You said we must fix our relationship with Allah (swt), with all our weakness, how are we to do this?


Question: You said we must fix our relationship with Allah (swt), with all our weakness, how are we to do this?


It’s a very good start that we realize that we are weak. It’s showing that you don’t have the arrogance, showing that you don’t have the stubbornness. There was one saint who said, ‘Ya Rabbi, it is not a secret and it is not a question why everything in creation loves You. You are our Creator, You are our Sustainer and You are the Most Merciful. You are the Most Compassionate, and Your Mercy overrides everything, even Your anger is a mercy. Even Your forcing is a mercy; even Your punishment is a mercy. There is a wisdom to everything that You are doing. We don’t wonder at that, but we wonder, I wonder, why You are loving us.’ Now, you want to fix your relationship with your Lord, first understand your Lord’s mercy. That time, you’re not looking at your weakness, but we are looking at Allah’s greatness. When you realize that you are weak and you are dirty, yet Allah (swt) is still showing that much mercy and compassion to you, that time, maybe, your worship and your duas, it will taste like something. It will taste of something.

When we are in need, our prayers are always sweeter. When we are not in need, our prayers become just like a robot. That their wish, that poor one, how you say poor one? Huh? Fakir. Meaning you’re always poor, you’re always in need, you’re always asking. Be in a state where you are always asking. Not for the dinner. You are always asking for Allah’s mercy. That time, arrogance is not going to touch you, and stubbornness is not going to touch you. When you are in that state, Allah loves to give. That time, first, that, your relationship, it’s starting to get fixed. It’s starting to realize.

Ask for guidance, and ask for a guide, because that ayat of Suratul Fatiha did not end with Ihdinas siratal mustaqeem, the issue of Siratul Mustaqim, doesn’t just end with your prayer asking Allah to guide us to the straight path. That is very specific in the Suratul Fatiha. What kind of Siratul Mustaqim, whose Siratul Mustaqim? Siratul Mustaqim means what? The straight path. We are saying, forty times a day, guide us to the straight path, keep us on the straight path.  but it didn’t end there, it is very clear what kind of straight path. Because everyone claims to have a straight path. All religions claim to have a straight path, all Tarikats claim to have a straight path, everyone is thinking, ‘I’m walking on the straight path.’ Is that what Allah is saying? Allah is saying what? Whose path? The path that He has shown favor. Not the path He has shown disfavor. That is a path too, but He doesn’t like those paths. Those ones that Allah has shown favor, guide us and keep us on that path. Who are those? The Prophets and the Friends of Allah. Not those ones who are what? Those ones who are pulling Your anger. And not those ones who have what? Who have gone astray. You understand?

So now, when you say, ‘Ya Rabbi, keep us on the straight path, keep us on the paths of those ones that you have shown favor to.’ Who are those? The Prophets and the Awliya Allah. And if you are sincere with that to keep, Allah will send you a guide. A living guide, that is going to keep you on that. Now, on that path, you are going to deviate? He’s going to say, ‘stop, think.’ You are going to do something that is going to pull the anger of Allah? ‘stop, think.’ You deviate a little bit; he says ‘come back.’ You do wrong things you get a smack, he says, ‘now come back.’ There is somebody there that is going to repair your relationship to your Lord, and to bring you and to guide you on that path. This is traditional, orthodox, Islamic thinking, and reality, and knowledge, that has been perverted the last 150 years. Around that time to, in the seventeen hundreds, when the French revolution happened, same time the fitnah of Wahhabism also happened, didn’t it? Ibn Wahab, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab. Is it the seventeen hundreds? Late seventeen? Around the same time. Today’s scholars, they are so, so, ‘no right and wrong, brother.’ So inclusive.

The scholars of that time, they say to these Wahhabis, ‘you are out of Islam!’They wanted to come to make the Hajj. Did you know that? Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab, to bring his followers. The alims, especially the scholars of Mecca and Medina they gathered to say, ‘you have no permission to come. Because you are out of the fold of Islam. If you are out of the fold of Islam, you cannot enter into Mecca and Medina. You want to bring all your followers here and poison everyone, it’s no permission!’ They made a fatwa about that to. And now they are controlling it, and they are putting all their poison everywhere. It fits into ahir zaman, it fits into the scheme of the tyrants, they are not going to let it go, no one is going to let it go, nothing can bring them down, except for Hazreti Mahdi (as). We are here preparing for his return, understanding what is right and wrong. Pulling ourselves back, and being busy with ourselves. May Allah accept it from us, Al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Muharram 1439
October 5, 2017  
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