too. You are going to say, Allah is the Owner. What is my job? My job is just to take care of it. Some things I can do, some things I cannot. I am not his owner, I am not his Lord,  Allah is his lord. That time you are starting to understand what is in your heart and to separate things. That time, Insya’Allah ar-Rahman we will taste a little bit more faith, and when we think of death, we are going to get ready for it. We are going to put good things into our grave. We are not going to do anything, whether it is for the dunya or even for the ahirat. We are worshipping for Allah’s sake.

There is one story, let me finish with this and then we wrap up the sohbet. One of the highest most beloved one of Allah SWT, the Sheykh al-Akbar the greatest Sheykh, Hazreti Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi QS, he was a very beloved one of Allah. He is the greatest of the Sheykh. His sohbets, they are for the Sheykhs, they are not for people. And he has a tomb. His tomb is where? Damascus. And the Evliyaullah they are carrying qualities of the Prophets. As many Prophets as there are, as many qualities that they have, the Evliyullah there are never two that are alike. There are some, all they do is cry for the mercy of the Lord. There are some that all they do is they are going to scream at people, to say, ‘Wake up.’ There are some who are just going to be silent, completely by themselves and worshipping and there are some they are just going to just be very busy talking to people, pulling them. Nobody has the definition to say this is what a Prophet is, this is what an Evliayullah is. Allah has already put those meanings and those definition there.

Hazreti Ibn ‘Arabi, he was living at the time when the Khalifa was ruling. Everyone was a Muslim, everyone was praying, everyone was rushing to fulfill the five daily prayers in the masjid. They were not eating from riba that this whole world economy is base on. Riba. They are not having internet where just from the eyes they lose their faith and everything they have worked for. They were living in a time when everyone was a Muslim and everyone was following Islam properly, like this or like that. Even if they are not following Islam hundred percent, it is one billion per cent better than where we are right now. And he’s noticing people, they are worshipping but he’s understanding that people are worshipping Allah SWT for different reasons. Not because He is Lord. But because they want something, either from this dunya or they want something from the Ahiret.

So, one day, he is saying to the people, he said, ‘everyone, if you come into the masjid at this time, come and I’m going to give you one piece of gold.’ People were coming to the masjid but they were coming empty and leaving empty. Just like today, today is worse. Because people who are coming, if you ask them, stand outside the masjid and ask, ‘who is the Imam today?’ They don’t know. ‘What surah did he recite, the zammu surah, in the first raka’at after the Fatiha?’ majority are going to not know, not remember. ‘what is the second raka’at?’ They are not going to remember. If you don’t remember, you are not there. Bodily, physically, you are there but your heart is not there. So he’s noticing the sickness amongst the muslims at that time and he said, ‘everyone if you come to the masjid, if you come to the jami,’ he’s saying, ‘I’m going to give you one piece of gold.’ So everyone is saying, ‘oh, he’s going to give us gold.’ Everyone is rushing then to go to the masjid. They rushed.

That day you see everything is packed. They listened very attentively to everything. They remember every surah. Everything the Imam was speaking about, they understand. The jumma, the words, the questions, everything they understand. They were alive. They were awake. When they came out and they saw him, and they said, ‘we came. Give us your gold.’ Hazreti ibn ‘Arabi smiled and he said, ‘Huh, the Lord that you just worship is under my feet.’ At that time there are some squareheads too, wahhabi type people. They say, ‘What?!’ He said, ‘the Lord that you just worship,’ he was standing in an open area, ‘is under my feet.’ They say, ‘Oh! He’s making a shirk! He’s saying he’s greater than Allah, that he’s stepping on Allah. This is what he’s saying.’ Because, from the surface, this is what he’s saying, the Lord that you just worship is under my feet. But for intelligent people, the ones who are calling themselves believers, believers must have intelligence. There is no such things as a believer without intelligence. Every Prophet was intelligent. Allah is the One who gives that.

Intelligent people will think twice before judging, will try to understand the words that  he’s trying to say. What does it mean, ‘the Lord that you just worship is under my feet.’? It is not dunya, it is the what? They all came for what? For the gold. He said, ‘if you come to the masjid, you listen to everything, I’m going to give you one piece of gold.’ So they came, they listened to everything, not for Allah’s sake but for the sake of that gold. And he said, ‘the Lord that you worship,  the Lord that you worship just now is not Allah. It is that gold. That is under my feet.’ They didn’t understand him. They start to jump on him, they beat him up, they kill him and they threw his body into a dumpster. You see the danger of not having real faith. Do you see the danger of thinking that your faith is just what you wear, where you go, how often you go up and down. You see the danger when the faith is not entering into the heart, you become not only foolish, not only you don’t have intelligence, sheytan and your ego can lead you. With all your prayers, with all your Quran, with all your knowledge, sheytan can misguide you. Your ego definitely will fail you.

It wasn’t until later when Sultan Selim Khan, the Ottoman Sultan, the first Ottoman Sultan who took the Khilafat and he became the Khalifatullah for the entire Muslim ummah, and it’s a long story, but he had a vision when he was in the hamam, it was not a vision, it was an opening, and he noticed a man sitting next to him, very big man, and the Sultan understanding that this is unusual. With all the guards posted, with all the securities that is there, this one slipped through and he’s sitting right next to me, very relaxed in the presence of Sultan Selim. And the Sultan says, ‘who are you?’ and this man just smiled. Because it is written, Hazreti Ibn ‘Arabi wrote so many things but one of the things that he has written, yes, about the Ottoman rising, this was hundreds of years ago before the Ottomans came, Ottomans falling and how the Ottomans are going to rise back in the ahir zaman and he’s speaking about when ‘siin’ comes to ‘shiin’, secrets are going to be opened.

Let me put it easy that way. ‘siin’ comes to ‘shiin’. When ‘Sin’, Selim, comes to ‘Shim’, which is what? Sham, Damascus. They exchanged a few words. Now Sultan Selim understood, he has to get the blessing of that friend of Allah, he has to locate the area. He went and spoke to his Sheykh and the Sheykh made a rabita, located where he was buried when his body was thrown into the dumpster. They cleaned it up and they made a tomb for him that is still standing up till today. Then his Sheykh is advising the Sultan saying there is a secret there. There is a secret there with what happened his last words. His last words was what? ‘The Lord that you worship is under my feet.’ They went and they discover the exact place where Hazreti Ibn ‘Arabi was standing and he said, ‘the Lord that you worship is under my feet.’ And the Sultan says, ‘dig that area.’ The friend of Allah, they speak the truth. They never lie. Because the people came for gold. So he says, ‘the gold that you are worshipping it is under my feet.’ And when they dug underneath they found forty jars, big like this, clay jars, filled with gold coins. He was not lying when he said that. He was speaking truth upon truth.

That gold, from that time up till today, it is still being used to feed the poor people. It’s never finishing. And our Sheykh has a very strong connection to Hazreti Ibn ‘Arabi. He went there a couple of times, and he’s telling us the story also, you remember how there is one Sheykh that was there. ‘Huh,’ he says, ‘you think I’m tough and rough.’ Because every Jumma like this, the Sheykh finish in that turba, he finish his work, it’s a long story, Sheykh Effendi would come, he said he sat all the way to the back, the Sheykh sent one man to say, ‘bring him all the way to the front,’ and people were coming with offering, trays filled with money. This is what the Muslims they do, every jumma, everyone is coming, those Muslims who are rich they are going to give their sadaqah and the sadaqah is going to be given to the poor people. Every jumma time. Not just waiting. What do Muslim know these days. They don’t even give you water when you come to the masjid. And the Sheykh is taking, he says he’s a small man but he’s very tough, he’s saying, he’s very jalal, and he will just take the money and he’s giving to people, giving left and right, people are taking it as a barakat, they are keeping it, and he says, he’s taking it and he’s looking at his khadm, big guy and he says, he’s not liking what he’s doing, he hits him. He look at another one, he keeps hitting people and people are running for that blessings to come. And he saw Sheykh Effendi, certain things happened. Alhamdulillah.

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi

Insya’Allah, if Allah gives us life, step by step, we have to walk in his way. When we are ready, Insya’Allah the way will be opened. May Allah opened the way for us and make it easy. May Allah forgive us and make us to be ready. May Allah always have the Holy ones to support us and to protect us and to keep us away from our ego and to keep us away from sheytan and the tricks and traps of this dunya. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws). al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Zul Qaida 1438
August 4, 2017 
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