What is a simple life?


Question: What is a simple life?

Hoja life

It is according to our role model. Our life must be according to our role model. The role model of our life is the Holy Prophet (asws), and who is teaching us that? That is our Sheykh. He is the one who is teaching us. And when our Sheykh says to have a simple life in our Tarikat, you are trying to move away from dunya to Maula. To have a simple life means to move away from the things you are going to feel attachment to the dunya, you are going to move to Ahiret, to Maula. You are going to concentrate not so much on your eating and your drinking, your clothes and your houses, your family and your career, your fun and your entertainment, you are not going to focus on that. You are going to focus on how the Holy Prophet (asws) ran his whole life to please Allah SWT, understanding what Allah wants from us and fulfilling the reasons of our creation. This is a simple life. It is simple because it is straight. It is simple because there is no two or three or four. You are doing it for Allah’s sake.

Simple doesn’t necessarily just mean, before you have a big house now you are going to have a small house. Before you have a big job, now you have a small job. Simple doesn’t just mean that. Simple doesn’t mean before you were very busy, now you are very free. You are very very free. No. Who is our role model? The Holy Prophet (asws). He was not concentrating on position. He was concentrating on how to bring those ones who are being oppressed to a higher position. He was not looking to promote the interest of his clan. He was not concentrating on that, he was concentrating on the whole ummat. Holy Prophet (asws), he was not even concentrating on his family. He was concentrating on the oppressed. He was not concentrating to give himself a high position to those ones who have position. He was concentrating on bringing the tyrants down. All these things will never make your life to be simple. It makes your life to be more rich. It makes your life to have purpose, to have meaning.

If your meaning of simple life is you are going to sit here with nothing to do, that so many people they enter into Tarikat to escape anyway, from responsibility, to escape from their debt, to escape from doing what they are supposed to do and they are thinking Tarikat, Dergah is like a flophouse, you are going to sit and you are just going to make zikr all day. No. I don’t know which Dergah you belong to, which Sheykh you belong to. That is not what our Effendi is teaching us and that is not what our Peygamber Effendi (asws) is teaching us. You left all other attachment, you are coming here, your life must be busy with what this Dergah is being busy with. Yes, your life is simple now, but it’s more rich. People who come here thinking that, ‘oh I’m so free. I can just take walks here and there,’ which you do anyway, they’ll find themselves, ‘I don’t really have too much time to do anything. I’m always doing this, this, this, keeping myself busy.’ Busy in the way of Allah. Not busy for yourself.

You are struggling, struggling, struggling, in the end of the day we say, what do you have? You have nothing. You are struggling so hard, whole day, whole weak, years. What do you get? Nothing. Barely making it. So why are you struggling? You are not getting dunya, you are not getting Ahiret too. Because it is showing.

So, simple life is a life of a believer who puts Allah and His Prophet priority and everything else is second class, third class, even if his own family. This is the sunnat of our Prophet (asws). Those ones who are relying so much on your family, death is going to reach, your family cannot help you. We’ve just finished the Hajj. Arafat, it is supposed to be Judgment day. Judgment day. But we are looking majority of the people in Arafat they are busy with dunya, not Judgment day. They are busy with opening their hands to ask non-stop just from the dunya. Just from the dunya. That is their main concern. They are not taking it, ‘this is a rehearsal. I have nothing with me. I’m only bringing my own burdens. Nothing I do is accepted.’ And if you are in Arafat and if you have one bit of intelligence, that time you are going to understand how important, how much value you have to put to the Holy Prophet (asws) and how much value you have to put to his inheritors. Because that is the day where nothing can help you. No one can help you. Not even the Prophets, no help is going to reach them except with the intercession of the Holy Prophet (asws).

We didn’t get better, this world, after the Hajj. It got worse. Hayr. May Allah raise us up Insya’Allah. Selamaleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
23 Zul Hijja 1438
September 14, 2017  
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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