The man who is completely blind, he makes that blindness to himself


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Tarikatuna Sohbet vel Khayri fil Jamia. Our Tarikat it is based on sohbet, on association. You don’t want sohbet, you don’t want Tarikat. You don’t want Tarikat, you are not going to be in the way of the Prophet (asws). You are going to be in the way of your ego. That’s all. In the way of Islam you are following your ego, in the way of Tarikat you are following the ego.  Yes, it happens. So when are we going to wake up, we are going to become more adult to understand? Maybe there is something there that is for you. Definitely there is there. Definitely there is there something for me. We are asking our Sheykh to send us something.

‘Oh, why are you not asking from Allah? We know everything comes from Allah.’ You ever hear from a Sahabi saying, ‘I don’t accept from you O Prophet. I accept from Allah directly.’ Ever? But today they are saying that, ‘why do you have to follow a Sheykh?’ The Sheykh is who? The Sheykh it is the waris of who? The Anbiya. Anbiya, the Nabi they came and they left. You think they left just like that? You know if you are going to die you are going to leave something to your son, and for your son’s sons, to continue. What you think? Prophet they leave and they are just going to leave like that? You are asking me a question: ‘Why people are so blind?’

Because they want to be blind. Because sheytan is saying, ‘be blind.’ Sheytan was blind. He was witnessing Allah, not Allah’s entirety, not His essence. Definitely not with the veils that we are seeing now. He was known as Azazil.  He was so blind, but Allah is saying to him, ‘now make sejdah, make sujud to Adam (as),’ like so many Wahhabis today saying, ‘why I have to make sujud to Adam? He’s a man. I make sejdah only to Allah. Directly.’ That time you are really making partnership to Allah. You say there is nothing except for Allah and me. Allah and me. Only me and Allah. No one else in front of me.  Any Sahabi they said that? ‘we are not accepting you, only accept Allah.’? Yes, they were not Sahabis. Yes, they were, they were known as Kharijis. They said, ‘we don’t accept the Khilafat. We don’t accept Khalifah. We accept only the Book of Allah and Allah. We don’t accept Hz Ali, we don’t accept Hz Muawiyyah. Only Allah. Because they are people, they are men and they fight with each other.’ They are judging according to their own nafs. For the sake of Allah they are making ijtihad to seek who is going to be the strongest one to lead. Hz Ali stopped the war, turned to the Kharijis and cut their necks off. The Kharijis they were worshipping, they were praying five times a day, they were fasting, they were doing everything, even the time of Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, there was a group of people, they don’t accept Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, they accept only the Prophet. Prophet passed, finished, that’s it. Now it’s me and Allah. Hz Abu Bakar as-Siddiq went to war with them. Cut all their necks off, And he said to the Sahabis and he said to the Tabi’in, ‘today you are going to meet a group of people, they will dress the same way you are dressing, they are praying the same way you are praying, they are fasting the same way you are fasting,  they make zakat, they go to the Hajj. They will fight against you. They say, ya Allah, we are going to say Muhammad (asws),’ because they don’t accept Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. They are saying, ‘why we have to accept? he’s a man.’

Like today’s Wahhabi, they are like sheytan. Like sheytan. Sheytan didn’t accept Hz Adam. He didn’t accept Hz Adam. He’s saying, ‘why I have to make sujud to him? He’s made from the earth.’ Because he’s blind. He did not see what Allah has put into Hz Adam. Just as today’s Wahhabi they are blind, they say, ‘who is this Sheykh? He’s a man like you and me. He doesn’t know so many things. He cannot even pronounce Arabic properly.’ Because they are not understanding what is there in him that Allah has put it in him. Just as Abu Jahil becomes Abu Jahil because he didn’t understand what Allah has put into the Holy Prophet (asws). He’s saying, ‘him? He’s a man. We are paying him to take care of the camels.’ So when is man going to understand?

What? You think this religion came to you? The Quran came to you? It came to the Prophet (asws). It didn’t even come to the Sahabi e-Kiram. It came to the Prophet first. And the Prophet (asws), he gave it to his Sahabis, those that were there. How do you think the tabi’ins they learn about the Quran? From Prohet (asws)? From Allah? From the Sahabi e-Kiram. How about the Tabi’i tabi’in? from the tabi’in. so there is an Isnad, there is a chain. Islam, it is Isnad. Everyone is connected to something else. You understand? How are you going to be connected to the Holy Prophet  (asws) if there is no isnad? Where are you taking your knowledge from? That’s why today, people take their knowledge from Yahudi diplomas. Diplomas that they get even from the madrasas and that is their diploma. No. What diploma? In the old days, do you think Prophet (asws) writing diplomas, saying,’ study and I’m going to give you a diploma’ ? No. He’s studying according to that one. 124,000 Sahabis, not everyone was given the permission to make the tabligh. Hz Ali (Kw) he was only giving one person, one tabi’in, the permission to speak especially about spirituality. Only Hasan al-Basri. The rest he says, ‘don’t speak. Because there is a lot of confusion that is happening.’

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So you are not connected, then you are broken. Once you are broken, you are out from that group, sheytan will just pounced on you, your nafs will just catch you, just like that.  You look, in reality if you look at the 124,000 Prophets, or you look in the twenty five or the twenty eight Prophets that is mentioned in the Quran e-Kerim, in the history of the world since Adam (as), majority did not accept haqq.  Correct or not? Majority did not accept. Nuh (as), during his time, how many people accepted him? Seventy two, seventy three. He built the ship, he built the ship on top of a mountain, he built the ship knowing that the azab of Allah is going to come, enough to fit all of humanity living at that time, all, all, but who went inside? Animals. Mankind at that time they were worse than animals. They did not accept. And when the door of Rahmat has closed, we don’t have permission to even act to be merciful when the door of Rahmat is close. Just as the flood from the azab of Allah, that flood, the water that is not just drowning, it is burning everything, it burns, that water it burns. That Nuh (as), seeing the water is rising, looking at his own son and asking his son to come to the ship, last call, and Allah saying to that Prophet, ulul Azam Prophet,  saying, ‘Ya Nuh, he is your son, he is also My creature. You are not going to show favoritism. The door of Mercy has already closed. If you call him one more time, I will strip away Prophethood from you.’ These are very heavy words.

Majority they did not follow the Prophet. Majority. Look at Ruhullah, Isa (as), one of the greatest Prophets correct? One of the greatest Prophets that Allah SWT, through him, is showing so many miracles and Isa (as) closeness to the Prophet (asws) and to this nation because he’s going to come to become one of the nation of the Prophet (asws), how many people followed him? He was sent to the Bani Israel. He was not sent to the whole world. He was sent to the Bani Israel. How many people followed him? Twelve. Twelve. So by worldly standard, you are saying, worldly standard they are going to say every Prophet was a failure. Hasha estaghfirullah. And every Prophet they had up to here (Sheykh points to the head) with their nation. Nuh (as) he had it up to here (the head), he opened his hand, Allah sent the azab, correct or no? Which other Prophet? Shuaib (as). Which other Prophet? Hz Yunus. Which other Prophet? Even Hz Musa (as), he is saying to Allah, ‘what am I supposed to do with this proud and arrogant people?’ that they are challenging him for everything. He turned left, they challenge him, he turned right, they challenge him. Not having submission, not having full submission. But Holy Prophet (asws), billions.

What are you saying? People are looking at us like we are very strange. Yes, that’s good. They are looking at us like we don’t belong in this world, we are not normal. Those ones who are living outside, that they are normal. To drink is normal, to just go out with anyone  that you want to, that is normal. People don’t even think twice about it. To take drugs it is normal, to lie, to cheat, to break people’s heart, to be part of the system, it is all normal. But you think this people are blind? And they are blind forever? You think they never know? They never realize? Same Lord created them too. That’s why Sheykh Effendi Hz is saying, ‘alhamdulillah.’ He is saying shukr because Allah has created death. You believe or you don’t believe, who cares, there is death. The unbeliever he doesn’t believe in Allah, which unbeliever is not going to believe in death? They are trying. Since the time of Firaun, they try to live forever, right? That’s why today everyone is a Firaun because if you have enough money, you can preserve your body, just like the Firaun did. but that preservation, that is actually torture. That’s already a torture from the hell. So we become the Firaun.  So there is death. There is sickness. There is pain. If not your pain, other people’s pains.  What, we think that Allah SWT created us and then He, like some people believe, and then He withdrew into Himself, He is not interfering into what is happening?

Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein. If the Holy Prophet (asws) is rahmatalil Alamin, our Lord is a Creator of Rahmat, and His love to us is more than the mother’s love to the newborn baby.  Meaning there’s so many reminders of Allah, so many reminders of the afterlife, so what is making a man not to believe in that? Is this natural, or is it unnatural? It is completely unnatural. Because did Allah SWT put faith into the heart of every man? Did He? Yes. because every child is born a Muslim, meaning every child is born to know his Lord, he understands his  Lord and he submits to his Lord. That child, if he dies before the age of maturity, he goes straight to Paradise. He is on the same level as Saints. They are ma’sum, they are not responsible.

So Allah has given faith and Allah has sent enough Prophets and He has sent enough Books, He has sent enough Saints, the Evliyaullah sent enough reminders everywhere. So how a man can still think that there is no Allah and there is no Law? The man who is completely blind. He makes that blindness to himself. So when you think he’s going to, is he going to continue like this? He is going to wake up. How are you going to convince people like that? Don’t convince. Tell them, you should enjoy life. ‘oh I drink.’ You say, drink. I cannot stop you from drinking. If you drink little, you should drink more. Drink everyday. Why not?  Evliayullah they are saying, very high wali he is saying, ‘if I didn’t believe in Allah,’ hasha estaghfirullah, he’s just putting himself there as an example, he says, ‘if I was an unbeliever,’ he says, ‘I wouldn’t even waste time sleeping. Because my life is just wasting away. I’m going to enjoy life as much as possible every second of them, moment. I’m not going to sleep. I’m just going to go out there and cheat and lie and do everything because I know my time is going to end soon.’ But man, especially 21st century barbaric man, because they make a couple of things, because when they make these things, it is destroying what Allah has made too, they think that because I make this couple of things, so I make this world and I make my destiny. How a man thinks that? When he doesn’t understand himself. He doesn’t understand that he is a prisoner between two breaths. When is he going to understand? When he’s sick, he’s going to understand.


Don’t worry, sickness is going to reach everyone. Now tell me, with that sickness and a person wakes up through the suffering, understanding our creator, is that sickness punishment? It is a mercy. Allah SWT is saying, through the mouth of the Holy Prophet (asws), because everything that the Prophet says it is coming from  Allah, he does not speak from his own nafs, ‘the sign that Allah does not love that servant, Allah will not even sent that servant a toothache.’ So we live in very gharib time, very strange time.  Hold on to our faith. Because we are not looking for the world to say something to us. We are looking to our Lord to say something. We are looking to our Lord whether to be happy with us, we are running to please Him.

People, they wake up or they don’t wake up, it’s not our concern. Those who are sincere and they are starting to wake up, we say, come, we may say. Those who are really stubborn, we say with that ego in front of you even if forty Prophets come down from the sky to speak to you, you are not going to change your mind. So, it’s not my responsibility. We are not like other ones saying, ‘oh we are safe, so we have to save everyone. We have to give salvation to everyone.’ How you know we are safe? How do you know we are safe? We are hoping that we die as Muslims. Yes. but how do you know, can you say hundred percent you are going to be? Can you, hundred percent? No. If you say hundred percent, then you already think that you are Allah. That’s why Tarikat is to make us  to be aware of the things that is going to bring us out of Islam, the hidden shirk, ,doubting Allah, questioning Allah. Not having submission. This brings us back to our talk outside. How are you going to have submission to your Lord if you cannot even submit to the man who is teaching you about your Lord?

The Sahaba e-Kiram did they submit to the Prophet (asws)? Yes. They didn’t have to. According to today’s understanding, Wahhabi understanding, they didn’t have to. They can say, ‘oh thank you, you came to give me Quran. Now I have Quran, thank you very much.’ Did they behave like that? Never. And why today’s Muslims are saying, ‘oh thank you. I have the knowledge. I don’t need you. What are you? teacher? I don’t need teacher. I don’t need a Sheykh. I don’t need anyone who is close to Allah because I’m close to Allah.’ That is not the sunnat of the Sahabi e-Kiram, that is the sunnat of sheytan. We have to be careful with these things. These are the things that will take us out of the proper understanding of our aqidah.

When you are in your grave, your heart will speak, not your tongue. Today everyone’s tongue is speaking. Everyone’s tongue is speaking, not your heart. When you are in your grave, it is your heart that is going to speak. Tarikat it is to look into our heart and to make sure that only Allah is there. Not anything else.  So when the question comes, ‘who is your Lord? Meaning who is the one that you are serving?’ you are not going to say, ‘my wife,’ or ‘my government’ or ‘my nation,’ or ‘my children, or myself. So many they are going to say, ‘myself. I serve myself.’ So many, I see certain people they are thinking they are so spiritual. They are putting the ten most important things in my life, first one they put Allah, second myself, third my parents, fourth my Sheykhs, according to whatever is coming through their heads. So when the question come, ‘who is your Lord, who  are you serving’ that is the question that in Tarikat we must ask ourselves every single day. Who am I serving today? You give in to your anger and your jealousy today or you are giving in not even caring about things, that is what you are serving today. Nor your Lord.

We are here to understand ourselves. Only when you understand yourself you are are going to understand your Lord. Wa minallahu Taufik al Fatiha.

return to Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
28 Muharram 1439
October 19, 2017  
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