Islam stands on the foundation of Justice and Edep



The Sahabis spread the light of the Holy Prophet (asws). So when they go and when they were sent, why would a Muslim want to go to a non-Muslim country? Don’t look at the Muslim countries today, like I say this is ahir Zaman, everything is upside down now. Black is white and white is black. Before, you see so many non-Muslims going to Muslim countries, especially during the time of the Ottomans. The Jews themselves they said, ‘we rather be ruled by the Turban of the Muslims than the mitre of the Pope,’ you know the Pope they wear that hat, a cone like this, they said, ‘we rather be rule by Islam,’ because Islam, especially with the Ottomans, they are holding what? Adalat, Justice. They were holding justice so carefully that they are giving rights, justice means rights, the rights to the animals, the rights to the birds, the rights to the women, the rights to the men, the rights to the small ones, to the high ones, the rights of the ahle bayt they gave. They weren’t running around to hunt to kill them. The rights of the Christians and the Jews who come, different denominations of Christians and Jews they come, they are able to. The rights of the Bulgarians, the rights of the Arabs which during the time of the Ottomans they called the Arabs the blessed race. They called them the blessed race.

So all these rights, because Muslims, the edep is understanding in reality the rights, what is just in this time. To sit like this and to speak like this, when I’m speaking to kids, what is the rights of the children, to speak at that level, that is their rights, without losing that maqam, without losing what we are supposed to give to them, without thinking to that, like today’s people, level of foolishness. When you are in front of a person who has higher authority than you, what is their rights? You have to show them a different kind of respect. When you are with women, what is their rights? It is a different kind of respect. When you are with rulers, a different kind of respect, when you are with teachers, a different kind of respect, when you are with Sheykh a different kind of respect, Evliya different kinds of respect. This is the rights, this is edep. Correct? It is to know right, to be adil, to be just.

Man, it is inside of them to know this, but whatever that is inside if it’s not taken out, it can be pushed down and it can be strangled and it can die.  So Muslims, they had edep before. Not now.  And if there is no justice, and who is going to represent that justice, the justice of Allah here on earth? Scholars? Scholars is not dealing with justice. Evliyaullah, they have a different work to do. Justice in this world, to rule people, how to live, how to die, it is who? Khalifa. With the Khalifa, there’s going to be justice. Without the Khalifa, it is justice each according to its own self, according to its own head, according to its own nation, own family, own ideology, own history, own type of wealth. That is the justice they are going to follow. But everyone is claiming, ‘we are following justice from the Quran and the Hadiths.’ Every single group.

So without the Khalifah, there is no edep, because there is no justice anymore. And justice, one of the things that Hz Jibreel (as) is going to lift in the last days. Knowledge is lifted, Rahmat is lifted, justice is lifted. So now, what happen to the Muslims now in this age? Oh, they have Islam but there is no justice. That’s why Muslims can sit and I’m talking about the Muslims here, I’m talking about the leaders who have the power and the authority and the resources and everything, that’s why they can sit and they can see children dying and they are not moving from their golden seats. That’s why they can sit and they can see Muslims being burned alive, but they are not moving because they don’t want to lose their wealth and their influence. Because they have been bought. Because these are the ones who are saying, ‘we are going to rule, not the Khalifah.’ Show one single Muslim leaders who say, ‘we are going to bring the Khalifa back.’ They don’t dare.

So in this ahir Zaman, it is not now about titles anymore and labels anymore. It is between believers and unbelievers. Those who believe, those who believe in justice, those who believe in edep, manners. So many, they are saying, justice and manners only to people belonging to our nations or our country or our family. So now, Muslims themselves they are broken up into tribes. Just like first jahiliyah, tribes. That’s why, the Muslim leaders can sit and they are saying, let all this people to come through, ‘it is not my problem.’ But you are a Muslim leader, this is a Muslim country and these are Muslim people, they are going there and they are going to get shot, they are going to go back and they are going to get killed. Let them to go through. ‘It’s not my problem.’ You see, everyone becomes tribal again.


Finish. There is no Islam now. So now, the believers are those who believe that regardless of how we are and what we believe and there are certain basic things, basic rights and they live according to that. Because this is ahir Zaman, because who is going to give us that justice? Who is going to give us, to show us those manners if it’s not from the Holy Prophet (asws). But so many non Muslims, they are waking up. Why are they waking up? Because they are discovering the world. They are waking up and they are saying, ‘this world now it is filled with injustice. We don’t believe in it. And we are not living in this world to get what the people who are unjust that they want from this world too.’  All this people reaching out for this world to get the riches and the treasures and the pleasures of this world, so many people in the west especially, they grow tired from that. They say, ‘we’ve tasted this riches and the treasures and the pleasures of this world. It’s not giving us what our spirit needs.’ So when they are in that situation, they get tired from this world, they look for something else. They look for what is human, not what separates, what is similar. Understand?

Just as the Holy Prophet (asws), when he came in the first jahiliyah, he’s looking for that similarity. He’s saying, ‘we are all humans.’ They say, ‘what? I am not the same as the slave.’ Those ones from his own family are saying. ‘He is saying black and white they are the same? No!’ They are saying, ‘I’m white, I’m Arab. This one is black, he is my slave. We are not the same. We can never be the same.’ And he is saying, ‘all the different tribes, you are the same. All the sons of Adam you are the same.’ So people rebel against him because of that. They say, ‘what? You are going to make us sit next to each other to be the same? No we are not.’ They rebel and they fight against to that. They lost.

Prophet (asws) is saying in the Hujatul Wada, the last sermon that he gave, ‘no arabs has superiority to a non arab and non arab has a superiority over an arab except Taqwa. Except the one who is obedient to Allah swt. That one is higher.’ So in the past, people were looking for that, Taqwa. These days, Muslims are not looking for Taqwa. They are saying, ‘we already have Islam, why do we need taqwa? We already have taqwa. Khilafat? What is that? We are fine. Just we need to unite.’ Unite for what? Unite under what? But other ones that they have real beliefs, now they are saying, ‘there is something very wrong in this world and we feel it too. Of course there are exception, there are Muslims who are Evliyaullah, of course they are, so many who are looking but the majority of them they say don’t, don’t even. Even if there are people coming up they say ‘this is injustice,’ the one who is in power they say, ‘don’t speak. Sit down. Don’t enter into politics. Because Islam is not politics.’  Allah, Allah. ‘Politics is politics. Islam is Islam.’

Allah, Allah. Where you learn that from? In Islamic history, there is a separation of church and state? Holy Prophet (asws), he came just to teach people individually, how to be a good person? He came and he shook the foundation of Arab culture that was establish for thousands of years. He changed everything. He changed the social order. People, they were belonging to tribes, he changed all of that, ‘no, no, no. You are no longer trouble. Now you are under el-Islam. Now, yes, the black and the white, the red and the brown, you are all the same.’ Now if you look for people who are asking for equality, asking for the rights of others, those who understand the world, not only understanding but they are sick and tired from what the world has to offer, they say, ‘we should do something. This injustice cannot continue.’ But so many Muslims, they are saying, ‘well, we just, now, taste the dunya. We just came out from Khilafat one hundred years, and after that we just came out from colonization,  we are just tasting a little bit of the modern life, let us at least enjoy ourselves. Don’t talk about all these. Don’t talk about dajjal, don’t talk about Mahdi (as). We are just about to taste.’

So you see without those ones who are representing the Prophet (asws), without the Khilafat and without the Evliyaullah, you can never learn edep. Impossible. Edep that you learn, only according to your own head, that you read from here and there, that you collect from here and there. It is not something that is coming from that one that Allah SWT has praised. Allah SWT praised His Holy Prophet (asws) saying, ‘Verily you are of a tremendous nature.’ That’s why you see today’s world there are so many people who are doing things which is against the sunnah. Never you heard in one thousand years, one thousand years, never you hear, but today’s scholar said, it’s okay, scholars are leading the way saying, ‘it’s okay. This is the real sunnah.’ So there’s no safety for people anymore. Safety is to fall behind and to hold on to the friends of Allah. That time you’ll know how to balance things.

Yes, we had so many non-Muslims coming here, they sit down, and we say ‘Allah,’ they say ‘Allah.’ So many, we are making namaz, they are coming in shorts and whatever, they come and they make namaz with us.  Correct or not? But we had so many people, including your own parents here, your own Muslim parents, they will not even step into the Dergah, they will not even pray behind, if we make zikir, we say, ‘Allah, Allah,’ we see the kafir saying, ‘Allah, Allah,’ and this Muslims (looking restless) they are not even saying. No permission given to them too much, maybe. But because they block their hearts, they block their own hearts, until they remove that, not even Prophet they are given permission. Because Prophets they cannot enter where the door is not going to open, where there is no permission.

So, unbelievers they know this world a little bit better. Muslims, they think this world is going to last forever now, hoping that it will last forever.  The respect, that is coming from the spirit. I remember Sheykh Effendi when he went to the prayer vigil, this is about the time that we go to the prayer vigil, prayer vigil for the earth, we went there for seven years straight. I remember the first or the second time we went and it was early morning and we were sitting down and they were having their pipe ceremony. Sheykh Effendi said, ‘SubhanaAllah, how they show respect, even to those things. They have edep.’ If you have edep, you think it is so difficult for them to have Islam? No.

You don’t have edep, you have Islam, one day you are going to lose that. Because like what we said before, in the Divine Presence, nothing is admitted except for manners. Nothing. And if you come to Divine Presence without manners, you are declaring yourself Allah, in front of Allah SWT. Wa minallahu Taufik. Al-Fatiha. May Allah forgive me and bless you Insya’Allah.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
16 Zul Hijja 1438
September 7, 2017 
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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