How can we be thankful all the time?


Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur, medet Ya SahibulSaif. Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia.

riding donkey

Nasruddin Hoja, he is a big friend of Allah. Nasruddin Hoja was created as a Prophet. He was not created as an Awliya. he was created as a Prophet. But like all Prophets, all of them begging Allah SWT to just be an average member of the ummat of Muhammad (asws), just like you and me. Just one from the nation of the Prophet. He didn’t want his Prophethood. He said, ‘Ya Rabbi, I would rather become just one of them, no one special, just one of them than to have to carry this big honor of Prophethood.’ Out of billions and billions and billions of human being that Allah SWT has created, only one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets were sent, so many Prophets, all the Prophets they were wanting that because they understood, they understood the big honor and the Rahmat, the mercy that comes, the title that comes from just being one of the member of the nation of the Prophet, the nation of the beloved one.

Allah SWT accepted his request. He did not become a Prophet. He was sent to be just a member of the ummat. And the other person that Allah SWT accepted the request was Isa (as), Jesus. He accepted it. There are so many secrets and close relationship between Isa (as) and the Prophet (asws) too that so many things are going to be revealed in the last days. So when he requested Allah SWT, his reason was, ‘Ya Rabbi, I  want to give up from my Prophethood, I understand this is a big honor, the biggest honor that you can give to any human being but I want to become just one of them so that,’ he didn’t say that he wanted the blessings, he said, ‘so that I can carry their burdens.’ He wanted to help us. He wanted to carry our burdens.

So Nasruddin Hoja, that request was granted. So anytime any one tells you a story of  Nasruddin Hoja, everyone, anyone who listens, no matter how heavy their problems are, they forget about their problems completely and they start laughing. Those heaviness, Nasruddin Hoja is carrying. So I was asking, do you have any questions? No. Do you have anything to say? No.  So I was going to do as Nasruddin Hoja. I was going to say, do you know what I’m going to talk to you about? Because one day, Nasruddin Hoja did the same. He went on the mimbar and he says, ‘O people,’ they were looking at him, ‘do you know what I’m going to talk to you today?’

They looked at each other, they said, ‘no.’

And he said, ‘if you don’t know what I’m going to talk to you today, then why I should talk to you?’ So he stepped down. People looked at each other and said, ‘it’s over? Finish?’ So they went home, they said, ‘this cannot be. We have to listen to the khutba. We have to listen to the sohbet.’

So the next week, when he mounted the mimbar again and Nasruddin Hoja is saying, ‘O people, do you know what I’m going to talk to you about today?’

So they all got very smart and they say, ‘Yes, we do ya Hoja. We do.’

He said, ‘okay, very good. Since you know what I’m going to talk to you about today, what’s the use for me to talk anything to you? Because you already know.’

So he came down again. Now the people they said, ‘this cannot be now. Two weeks in a row.’ Third week, they said, ‘this is what we are going to ask him. If he ask us, this is what we are going to answer him.’

So he went up and he said, ‘O people, do you know what I’m going to say to you today?’

So half the people said, ‘No, Ya Hoja.’

And half of the people said, ‘yes.’ Thinking, this time he’s caught. He has to speak something.

He said, ‘very good. In that case, those of you who know what I’m going to talk to you about today will say to those who don’t know what I’m going to talk about today.’ And he came down.

I feel like that so many times. Meaning, they come forward and everyone is being so, not empty, you are not empty, you are full, you come in full, you don’t come empty. When you come empty you are very thirsty. When you come empty, you are looking for answers, you are very thirsty, you have a lot of questions. When you come full, that’s the time you just looking like this (staring). When I’m not looking, you’ll close your eyes, when I’m looking, you open your eyes. Like this. Because the person who is hungry, he’s going to look for food. The person who is full, even if you show him all the most delicious food, everything, he’s not interested. Correct? So how are you going to come empty? This is another thing, another secret, that coming for sohbet you have to prepare yourself.

Yes, we are coming. Very good. You come on time. You have to come early. Okay you are cleaning yourself, and you put clean clothes, nice smell and everything. Okay, very good, you are there physically you are there. Physically you are there. But did you empty? You didn’t empty. If you empty then you realize, ‘oh, I’m in need of gasoline. Let me ask him.’ Then it’s going to turn around and around. Anyway, let me ask again, maybe this time some people they realize, ‘oh I’m empty let me ask some question.’

Hoja giving sohbet

Question from a murid: You are saying that for New year, we have to be thankful and don’t complain. How can we be thankful all the time?

Everytime that you discover that you are not thankful, smack yourself. Smack yourself and say, ‘how dare you complain!’ What are you complaining about? If you are complaining about how much better you have to be, then good, you should complain to Allah about your weakness all the time. That’s not real complaining anyway. Because most of the time people are complaining about things that they have and they just want more. They have something but they just want more. They forgot those days when they don’t have it.

That is the nature of the ego. That is the nature of man. You don’t have it you ask, you plead, you are so close to Allah. SubhanaAllah. Every waking hour, it is asking Allah. Always asking. So close, you are very close, and Allah likes that. Allah says, ‘ask from Me. Even if you break your shoelaces,’ He says, ‘ask from Me. I like to hear the voice of My servant who ask from Me. Because  I am the Master and I am the most generous.’ But once we get, we don’t ask anymore. We don’t look anymore. No passion anymore. Nothing. But once we get, not only we stop at, I don’t mean stop as it, some people they say, ‘okay thank you,’ one day, two days, three days. after that finish. They don’t have the same passion. When you don’t have, not one, two, three days, one hundred days you are going to keep asking. But when you have, you don’t say thank you. You let it to pass, one, two, three days, after that, and you  forgot the days when you don’t have it. You forget. And you forget to say, ‘maybe there is a reason why I don’t have it right now. I should be patient. Maybe, there is a way for me to ask.’

Because so many they complain, they are not really asking. They have no manners in asking.  Who do you think you are asking? Your father? That’s why in Islam we say, you cannot address to Allah as a father. You grow up, you know how to say Isa (as) is a king of Kings, Allah SWT, you think you can just ask like that without any manners?  Like what the khutba is saying: you are asking, you are asking, but you are not asking Allah for the sake of the Prophet. You have no love for the Prophet. You have no love for the rulings of Islam. You have no love for those ones whom Allah love, and you are asking? You can ask, you are not going to get.

In the past, people don’t ask from themselves, they say, for the sake of this one, please. Not for me. By myself, I have no right to ask You anything, but please for the sake of Your Prophet, please  for the sake of Your Awliya, please for the sake of the Syuhada, for their sake, ask Me. Today’s’ people they don’t ask for the sake of those ones. Correct or no? That’s why nothing is given. If we say, ask for the sake of those ones, they say, ‘No! That is shirk! We ask only Allah.’ Yes, we ask only Allah. But Allah is saying, ‘approach Me by the best means.’ And the best means are those whom He love. And He is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘Say to them ya Muhammad (asws), say to them, if you love Allah, you must love me and follow me and obey me, for  Allah to love you.’

People don’t know the protocol of asking. They don’t know, then when they ask, it’s only about complaining.  It is not saying, ‘this is something wrong that I have done, that’s why I’m not getting this. I’m asking for this but I’m not getting it. Maybe there is something wrong with me.  Let me fix myself first.’ They don’t say. They say, ‘no, I want that one because everyone else is doing me wrong. I’m the victim.’ Islam is not teaching that you are the victim. Never. If Islam has that tradition of being a victim, our calendar is going to be filled with all the wars and all the battles that we’ve won against to our enemies and the dates and the wars that we’ve lost to the enemies. We don’t. So, we have to be aware of this.

These are the days that we are going to ask Allah SWT, but we have to ask sincerely. We have to have manners in asking. We have to know, what is stopping me from this reaching to me. If we understand that, we are removing that. Because there are seven barricades between us and Allah. Allah SWT is saying, ‘I’m not going to remove until you remove it.’ We have to remove that. So many are stubborn, so many are arrogant and they are asking. You are not removing the stubbornness and arrogance,  nothing is going to reach to you. Nothing is going to reach to you.

So how to be thankful everyday? Make it into a habit. Make it into a habit. Make it into a habit not only when you have it that you are thankful, when you don’t have it you are thankful. Everything has to be a habit. It’s not once in a while. Our prayers, after the Shahadat, is five times a day. How many times a day we are sincerely thankful to Allah? Thankful when we don’t have it. So if you forget that, smack yourself a little bit and say, ‘shame on you. You forgot.’ Estaghfirullah. I mean, I’m not  advocating self-inflicted pain. Later, this modern too smart test tube babies, Boston smarty tube babies, they are going to say, ‘oh look at this one. He’s saying to people to beat themselves up….’ And all sorts of things. Anyway, I think it’s clear now. SelamAleykum.

ask to be nothing

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
2 Muharram 1439
September 23, 2017  
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