How are you going to bring the light of Islam into every house?


 Question: How do we become part of the Prophet (asws)’s work to bring the light of Islam into every house? 


Part of that work to bring the light of Islam into every house? That’s what we are doing. This is what we are doing. How are you going to bring the light of Islam?

Let me back up a little bit for everyone’s benefit. Sheykh Effendi told a story: Once, Holy Prophet (asws), he came back from a war and his beard was dusty. We cannot say his beard was white, because his beard didn’t turn white even after he passed, no? It was dusty, maybe white from the dust, and he was looking very tired, very old, and his daughter, Hazreti Fatima is saying, ‘O my father, I’m feeling very sorry seeing you like this. You are getting along with your age but still you are pushing yourself so hard. I’m asking you, when you are going to rest, to rest a little bit?’ And he’s saying, ‘O my daughter, there is no rest for us. I will not rest until – do you see that sun shining into every house when the sun rises, the sun is shining into every house whether it’s a believer or an unbeliever, whether that one is a friend of Allah or is an enemy to Haqq the sun is still shining?’ She says ‘yes.’ ‘I will not rest until the sun of Islam shines into every home, into every house.’

You are asking how we are going to be part of that work. Be with those ones that they are raising the sun in your heart, first. I’m not just using nice words, it’s not. Meaning be with those ones who are making you to awaken your spirit and your faith, to make you feel alive for Allah, not alive because you have your work, your money, your job, your – no. That becomes unimportant to you. You’re alive because you feel that, SubhanaAllah; I feel that I’m living for Allah’s sake, I’m doing something for Allah’s sake. Be with those. When the sun is shining in your heart, that time, everywhere you go you’re going to bring light to people too. You’re going to bring light. You will know how to speak, how to behave, how to react, because that time you’re going to do things that will make your life. People are doing things to make their hearts to feel alive. That is a reality. They’re doing things to make themselves to feel alive, but what kind of life? What kind of life? What is it that you say that ‘this is my life’?  If you are saying ‘my life is like the life of an animal, eating and drinking and fighting and multiplying,’ that is your life but that is the life of an animal and when you pass you will go into the animal category where you’ll be thrown into non-existence, that even the sheytans they will beg Allah, screaming ‘put me into Jahannam forever, don’t throw me into non-existence.’

Billions are running into non-existence now because they’re living only for that. For eating, drinking, wearing, showing off, for the pleasures and the treasures of this dunya. That’s what makes them to feel alive. Even those ones who say ‘I don’t look for the pleasure, I just want to be hopeless and helpless and negative and I want to kill myself,’ that give them life. That makes them to feel alive, when they are thinking that way. The believers are the ones who are going to ask, who gave us this life? Hayy, ya Hayy. We make the zikr, ya Hayy. Hayy, the One with life, it is Allah swt. He is the Creator of life and He has given us this life and He is going to make it clear, and He has, what is it that He wants from us. He says ‘follow and obey, and you will find life in this world and you will find life in the Hereafter.’ But you are not looking to the One who has given you life? Then that time, your dunya is going to be a hell that you made to yourself and the hereafter is going to be a disaster, because we don’t own anything. Nothing belongs to us. But everything is here, it has to belong to someone, correct? If it doesn’t belong to us, then who does it belong to? Allah. There is an Owner. If you say, so many people believe in spirituality, they’re going to say, ‘well, yeah, you’re right. We don’t belong, we are nothing, everything is nothing.’ Aha, who does nothing belong too? Allah. Allah is the Creator of everything, even nothing. Is He such a mystery that He made it to be a mystery what He wants from us? Why He created us and what He wants from us? No. He made it clear, not one time, one hundred and twenty-four thousand times. Not one time. Even if you are living and you don’t see any Prophet, like how we are, there are always the inheritors of the Prophet, the Friends of Allah. Okay, you have no access to the Friends of Allah. There are the books. Alright, you have no access to the Books of Allah. You have your intelligence.


You have your intelligence to know ‘I didn’t come into this world by myself, because I will myself into creation. I’m not going to die because I will myself to die. There is someone who gave me the life and there is someone who is going to take the life away from me. He is my Owner, so I’m going to ask my Owner what is the reason of my creation,’ then it will be very clear. That time, when you live according to the reason of your creation, your dunya is going to be a paradise and your paradise is going to be a real paradise that is going to be a home. Because a believer, even if this dunya is a paradise he’s not going to feel comfortable because he wants to go back home. This world, it is a prison for the believers. It is a prison for the believers, it is a paradise for the unbelievers. This world, it cannot be a paradise for the believers, because imagine you put someone inside a palace and whatever he wants, whatever he desires, everything is given to him, but you say ‘one day, one day, it can be one year, one hundred years, one thousand years, one day everything that you are experiencing right now is going to end and you’re going to be thrown into prison.’ How do you think that one who is living in the palace is going to feel? How is he going to enjoy? He’s not going to enjoy, because at the back of his head he’s always saying ‘this is going to end, this is going to end. This is nothing, this is all fake. That is real.’ What if you say to this prisoner ‘this prison you’re staying in, one day you will get out from this prison and you’re going to enter into a paradise forever.’? That time, that prison becomes a paradise. You’re not going to feel nothing. Even the challenges that are going to come, you are going to say ‘eh, it’s a prison. It’s not a paradise. It’s okay. One day I am going to escape. One day I’m going to go back to my original home. I cannot feel at home. It’s good I don’t feel at home.  I’m going to go back to my original home, the paradise I was created for.’

So all 124 000 Prophets they are sent to remind us of our original home, never, 124 000 Prophets, teaching you how to live in this dunya and how to make this dunya to be your home. Never. They teach you some basic things, maybe, just to live in this dunya, but never to run. Give me one Ayat of the Quran e-Kerim that is saying ‘run for the dunya. Run for the pleasures of the dunya. Run for the secrets of the dunya.’ Or is Allah swt over and over again saying dunya it is nothing but a deceit, deception for you. It is nothing but a trick for you. It is nothing but amusement for you. So we had believers who were believing in that and because they were believing, this dunya then became a paradise and they were able to give, because Ehli Paradise in reality they don’t take, they give. More coming, they give. There was one Saint, once upon a time, it fits now, Allah swt showing him the reality of people. He went to visit the hellfire and he sees, there are so many people, they were sitting in those sofra, you know, those long tables that we have in the Dergah. In front of them were so many kinds of so much delicious food. That was in front of them, this is in hell. And they were all very hungry, they were starving. And in front of them, kashuk, the wooden spoon, you know the Dergah you eat with a wooden spoon, you don’t use fork and knife, using your left hand to eat, no, using wooden spoon. There’s a reason, there’s so many secrets to that. In front of them was a wooden spoon. But instead of the wooden spoon being maybe this long (couple of inches), it was, let’s say three feet long. Pretty long.  What were they doing? They were taking that and they were trying to eat. But because the spoons were so long, they were eating, they were trying to bring that (to their mouths) and this one was poking into this one’s eye, the other one was trying to do, poking to his eye, they start fighting with each other. No one was eating, everyone was fighting. The Saint was looking.

Then another vision opened to him and he saw the paradise. The people were sitting around, they had faces that are clean and bright. And they were sitting at the sofra too and there was food in front of them, and they have the kashuk, the wooden spoon in front of them, same size, three feet long, but they were not fighting. Why were they not fighting? They were not fighting. They managed to eat. How did they manage to eat?

They were taking that spoon and they were reaching and they were picking up the food and they were feeding each other. This one was feeding that one, this one is feeding this one and this one is feeding him, so everyone, it was just giving. No one was taking for himself. That time, the Ehli Jannat turns the place to become a Jannat, because you give, you don’t take. But even if everything was given to you and it was Jannat, but you put inside Ehli Nar, people of the fire, they’re going to burn down the whole of paradise. So, it is not, Jannat is not the mansions and the palaces and the huris and the diamonds, no. Jannat is the people. Jahannam it is not the zabanis and it is not the fire. It is the people who bring them. Now, we have to say a couple of things like this to make people to understand because we are in the month of Safar and no one talks about the fear of Allah anymore. But the hellfire it is a reality. How many times, Sheykh Effendi gave us that sohbet, saying as much as you can hold a fire, do the wrong thing. They say, you want to do something wrong. Do it. As much as you can hold a fire, do that. This is a warning and his words are for me and it is for you.

So, we need to learn from the Ehli Jannat. Don’t learn from the Ehli Dunya. You’re going to learn from the Ehli Dunya? At the end it is just Jahannam. But Allah swt did not create us for Jahannam. He created us for the Paradise, and some He says ‘I created you for Me.’

May Allah make us to be with our Sheykh, insyaAllah. Al- Fatiha. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

sheykh and murids

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
27 Safar 1439
November 16, 2017   
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