Inherit the intelligence of those whom Allah has favored


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Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. This Tarikat it is based on association, jamaat. With jama’at, goodness will come. The jama’at that does not have sohbet, it’s going to run to its own ego, the jama’at that does not have leadership, the jama’at that does not have the connection to take what is needed for that jama’at, not something that is needed for the jama’at before or the jama’at after, what is there. And depending on what your jama’at is, what it is that is needed. Sheykh Effendi, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibris el-Rabbani, may Allah raise his station higher and higher, he has concentrated on a few things, especially in the last few years before he was veiled from this year. One of the things that he concentrated on was intelligence, using the intelligence.

As he said, Allah SWT is placing that heavy question, that order, not to the angels, not to the other makhlukat, not to the animals, not to anything that is in existence, except to man. And that question is, ‘why don’t you think?’ Think. Use your intelligence. This is for man of understanding. So to understand. You don’t have to be a scholar or a saint these days to know that this world has lost intelligence. This world has completely lost its intelligence. Because this world does not know what intelligence is. This is something that we have been speaking about for a few sohbets now. Aql. Intelligence. Let me repeat, if you are not understanding or you are not following, because we have people who are asking maybe some question to us, but because they are not following and listening to the sohbets weekly, monthly, then they don’t know where the sohbets is building up to, they don’t know the direction where that sohbet is heading, heading as a jama’at, what is needed in our jama’at, but what is needed in our jama’at, the whole world needs. There is nothing that we are saying, that the world can say, ‘this is going to cause us any harm,’ or, ‘this benefit is just going to benefit you.’

When Allah SWT created our grandfather Adam (as), Safiullah, the first one of Allah, and the way that Adam (as) was created is not the way that any of us is created. None. Only him. Safiullah, the first. He was created with Allah’s own Divine Hands. That is not meaning that Allah has hands like this, it is using just words to show that Allah SWT with His power and with His personal involvement into that creation, Allah SWT created our grandfather Adam (as) and we share some characteristics. We are not created like Adam (as) is created. None of us. Only Adam (as), Allah SWT took time to create, as our Sheykh is saying, Evliyaullah is saying, everything that is in creation, from the galaxies to the Paradises, to the Hell to the Tablet, to the Qalam, to the Arsh, everything that Allah has created in creation, Allah SWT says, ‘Kun Fayakun – Be and it is,’ giving the order, giving the command, putting His will, and when that will, comes that action. There is no separation. But with Adam (as), Allah SWT did not say, ‘Kun Fayakun.’ He took time. Sheykh Effendi using the word, ‘to mould,’ Adam (as).


Very long story how the Angels that physically went down to the earth and took soil from every color in this world. There are some that they are going so extreme into, I don’t want to use fancy word but ‘post-colonial,’ or after the western powers have shaped the minds and the thinking of the Islamic people and the people everywhere, after they took wealth from the eastern and the African lands and everywhere else, and they make their own people to become slaves first, to feed into this industrial revolution, and from this industrial revolution they get the technology, and with this technology then they started killing each other in a way that is unprecedented, first with the first World War, that is when Europe actually woke up. They said, ‘oh, war is not this bravery, romantic thing. It is actually blood and sweat and other things also that man do when they die,’ that they are seeing and understanding, this is the reality in the first world war, all of Europe started to turn back and so many curses started to fall to Europe, the Spanish fever that killed millions males of Europe only, so many of these things, now it’s coming out. Then with the industrial revolution, them going to different countries in the whole world, taking the resources and sucking it, that now foolish Muslims are saying, ‘well Islamic civilization also had colonialism.’

Breh, colonialism means you go to another country and you take out all their resources, you take even their language and their culture and their religion, and you make them to become your slaves, until the next generation and the next generation and the next generation, they never stand up again. And even if they stand up, you are going to say, ‘for what you stand up, we already took away everything. Don’t you know we even took away your diamond and we put it on top of our head, that you can never touch although it doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to you. Don’t you know we make you to worship, we make you to admire the people that we trained, that killed millions of your people.’ Huh, everyone now is praising Winston Churchill, but what he has done to the whole world, now they are starting to understand. So, now, after this understanding of what had happened to the world, people starting to get up again to say, ‘okay, we have to come back to our own self, to our own identity,’ but that time even when they stand up, those leaders that make this people to stand up, they are already crooked. So they put them somewhere. Because we begin with this, talking about what? Adam (as) and how Allah SWT command that angel to go down to the world to take the soil from the world. Because now it is wrong understanding of after colonialism, now people standing up with the wrong leaders, having wrong ideas. Now they say, ‘oh earth, earth means black. Earth means mud. So Adam (as), first black man. All Prophets are black,’ they go one step further, they say, ‘Allah is black.’

Never in 1400 years that we are even saying Islam is an Arab religion. It is universal. The Prophet (asws) is universal too. So, Allah SWT now saying to that angel, ‘go down to this world and collect all the different earth from this world.’ And that world is not the same as it is the world now. That world was younger. Not young, young. Younger. Because this Adam was not from this world yet. But the Sheytan had already made the fitnah into this world and saying that, ‘don’t give up from your soil, because whatever that is going to happen, that one that is going to be created from you is going to go down into this world later to make more disaster for you.’ Which he is not telling complete lie. Because the way that people today, mankind today we have forgotten our own connection, into this world and we are destroying this world it is making that part of the word of sheytan to become true.

So many angels came and they failed to take it. Because the earth started screaming and they couldn’t do it. When Allah SWT sent down Azrail, Azrail grabbed the earth, although the earth was screaming, he didn’t care and he brought up to the Divine Presence, and Allah SWT saying, ‘because you did not care for the screams of this world, I am going to make you to be the angel that is going to be responsible to take the life away from mankind. Because your heart is strong following My orders, it’s not soft looking at the screaming of My creation.’

So the earth, Allah SWT with His Divine hand, moulding it, and Allah send that Angel with three gifts to present to Adam (as). What are those three things? We spoke about this: Aql, the intelligence, Iman, faith and Haya, modesty. Intelligence, faith and modesty. Intelligence, modesty and faith. And saying to that angel, ‘Adam (as) to choose one and bring the other two back.’ Angel brought to Adam (as) and Adam (as) looked at intelligence, looking at faith, looking at modesty. He chose intelligence. And the angel saying to faith and modesty, ‘now we have to return.’ And faith says, ‘I cannot return. Because Allah has given me an order, wherever intelligence is, I have to be with intelligence.’ Meaning, when there is intelligence, faith has to be with intelligence. Intelligence does not come, exist alone. It has to come with faith. Then that angel saying to modesty, ‘then you must return with me.’ And modesty is saying, ‘I have an order from Allah SWT, He says, wherever there is faith, modesty has to be with it.’

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So now, we have inherited that. And these are the three things that when our Prophet (asws) asked Hazreti Jibrail (as), saying, ‘after I have passed from this world, will you come back again?’ He says, ‘No, ya Rasulullah. After you are  veiled from this world, I will not come back to bring wahyu. I will not come to bring Divine revelation to the world. But I will return to take away, not to give. To take away and these are the three things that I’m going to take away in the ahir Zaman. Intelligence, I’m going to take away, faith, I’m going to take away,  and modesty I’m going to take away.’

So now intelligence, that if you have intelligence, you have faith and you have modesty, but now people are thinking and understanding aql, intelligence, in just the western way of intelligence, and intelligence in the western way has always been in opposition to religion, isn’t it? Intelligence is something else, intelligence in Science. Religion means superstition. Breh, that belongs to the west, it never belongs to Islam. It never belong to Haqq. Because in Haqq, in Islam, there is intelligence, there is faith and there is modesty. Intelligence means what intelligence? Not the intelligence of your ego, definitely. Because the intelligence today, it is the intelligence of the ego, it is intelligence of against to the laws of Allah. It is intelligence that is only asking for Sheytanic characteristics to inherit. Do you think intelligence is to ask question? Intelligence is not to ask question. Intelligence is to know that there is a Creator of intelligence.

Intelligence is not an idol that you have to worship. Intelligence is not an idol that you make. Intelligence is a creature. Allah SWT created intelligence. Allah is the Creator of intelligence. So you have to get intelligence from the Creator and from those ones whom He have favored. Don’t get intelligence from those ones who are opposed to Allah. Don’t get intelligence from those ones who have deviated. Don’t get  intelligence from those once who have pulled the anger of Allah. Don’t get intelligence from those ones who have no belief. Because with intelligence, you have to have belief. You have to have belief. That intelligence that has no belief, that is not intelligence, that is not Divine intelligence.

So intelligence, you have no belief. That’s why you see intelligent people, they have no belief, there is no haya, there is no modesty. What modesty it’s meaning? Modesty means that there is a hand, there is a limit, there is a boundary. Haya means there is a boundary. Modesty means there is a boundary. You can only do this much these much, not beyond that. To go beyond that, it is not only not intelligent, it is dangerous. To go beyond that, you are going to go beyond your nature. To go beyond that, you are going to go beyond what Allah SWT has put. Because, in this world, this is the world, in every world, there is a shariat. In every world, there is a shariat. You cannot escape shariat. In the animal world, there is a Divine law. The animals they don’t go into each other’s territories, for example. In the angelic world, do you think there is no shariat? In the human world, there is a shariat. Inside of Tarikat, some people are saying there is no shariat, inside of Tarikat there is more shariat, there is more law. What is law? Haya. What is law? Modesty.  To know what ends where and what begins where.

So now yes, because we had a question, one brother was asking, speaking about intelligence and how to use our intelligence, and yet Sheykh Effendi is saying, what? Don’t use your intelligence. Because once you come to a certain point, you cannot use intelligence anymore. That is true. After you come to a certain point, you cannot use your intelligence anymore. You have to use someone else’s intelligence. Why is it so hard for people to understand? You use your intelligence, but when you enter into grade school, you cannot use the intelligence of kindergarten in grade school. Can you? When you finish your grade school, middle school, high school, you cannot use the intelligence of high school to enter into a college. You cannot. When you are in college, you cannot use the intelligence to enter into post-graduate. Over and over. There is a knower above every knower. You cannot use the intelligence of one level to be in the next level, and to use that to go higher. You cannot. You only finish there. That is the limit there. But with intelligence it is infinite. To know Allah SWT, there is no end. And Allah is giving us that order, ‘you must know your Lord.’ This is the reason of our creation. To know our Lord and to worship our Lord. And it’s not ending here, it’s continuing.  So now whose intelligence are we going to hold on to?

Divine intelligence, of course. Question is, who is going to be Divine? Those ones that Allah SWT is saying, Siratul ladzi na an am ta alai him– those whom I have granted My favor. That you have granted Your favors upon. The Ihdinas sirat, that is their way. That is their way, that is their Shariat, that is their Tarikat. Way. You want to understand their intelligence, it’s not what we want or what we don’t want anyway, it is what Allah is ordering us. And Allah has sent the Prophets to make us to understand those intelligence. As Mevlana Rumi is saying, in order for your intelligence to come higher, you have to die. You have to finish and you have to die. Then you are going to be reborn into another intelligence. That intelligence that you are reborn into, you will also die from that. Then you are going to reborn into another intelligence.

West thinking, when Mevlana was speaking like this, hundreds of years ago, thinking, because they cannot be finished from their physical form only, thinking when Mevlana is saying, ‘I was born a mineral, and I died. And I was reborn as a vegetable. Then I died. And I was reborn as an animal. Then I died, and I was reborn as a man. And I will die and I will be reborn as an angel, and I will die and what fear have I got of dying?’ Now they are saying, oh, man before they were, no, not vegetable, that little sea creature, one little sea creature, one cell. I don’t know what it’s calling that, that one, small thing. And then later it becomes bigger sea creature and it creeps out from the water, you become frog, something like that and then you become vegetables. I don’t know what it is. Anyway, Darwinism, talking. Monkeyism, like Sheykh Effendi is saying. This is the whole idea. But, whole point is, we are not our bodies. And our bodies did not have to go through all of that. Maybe the world had to, not we’re creation, our human, even our human physical bodies did not have to go through that, because Allah SWT Himself shaped us. And our spirit, Mevlana is talking about our spirit, not that the spirit changes. Our spirit doesn’t change. But he’s talking about what we put around the spirit that contains it, that chokes it, that shapes it. If we are going to put our desires around there, if you are going to put those veils of animal characteristics around our spirit to choke it, we become animal. You have to die from that animal self, and then you become a human. You must die from that human self and then you become to something higher. You become something higher and something higher and our whole point is what? To die before you die.

tafakkur (2)So now, our intelligence has to die. You have to come into a new kind of intelligence. As Sheykh Effendi is saying, just as the plane that is taking off from the runaway is using the wheels and has to pick up speed, it goes faster, faster, faster, once it goes to a certain amount of speed, now engines will start working, the wings start lifting up a little bit, now it starts to take off and the wheels it has to come up. It has to hide itself. It cannot show anymore. Now, it is using the engine. Those ones who are insisting on becoming animals, they are just going to be trapped. Because we have a very very very long journey ahead of us. We cannot use our animal self, we cannot use our animal intelligence, we cannot use our egoistic intelligence to reach where we are supposed to reach. Where are we supposed to reach? Allah has created this whole world, everything in creation, heaven and hell, He has created everything for mankind. But He has created mankind for Himself. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. We come from Allah and we will return to Him.

People are worshipping, they have religion. But if your aim is not back to Allah SWT, you are missing something. This is when Tarikat must lead you from this world, from this dunya, to Mawla, back to our Lord, Allah SWT. You don’t have a trainer, you cannot do it. You can pray, you can fast, you can be a good person, you can use your intelligence according to you, according to you. You use your intelligence now according to you. Your own goodness now according to you. Your own intelligence according to you. Everything is according to you. Your own little mind.  However old you are, thirty years old, sixty years old, eighty years old, hundred years old, it doesn’t matter. And you are formed by whatever circumstances that are happening around you. How you are born, whatever experience you have, whatever outside situation is going to influence you. But those ones who are continuing in that way, they are not pulling in that ayat, and what is that ayat?Ihdinas siratal Mustaqim.’ You are still having your own sirat.

Whoever you are, whatever you are, you are just going on your own way. But Allah is making us to say, ‘grant us the favor of those whom You have favored. Grant us the path of those whom You have favored.’ And that is when a person wakes up and saying, ‘I’m walking on this road of life all my life. I’m not finding peace, I’m not finding satisfaction. There is something that is blocking me here. I’m using my intelligence. But nothing is working.’ When he stops and he ask Allah, ‘Ya Rabbi, ihdinas siratal Mustaqim, Siratal Ladhina An-Amta Alayhim Ghayril Maghdubi Alayhim Waladdalin,’ asking for a trainer, asking for a Sheykh, asking for one of his friends sincerely, Allah will send you one of His friends.

They are hidden now. But He will send them to you. And when you find them, when you find that friend of Allah and when you start using, showing, understanding that intelligence that he is showing you, and so many things you will start to understand, so many things will make you to come closer to your Lord. What happens when you start using his intelligence? What happens when we start using our Sheykh’s intelligence? Our faith has taste. Our faith increases. Once your faith increases, we know by ourselves what the Shariat is, what the modesty is, what the Haya is. We know, because the heart starts working.

Edep Ya Hu. Because with the Edep, with the Haya comes the faith, must have intelligence. People of Edep are the people with the highest intelligence and the highest faith. We are asking Allah to make us to become ahle edep, not according to our level, not according to what the world is showing what is edep and what is not edep, but according to those ones that Allah SWT has put His favor on. And our Sheykh, elhamdulillah, one of the most beloved ones to Allah SWT that ever He has created, we are very fortunate, we are very blessed. We cannot repay Allah for giving us, showing us the favor of being with him and we ask Allah not to separate us from him dunya and ahirat, no matter what the world says. If the world gets together and starts to gang up on us, we have our Sheykh, we are happy. Step by step, we are taking his example and walking. Step by step, elhamdulillah, the majority is going, step by step we are asking to keep his sunnat and to be prepared when he returns Insya’Allah.

We are weak ones, but everything that we are doing, we are asking Allah to make us, to remind us of him, whatever that we are doing. Either to remind us of how close we are or to remind us of how far away we are from him. When we have that, we can balance it a little bit. Insya’Allah, may Allah forgive me and bless you. Wa minallahu Taufiq. May Allah increase his station Insya’Allah, and make us always to be under his feet, Bihurmatil Habib, Bihurmatil Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

This much should be enough. And Insya’Allah ar-Rahman, my reminder to myself and to others, leave aside our intelligence. Put the intelligence of our Sheykh in our life. Even if it is how to cut an apple, even if it is how to stir your coffee, even if it is how to walk and how to talk, how to think, how to be with children, how to be with elderly people, how to be with animals, how to be with your Lord and how to be with the friends of Allah,  if you are not tuning your five senses, looking with his eyes, hearing with his ears, speaking with his tongue, with his hand, with his feet, if you are not tuning your five senses, to take what he has given us through the five senses, and to do it, your heart is not going to work. So many they have gone through the wrong way, because they are blind. They are not seeing, hearing, talking with his five senses, with his way, but claiming that their heart is open and we see step by step they are going further and further away. May Allah turn their heads around, Insya’Allah, to wake up from this.

We are very small group. We don’t have anything, we don’t own anything, but we are very happy because we have our Sheykh and he’s keeping our group safe and there is, how we say it, not conditions, but every jama’at has certain characteristics and those characteristics you take it from the one who is owning that jama’at. Of course Allah is the owner, but just as different Prophets have different characteristics, every Evliya they have different characteristics as well, every Evliya has different characteristics, so we are asking to have those characteristics that our Sheykh has and with those characteristics, it is only pulling out people who already have those characteristics inside of them. Those who want to be strong, those who want to have intelligence, those who are keeping the shariat, those who are going to beat up and step on their ego day and night, and those who are going to follow the discipline and a leader, those who are preparing themselves for Mahdi (as). Everyone else who just wants to have it easy, there are so many Jamaat in this world that can give you that but not too much in our way. And in our way, if you like those things, because those things it is sunnat as well, then you are welcome. You don’t like it, even people right now with us, you don’t like it, welcome to those who come, farewell to those who leave. You are free to go. Be happy. Be happy for the sake of Allah. Don’t be happy for the sake of your ego. This much I can say. Wa min Allahu Taufik. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
18 Zul Qaida 1438
August 10, 2017 
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