Will a person know that he is going to die?


Question: Will a person know that he is going to die?


The one who is always thinking about his Lord, the one who is always thinking about death, do you think he is not going to know when he is going to meet his Lord? Not by pretending. Not by making a show. How many of you went to the cemetery recently? (Sheykh speaks to murid at the Dergah) Good. I should see more hands. How are you going to remember death? It is there, we have a cemetery. Maybe you should go. Be careful, it’s dangerous there. Sit and say to yourself, I’m going to be there physically and my spirit is also going to be there. Am I prepared for that?

Our Sheykh had said, ‘what are you sending to your grave today?’ Forget about everything else. Forget about the politics, forget about your problems, what  are you sending to your grave? because if Azrail comes to you right now, you are not going to scream about politics, you are not going to scream about your children, this or that, you are going to start understanding, ‘oh, my time is up.’ But the one who has been preparing, the one who is thinking, the one who is longing to see his Lord, he will get that smell, long time before it happens. It will start pulling him. He gets that smell from Paradise, his original home. He gets a longing. That time he stops being so busy with other things.  Then other things will open up. Then he’s just going to fix a couple of things that he has in this world, not too much too. More important he has to fix himself with his Lord. And very importantly he’s going to fix between himself and those people that he has wronged, that he has taken the rights of people, he will try to fix it. Those ones who are stubborn, who’s saying, ‘I didn’t do anything to people, people do something to me,’ they are always thinking that, they are not going to smell that. They are not going to be ready.

Once you start feeling that and smelling it, you start preparing a little bit more. That time even those ones who are close to you, noticing there is something different from you, will feel very nice, very good next to you. A sadness, but that sadness is different. That sadness is know that  all your life, you spent it in wasting, in malayani. This is the reality. Why we are not even thinking five minutes in one day the reality of that grave, we could have prepared. So yes, as the khutba is saying, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, those ones about to pass, they are going to know. Not only they are going to know, they are going to feel. And they are going to feel and they are going to know where they are going to be. Not only good places, not only Paradise, there are those that sometimes it is known to them that they are going to pass, that they are going to enter into those trouble areas, into the fire. It’s supposed to wake us up.

What it is that everday that we are seeing that is not reminding us of death? For a man who is intelligent, everything is going to remind him that this world is temporary and it is passing, and death is real. He’s going to look at the passing of the sun and the moon and he’s going to understand. He’s looking at the passing of time, he’s going to look in his grey hair and saying, ‘oh, I have to prepare myself more for that.’ That the Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘if you remember death forty times a day, if you die that day, you will die as a martyr.’

Everyone else, when they have the fear and the pain of death or sakratul maut, of the pain of the angel of death pulling your life, everyone will feel that pain and nobody wants to die again just because of that pain, except for a syahid, except for a martyr. Because that one, the angel of death is not taking his life. Allah SWT is taking his life. The martyr is not just the one who is going physically to go and fight. The martyr is that one who live and he died for the sake of Allah. That is a small jihad. To fight against your ego it is a bigger jihad. And if you die fighting against your ego, you will die as a martyr. Do you understand why this way is really important? It is easy, it is the shortcut, but so many people they overlook it. They say, ‘no, I don’t want to learn. You don’t talk to me more about fighting against my ego. Give me some secrets. Give me some secret Salawats or secret duas so that I can see these things, I can feel these things, so that I can know my maqam, or this or this..’ Not understanding the reality of life and death.

Hoja at grave

What did we put into the grave today? It is important. Keep that, insya’Allah, then you are going to become very intelligent. That time you’ll be able to handle the stress of this world too because you know it’s not real. You can balance it. Do whatever that is necessary, carry your responsibility, and you are going to say to whatever that you have in front of you that you have an attachment to, what is it? Your job. Your job is going to end. Your children, my children will die. Your home, it’ll be taken away from you. This is part of remembering death. It’s not just to say, ‘oh I’m going to die. I’m going to die, I’m going to die.’ Death is when everything finishes. ‘I won’t be able to breathe. All my love ones they are going to leave me, no matter how much they love me, they cry for me, they are going to leave me. I’m going to be alone. Who am I going to be with in that grave?.

The Evliyaullah saying, the Angel of Death will ask you that first question, put aside the questions that they are going to ask when they are carrying your body to the grave. They are going to ask so many questions. You have to pass that. When you are put inside the grave now, the questioning angel, not the angel of death, the questioning angel is going to come and they are going to ask you one question: Who is your Lord? You think it’s so easy to answer? Whatever that you are worshipping, that time you are going to say who is your Lord? It’s not whether you are a Muslim you are going to say ‘Allah,’ you Buddhist you are going to say Buddha maybe, whatever. No. It is what you are worshipping, what you love, what you are obsessing about, what you are thinking day and night. So many they are worshipping to their children, so many they are worshiping to power. You are not worshiping Allah. So many they are worshiping just to make a show. That is their Lord. If you fail that question, you are going to get punish very heavily.

Evliyaullah is saying,  one question, some it will take them one year to answer that, to get it properly. For some, seventy years. For some, one thousand years, they are still trying to answer that one question. The answer is wrong, the grave is going to fold and your bones is going to  fold into each other. If you answer that correctly, your grave is just going to  widen as far as the eye can see. And you are going to notice, you are going to sit up then you are going to understand that you are dead. You are saying, ‘oh I really am dead.’ Then you start understanding there are certain things around you. Whatever that you put in that grave. Some people busy with slandering, some people with anger, some people with so much arrogance. You cannot touch them. You say something, they are going to say something else. You are going to find scorpions and snakes around you.

So yes, why are we mentioning death a lot now? It’s the time of the Hajj. Huh, the Hajj is all about preparation for death, preparation for Qiamat. To put on the ihram, it is to put on our shroud, to go back to Allah, to leave everything else. We start thinking, we are going to win for ourselves. If we don’t, we are not listening to sohbet, you are not understanding things, we are just going to be a waste. Understanding? WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
3 Zul Hijja 1438
August 25, 2017 
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