If Sheytan used to be an Angel, why did he disobey Allah? 


Question: If Sheytan used to be an Angel, why did he disobey Allah? 


Sheytan is not an angel. He’s not an angel. Sheytan was a jinn. There’s another class of creatures. It’s not only these three anyway; there are so many other classes of creatures. But what is concerning us especially in this ahir zaman, this is an important thing that you have to know; don’t think sheytan is an alien or UFO. These days, SubhanaAllah, everyone, of course, you grew up with Star Wars, your parents grew up with Star Wars and you’re watching science fiction whole day long, so anything that is spiritual is UFO, and start to think the Prophets also came, and it’s UFO. Everything is UFO, alien beings, you’re going to have flying saucers. It used to be the Christians are very big on that, correct?  Christians very big on that. Saying, ‘spaceship is going to come, all the good people are going to go up to go to paradise, all the bad people are going to stay here in this earth.’ Breh, the bad people are already here on this earth. The good people have already been taken up long time ago. You’ll miss the boat again, yet again.

And look what’s happening. People are not sitting around going, ‘oh, we’re so sad, I want to go there. I cannot go there, why they are not taking me?’ They are not. They are very happy here. Don’t you see? Everyone is turning more evil and enjoying themselves more and destroying everything even more. It used to be Christians are big into that, now Muslims, mashaAllah, are big into that. So-called Sheykhs are big into that, talking about UFOs and aliens and this and that. What squarehead idiots. So anyway, sheytan his name was Azazil. He was not an angel. He was not an angel. He was a jinn. The angels, they are not male and they are not female. The angels they don’t have any desire. The angels they don’t have any ego. The angels they are made from light. The angels they don’t marry, they don’t reproduce. The angels they only obey Allah (SWT). They don’t even question unless Allah put inspiration in them to question.

The jinns they are completely different. They are made from fire. They have been in existence here in this world for billions and billions of years before mankind was here. The separation, distance between us and them is only like between a curtain. There’s a curtain there, it’s meaning they are very close to us. They have ego. There are males and females. They intermarry. They do so many things. These are basic things. I am not opening up a cult knowledge, it is basic things that maybe people should know. I’m saying this to make a difference, so you understand what sheytan is and why sheytan is there with us and why we also have to take lesson from sheytan. We’re not really taking lesson from the angels, correct? We’re taking lesson from sheytan, meaning that they are very close to us. They were living here, long story. He was one of the chosen ones of Allah (SWT) also, to bring faith to his people. He did so many things, people disobeyed, he punished them all, he was worshipping Allah, he was serving. There is not one single spot on the face of this earth, east or west, north or south that you are stepping on that sheytan did not put his forehead to worship Allah (SWT). You understand?

So, this putting your head down is not unusual for him. He did that for tens and thousands of years, the whole earth. And when he finished, because of that highness that he’s doing, he started rising. Because at that time you have to do that, you have to step on your ego. You don’t really have to have faith. Faith is something else too. Don’t you see so many people they step on their ego, they don’t have faith, they will get rewarded too. They will get blessed. They will also gain. You are a lazy thief. Okay? You step on your ego; you become a very hardworking thief. You become successful. Correct? That’s why people who don’t have faith too they step on their ego, they are able to do things, they are able to maybe even walk on water, or fly, or… it’s not unusual for us. You know. They can do this, they can move things, okay, because they are stepping on their ego.

Now, sheytan did that. And because of his worshipping, Azazil, worshipping so much, then he rose to the first paradises. He worshipped in paradise. Forty thousand years, then he goes to another paradise. He worships more, another paradise. He worships more. Understand that he was created not in complete obedience like the angels are. Understand? He worshipped so he rose higher and higher and because he worshipped so much, now he started to understand, so many other things start to open up to him and he was becoming a teacher to angels. Not to the Archangels, to the angels. He became a teacher. They didn’t know anything they would ask him, and he had access everywhere, he was going. Then when Allah (swt) created the Maqam ul-Mahmud, the Highest Praised station, he was aiming for that for himself. All his worshipping in the world, in the paradises, was for that Maqam ul-Mahmud, the Highly Praised station, the most praised station. He was aiming for that. Meaning? He was not aiming for Allah. He was aiming for that. He was aiming for high position, but he knew it was not really for him. Still he is pushing it. He knew it does not fit to any of these angels; still he was pushing for it.

When Allah (SWT) made it known that He was going to create a new creature and that new creature is going to be His representative, he understood that new creature is going to occupy that Maqam ul-Mahmud. The jealousy, the arrogance, the stubbornness, the anger, the disobedience already entered him that time, against to his Lord. You understand? That when Allah (SWT) in His wisdom He created man, and when the form of Adam (as) was put there, don’t think Adam (as) is like us also. He’s made in paradise, he’s put there, but he’s made from the soil, earth, from this world. From all the colors of this world, red and white and black and brown and yellow and all the soils of this world. Long story of how the angel was sent also and the earth refused to give, because sheytan made fitna, saying to the earth, ‘don’t give up your soil because Allah is going to make a creature from you and he is going to walk on you and he’s going to destroy you.’ Making that fitna, making that confusion. When Allah sent now an angel to come down to take it the earth started screaming. And the angel went back saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, I cannot do it, she refused to give to me.’ Allah sent another angel and another angel, archangels Allah is sending, until Allah (SWT) sent Azrail to go down. And the earth started screaming, saying, ‘get away from me, I don’t want you to touch me. Get away from me,’ Azrail (as) he did not care. He went in and he took it. And Allah (swt) is saying, ‘you passed. You’re not listening to her.’ He says, ‘no. I listen to Your command, Ya Rabbi.’ And Allah (swt) says, ‘because of that strength that you have, I give you now this work that you have to do, from now on you are going to be the angel of death. You are going to take the souls of those ones who are here and they are going to scream and shout and yell and plead and cry and your heart is not going to move.’

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So from the different earths Allah (SWT) formed the physical form of Adam (as), laying it out there, the angels seeing, very unusual thing, very beautiful thing, not understanding what it is, asking Azazil. Azazil then looked; he went inside the mouth of the physical form of Adam (as). This is before the breath of life is given to him. He went into the mouth, he started circling everywhere, circling, circling, circling, and looking everywhere, which is why the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘sheytan flows in the veins of mankind.’ This is Hadith. Prophet says, ‘sheytan, he flows in your veins,’ Because he did to Adam (as). And, which is why when you are angry, you sit down. You’re sitting down, it’s still not going, you lie down. It’s not going, you take wudhu with cold water. Meaning you bring your what? Your blood pressure down. When the blood is boiling like that, that’s where sheytan is circling. And the hunger is making the blood pressure to go down too. That’s why fasting is enjoined to you, so that you understand, you feel, it’s not just feeling hunger, you feel what it’s like not to be angry. You feel what it is like when something that should make you to feel really upset, but you just  don’t have the energy to do anything about it. So you get used to it too.

Sheytan went everywhere circling, and from the bottom he went out. He’s saying to the angels, ‘this is just a dirty creature. There’s nothing in there, nothing special. It’s just made from dirt.’ Saying to them too, Sheykh Effendi and the Awliya Allah saying, ‘and if Allah commands me to bow down to him, I will not.’ Because he knows. That’s why people today they are so shocked, that one is not believer, that one is evil, how does he know? Breh, you do, you will know. You step on your ego you will know. Sheytan he worshiped, everything, for Maqam ul-Mahmud, not for Allah (SWT). He always had those evil inclinations in him that he is not controlling for the sake of Allah. Allah opens up so much knowledges to him, he knows. He knows. And he’s able to teach some of the angels. So is it any wonder to us? No, we’re not surprised by it, we’re not shocked, we’re not impressed by it. Sheytan can enter to the first level of your heart anyway. And sheytanic people can enter into the first level of your heart anyway. They can tell you, okay, what you did yesterday, what you did before, all these fortune tellers, all these kinds of people, of course they can. It’s not a big deal to us. In fact, it is one of the things that when you are doing that that the Holy Prophet (asws) he says, ‘However these fortune tellers, these gypsy type people they are doing,’ he says, ‘ I am far away from them.’ And he did not want to be associated even with these kahins.

At that time they were known as kahins. Kahins, that they only go to them to say, ‘oh, I lost my camel, can you find it for me?’ and that one goes into something (trance), ‘ohh, it’s over here, give me money.’ He gets money, ‘oh, thank you, very good, you are a holy man, very good, I want this.’ Isn’t that what most Sheykhs have become today? I lost my job. Can you find it for me? My daughter like this, my son like this, I hate this person, put something on him. And that is the one thing that the Prophet (asws) says ‘we are not like that.’ It came to such a point that this is very beautiful, this is very layered, it’s not simple. That one incident, even the Yahudis they were laughing at Prophet (asws) because he lost his camel. He couldn’t  find it, that they said, ‘he’s calling himself a Prophet and he can’t even find his camel?’ meaning that the Prophet is saying, ‘I am not sorcerer, ahle sihir like you. I am not. That you, your job is to find other people’s lost camels. I’m not. I cannot even find my own camel until Allah opens it for me.’

But these ones, where they get all that knowledges from is also from other world, from sheytan and Sheytanic things, that they can whisper, whisper in their heart and they can take it. That’s why even to talk about that, this is the first time I’m opening this up a little bit, for people to understand and I’m going to close it. This is forbidden for us to talk about it. That people they are sitting down and they are watching things, days, months, years, imagining things, not imagining things, little thing whispering they are thinking it is something, they are catching it here and there, you are in continuous sohbet then with the sheytan, with this voices and you think you are angel. Some they may even think it’s Allah. ‘Allah woke me up this morning for Fajr.’ Who the heck do you think you are that Allah is waking you up? You become even worse than Christians to say, ‘God woke me up this morning.’ you understand? So thinking all that kind of things, no. Especially now in this time, mysticism it is close, spirituality it is up, it is open. Meaning how to make yourself to become less ego and more of your spirit, not for you to go into forbidden areas, not for you to go into Sheytanic areas or these kinds of knowledges that everyone is running too. That, dajjal is going to come to show to you. Everyone is running.

Now, the occult has become so common, it’s everywhere on the television, in the movies. I don’t know what it is. Before, when I was growing up, not too long ago, everyone wants to become vampire, because they made it to be so popular. Every girl wants to become a witch. Because the TV show they put, ‘oh so fun you know, we put spells on our boyfriends and everything.’ Become witch. Now, everyone wants to become zombies. Isn’t it? Even worse, now we are thinking, Allah, Allah at least vampire has more heybat and honor than a zombie. We come to that point where we say even the sheytan of the ahir Zaman they are worse than the sheytan of before.

So, sheytan was not an angel, but he can become that. He can become, not an angel, he can have the knowledge and certain powers of the angels too that time. But his whole intention was wrong. It was not for Allah sake. It was for his ego. So, he refused and he becoming more Sheytanic. Even today, right this minute,  if he were to go to the tomb of Adam (as) and he make one sejdah, Allah will forgive everything that he has done. You see how great Allah’s mercy is. So, what are you saying? Did I answer your question? Yes, that’s why we take lesson from that. Insya’Allah we will not be falling into the tricks of sheytan, especially with this internet sheytan, you can go there, you can go looking at things, reading things  that is not for you, everything now is open. Complete chaos now. At least in the past it used to be more difficult to get to those very cursed books or pictures or people, this day you (go to the internet) and you can find. To pull ourselves away from that confusion, this is heavenly knowledge enough, to stay away from that.

Insya’Allah, may Allah protect us from Sheytan the accurse.  May we run to the mercy and to the compassion of Allah. May we run to the Prophet (asws) and the Evliyaullah, Insya’Allah. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum.

friends of Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Muharram 1439
October 13, 2017  
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