How does one build a strong foundation of reliance on Allah SWT?


sh lokman.ramazan

Destur, medet ya Sheykh Sahibul Saif. We are asking support from our Sheykh insha’Allah, to say something. Everything, from the knowledge of this world to the knowledge of the other world, you have to learn. You have to learn from someone who has a higher knowledge. No one is ever born with the knowledge of how to become a lawyer, or an architect, or a policeman, or a doctor. Maybe you’re born with a strong desire, and an easier understanding of these subjects, and then more you have to go to school. To learn. More you have to learn. More that teacher has to take it out, and to give you better understanding, to become better. The same thing with the knowledge of Allah. If it is not necessary, then why were the prophets sent?

Why was the Evliyaullah still continuing after the Prophets were gone? Why? It can just come naturally to you? No. So to build trust in Allah, to have tawwakul in Allah. This is one of the things of spirituality, because this concerns your spirit, it’s nothing to do with dunya. But then again, trust in Allah in what? So many, they don’t trust in Allah. Why is that? Look at the duas you are making. Look at the value and the quality of the duas that you are making. What are you asking for? 99% of the time you’re asking only for dunya. Correct or no? Say to me. You’re asking for the world, very rare you’re not going to ask from the world, you are only going to ask for the hereafter, sincerely, being worried, thinking about that. And that is one of the things that Allah SWT complained to the Holy Prophet (asws) on the night of Miraj. He is saying, ‘your nation, I never ask them tomorrow’s prayer today. I never ask them for tomorrow’s zikr, tomorrow’s worship, today. But they are always asking me for tomorrow’s provisions today. ‘Meaning, there’s no trust in Allah. Whereas, with the riziq, provisions of this world, Allah (swt) had created our provisions before He had created us. And no one has the right to take even one grain of rice from you if it is not written there for you. If it is written there for you, before you die, you are going to get it.

But how are we going to learn all this? No, no, no, this is not coming from books. How did I learn to trust in Allah? When I see that one who has the qualities of the Prophet, and he’s trusting in Allah, and what happens when he trusts in Allah. Then my trust started building. I have to now build my trust in him. And that one is your guide, that one is your Sheykh. The same way that the people found faith and trust in Allah when they have deviated and Allah sends a prophet. The same way that it is now. Their Prophethood is finished, but the inheritors of the prophets going around, continuing the mission of the Prophets. Those who have faith, they helped them to gain more faith. Those who are looking for trust, help them to build more trust in Allah.

What did I discover in my guide? He is trusting in Allah. What is he asking? He’s not asking from this dunya. He’s asking every day, to please Allah more. Every day, he is telling us to step on our ego and not to trust our desires. Every day he’s teaching us, to understand who you are. Once you start understanding your nafs, once you start understanding all the qualities that you have that you inherit from sheytan, you’re going to stop trusting yourself. Once you stop trusting yourself, you are going to trust in that one that is going to bring you to Allah. That time, you’re going to see your faith working. It is not because you are doing so many things by yourself too. It is because Allah has given it to you. Dunya is saying, ‘work. If you work, you’re going to get paid.’ Correct? Who is saying that? Dunya is saying that. But there are so many who are working, and they don’t get paid at all. How do you fit that in now? They’re teaching you, especially in today’s capitalism, oh, oh, who is even questioning today’s capitalism? That for the past two three hundred years, whole world has turned upside down. Because the world view is coming from the place where the sun sets. Before, all the great empires are coming from where the sun is rising. Saying, work hard, and then you’re going to get it. No.  So many people they work hard. They get nothing. And there are so many people who don’t work at all, and they get everything. How are you going to fit that in? But looking at that one who trusts in his lord, you start seeing his faith. And once you start following, you start to see, it is not because of me. It is because of my lord. That time when you do something, you say, ‘I tried my best, ya rabbi, as You like.’

Once you start seeing your faith at work, it is not because of you. You’re doing everything, as much as you can. But it’s not because of you, and you know that, by your own doing it should not succeed. But it’s because Allah is supporting you that it is succeeding, and then you start tasting your faith that way, and you realize how sweet it is, and how much your Lord is there with you. InsyaAllah, may Allah give us more trust. It is a forgotten commodity these days. Huh, commodity? It is a forgotten value these days. Nobody trusts nothing. They only trust themselves, and in Tarikat we say, first, never trust yourself. Don’t even trust your own shahadat.  Waminallahu taufik, al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
15 Muharram 1439
October 5, 2017  
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