There’s no use being in a community if our hearts are not connected



We are asking support from our Sheykh insya’Allah to say a couple of words, what is going to be useful for us, beneficial for us. We are speaking earlier about how living in a community there are going to be differences and there are going to be problems. If the community doesn’t have differences and problems then that’s not real. That’s fake.

When you are doing something that is real then you are going to show yourself, all of yourself, the good parts that you think are good and the bad parts that you think that they are not there. This is when the beauty also happens. Because just as the mountains or the forest, you see the beauty of the forest and the mountains is that all the trees they are growing, but everyone is growing according to its own pace, its own shape, its own flowers, its own speed and no two trees they are alike. This is what makes it beautiful. If all the trees are alike, the same, you know this is something very weird, very unusual, something very artificial that is happening. So we are not a cult. A cult wants to make everyone to be the same, same way of speaking, same way of dressing, same way, we are the opposite of that, because now we are looking at everyone’s individuality, their own difference, their own uniqueness, and trying to bring that out while putting away all the other things that is going to hurt that individuality, your ego, your sheytan.

This is why it takes time, this is why Tarikat it is not like a school. Like I said, in a school, in a classroom, all the sutdents, same age, they all wear the same uniform, they have the same understanding, more or less. Now this is, Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Mevlana saying this is like a crazy hospital. Everyone is coming here to look for something to get cure from it, and everyone is very individualistic, in the way that everyone is original. It is very easy to give an order and to make everyone to be the same, but it is not real, it is not Sunnah. You cannot find two Hazreti Ali or two Hazreti Abu Bakr or two Hazreti Umar. You cannot find two Hazreti Abu Darda, everyone is different yet each and everyone of them they are completely different from  each other. How you are going to discover this, how you are going to bring out? When you stop looking at yourself, you stop being jealous of other people and concentrate on yourself. Stop being argumentative with other people, you concentrate on yourself. You stop being arrogant with other people and you concentrate on yourself. You focus on yourself. Then you are going to look, what is it that I need to improve, to make progress on, not how other people are looking at me. This is what my Sheykh, this is what my teacher, this is what my Hoja is saying, okay I have to concentrate on that.

Once you start looking and comparing to others, that’s when you are going to lose your individuality, you are going to lose your originality, you are going to lose your secret. That time you are not going to be yourself. You are going to be someone that is always looking to others to see whether he is there or not. Yes, like I said it’s going to take time. It’s okay, we are not in a rush. Things like this should  not be in a rush. You plant something in the earth, you have to wait, you cannot rush it. You plant something in the earth, you put the seed there, you cover, after three days you get very curious, you dig up and you look at the seed and you put it back to see whether it is growing or not, what do you think is going to happen to that seed after six days, after one year? You are going to see that it doesn’t grow properly. It may even die.

Seyhim garden of Paradise.jpg

So these are the things that we are telling sometimes to people, don’t interfere into each other. We are planting the seed, we are covering it. Don’t interfere into each other and say, ‘Eh why are you doing this, why are you not doing this,’ accept the certain people for certain jobs that you do. If you are in the barn, if you are in the kitchen, if you are doing constructions, then you are teaching them how to make construction and they are doing it wrongly, you say make it like this and like this. It’s nothing to do with your personality or your character or your spirituality. So don’t give order to each other. If  someone ask, ‘what should I do? Is this right or is this wrong?,’ once Hazreti Hasan and Hazreti Husayn (ra) they were seeing an old man he was making wudhu. And that old man was making wudhu but he was doing it wrongly. And they are the grandsons of the Holy Prophet (asws). Understand the delicacy of this situation, how delicate it is, how you have to be delicate. The surgeon can be rough, you think that it is rough but he is handling it very delicately, believe me. You think that you want to be the surgeon but you are just going to be a butcher. The surgeon is taking the knife, he’s being very delicate with everything, what do you see the surgeon is doing? It’s just he’s cutting up. You are saying, ‘why is he cutting up like that? It hurts.’ But nobody really says about the surgeon because everybody knows he goes through years of study, correct? He has to have the knowledge, he has to have the experience, he’s cleaning himself up, he has all the tools and everything and he’s given the permission to do it, then he cut. What, you think a Sheykh does not have the same kind of credentials? But all you see is cutting because that’s a no mind person. You are seeing the Sheykh is just there screaming, yelling at the person, but he’s not understanding how that Sheykh is so delicate and there’s a whole history between that and that patient. There are things that are happening now and later, things that happened before. So people start judging, and they are saying, ‘okay the Sheykh can scream, I can scream too. Why not?’ No, you don’t know. You cannot cut. The surgeon taking the knife and cutting, you taking that same knife and cutting, is not the same.

So, you don’t interfere into anyone’s business. Even if you see, like for example I say, even if you see something that is wrong, now a person he wants to learn, that is different. But, if a person wants to learn, this person will say, ‘no, tell me.’ Still you cannot think that you can do it the same way as a Sheykh or the Hoja does. Hazreti Hasan and Hazreti Husayn, grandsons of the Prophet, they see an old man making a wudhu but it was wrong. They could have just said, ‘this is how you do it.’ But understand the delicacy of it. They were very delicate. One of them said to the other one, ‘ah, I forgot how to make wudhu,’ but he said it loudly so that that the old man is listening too. ‘Can you show me?’ Hazreti Hasan is saying, ‘yes, I remember our grandfather teaching us, and this is how we are going to make the wudhu. First you are going to do this, and then this,’ and the other one is saying, ‘ hah! And then?’ ‘And then we do this and this.’ ‘Oh, we don’t do this and this?’ ‘No, no, no. We do this and this.’ They were speaking loud enough so that the old man can hear and the old man was listening and he said, ‘oh,’ he catch himself and say, ‘I made the wudhu wrongly. Alhamdulillah, I’m going to change it.’ Those two they were looking at that man’s heart. They were not assuming, just because we are the grandchildren we are going to say something. They were being delicate. They were understanding. It’s not whether you are right or wrong. It’s looking to see whether that one is going to listen to you or not, what is the best way, what is the best way to open his heart.

don't be heartless

So when it comes to, we are talking about spirituality, your character and everything, you have to be very delicate with that. When it comes to work, it doesn’t mean now work, if you are cooking in the kitchen, then someone is going to see you do something wrongly and he is going to be so delicate to you and to say, ‘ohh…’ and try to find one other person and cut it. No, no. Depending on your relationship to that one, he can just say, ‘do it like this, don’t do it like that.’ That is work. You understand? And that one who is supposed to teach, he has to teach it properly, he has to teach it straight and he has to teach it over and over again until he get it. That’s important to do. We have to look at each other’s heart. If you understand that people are going to get upset with you by you doing certain things, maybe to you you don’t do anything wrong, but you know everytime I talk to this one he’s upset, everytime I talk to anyone they are always going to get upset, as if I did something wrong. While you know what, maybe you are doing something wrong. ‘But I don’t see it, my intention is…’ You check yourself and you check yourself and you say, ‘no.’ But you can’t be the only one who is right and everyone else is wrong. Maybe, okay, I don’t understand. I’m just going to pull out. Tamam, that’s exactly what I said. Pull out. Don’t interfere. Pull out. Don’t do anything. Sometimes people really don’t understand. Sometimes they play games with themselves so long that they stop having the ability to see themselves.

When you are careful about each other’s heart, how I’m going to say this so that the person doesn’t misunderstand me and how am I going to say it so that I don’t look like I’m a jerk, meaning you are being very delicate with that, you know what will happen? You become beloved to people. Because people understand, ‘oh, he could just be a jerk and just tell me but he’s being understanding about it.’

We talk so much about being in a community. What’s the use of being in a community physically we are here but our hearts are not connected. When we start taking care of each other’s heart, then that time we can be connected. Do that, there are others who are going to wave the stick, there are others who are going to say, they are going to cut. They have that responsibility. May Allah keep us sincere Insya’Allah. Keep us clean. Don’t be idiot also, if I for example, I see someone and I’m always washing up that someone, that’s not your relationship. Don’t wash up that someone. You cannot. If I see murid ‘X’ and I’m always making fun. Nobody should be doing that too. There’s some who’s thinking, ‘oh, I want to be like that.’ Then they start bullying other people like that without permission, without skill, without knowledge, without responsibility, without a history of it together. Murid ‘X’ and I, I’ve known him since 15/20 years. And still I’m being very careful. It may look like I’m not, but I am. So, don’t just take and try to do without understanding. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahamatullahi wabarakatu. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
25 Zul Qaida 1438
August 17, 2017 
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