I cannot say that I have desire to attend Hajj. Is that a very low or no sign of faith?


Question: I see a lot of people who are very excited to make Hajj this year. I’m a Murida but I cannot say that I have desire to attend Hajj. Is that a very low or no sign of faith? I have heard that those who do go have been called to it. Is that so?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. You have to understand why you are not excited for the Hajj. If you are not excited for the Hajj and you are more excited to go to a vacation, then there is something wrong with you. Then change. If you are not excited to go to the Hajj because you feel that you are not ready, and the Hajj, it is the final test, if you fail that test, there’s no other test for you to take. If you feel that, then you are not ready for it, therefore you are not excited to go, that is something else. It’s pretty good.

Everyone has been called to go to the Hajj. Don’t think people going to the Hajj they are very special, those who are not going to the Hajj they are not special. Because everyone has been called to go to the Hajj. Everyone. Not Muslims, the  whole of mankind until Judgment day has been called to go to the Ka’aba, to go to the Hajj. Because when that original Ka’aba came, what is it call? Baitul Ma’mur, from Paradise it came, mankind up till the time of Nuh (as) they were going to the Ka’aba and they were making the tawaf. Because that has our DNA also, pulling people.

Mecca was call Baka in the Gospel. And fromthe time of Nuh (as), because mankind refuse, they refuse to turn themselves to Allah, to clean themselves, so that flood came to clean. And when that flood came to clean, the Baitul Ma’mur Allah lifted to the Paradises and it disappeared. That location is still there. It wasn’t until whose time? Ibrahim (as)’s time that he rebuilt the Ka’aba. And after Ibrahim (as) has rebuilt the Ka’aba, Allah SWT saying to him what? ‘Now call. Call the azan, and call’ That’s why we are saying we are the millet of Ibrahim (as), ‘call them to come.’ There is no exception. It’s not only jews, not only call the Christians or the Muslims. Everyone, until Judgement Day. Call them to come to My house. And from that time, from Ibrahim (as)’s time until now, the Muslims are the only on who are following that call.

So everyone has been called. Nothing really special to say, meaning everyone has that responsibility. Meaning it is in our pillar of faith to perform the Hajj. So many people, ‘ah, only if I can afford it. If I cannot afford it, then I don’t have to.’ What is that meaning, afford? What, afford mean you can afford ten thousand dollars, if you cannot afford ten thousand dollars to sit in an air conditioned tent, to have a buffet, to eat five stars hotel, that  means you cannot afford, that means you don’t have to go? In the old days people were taking years, walking to the Ka’aba. They left everything. And still the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, there’s one riwayat, there was one man, he was a shoemaker. He was sitting and he was making shoes and he was a beloved one to Allah, living a simple, clean life, not looking around, not putting fuel to his desire so that even when he has small desire it becomes bigger and bigger, the way that we train our children to have more and more desire for this world. He was fixing and he was saving a few cents every day. His intention is to go to the Hajj. After forty years, forty years, he saved enough money, he was going to go. But his neighbor, he found out his neighbor was poor and they were starving and they were about to get kicked out from the house. He was ready to go to the Hajj. He packed up everything. He sold everything. He was ready to go, he got to know about his neighbor. You see, people in those old days they have modesty. They have modesty. What are they going to say? He is saying, ‘what am I going to answer?’ they don’t know maybe too much, they are not reading too much, they definitely don’t go on google and Youtube to get their knowledge, more mixed up and confused, they are very simple. But he’s saying, ‘I’m going to the Hajj but my neighbor is starving. If Allah ask me, ‘how you can go to the Hajj while your neighbor is starving? What am I going to say? That’s enough. That is modesty. With that, your faith is high. With that modesty, when your faith is high, your intelligence is very high, because now you are looking everywhere, you are considering everything, you are not being selfish. He took all his money and he gave it to his neighbor.

Forty years he was saving. One night, there was one sahib of that area, one saint that was in charged of that area, he had a dream and in that dream, he saw two angels who is responsible for writing down the names of those ones who go to the Hajj and writing down the names of those ones whose Hajj is accepted by Allah. Because just to go, doesn’t mean that it’s accepted. Like the Turks they say, ‘a donkey that circles around, tawaf around the Ka’aba seven time, he’s not a Haji.’ There are two angles that are guarding the masjids and they record the names of who enter first. Not just for Juma, for everyday. You think there’s no angels guarding the Dergah? To see who enter first, who enter second, who enter last, who by force they are entering. We know, in shariat, if you enter first to the Jumma prayer, it is as if you have slaughtered one camel and you feed it to the poor. It’s a huge big deal. And when the Khatib, when the Imam enters, the angels close their book, even if you enter, you are not written. You are not in that list. The angels close their book and they sit down to listen to the Khutba. The angels have more manners than the murids. What about the hajj? Angels are not recording it?

And the saint was listening to the conversation of these two angels. One angel is asking the other angel, ‘how many people attended the Hajj?’ the other angel replied, let’s say he said, because it was that time, he said, seventy thousand people, let’s say. And he said, ‘write down, seventy thousand people.’ Then they ask, ‘and how many people their hajj has been accepted?’ the angel answered, ‘none. except for that one, a shoemaker.’ And now the angels they are confused, but he didn’t go to theH ajj, his Hajj is accepted. This was when everyone was a Muslim. There is no internet, there is no television, there was Khilafat. Imagine now. Oh, but everyone thinks they are high level, like when you enter into Tarikat you think you are high level, everyone thinks, ‘of course he’s going to accept.’ But if you move with the fear of Allah, your intelligence is going to increase. If you move with the fear of this dunya, the intelligence will fall. When you move with the fear of Allah, you will always win.


So that one is accepted and he was a shoemaker, but because his longing was there, his intention was there, but his understanding, what the Hajj it is meaning also, Hajj is meaning what? Kurban. Whole Hajj, you are doing everything, tawaf, you do the Sai, running between Safa and marwa,  you do everything, you go to Mina, you go to Arafat, you don’t cut, is it acceptable? Ohh, now even the Hajj it rest on what? Sacrifice, Kurban. So, where is our kurban? Where is the kurban of those who’s going to the Hajj?  Not kurban, it’s vacation, it’s resort. What kurban?

Eh, what kurban? People are saying, we are making kurban? We said, yeah. ‘Ehh, really? Dergah is making kurban? Okay I want to send over there, it’s cheaper.’ We say, by all means. Send. ‘You are making kurban?’ Yeah. ‘Do they have goat?’ No we have sheep. ;Hmm, it’s okay, I’m going somewhere to get a goat. Because I like goat, I want to eat because whole year I never eat goat.’ Allah, Allah. ‘One time a year where I make Kurban for myself, to eat the goat. So I have to have goat.’ We say, by all means, go. Go to goatistan. Get your goat as much as you want. For us here, we are saying, ‘you are cutting kurban?’ yes. We are going to take your kurban, we are going to cut it in Myanmar. You have any problems with that? You want to eat your kurban? Yes. No problem. We’ll cut one. Take it. Take everything, take the stomach, take the tail, take the fur, take even the droppings. Take. We’ve done that before. Don’t laugh. We’ve done that before. Many times. We say, you have a problem. We are going to  send it to Cambodia, or we are going to send it to India or to China, to those people that they hardly they eat meat maybe  one in every seventy days. They say, ‘no, of course not. Take.’ Then it brings back the story of Habil and Qabil. That Habil said, ‘take all my sheep for the kurban to our Lord.’ Angel says, ‘no, we cannot take all your sheep. We must take only one.’ Then he chose the best one to give. And Qabil is saying, ‘my Lord wants sacrifice? Eh, I work so hard. Where my Lord is working? I’m working. I’m planting. I’m putting… He wants? Okay, well, what my Lord has to do with this, He is not in need of eat or drink. So whatever that is on the floor I gather and say, okay here, take this, this is my kurban.’

Where is our kurban? Oh that means we still fall in love with the dunya. We are still in love with the dunya. We are still not waking up. Wake up. Alhamdulillah, Allah is giving us the opportunity to help people. What a big mercy that Allah is giving us the opportunity to help people. What kind of animal we must be that we cannot help other people? Even now if we can go to the Ka’aba, even if you are going to go to Mi’raj but you are not helping your neighbor, what kind of faith we have? What kind of face you are going to give in front of our Prophet (asws)?

We should understand. You like, you do. You don’t like, don’t do. There is no forcing. It is my responsibility to remind everyone. I’m not going to say both are equal. No. One is better, one is not good. I’m going to say. I cannot put authority on you. I cannot force you. I never did. So, everyone is being called to make that kurban. We must understand what that kurban is and to get ready before the days of kurban, at least in our hearts to say, ‘ya Rabbi, I give up from these things.’ That time you can change.  WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. 


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
25 Zul Qaida 1438
August 17, 2017 
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