Love comes with its own struggle


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Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. Destur, Medet Ya SahibulSaif. We are asking permission, we are asking support from our Sheykh SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani Hz to send us what is necessary, what is necessary and beneficial for us, what is it that we need at this time to take and to keep our faith in this ahir Zaman, to keep our faith. Not to be those ones when they wake up they lose their faith, when they go to sleep they lose their faith, but those ones who are keeping their faith and their faith is growing day by day because they are looking and they are seeing the signs of Allah everywhere and they are understanding the mercy of Allah and they are understanding how disobedient creatures like us pulling the anger of Allah.

Love doesn’t belong to you or to me. It belongs to the Creator of Love, Allah. So what is that love for? If it is other than Allah, it becomes an Ilah, an idol that you are worshiping, that in these days no one is questioning that love is an idol. Of course love is an idol if it’s not for the sake of Allah and you are doing it for the sake of your ego or family or what the society is saying, politics, ideology. It is not for the sake of Allah and His Prophet (asws) then that love is going to turn rotten and it’s going to destroy you one day.

Love it doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to Allah. So the love that we are talking about earlier, where Allah SWT is saying, to know that your family and your wealth, let me expand the meaning of that, and everything that you love, because mankind when it comes to the bottom-line, it’s these two things: family and wealth. Family meaning your lineage, wealth meaning what resources, riches that you have, sons meaning your continuation of yourself, it is nothing but a confusion for you. Confusion for you. How does that confuse you? When you are starting to look at your family, your wealth and your sons replacing Allah, it becomes a confusion.

Yes, there is a limit to everything. There is a limit to everything. Now how are we going to understand the love to Allah SWT? This is why He sent the Prophet (asws) to us, to teach us. Because our role model is the Prophet. How are we going to know the Prophet’s love to Allah SWT? When we hold on to his inheritors, to the Sheykhs, then we see. I remember once, years ago, when Sheykh Mevlana visited 39th  street. Sheykh Mevlana sitting on a chair, Sheykh Effendi was sitting on the ground next to him and saying, ‘Mevlana, this chair we picked from garbage for you.’ Sheykh Mevlana laughing and said, ‘eh, you have no shame speaking,’ which people turned to make fitna. They say, ‘you see, Abdul Kerim he takes chair from garbage for Sheykh Mevlana. You see how much love and respect he has. He’s trying to insult Sheykh Mevlana.’ It’s very easy. You know this tongue? It has no bone. Any which way you want, it’s going to turn. But the people with faith their tongue is going to be behind their heart. They don’t speak from inspiration. They listen to themselves and they are careful about how sheytan and their ego is going to interfere. 24 hours they are watching their hearts so that sheytan and the ego does not enter. They are not looking at their heart to see if Allah is there. They are watching their hearts so that wrong things are not going to enter. And Sheykh Effendi continued, saying, ‘Mevlana, we  take this chair from the garbage for you to sit, but we will die for you,’ he’s saying. And Sheykh Mevlana saying, ‘the one who is going to die for me, imagine what he’s going to do for his Lord.’ Do you understand?


That role model that we have in front of us, our Sheykh, teaching us how to be with the Prophet, how to be with Allah. This is for people of understanding that they wake up and they understand, why am I here for? Where am I going to? Who sent me here, what  does he want from me? and what is my relationship to the rest of the world? He’s not going to see, ‘I’ve been sent here because I was born thirty years ago by my parents, this one and that one and they are asking me to become a doctor, to get married and to have….’ No, no, no. They stop looking. The intelligent ones who are on spirituality, they stop looking to what the world is asking. They start asking what Allah wants from me. And they are going to find that one who is going to make it clear what Allah wants from them. That one who has the key. The one who has the key is the Holy Prophet (asws), but the Sheykhs, as Prophet to their nations, thy Sheykhs are like that to their community. Our Sheykh, Sheykh Effendi.

So now, instead of saying, ‘does it mean we have to limit our love for our Sheykh?’ have you finished limiting the loves from every other things except for your Sheykh?  No, you haven’t. Then don’t be busy with your Sheykh. You understand? Don’t be busy, ‘what if, oh it means that, Sheykh is also like this….’ No, no, this is not theory. This is not philosophy.  Have you finish the love that you have to yourself? No. Have you finish the love that  you have to your stomach? No. Your love to woman? No.  Concentrate on that. At least take it out from the position of love to I like it very much. Then after some time you are going to change, ‘I like it,’ then later, ‘it’s okay,’ then later you say, ‘I don’t have any feelings towards it too much, because everything I put to my love, of my love of Allah and my Prophet (asws).’ Then when the, in front of you, is asking to make a decision, Allah and the Prophet and our Sheykh and what the society or your mother or your father or whatever your desires are, you know which one you are going to take. You are not going to get confused anymore.

Everything has its place, but you have to know what is priority. It cannot be everything is priority. That’s the time you are going to make shirk. Because you are putting everything to be the same. They are competitors, partners to Allah. There has to be a priority. Do you understand? The love to your Sheykh is different. The love to the Holy Prophet (asws) is different. The love to Allah SWT is completely different. And the love comes with its own shariat. Don’t follow this foolish western understanding, love means no shariat. Love comes with its own shariat, with its own laws. Oh, everyone is nervous now, those listening to my sohbet, ‘oh, he talks about shariat. Later he’s going to talk about jihad.’ Love comes with its own laws. Yes, love comes with its own struggle. With its own struggle. Because every time you love, you lose something. You lose something from your identity. You are not yourself.

So we are very far away from that. We love ourselves. We love our stomachs. We love what our eyes are seeing. We don’t like it when someone tells us otherwise. We love our ego very much and we are saying, ‘Tarikat should be as my ego likes. Nobody tells me what to do because this is the path of love. I can do whatever I love.’ SubhanaAllah. MashaAllah. Since when? Oh, since ahir Zaman. Very good, then that time it fits into the understanding of ahir Zaman. Not around here. We are free to go wherever we want to go but if you are around here, it’s not like that. I don’t have that luxury, you don’t have that luxury to even come late for your prayer. To even come late for the dinner. You don’t have that luxury, I don’t have that luxury. Tell me, since when Sheykh Effendi has that luxury when he’s sitting down for dinner and other people they are not eating, that he’s happy? Oh, but spoiled murids, ‘ah it’s okay. I’m not going to come. I’ll come late. I’m eating at home.’ Once a week. If you we not showing the respect to the food, to the sofra, where is your spirituality, where? Oh, that means you are not looking at the sofra with the eyes of your heart, with the eyes of your Sheykh. You are looking with your ego. With your ego, it’s saying ‘hmm, so many people. Eh, why are they cooking like this….ahh, it’s going to be slow…ahh the cook is not going to put salt into anything…, I don’t want this….eh this….eh that….’ and you just leave it. Because you are looking with your ego. Because you are not looking to see what is that ma’idah maybe that is coming down that time. So you are not waking up.

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When you are going to wake up? When we are going to understand? Yeah, I’m going to wake you up. I’m going to say. You are going to get tired maybe.  I cannot get tired. I don’t have that luxury to get tired. But one day you will get tired and either you are going to change to follow what our Sheykh has put, what Allah has put here, or you are not going to be here. You are going to follow your ego. That’s all. Everyone is free to do as they like. But this, like I said, this is Sheykh Effendi’s legacy. This is his emanet. This is the continuation of his way. When Isa (as) he passed from this world, he didn’t die, he was taken from this world and put to the Paradises, correct? Similar. He left behind his Hawariyun, his companions, his Sahabis, the disciples. Why are they called Hawariyun? Do you know? Who knows? You don’t know. Why are you not asking? This is not the first time you heard me say the name Hawariyun and I have explained it before what it means. Anyway, it is to turn something, to bleach, to become white, to become clean. When he passed from this world, when he was taken to the Paradises, there was no confusion. There was no confusion about his teachings. No confusion amongst those ones that he has been teaching all his life. No confusion. Except for one, who didn’t spend time with him, who never spent time with him. Except for one, who claimed to have Divine inspiration all the time. Except for one,  that he’s speaking against to the majority of the other Hawariyun, the Sahabis what they had from Isa (as), this one going his own way and saying, ‘I am the real one.’ And he took the pure teachings of Isa (as) and he made it to become shirk. What are these stories for if it’s not to teach us, to make us to become aware.

Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘the safety comes with the majority’ that’s why we are call ahle Sunnah wal jama’ah, ‘because my nation, by extension (the group), is not going to deviate as a majority. Minorities they will deviate, no matter what they call.’ But the majority who did not deviate Isa (as), they were forgotten. The one minority that deviated, he got a lot of power later, and that continued. It doesn’t mean it is right. It doesn’t mean he’s right. And the story didn’t finish and one of the purposes of Isa (as) is to come back and to finish that matter. Go, go to sleep (Sheykh speaks to a murid). Don’t sit here sleeping. This is sohbet. Yeah, I’m going to say that, because Sheykh Effendi said it and it makes sense. You don’t like it, I’m washing you up, don’t stay. Later you can say whatever you want to say. This is Sheykh Effendi’s sunnat, this is the sunnat of Sheykh Mevlana, so many years. Those who have been with Sheykh Effendi all your lives, majority of you, say to me Sheykh Effendi did not do this? Say to me I’m doing something that is other.

We are very blessed and there is a very heavy responsibility to us holding this way. It is like holding live coal, fire, in your hand, it is like holding fire in your heart, yes  or no? Oh, we are tasting a little bit of that hadiths, what Holy Prophet (asws) is saying: in the ahir Zaman to carry my sunnat is it like holding live coal in your hand. It is going to burn you. But you  cannot drop it. We cannot drop it. We may pass it from hand to hand, but we cannot drop it. No matter who says what. Because we are not looking to anyone to say to us good work or bad work. We are looking to our Sheykh. Finish. May he be happy with us. We are moving very carefully, may he be happy with us. We are very weak, we are doing many things that are wrong, may we never deviate. May he forgive us, intercede for us, may our way always be in the Sirat of Mustaqim, and the Siratul Mustaqim it is clear for everyone to see. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
25 Zul Qaida 1438
August 17, 2017 
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